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Nigerian Update: January 27

Continuing with the spread of Islam through terror and violence, Boko Haram (books him bad) attacks a church and murders 62 more innocents.  No outrage, no condemnation, no expressions of horror by the West, only silence.  When the few voices of despair manage to make themselves heard they are disregarded as so much Islamophobia.

From Reuters January 27 by Imma Ande

UPDATE 2-Gunmen kill at least 62 in Nigeria, including in church

YOLA, Nigeria, Jan 27 (Reuters) - Suspected insurgents armed with guns and explosives killed at least 62 people in northeast Nigeria, including at a church service, in a region where Islamist sect Boko Haram is resisting a military crackdown, witnesses said on Monday.

They killed 22 people by setting off bombs and firing into the congregation in the Catholic church in Waga Chakawa village in Adamawa state on Sunday, before burning houses and taking residents hostage during a four-hour siege, witnesses said.

On Monday, a separate assault by suspected members of the shady sect killed at least 40 people in Kawuri village, in remote northeastern Borno state, security officials said. No one immediately claimed responsibility for either attack.

President Goodluck Jonathan is struggling to contain Boko Haram in remote rural regions in the country's northeast corner, where the sect launched an uprising in 2009.

Boko Haram, which wants to impose sharia law on a country split roughly equally between Christians and Muslims, has killed thousands over the past four and a half years and is considered the biggest security risk in Africa's top oil exporter and second largest economy after South Africa.

Its fighters' favourite targets have traditionally been security forces, politicians who oppose them and Christian minorities in the largely Muslim north.

The spokesman for the Catholic Diocese of Yola, Reverend Father Raymond Danbouye, confirmed 22 people killed in the church were buried at a funeral on Monday.

The military and police did not respond to requests for comment but one army source confirmed the church attack, asking not to be named because he wasn't authorised to speak with the media.


Waga Chakawa is near the border with Borno state, in which the second attack occurred that killed at least 40 people.

Several witnesses put the figure at 50, although none had counted the numbers of bodies themselves...

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France surrenders to Islam, will re-make history to accommodate their new masters

I wish I was making the headline up, but sadly this is what is currently under serious consideration by the French government and their Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault.  If even half of the recommendations are implemented, the country we know as France will cease to exist, and in its place we will get what Islam wants most; a new Islamic country in the heart of Western Europe.  

Those who refuse to understand that Islamic doctrine requires the subjugation and conversion of non-believers will not see this plan as anything but the new way to peace and understanding among nations. The reality will escape them until it is too late and they too will fall victim to Islamic hegemony. 

France is gone, long live France.

The language is slightly off-kilter as the translation program I use is built in to my computer.  You can go to the link and try your own translator if the below article is too confusing.

From Welt January 27 by Sascha Lehnartz

Veil in school holidays for foreigners
In school wear veils in the future should not be a problem anymore.France should profess his "oriental-Arab heritage." And for the purpose of promoting integration are prominent streets and squares are named after celebrities with a migration background. Integration does not mean more integration, since the concept WOULD hardly conducive to integration in the future. Instead, to "effort covering and solidarity we" create a.

This hopeful scenario did not come up with two multicultural paradise prophets in a very vigorous bubbling water pipe, it comes from an official report on immigration and integration for the French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault. On the basis of this report Ayrault will be advised in early January about a major reorientation of the French integration policy.

"We want to change the way how integration is being addressed," reads from the Palais Matignon, the seat of Prime Minister. "We are geared towards a policy based heavily on equality and the fight against discrimination."

This realignment is likely to lead to heated debates and the upcoming European and characterize local election campaign next year. Marine Le Pen and the National Front should be sure that you served them their favorite subject in such a palatable somewhat grateful. The conservative "Figaro" speaks worried about a "shock report".

"Effort covering and solidarity We (feeling)"

Ayrault had announced in his policy statement in July 2012 that he had "an ambition to change the access to integration issues in France fundamentally". Since last summer, five working groups were busy, to make themselves at different aspects of integration policy thoughts.

The result was the central recommendation to the policy, to a "effort covering and solidarity We (feeling)" targeting.These policies also have to formulate a "social project", the liberty of France, the "gain" to recognize the "cultural diversity" mean.

These do not need it less than a "paradigm shift" in the integration policy that has so far been mainly focused on immigrants to move to the rapid acquisition of the French model of civilization.

Reinvention of French identity

Now this policy will aim primarily on reducing inequalities and discrimination. The general aim was "to live equally together," the. "Production possibilities" and the creation of a new community In other words, no less than the reinvention of French identity.

To this end, the curriculum of primary schools already to be reformed massively: The reformers beat "discussion workshops in all grade levels on topics such as otherness, identity, gender and religion" before. The plan is also a "complete re-evaluation of the history of France." For the history curricula were vital "to do justice to the diversity of society and identification with the inclusive we" facilitate, it says in the report that the "Figaro" quoted extensively.

We as a culture are doomed if we are willing to change our own history to accommodate another culture.

To raise awareness of the culturally diverse roots of today's French society in time, sees the reform project before to speak in the teaching of history in the future of "the migration of populations," and paying particular attention to the "slavery and the slave trade" as well as the history of Roma.

Too many dead, white, heterosexual men

The good old Panthéon and his problematic excess dead "white, heterosexual men" would you oppose a "new Panthéon". In this hall of honor is preferable to historical figures may reside, which "embody the great movements, the epochs and the varied dynamics of society."

The predominance of the French language will be so far reduced as to be used for the "recognition of all languages ​​in the same way." That's a pretty radical innovation in a country where one until today like any newcomers can feel immediately that he has mastered the French language only inadequate. In the future you want to promote Arabic lessons on grammar schools and offer African languages.

The most controversial point of the reform program is the veil issue.The reform provides for the "abolition of discriminatory laws and school rules" before, especially those that "relate to the veil." The ban follows the Reform Commission's view, a "discriminatory logic," the bar a "discriminatory practice" in many public sectors as well as in the private sector feed.

The new multicultural team spirit will be strengthened by the introduction of at least one Memorial Day, which honors the "contributions of all immigration to the French society." In addition to "new streets and squares" are named in a way that resounds in the history of immigration. What is desired is a "museum of colonization".This could be accommodated at the Hôtel de la Marine on Place de la Concorde, where the decree on the abolition of slavery was signed in 1848.

Language Police regulations

Is also recommended, to cease using the naming of "nationality, origin, ethical race, color, religion or culture," if the citation is not persuasive.Violations of these rules police said was an "administrative penalty" to consider. The "racial harassment" should also be introduced as a criminal offense.

The reformers are aiming for "a new form of universality for the benefit of all." They will be achieved through government subsidies, that the coherence of government action to combat discrimination monitors an instance to promote "positive social change", an investment fund and a located somewhere to the Prime Minister Office.

Hello George Orwell.

Now, not all proposals will be implemented from the desire of the catalog Reform Commission, while still meeting the thrust of the target, the Premier Ayrault had given the five working groups of the Commission of Experts on the way. France had the "Arab-Oriental dimension of his identity recognize" the experts recommend. As this public recognition is to be reconciled with the proposal to waive the citation ethnic origin as possible, the reformers lead time being not enough.

But in further discussions with the Prime Minister in January is certainly still time integration promote existing contradictions still leveling. Please note, however, is that the term "integration" in the radical reorganization of the concept of integration is no longer to be used as possible.

"The French people will be uprooted"

Not convinced by this identity change Elan is the former director of the used under Nicolas Sarkozy High Council for Integration, Malika Sorel-Sutter: "For me, the goal here is to uproot the French people," she believes. Ms. Sorel-Sutter fears a "mass education" and a "real thought police".


The chairman of the conservative opposition party, the UMP, Jean-Francois Cope, goes a step further and called the report "dangerous to our republic." France should "its values, its language, its history and its identity not give up in order to adapt to the cultures of others."

Instead, "immigrants take the French culture" should. The report is nothing more than a "sad strategy of the left to wag red cloths to strengthen and weaken the UMP the National Front". Ex-Prime Minister François Fillon warned, these measures would split the French and further promote extremism.

"Schwere provocation" or "more Republic"?

Marine Le Pen, meanwhile, spoke of a "serious provocation" with the "republican model" will favor "of a split communitarian society" abandoned. Given the applied comments, trying to appease the Left."Just because I get reports, this does not necessarily include the government's position," said Ayrault defended.

Think Balkanization.

It was merely several months old considerations, assured the leader of the Socialists in Parliament, Bruno Le Roux. The press have picked up in this sensationalist manner. These remote from the intended target, the "Republic more" hot.

The proposal for a re-introduction of the veil in schools about was "a dead end," said Le Roux. Also Ayrault assured that the government would "certainly not" allow the wearing of religious symbols in schools again. Opposition leader Cope he scolded "irresponsible" and called him a "liar". Many a Responsible now seems to want on the subject the veil of silence wide.

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Jihadists continue to threaten Sochi games

Does anyone really believe these games will go for two weeks without an attack?  As good as Russian security is and with the added influx of other Western security forces it seems the odds are in our favor. With the "Black Widow" female jihadists believed to be within the circle of steel surrounding the venue site and recent jihad attacks in Volgograd, plus the violent protests in Kiev, the venue is ripe to explode.  This is the perfect opportunity for Islam to assert its dominance by murdering many, possibly hundreds and I don't believe they will sit back and do nothing.

I pray to God I am wrong, yet I fear I am right.

From NBC Atlanta January 24

Sochi Olympics threatened again

SOCHI, RUSSIA -- A video posted on a jihadist website has likened the looming Winter Olympics in Russia to those held in Nazi Germany ahead of World War II.

"Satan is with you," said the speaker, whose face is blurred. "He will betray you at the most inconvenient moment, and that this moment is close."

"In the run-up to the 'demon' Olympics," a militant speaking in Russian stresses the "atmosphere of fear and terror" hanging over Russia, ahead of the Games, which are due to start on Feb. 7.

The four-minute video was recorded by the Islamic Jihad Union, a Pakistan-based al Qaeda ally that has fighters from Russia, the Caucuses, Central Asia and Pakistan. It was posted online earlier this month and comes amid repeated assurances from Russian officials that the Olympics will be secure.

The speaker, named as "Amin Abu Usama," likens the "Putin Olympics" to those held in Nazi Germany in 1936 during the reign of Adolf Hitler. It also mentions the recent suicide bombings in Volgograd that left 34 dead.

The militant in the video claimed that the "suppression of Islam in the Caucusus is only increasing the discontent in the local population" and is fueling "the support for jihad" among the local youth.

Russian authorities have already beefed up security measures near Sochi.

Comment on beards lands Saudi female activist in hot water

Suad Al Shimmari made a comment on Twitter that some beards in other religions and cultures have been longer than the one Muhammad sported.  To this, Shaikh Adel Al Kalbani wishes for her hands to fall off and her eyes to go blind.  

Isn't dialogue wonderful when wrapped in an Islamic fog?

From Gulf News January 20 by Habib Toumi

Tweet sparks new controversy over religious issue

Manama: A Saudi activist said that she would sue a religious scholar after he called for putting her on trial over a tweet in which he claimed she had insulted Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Suad Al Shimmari said that Shaikh Adel Al Kalbani wronged her by claiming that she had ridiculed the Prophet by denigrating the significance of beards that men are expected to grow as required by some religious schools.

“I call for a swift trial of Suad Al Shimmari for her offences to the Prophet [PBUH] and her scorns in the tweet she posted,” Al Kalbani said, quoted by local news site Sabq. In her tweet, Al Shimmari said “one of the dumbest statements is that breeding beards is to be different from the heathens. These include past and present Orientalists, Jews, priests, Communists and Marxists beards. Abu Jahl [an arch-enemy of the Prophet and the flag-bearer of disbelief and hatred towards Islam] had a beard longer than that of the Prophet.”

Reacting to the tweet, Al Kalbani prayed that Suad lose the use of her hand and her eyesight.

(.) “I am shocked by all the insults and derogatory remarks. I wish Al Kalbani had really appreciated the significance of my tweets before rushing into cursing me,” she said. His negative attitudes have fuelled public antagonism against her, she added.

“Al Kalbani did what he did because he wanted to gain some popular mileage and to reconcile with his group. I am now considering a law case against him for what he said against me. Islam teaches us not to rush into statements and conclusions until we are sure and certain about all the facts in order to be fair. I am responsible for what I say, but I am not responsible for what they understand or how they perceive things.

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"Good Morning Iran" shows banned musical instruments for 10 seconds

Ironic that Iran eschews Western influence as being evil, yet they steal the name of one of the most popular morning shows in the US.  You gotta give them credit for having balls.

Musical instruments are not allowed to be seen while they are being played in Islam.  This 10 second blunder has been apologized for, yet there may be a head or two that will roll when all is said and done.

Muhammad said;
“This community will experience the swallowing up of some people by the earth, metamorphosis of some into animals, and being rained upon with stones.” Someone asked, “When will this be, O Messenger of Allah?” and he said, “When songstresses and musical instruments appear and wine is held to be lawful.”

A religion that fears musical instruments has big problems.

From the Los Angeles Times January 23 by Ramin Mostaghim and Alexandra Sandels

Iran state TV breaks decades-long taboo against showing instruments

TEHRAN -- A technical blunder? Or the latest episode in the culture wars between Iran's hard-liners and moderates?

Confusion is rife in the Iranian capital about a recent showing of musical instruments on Iranian state television that broke a three-decade taboo.

Last weekend, Iran's Channel One aired a live concert by a group of musicians playing traditional instruments on a show called “Good Morning Iran.”

Some Shia Muslim clerics say that broadcasting music clashes with religious tenets. So in Iran, a country with a long history of both religious and secular music, the state broadcaster has come up with a somewhat convoluted solution.

When it airs performances of traditional Iranian music for a domestic audience, singers are allowed in front of the cameras, but musical instruments are absent from the screen. When musicians play, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) shows shots of the studio or pastoral scenes, such as waterfalls, birds and mountains.

So the episode in which instruments were shown caused a minor sensation in the Islamic Republic.

The move was welcomed by many social network users and liberal Iranian media outlets. The reformist daily Sharq newspaper splashed the news on its front page and declared that the “spell … was finally broken.” [Link in Farsi]

Shahram Nazeri, an acclaimed classical Iranian vocalist who plays a four-stringed lute called a setar, welcomed the move, according to local news reports.

But hopes of a relaxation of the ban on showing instruments were dashed when the producer of “Good Morning Iran” described what happened as an unintended mix-up.

"The footage of instruments which was aired has nothing to do with a change in the approach or practice of IRIB, and it was just an unintentional mistake by us," Gholamreza Bakhtiari was quoted as saying by Iran's hardline Fars news agency. [Link in Farsi.]

The band was shown with its instruments for about 10 seconds...

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Malaysia: Muslim NGO demand pork sellers be banned from selling in public

It must be Hell as a Muslim to walk down the street and stumble upon the succulent aroma of a freshly grilled pig.  In the state of Penang the Solidarity and Charity Organisation wants pork sales banned, as it insults the sensitivities of Muslims.  Never mind the area is mostly Christian, Islam demands non-believers bend to Muslim rules, it is never a two-way street.  

There are Muslims in Malaysia who could care less what religion someone is.  It is the Islamists who define what Islam is, and it is a violent and militaristic religion as far as they are concerned.  The "moderate" Muslims or those known as a Muslim in name only (MINO) do not have the power or confidence to stand against the Islamists, so they too become victims of their own belief system.

From The Malaysian Insider January 24 by Looi Sue-Chern 

Muslim group wants ban on open selling of pork in Penang

Tensions went up a notch in Penang today when a Muslim non-governmental organisation demanded that local authorities ban the open selling of pork in the state.

Solidarity and Charity Organisation (Isco) claimed that the selling of pork openly was a disregard to Muslim sensitivity in the state.

Its president, Abdul Rahman Makhtun, said in a letter to Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) president Datuk Patahiyah Ismail today that the council should be more aware of Muslim sensitivity as the animal was haram in Islam.

"Isco is worried that pork sellers are getting braver in selling the meat around George Town in places like Lebuh Chulia, Jalan Kuantan, Jalan C.Y. Choy and other locations.

"We ask MPPP to take action against the insensitive pork sellers by stopping or making the open selling of pork illegal. We also call for action against illegal hawkers and businesses," he said in the letter.

Copies of the letter were also sent to Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng (pic), Deputy Chief Minister I Datuk Mohd Rashid Hasnon and Penang Islamic Council (MAIPP) chairman Datuk Mohd Salleh Man.

The letters were delivered by Isco secretary Mohd Firdaus Humayoon to representatives from the respective offices on level three at Komtar today.

He was accompanied by, among others, Tanjung Umno Youth division vice-chief Mohd Yusmadi Mohd Yusof.

In an immediate response, Lim asked why the NGO and Umno were making this matter an issue now.

Lim, who was shown a copy of the letter by reporters at a function in Bayan Lepas, also said he was disappointed that Umno turned this into an issue and accused the party of provoking racial and religious sentiments.

"This is not new. This has been the practice since Barisan Nasional's days in government. Why did they not raise this during (former chief minister Tan Sri Dr Koh) Tsu Koon's time?

"Umno should learn from PAS. This is not an issue in Kelantan, which has more than 95% Muslims. Pork sellers there also hang up the meat in markets.

"You just cannot trust Umno or repeat the things it says. It will eat you up," he said, taking another swipe at the party.

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Obama clueless on Islamic anti-semitism, says it is only decades old

Obama continues to baffle me every time he tries to say something intelligent about the Middle East. This time he manages to stuff both feet into his mouth by claiming anit-semitism from Islam only started in 1948.  Ignoring mountains of historical evidence, Obama seems to be in his own little world, behaving like a man who doesn't want to be confused with the facts because he has his own opinions. Just reading the Qur'an and having a basic understanding of the context will give the neophyte many examples of early anti-semitism.  One can also read current books and articles documenting anti-semitism in 2013 that is found across Europe, America and obviously the Islamic world.

Obama either doesn't know or knows but doesn't care, which it is makes no nevermind as the end result is more confusion, misdirection and being seen the fool among other world leaders.

Thanks Barak for making us more the laughing stock than Bush II could ever do.

From The Daily Caller January 21 by Neil Munro

Muslim anti-Semitism is only decades old, Obama claims

Experts are scoffing at President Barack Obama’s apparent belief that widespread Muslim hatred of Jews is only decades old.

“Obama reveals that he has no idea, or doesn’t want to give the impression that he has any idea, about the reality of Islamic anti-Semitism,” said Robert Spencer, the author of many books on Islamic ideas and director of Jihad Watch.

“Anti-Semitism is hard-wired into Islam,” from its origins before 700, said Andrew Bostom, author of three books about Islam, including “The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism,” which lists centuries of anti-Semitic hatred, murders, pogroms and apartheid-like discrimination.

Intellectuals, politicians and diplomats are loath to admit the centrality of anti-Semitism in Islamic beliefs, because it fuels conflict with Israel and the West and it can’t be fixed by Westerners, Bostom said. ”You’re dealing with an intractable situation, and people hate intractable situations,” he said, adding “diplomats are the worst.”

In an interview with The New Yorker magazine, Obama described the Muslim hatred of Israel as byproduct of recent fights, not as a consequence of Islam’s doctrinal objection to any Jewish government.

“With respect to Israel, the interests of Israel in stability and security are actually very closely aligned with the interests of the Sunni states,” Obama said.

The “Sunni states” are nations populated by Arabs who believe in the mainstream Sunni version of Islam. In contrast, Iran advocates the Shia version of Islam, which is endorsed by roughly 10 percent of Muslims.

“What’s preventing them from entering into even an informal alliance [against Shia-run Iran] with at least normalized diplomatic relations is not that their interests are profoundly in conflict but the Palestinian issue, as well as a long history of anti-Semitism that’s developed over the course of decades there, and anti-Arab sentiment that’s increased inside of Israel based on seeing [Jewish] buses being blown up,” Obama said.

“If you can start unwinding some of that, that creates a new equilibrium,” he said.

“The Palestinian issue,” is the refusal by Muslims to recognize the right of Jews to have a Jewish government in the historically Jewish homeland around Jerusalem.

However, the refusal to recognize Israel is entwined with Islamic anti-Semitism, which Obama claimed “has developed over the course of decades there.”

Obama’s “course of decades” comment “ignores the numerous anti-Semitic teachings of the Quran and other Islamic texts — most notably the Quran’s designation of the Jews as the worst enemies of the believers,” Spencer said.

For example, Spencer cited the fifth chapter of the Quran, which declares that “If [Jews] believed in Allah and the Prophet and that which is revealed unto him, they would not choose them for their friends. But many of them are of evil conduct. Thou wilt find the most vehement of mankind in hostility to those who believe (to be) the Jews and the idolaters.”

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Muslims in Britain upset again over Muhammad cartoons

It is a never-ending cry with Islam.  When someone draws Muhammad or Allah, no matter the context the hackles go up and the demeaning begins.  In this instance, the cartoons are part of an ongoing series called "Jesus and Mo" at the website of the same name. The cartoons are brilliant and just the thing to break the ice and get people to talk.

Wait, dialogue is not what Islam wants, certainly not in an open forum.  To mock Muhammad is the ultimate sin, punishable by death.  I have not seen a fatwa against the site or any cartoons, but it would not surprise me if there was one.

From Ahram Online  January 21 by Amer Sultan

UK Islamic group condemns website featuring cartoons of Prophet Mohamed and Jesus
One of the most influential Islamic organisations in the UK has slammed a website that publishes cartoons featuring Prophet Mohamed and Jesus.

The website, Jesus and Mo, features a weekly comic strip in which the two prophets debate and joke about the central tenets of Islam and Christianity.

The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) published a statement saying that the images were "extremely offensive to believers" of the two faiths and "potentially inflammatory," and urged the website's operators to take down the comics at once.

The MAB added that the depiction of the two prophets was “as insulting as those published in Denmark," referring to the 12 editorial cartoons depicting Prophet Mohamed that were printed in a Danish newspaper in 2005, sparking widespread anger and protests.

Insisting that it respects freedom of speech and artistic expression, the MAB however questioned "the wisdom of any individual or organization that places at risk the dignity and values of anyone else, even if they might not hold those values."

The site's most-recent comic, from 15 January, shows Prophet Mohamed and Jesus in bed together, with Prophet Mohamed reading the Bible and grilling Jesus over the believability of the resurrection.

The website's operators have refused to remove the cartoons.

The UK Islamic group also attacked British politician Maajid Naawaz for posting the cartoons to his Twitter account.

Naawaz, a Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate in the Hampstead and Kilburn constituency in Greater London, is aiming to be the first Muslim member of UK Parliament.

In response to Naawaz posting the cartoons, the MAB called on the Lib Dem party to drop him as a candidate, and urged Muslims in his constituency not to vote for him.

Formerly a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir, an Islamic group with aims of establishing a global caliphate and Sharia law, Nawaz has since broken with the group and made a name for himself as a progressive Muslim. In 2008 he co-founded the Quilliam Foundation, an anti-extremism think tank advocating pluralism and cross-cultural acceptance between Muslims and other faiths.

Ahram Online was unable to reach Nawaz for comment.

However, in response to the outcry, Nawaz defended the cartoon on his Facebook page, saying that it was not offensive.

"Even if it was," Nawaz said, "I'm sure God is greater than to feel threatened by it."


Nigerian Update: January 21

The jihad never ends in Africa.  Nigeria, Mauritania, Niger, Central African Republic, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and many others feel the sword of Islam every day.  Deaths occur on a daily basis and the efforts to stop it are futile at worst, enabling at best.  The people suffer as Islam continues its rampage across the continent.  In this instance, another 18 have been murdered but who really knows the exact count.

And the West continues to deny Islam is the root cause of the desperation and hopelessness engulfing Africa.

From Reuters January 20 by Ibrahim MIshelizza

Nigerian Islamists kill 18, burn houses in northeast

(Reuters) - Islamist militants stormed a village in remote northeast Nigeria on Monday, torching houses and spraying them with bullets in an attack that killed 18 people, witnesses said.

The latest Boko Haram assault, on Sunday night, came hours before Nigeria's four top military chiefs handed over to fresh commanders in a ceremony on Monday.

President Goodluck Jonathan announced the reshuffle of his entire military leadership last week in a bid to reinvigorate the fight against the insurgents.

"Most of those who survived the attack have fled the village as they do not know if they will be attacked again," said Bulama Ibrahim, the chief of Alau Ngawo village, which was attacked sometime after 10 p.m. on Sunday. He said he had counted 18 bodies after the shooting and many houses burned.

A former local councilor, Mustapha Galtimare, who was on the scene after the attack, concurred with the numbers of dead.

The village lies in remote northeastern Borno state, the epicenter of the insurgency and relic of Nigeria's oldest medieval Islamic caliphate, which once prospered from trans-Saharan trade routes passing though the largely Muslim north.

Boko Haram is fighting to re-establish an Islamic kingdom in northern Nigeria, breaking away from the largely Christian south. Its fighters have killed thousands of people since they launched an uprising in mid-2009.

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"Dunleavy may have misinterpreted the Koran and slaughtered his mother in an honour killing"

Another convert who massively misunderstands his new religion and thinks the teachings of the Qur'an are to be taken literally.

A neighbor said “I can’t say if he killed his mum because he converted, but he believed very strongly in the morals of the Koran and was furious about his mum leaving his dad for someone else"

Conversion to Islam and following the Qur'an and the example of "al-insan al-kamil" or Muhammad as the perfect man seems to be what Dunleavy did.  No misunderstanding at all, just Islam as laid down 1400 years ago.  He is the perfect Muslim.

From the Daily Record January 20

Friend claims James Dunleavy murdered mum in 'honour killing' because he felt she'd shamed family

EVIL James Dunleavy beheaded his mother in an “honour killing” as he believed she had shamed the family, a former friend claims.

Irishman Dunleavy, 40 – a Muslim convert – was last week found guilty of killing 66-year-old Philomena, cutting up her body and burying her in a shallow grave.

He was ordered to be detained in the State Hospital at Carstairs before he returns to court for sentencing in April.

It has now emerged that Dunleavy may have misinterpreted the Koran and slaughtered his mother in an honour killing after she split from his dad.

Mohammed Razaq, who ran the shop below Dunleavy’s Edinburgh flat, befriended him after he moved to Scotland and helped him convert to Islam.

Razaq believes the killer felt his mother had betrayed the family by leaving his
dad and going to live with another man. He said: “It’s a tragic event, I feel

“I wish it had never happened and I feel sorry for James for carrying out such a heinous crime.

“I think it was an honour killing, he was trying to protect his family’s honour.”

A source added: “James was pretty obsessed when it came to religion.

“He was brought up a Catholic but just decided one day he would convert to Islam.

“He was very, very serious about it and cared a lot about it. His faith was very
important to him and he prayed five times a day.

“I can’t say if he killed his mum because he converted, but he believed very strongly in the morals of the Koran and was furious about his mum leaving his dad for someone else....

Syria: Christian seen wearing cross, immediately beheaded

Shades of the Nazi yellow star or pink triangle identifying enemies of the Reich.  As good as a bulls-eye to those who follow the "religion of peace".  But to say that makes one an Islamophobe.

From Spero January 16

Syria: Beheading of a Christian terrifies community
Islamists beheaded a young Christian man and seriously wounded another in attack nearHoms, a city in Syria. The pair was travelling by car from Homs to a majority Christian village known as Marmarita. A group of five armed jihadists intercepted the vehicle in whichFiras Nader (29), and Fadi Matanius Mattah (34), were traveling and opened fire.

When the assailants reached the car and noted that Fadi wore a cross hanging from his neck, he was immediately beheaded. They also stole money and various documents, leaving Firas behind when they thought he was dead. Following the January 8 attack, Firasmanaged to escape on foot to Almshtaeih, a nearby town, where he was transferred to a hospital in Tartou. Christians recovered Mattah’s desecrated body and brought it toMarmarita, where locals openly expressed grief, fear and deep indignation.

Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), a Catholic charity, has reported that violence against Christians in Syria is becoming "one of the worst persecutions endured by Christians in this part of the third millennium." More than 600,000 Christians - a third of the total Syrian faithful - are internally displaced or living as refugees in neighboring countries. Christian leaders fear that the exodus of Christians from Syria, who have been present since the earliest days of the faith, could seriously jeopardize the future of the church in that country.

The people of Marmarita and Hamat, which are towns with significant Christian communities, are suffering a cold winter and fratricidal warfare. Many are living in severe discomfort and without food, heating, shelter and medicine, which because of the bitter cold weather has worsened the humanitarian crisis.

Monday, January 13, 2014

BridgeGate not the only downside to Gov Chris Christie


Back in 2012 Front Page Magazine ran an article detailing Christie's connections with Islamists and potential jihadists.  I think it wise to revisit the facts on Christie and his dealings with Islam.

It is not a pretty picture and is another big reason he is not to be trusted as a public servant.

Then again, it is New Jersey...

From FPM August 13, 2012 by Robert Spencer

Christie’s Embrace of Islamo-Fascists

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie held an Iftar dinner at the Governor’s Mansion in late July. He took the opportunity to declare himself a foursquare tool of jihadists and Islamic supremacists, and even adopted their language in deriding those who have pointed out how he has allowed himself to be compromised by them.

Christie complained about a “gaze of intolerance that’s going around our country that is disturbing,” and referred dismissively to concerns that he has gotten too close to Islamic supremacists: “These are the kind of red herrings that people put up who are bigots, who want to judge people based upon their religious beliefs, want to judge people with a broad brush.”

Attending the dinner was the prominent New Jersey Imam Mohammad Qatanani, and Christie was glad to see him, telling him before the audience: “I’m glad to have you here.” Qatanani, he said, was his “friend,” and someone who has “attempted to be a force for good in his community.”

Christie did not mention several salient details about his “friend.” Investigative journalist Daniel Greenfield reports that “despite the fact thatMohammed Qatanani was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that is behind both al-Qaeda and Hamas, despite his own guilty plea to being a member of Hamas, and despite the fact that even in the United States, he had defended a charity that provided funds to children of suicide bombers (this is done as an incentive to reassure terrorists that if they die their families will be taken care of), Qatanani was not deported.”

Christie also referred to another friend of his, Sohail Mohammed, whom he appointed to a Superior Court judgeship in Passaic County. Mohammed was Qaranani’s lawyer when he pled guilty to membership in Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Christie has defended Mohammed before, and last year even went out of his way to slam opposition to Sharia in the U.S. as “crap.”

What is actually “crap” is the idea that anyone would consider Chris Christie fit to be President of the United States. “Ignorance is behind the criticism of Sohail Mohammed,” Christie declared, without bothering to explain how “ignorance” provoked Qatanani’s guilty plea, or involvement in Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, or Mohammed’s other ties to Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas-linked individuals and groups.

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Hamas sends two "rockets of love" to Israel after Sharon funeral

But they really want peace.  A piece of Tel-Aviv, a piece of the Negev, a piece of Jerusalem...

From France24 January 13

Gaza rockets hit Israel after Sharon burial

Gaza militants fired two rockets that hit an area close to the ranch where former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon was laid to rest on Monday, a military spokeswoman said.

The Israeli military responded with two air raids on the central and southern parts of the Hamas-run Palestinian territory.

"Two rockets hit the Shaar HaNegev region" but fell in an uninhabited area, the army said, referring to the area around the northern border with Gaza.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the militants targeted the town of Sderot, which lies very close to the Gaza border, and just four kilometres (2.5 miles) west of Sycamore Ranch, causing no injuries or damage.

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Iran nuclear program on course thanks to Obama

"The White House confirmed on Monday that Iran would be permitted to continue developing advanced nuclear centrifuges that will enable it to more quickly enrich uranium, the key component in a nuclear weapon"

Go back to sleep, nothing to see here.

From the Washington Free Beacon January 13

Iran Permitted to Continue Advanced Nuclear Research

Iran will be permitted to continue advanced research and development work on its nuclear program under the interim nuclear deal reached over the weekend, according to senior Obama administration officials.

Nuclear talks were reported to have broken down late last year over the issue of whether Iran would be permitted to continue critical research and development in the nuclear arena.

The White House confirmed on Monday that Iran would be permitted to continue developing advanced nuclear centrifuges that will enable it to more quickly enrich uranium, the key component in a nuclear weapon.

Asked by a reporter on a conference call if the deal stops “Iran from designing new types of centrifuges,” a senior administration official admitted that the deal does not prohibit this activity.

“Well, designing is not, all I would say is the, what you would do with a piece of paper and designing, that’s not the sort of thing that the Joint Plan of Action—the Joint Plan of Action talks about research and development, R&D, and it mainly talks about what was going—practices at the Natanz power facility, which is the facility that the IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency] has access to and where we have reporting on,” the official said.

“So what’s the practical effect of this R&D [research and development] clarification that you labored over so hard? What does it preclude them from doing?” the reporter asked.

“It—I mean, their commitment is to continue their current enrichment R&D practices, and those are the practices that are laid out in the November Director General’s report,” said one of two senior administration officials on the press briefing. “This—that’s been documented, and that’s what they were—that’s what they will continue to do.”

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Top Iranian cleric; "We are not looking for a nuclear bomb, but having a nuclear bomb is necessary to put down Israel”

Wait...didn't Iran recently reiterate that Islam prohibits them from getting a nuclear bomb?

I guess Islam does let them develop a nuclear bomb.

From the Washington Free Beacon January 6 by Adam Kredo

Iranian Cleric: ‘Having a Nuclear Bomb is Necessary to Put Down Israel’

A top Iranian lawmaker and cleric said that the country’s uranium enrichment program could allow it to build a nuclear weapon “in two weeks” in order to “put down Israel,” according to multiple reports in the Farsi language press.

Iranian lawmaker and cleric Muhammad Nabavian said on Friday that Iran would be able to build a nuclear bomb in “two weeks” if it gets “access to 270 kilograms of 20 percent [enriched uranium], 10 tons of 5 percent, and 20 thousand centrifuges,” according to reports on Iran’s Radio Farda and in Fararu.

“We are not looking for a nuclear bomb, but having a nuclear bomb is necessary to put down Israel,” Nabavian said, according to an independent translation of his remarks provided to the Washington Free Beacon.

Nabavian went on to claim that President Barack Obama had courted Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in the lead up to nuclear negotiations with the West last year.

Nabavian said Rouhani revealed in a private meeting that the U.S. president reached out to his Iranian counterpart on at least five separate occasions prior to Rouhani’s visit last year to New York City.

Rouhani ultimately refused to meet with Obama at the time despite the private overtures.

Iran’s parliament on Sunday reportedly approved and sent to Rouhani a bill demanding that Tehran enrich uranium up to 60 percent, levels just shy of those needed to fuel a nuclear weapon.

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Afghanistan: 8 year old girl stopped before she could detonate her homicide bomb

An 8 year old girl!  Does no one in the West notice this?  Is there no condemnation from the international community and a call to explore the tenets that cause such barbarism.

As I have said before, Islam; abusing women and children since 622AD.

From the BBC January 6

Afghanistan girl wearing suicide vest detained

A young Afghan girl has been detained wearing a suicide vest in southern Afghanistan, officials say.

She was held on Sunday night in Helmand province, as she tried to carry out an attack on border police, an interior ministry spokesman told the BBC.

The girl, reported to be as young as eight and thought to be the sister of a prominent Taliban commander, is said to be in a state of shock and confusion.

Police told the BBC she was encouraged to carry out the attack by her brother.

According to interior ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqi, one of the Afghan soldiers spotted the girl wearing a suicide jacket.

But she could not operate the button to detonate the suicide vest or she was arrested before she could carry the attack, the BBC's Bilal Sarwary reports from the Afghan capital, Kabul.

The girl has now been transferred to the provincial capital of Lashkar Gah.