Sunday, August 3, 2014

" appears the sect (Boko Haram) has now discovered a new use for the kidnapped schoolgirls"

Blowing them up by remote control is the new tactic.  Kidnap them, rape the, marry them off to jihadists, blow them up.  All in the name of Allah.  Isn't Islam wonderful?

From the Inquisitr August 2

Boko Haram Strapped And Remotely Triggered Explosives On Unsuspecting Kidnapped Schoolgirls Which Were Scoured From A Captured Chinese Factory

In what could only be deemed as one of the world’s most heinous crimes, the Boko Haram militants have been strapping explosives scoured from a Chinese factory onto little schoolgirls and exploding them via remote controls.

Terrorism has been mutating into grotesque forms lately. The Boko Haram faction is perhaps the most dishonorable and cowardly team of so-called rebels who have been wreaking havoc in Nigeria. However, as The Inquisitr had reported, Boko Haram gained a new low in terrorism tactics by strapping bombs on little schoolgirls and sending them into their enemy camps, before detonating these unwilling suicide bombers via remote controls.

A military source has revealed that some of the explosives used recently on the female suicide bombers sent by Boko Haram have been traced back to a Chinese mining factory, which was seized some weeks ago by the sect. Moreover, other circumstantial evidence strongly suggests that none of the teenage girls were informed about their suicide mission. When the girls were supposedly sent on errands, the sect members stayed somewhere close to use remote control to detonate the Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

The military, as well as other security agencies, are cooperating with civilians, but that is strictly confidential. These teams were on high alert owing to sudden exponential rise in suicide bombings across major parts of the north. None of the suicide bombers used by Boko Haram were adult males, and all the IEDs were triggered remotely, reported the Daily Mail.

Boko Haram is said to be in possession of a substantial quantity of lethal and explosive chemicals since it had successfully attacked and raided a Chinese mining factory back in May. The sect had launched a brutal attack on a quarry plant of a Chinese road construction firm in Northern Cameroon near Waza town, a few kilometers from the Sambisa Forest, reported the Daily Post Nigeria. Moreover, it appears the sect has now discovered a new use for the kidnapped schoolgirls.

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