Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Obama jokes the he used to be a "young Muslim socialist" and the Associated Press omits the word "Muslim" from its report

Why?  Is there something we are not supposed to know?  Is the AP carrying water for Islam?  It appears  they are from this article.  How much more deceit and mismanagement must we endure from the White House?

From Breitbart April 28 by Warner Todd Hudson

In some of its reports on Saturday night's White House Correspondents Dinner (WHCD), the Associated Press failed to include one of President Obama's own gags.

AP strangely left out the word "Muslim" in one of Obama's self-referential jokes.

Early in his comments on April 26, President Obama made reference to his young life with a joke and a visual image projected on the video screen.

The President joked that everyone loves Michelle and mentioned that she has even appeared on magazine covers. The President said he also appeared on one and showed a mock magazine cover on the video screens. The faux cover showed the President golfing on the cover of "Senior Leisure."

President Obama then said, "These days I look in the mirror and have to admit, I'm not the strapping young Muslim Socialist that I used to be. Time passes, you get a little gray."

In one version of the night’s story (as seen at Huffington Post, Time Magazine, Breitbart Wires, the Ottawa Citizen, and The Columbian to name a few), the AP's Bradley Klapper forgot one part of the President's joke.

"I'm not the strapping young Socialist that I used to be," the president remarked, and then recounted his recent 2-for-22 basketball shooting performance at the White House Easter Egg hunt.

In other versions of Klapper's story, the word "Muslim" does appear.

"He became extremely religious and tried to brainwash me to follow Islam. Tamerlan said I couldn’t be with him unless I became a Muslim. He wanted me to hate America like he did"

The ex-girlfriend of Tamerlan Tzarnaev tells her story.

From The Sun April 29 by Ryan Parry

My boyfriend the bomber
Nadine Ascencao, 24, said Tamerlan made her wear an Islamic hijab and pray to Allah and slapped her when she wore Western clothes.

But she was so blindly in love with the handsome boxer who had taken her virginity, she did her utmost to make him happy.

Nadine said: “I went to his mosque a couple of times and even looked into converting to make him happy. I thought, ‘This is crazy’ — but I still did it for him.

“Tamerlan had taken my virginity and said he loved me because I was pure and hadn’t been with any other guys. I was in love and scared he’d leave me if I didn’t do what he said. Looking back I had a lucky escape.”

Tamerlan, 26, who with 19-year-old brother Dzhokhar killed three people and injured 260 when they exploded two bombs at the Boston marathon, started dating Nadine in 2006 when she was 17.

During their three-year relationship she watched him change from a cannabis-smoking, party-loving teenager into a violent extremist.

She said: “One minute he’s this funny, normal guy who liked boxing and having fun, the next he is praying four times a day, watching Islamic videos and talking insane nonsense.

“He became extremely religious and tried to brainwash me to follow Islam. Tamerlan said I couldn’t be with him unless I became a Muslim. He wanted me to hate America like he did.

“He wouldn’t let me watch TV or listen to the radio. He’d say, ‘TV is the project of Satan’ and claimed Satan sent us messages through commercial music.”

The couple even stopped having sex after he said it was wrong because they were not married.

Tamerlan, a Chechen who emigrated to the US with his family in 2002, became obsessed with Nadine’s clothes. She said: “He hated my tight trousers and made me wear long skirts. Towards the end I was wearing a hijab.

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Is it Islamism, or is it Islam?

Some parse the word Islam to give it subtle shades of grey.  Bosch Fawstin makes the distinction in clear black and white.

From FPM April 26 by Bosch Fawstin

Calling Islam “Islam”

I wrote this a few years ago, and I think it’s worth posting again, particularly after the latest jihadist attack in Boston. I noticed, after the attack this week, that a number of people are using more proper terminology to identify this enemy, which is very important in taking on the enemy. I recall watching panel discussions after 9/11, with each panelist using a different term to describe the enemy we face. That annoyed the hell out of me as I think it’s incredibly important to identify the proper terms when speaking about our enemy, and to NEVER create terms, for whatever reason. To me, the only difference between “Islamism” and Islam is three letters. Below I try my best to make the case why we should always call Islam “Islam.”

Western intellectuals and commentators refer to the enemy’s ideology as:
“Islamic Fundamentalism,” “Islamic Extremism,” “Totalitarian Islam,” “Islamofascism,” “Political Islam,” “Militant Islam,” “Bin Ladenism,” “Islamonazism,” “Radical Islam,” “Islamism,” etc….

The enemy calls it “Islam.”

Imagine, if during past wars, we used terms such as “Radical Nazism,” “Extremist Shinto” and “Militant Communism.” The implication would be that there are good versions of those ideologies, which would then lead some to seek out “moderate” Nazis. Those who use terms other than “Islam” create the impression that it’s some variant of Islam that’s behind the enemy that we’re facing. A term such as “Militant Islam” is redundant, but our politicians continue praising Islam as if it were their own religion. Bush told us “Islam is peace” — after 2,996 Americans were murdered in its name. He maintained that illusion throughout his two terms, and never allowed our soldiers to defeat the enemy. And now we have Obama, who tells us, from Egypt:
“I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”

If only he felt that way about America. Washington’s defense of Islam has trumped the defense of America and this dereliction of duty could well be called Islamgate.

Islam is a political religion; the idea of a separation of Mosque and State is unheard of in the Muslim world. Islam has a doctrine of warfare, Jihad, which is fought in order to establish Islamic (“Sharia”) Law, which is, by nature, totalitarian. Sharia Law calls for, among other things: the dehumanization of women; the flogging/stoning/killing of adulterers; and the killing of homosexuals, apostates and critics of Islam. All of this is part of orthodoxIslam, not some “extremist” form of it. If jihadists were actually “perverting a great religion,” Muslims would have been able to discredit them on Islamic grounds and they would have done so by now. The reason they can’t is because jihadists are acting according to the words of Allah, the Muslim God. From the Koran:

“Slay the idolators wherever you find them…” Chapter 9, verse 5

“When you encounter the unbelievers, strike off their heads until you have made a great slaughter among them….” Ch. 47:4
Beyond the doctrine, there is the historical figure of Mohammad, who, more than anyone, defines Islam. How would you judge a man who lies, cheats, steals, rapes and murders as a way of life? This evil man is Islam’s ideal man, Mohammad. Whatever he said and did is deemed moral by virtue of the fact that he said it and did it. It’s no accident that the only morality that could sanction his behavior was his own. Nor is it an accident that Muslims who model themselves after him are the most violent.

For the 13 years that Mohammad failed to spread Islam by non-violent means, he was not so much peaceful as he was powerless. It was only through criminal activity and with the help of a large gang of followers that he managed to gain power. But he wanted his moral pretense too, so he changed Islam to reflect the fact that the only way it could survive was through force. And so, acting on Allah’s conveniently timed “revelation” that Islam can and should be spread by the sword, Mohammad led an army of Muslims across Arabia in the first jihad. From then on, violence became Islam’s way in the world. And today, acting on Mohammad’s words, “War is deceit” — in the sense that Muslims use earlier “peaceful” verses from the Koran as a weapon against the ignorance and good will of their victims. Those “peaceful” passages in the Koran were abrogated by later passages calling for eternal war against those who do not submit to Islam. How Mohammad spread Islam influenced the content of its doctrine and therefore tells us exactly what Islam means.

Note also that the only reason we’re talking about Islam is because we’ve been forced to by its jihad. And where are Islam’s “conscientious objectors”? Nowhere to be found, for even lax Muslims have been silent against jihad. But that doesn’t stop desperate Westerners from pointing to them as representives of “Moderate Islam.”

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The Salafis are coming, the Salafis are coming!

To the White House to visit Obama and talk about their hopes and dreams for the future.  One of the most genocidal, theocratic and militaristic groups on the planet will walk among you, courtesy Obama and his Islamic apologists.

Feel safer now?

From AhramOnline April 27 by Mohamed El-Menshawy

Finally, Salafists to visit the US
In a few days, several Salafist leaders will go to the US on their first trip to Washington, led by preacher Yasser Borhami of the Salafist Call. It was only a matter of time before they would visit the US capital after the creation of several Salafist political parties that declared their respect for the rules of the democratic political process and rejected violence as a means to achieve political goals. Also, after Salafists won nearly 25 per cent of People's Assembly seats before that body was dissolved by the courts.
Although the visit is an ordinary one, many are compelled to blow it out of proportion. Borhami denied his itinerary in the US would include meeting a number of US politicians and officials, saying that once the trip takes place it will be a missionary not political trip.

He added in statements to Al-Shurouq, however, that it is very likely the trip will be cancelled because entry visas are taking nearly an entire month to acquire. He explained the trip is based on an invitation by two Islamic centres in the US, Al-Manhal and Al-Tawheed, who are led by Salafists.

Are they being monitored?  Is anyone watching to make sure all is well among the American Salafists?  

Borhami added that El-Nour Party will visit the US in the coming phase as well, as part of its campaign to connect with Egyptian expatriates there, and that there wasn’t too much coordination between the two trips since they have different itineraries.

I spoke to an Egyptian official, who believes Washington played a major role in everything taking place in Egypt, who said the trip will pave the way for Washington to switch its alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood for one with Salafist groups, especially because the Brotherhood has performed so poorly since President Mohamed Morsi came to power in the middle of last year.

I then spoke with a leader in the liberal current in Egypt who frequently visits Washington, who said US President Barack Obama and US Ambassador to Cairo Anne Patterson “are die-hard defenders of the Brotherhood-Salafist Islamist project.”

I then spoke to a former US official about the trip, who was not surprised at all. “It is normal for Salafists to visit the US,” he said. “Just like the Muslim Brotherhood and liberals do.”

Many in Washington believe a successful link with representatives of Egypt’s Salafist current is likely, although only a few months ago it was unimaginable that there would be direct dialogue between the two sides. An indicator of this was the fact that no talks or meetings were held between senior US officials who visited Egypt over the past few months and any Salafist leaders, unlike with senior Brotherhood and liberal leaders.

Meanwhile, Salafists will face a serious problem during their visit to Washington. They have already been preceded by the Muslim Brotherhood that presented itself as the legitimate representative of moderate Islam, and was generally accepted in US and Western circles. As for the Salafists, no one knows how they will present themselves in the West. Will they pose as an alternative to violent political groups? Will they promote themselves as an alternative to Al-Qaeda? Or will they present themselves as representatives of conservative fundamentalist Islam?

Salafists can easily remind US officials and citizens of what Obama said at Cairo University, in terms of his respect for the desires and choices of the people. He had declared: “The US welcomes all governments that are elected democratically and peacefully.” Salafists in Egypt are on the far right of religious politics, and the political right for the rest of the world. They are a key component of Egypt’s reality that cannot be ignored.

If they do end up travelling to Washington, Salafists will be assailed by an onslaught on their positions — positions are difficult to understand from an American perspective or to justify as part of “Egypt’s cultural individuality.” It is no longer a secret that some Salafist leaders have altogether rejected the entire “democratic process” and some of their senior sheikhs discourage political participation, such as balloting or nominating themselves in elections, or even participating in protests. Some of them believe democracy is merely a vessel and tool to be used to apply Sharia law.

Washington will also ask Salafists about their position on women’s issues and how some sheikhs said women’s attention should focus on the home and family, rejecting the notion of women going out to work. They will also be asked how some Salafists demanded the imposition of Islamic dress on all Egyptian women.

As for the issue of the Coptic minority, I do not believe Salafists have any convincing answers for the people of Egypt or the rest of the world that could justify their extreme and sectarian positions against a Christian becoming president, or even taking a senior position in the state.

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Nigerian Update; April 28

Add 228 to the list of those who have perished at the hands of the religion of peace.

From Reuters April 27 by Ibrahim Mshelizza and Joe Brock

Nigerian senator says 228 killed in gunfight with Islamists

(Reuters) - A gunbattle between security forces and Islamist insurgents in Nigeria a week ago killed 228 people, a local senator said on Saturday, putting the death toll six times higher than the government's estimate.

A large number of civilian deaths will fuel accusations that the military acted heavy-handedly and failed to protect bystanders and might also increase pressure on the government to seek a negotiated settlement with the radical group Boko Haram.

There have been conflicting death tolls from the April 19 operation carried out by joint forces from Nigeria, Chad and Niger against Boko Haram insurgents in the remote northeastern town of Baga.

The Red Cross is investigating a report by locals that 187 people died, including many civilians, but defense spokesman Chris Olukolade said only 37 were killed.

The military barred aid agencies from entering Baga for several days after the attack. The Red Cross and some other agencies have since been given access but none has issued a definitive death toll.

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"Mustafa was extradited to the U.S. from Great Britain in October to face charges that he conspired with Seattle men to set up a terrorist training camp at a ranch in Bly, Ore"

And the defense team wants the name of bin-Laden to be banned from being used in the trial, claiming it would prejudice the jury.  The government wants the name kept for use during the trial, saying that "...because bin Laden was the leader of al-Qaida, such expressions of loyalty (by Mustafa) to bin Laden are indistinguishable from expressions of loyalty to al-Qaida"  Anexcellent point, lets hope the judge allows it.

From the Washington Post April 27

US defends arrest of Egyptian Islamic preacher, says bin Laden’s name belongs in NY trial

NEW YORK — Osama bin Laden’s name should not be banned from the terrorism trial of an Egyptian Islamic preacher despite claims by defense lawyers that it would be prejudicial toward their client, the government has told a federal judge.

Federal prosecutors said in court papers filed Friday in U.S. District Court that references to the deceased founder of al-Qaida will not be prejudicial or inflammatory and are important to explaining the case against Mustafa Kamel Mustafa to the jury.
They noted that Mustafa is charged with conspiring to provide or providing material support to al-Qaida and said the fact that bin Laden was the leader of the group at the time “is plainly relevant.”

Mustafa was extradited to the U.S. from Great Britain in October to face charges that he conspired with Seattle men to set up a terrorist training camp at a ranch in Bly, Ore.

The government plans to prove the camp, which never opened, was to be used for training in military tactics, weapons, assassinations, hand-to-hand combat and explosives.

Mustafa also is charged with helping to abduct two American tourists and 14 other people in Yemen in 1998. He has pleaded not guilty. The trial is scheduled for March.

In papers filed earlier this month, defense lawyers asked the trial judge to exclude bin Laden’s name, saying it would be “irrelevant and inflammatory” to Mustafa.

“Bin Laden’s leadership of al-Qaida is irrelevant to the charges, and its inclusion in the indictment is highly prejudicial to Mr. Mustafa,” the lawyers said. “The danger of unfair prejudice is overwhelming in this case, because of the toxic impact the mere mention of Osama bin Laden would likely have on a jury.”

But prosecutors offered multiple reasons why the mention of bin Laden was important. They noted that one of two men Mustafa is accused of sending from London to the United States to help establish the Oregon training camp had sent a letter to bin Laden saying in part: “We love you here” and “I ask God to help you here, and support you to fulfill His desire.”

The government said the letter would support its argument that the efforts to create the training camp were carried out in support of al-Qaida.

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Islamic Society of Boston tells Muslims to stay quiet when approached by law enforcement, call the ACLU before speaking

It's one thing to protect your rights in the face of law enforcement questions, it is quite another to say "Insha'Allah we want to help as much as we can, but of course not put ourselves at risk either..."

So which is it?  Do you help, or do you clam up and wait for an attorney?  Your actions speak volumes about your loyalties, are you willing to keep up the charade for the sake of perceived safety among fellow Muslims?

From Breitbart April 25

Breitbart News has obtained an email sent from the Islamic Society of Boston to its members earlier this week. The email instructs members to "know their rights" and contact the ACLU for representation, while mentioning that "we want to help as much as we can, but..."

The Islamic Society of Boston was the mosque where Tamaerlan Tsarnaev was known to worship. Tsarnaev made two inappropriate outbursts during sermons at the ISB, but returned shortly after.
From: Islamic Society of Boston []
Sent: Monday, April 22, 2013 3:43 PM
Subject: [boston-net] Fwd: lawyers
Assalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters,

We have been informed that the FBI may be starting to question some of the community members about the two suspects. Insha'Allah we want to help as much as we can, but of course not put ourselves at risk either. Seeking representation does not imply any guilt on your part but is simply a way of protecting your own rights. Please do not hesitate to use the information listed below or contact the ISB Cambridge Mosque for any other resources.

Jazak Allah KhairIslamic Society of Boston

If you get contacted by the FBI, please know your rights.
You have the right to legal representation.
Please contact the ACLU – they have lawyers in the legal department who are present and ready to talk to you.
ACLU phone number 617 482 3170
Legal Department: Ext: 323 or 318

“Political Correctness is killing us: How can we properly identify the enemy, analyze his weaknesses, and defeat him, if we are NEVER permitted to examine him from the most basic doctrinal level?”

The $64,000 question that will never be answered truthfully, for to do so would be "Islamophobic"

From The Washington Times April 25 by Rowan Scarborough

Obama’s scrub of Muslim terms under question; common links in attacks

Before the Boston Marathon bombings, the Obama administration argued for years that there is a big difference between terrorists and the tenets of Islam.

A senior White House aide in 2009 publicly urged Washington to cease using the term “jihadist” — asserting that terrorists are simply extremists. Two years later, the White House ordered a cleansing of training materials that Islamic groups deemed offensive.
Now, some analysts are asking whether the 2009 edict and others that followed have dampened law enforcement’s appetite to thoroughly investigate terrorism suspects for fear of offending higher-ups or the American Muslim lobby.

It is not just the case of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, a radicalized jihadist whom the FBI questioned in 2011 and cleared of terrorism links. At least five Muslims have attempted mass destruction in the U.S. since 2009, undetected beforehand by law enforcement and the intelligence community:

Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad opened fire at a military recruiting office in Little Rock, Ark., in June 2009, killing one soldier.

Najibullah Zazi, who said he was a member of al Qaeda, tried to detonate bombs in New York City's subway in September 2009.

Army Maj. Nadal Malik Hassan opened fire at a soldier processing center at Fort Hood, Texas, killing 13.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried to explode a bomb hidden in his underwear onboard a flight to Detroit in December 2009.

Faisal Shahzad attempted to detonate a car bomb in Times Square in May 2010.

Steven Emerson runs the Investigative Project on Terrorism, which monitors a network of Islamic groups with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, whose stated goal is to impose Shariah, or Islamic law, on the world.

“Numerous experts on Islamic terrorism like myself and I had given 143 lectures at the FBI, CIA were banned from speaking to any U.S. government counterterrorism conferences,” Mr. Emerson told The Washington Times. “Instead, these agencies were ordered to invite Muslim Brotherhood front groups.”

The biggest White House push to tone down training on jihadists emerged in 2011, the same year the Russian government warned the U.S. about Tamerlan Tsarnaev, whose parents hailed from Chechnya, a hotbed of radical Islamists. Tamerlan and younger brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are accused of placing the two bombs that killed three and wounded more than 260 at the Boston Marathon.

Islamic backlash

In October 2011, 57 Islamic groups wrote a letter to John O. Brennan, now CIA director, but then President Obama’s chief counterterrorism adviser.

Citing news reports, the groups complained of “biased, false and highly offensive training materials about Muslims and Islam” inside the federal government’s instructional halls.

“While recent news reports have highlighted the FBI’s use of biased experts and training materials, we have learned that this problem extends far beyond the FBI and has infected other government agencies, including the U.S. Attorney’s Anti-Terrorism Advisory Councils, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Army,” the letter read.

Muslims objected to several training guides, such as a 2009 report produced at the Army Command and General Staff at the Fort Leavenworth School of Advanced Military Studies.

“Moderate Muslims are not exercising moderation; they are simply applying other means to accomplish the same goal of establishing global Islamic dominance,” it quoted the report as saying.

At least two of the 57 groups were listed by the Justice Department as unindicted co-conspirators and as being connected to the Muslim Brotherhood in the prosecution of a Texas charity for funding Hamas, a U.S.-designated terrorist organization. The groups are the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America.

The organizations’ letter demanded that biased trainers be disciplined, that all instructors undergo retraining and that materials deemed offensive by Muslim activists be purged.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

US Taliban?

"...Talibans are walking freely right here in the soil of America right now..."

From CBS Miami April 25

Exclusive: FBI Informant Claims Taliban Members Are Living In America

MIAMI (CBS4) – “I am an informant and all I can tell you is that Talibans are walking freely right here in the soil of America right now, right now.”

That’s the haunting worry of South Floridian David Mahmood Siddiqui. He was the confidential FBI informant who has a rare view of of trying to infiltrate a largely secreted world of what the U.S. government considers terrorist sympathizers.

He met with CBS’4 Chief Investigator Michele Gillen saying he wants to tell his story to share what he’s uncovered and explain why he has concerns for the safety of the United States.
Asked by Gillen what he thinks the risk of having Taliban living in America is, he responded; “They can commit a jihad at any time, they hate America, you have an enemy living here in American soil, do not know when they will take action to kill innocent Americans.”

Gillen met with Saddiqui to get an insider’s look into a recent case that made headlines across the South Florida community and the nation.

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12 years after 9-11, landing gear piece found next to ground zero mosque site in NYC

photo; NYPD

More proof that the site of the proposed ground zero mosque is a jihad attack site.  There was a piece of landing gear that tore through the roof of the building, but no one saw this piece until a few days ago when surveyors discovered it.  Police are treating it as a crime scene and are going to look for remains as well.  How many more bits of 9-11 are out there, waiting to be discovered?

From the New York Post April 26 by Jamie Schram and Bikll Sanderson

9/11 jet landing gear is found — behind Ground Zero mosque site

An apparent piece of landing gear from a passenger jet used in the Sept. 11 attacks was found behind the site of the controversial Ground Zero mosque, police said.

The piece of gear was discovered Wednesday, wedged between the rear of 51 Park Place, the mosque site, and the building behind it, 50 Murray Street.

Police are treating the site as a crime scene. They will photograph the piece, and the Medical Examiner will check the area for human remains.
The aircraft part has a clearly visible Boeing identification number, police said.

Surveyors hired by the owner of 51 Park Place made the find when they were working on the property. They called 911 at about 11 a.m. to report what they believed was damaged machinery, cops said.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly viewed the site tonight, and said that while the department believes the part fell into the narrow passage way on Sept. 11, police are investigating the possibility it was placed at the scene sometime afterward.

“We are also looking at the possibility that it was lowered by a rope,” Kelly said. “We are not ruling it out... there’s a rope that is intertwined in the part itself.”

Adam Leitman Bailey, a lawyer for the developer of the controversial Muslim community center project, said he believed the part was placed at the scene by opponents of the plan in hope of renewing their court challenges.

“I think this is a prank, and there’s no way this all of a sudden showed up. It’s hard to believe they now have found evidence that wasn’t put there recently,” Bailey said.

But Sharif el-Gamal, the lead developer of the project, quickly distanced himself from Bailey’s remarks....

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Imagine that...marathon jihadists worshiped at mosque with fundamental ties

The Islamic Society of Boston mosque in Cambridge and the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center are both owned by the same entity, and both have had their share of questionable activities.  The Cambridge mosque saw its first president convicted of plotting to kill the Saudi price who is now King, and the Cultural Center has "A former trustee (who) appears in a series of videos in which he advocates treating gays as criminals, says husbands should sometimes beat their wives (4-34) and calls on Allah (God) to kill Zionists and Jews"

But to call into question the Islamic doctrine that drove the trustee to say what he did would be Islamophobic.

From USA Today April 23 by Oren Dorell

Mosque that Boston suspects attended has radical ties

BOSTON — The mosque attended by the two brothers accused in the Boston Marathon double bombing has been associated with other terrorism suspects, has invited radical speakers to a sister mosque in Boston and is affiliated with a Muslim group that critics say nurses grievances that can lead to extremism.

Several people who attended the Islamic Society of Boston mosque in Cambridge, Mass., have been investigated for Islamic terrorism, including a conviction of the mosque's first president, Abdulrahman Alamoudi, in connection with an assassination plot against a Saudi prince.

Its sister mosque in Boston, known as the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, has invited guests who have defended terrorism suspects. A former trustee appears in a series of videos in which he advocates treating gays as criminals, says husbands should sometimes beat their wives and calls on Allah (God) to kill Zionists and Jews, according to Americans for Peace and Tolerance, an interfaith group that has investigated the mosques.

The head of the group is among critics who say the two mosques teach a brand of Islamic thought that encourages grievances against the West, distrust of law enforcement and opposition to Western forms of government, dress and social values.

"We don't know where these boys were radicalized, but this mosque has a curriculum that radicalizes people. Other people have been radicalized there," said the head of the group, Charles Jacobs.

Yusufi Vali, executive director at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, insists his mosque does not spread radical ideology and cannot be blamed for the acts of a few worshipers.

"If there were really any worry about us being extreme," Vali said, U.S. law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and Departments of Justice and Homeland Security would not partner with the Muslim American Society and the Boston mosque in conducting monthly meetings that have been ongoing for four years, he said, in an apparent reference to U.S. government outreach programs in the Muslim community.

The Cambridge and Boston mosques, separated by the Charles River, are owned by the same entity but managed individually. The imam of the Cambridge mosque, Sheik Basyouny Nehela, is on the board of directors of the Boston mosque.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, attended the Cambridge mosque for services and are accused of setting two bombs that killed three people and injured at least 264 others at the April 15 Boston Marathon.

The FBI has not indicated that either mosque was involved in any criminal activity, but mosque attendees and officials have been implicated in terrorist activity:

• Alamoudi, who signed the articles of incorporation as the Cambridge mosque's president, was sentenced to 23 years in federal court in Alexandria, Va., in 2004 for his role as a facilitator in what federal prosecutors called a Libyan assassination plot against then-crown prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Abdullah is now the Saudi king.

• Aafia Siddiqui, who occasionally prayed at the Cambridge mosque, was arrested in Afghanistan in 2008 while in possession of cyanide canisters and plans for a chemical attack in New York City. She tried to grab a rifle while in detention and shot at military officers and FBI agents, for which she was convicted in New York in 2010 and is serving an 86-year sentence.

• Tarek Mehanna, who worshiped at the Cambridge mosque, was sentenced in 2012 to 17 years in prison for conspiring to aid al-Qaeda. Mehanna had traveled to Yemen to seek terrorist training and plotted to use automatic weapons to shoot up a mall in the Boston suburbs, federal investigators in Boston alleged.

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And in other news, the global jihad continues

"...Muslims who reject their faith 'should be condemned to death'"

Muhammad said "Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him" (Bukhari 9.84.57)
From the newly democratized Morocco.  Welcome to Islam.

From Google News April 18

Morocco death for apostates fatwa sparks controversy

RABAT — A fatwa published this week by Morocco's higher council of religious scholars (CSO) calling for the death penalty for Muslims who renounce their faith has sparked fierce controversy in the country.

The scholars, who represent official Islam in Morocco, said in their edict, published in Tuesday's edition of Arabic-language daily Akhbar al-Youm, that Muslims who reject their faith "should be condemned to death."

The fatwa, which has provoked strong reactions, dates back to April 2012 when a legal report was being prepared by the government, but it was not published at the time, according to local media.

Mahjoub El Hiba, a senior human rights official in the government, denied in a statement to the official MAP news agency having requested any such fatwa from the council of Islamic scholars, as Akhbar al-Youm had claimed.

"What was published in the document attributed to the CSO does not concern our government and commits us to nothing," Hiba told AFP.

"I am not authorised to request advice or fatwas from the CSO. I do not have to comment on what a constitutional body like this does," he added.

The CSO is the only institution entitled to issue fatwas in Morocco.

The ministry of Islamic affairs declined to comment on the issue...

UN Human Rights Council official says the Jews are to blame for the Boston jihad

Richard Falk has been condemned before for remarks he made claiming 9/11 was done because of American foreign policy...and the Jews.  It is obvious where Falks loyalties lie and he should be ostracized and kicked out of the UN.

From UN Watch April 22

UN Official Justifies Boston Bombings as ‘Retribution’, Blames America & ‘Tel Aviv’

GENEVA, April 22, 2013 – In a letter sent today to UN chief Ban Ki-moon and U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice (see below), UN Watch demanded the condemnation of top UN Human Rights Council official Richard Falk over his latest remarks blaming the Boston terrorist attacks on U.S. foreign policy and “Tel Aviv.”

For more on Falk, who was recently expelled by the Human Rights Watch organization yet retains his UN position, click here.

Here is part of the letter sent to SecGen Ban Ki Moon;

(.)Falk’s Foreign Policy Journal article entitled “A Commentary on the Marathon Murders,” dated April 22, 2013, and annexed here, makes three ignominious points.

First, its thesis is that Americais to blame for last week’s atrocity. Falk approvingly cites comments justifying the Boston Marathon bombings as “retribution” for the actions of the U.S.military in Afghanistan,IraqandPakistan. “The American global domination project,” says Falk, bears responsibility for provoking “all kinds of resistance” in the post-colonial world. He calls for “courage” to “connect some of these dots.” Crystallizing his justification of the terrorist attacks, he writes: “Those to whom evil is done, do evil in return.”

Terrorism will target Americans until they reflect upon and change their action, says Falk. Lamenting a “taboo” on “self-scrutiny,” he predicts “adjustments” that will come either from “a voluntary process of self-reflection” or “through the force of unpleasant events.” America’s “military prowess” and “hard power diplomacy” make the country “a menace to the world and to itself.”

“How many canaries will have to die,” asks Falk, “before we awaken from our geopolitical fantasy of global domination?”

Second, Falk conjures up the sinister specter of another global menace by blaming the Boston bombings on the Jewish state: “[A]s long as Tel Aviv has the compliant ear of the American political establishment those who wish for peace and justice in the world should not rest easy.”

Read it all

NYC police commissioner Ray Kelly calls it as he sees it....and he sees jihad

It's the jihad I tell ya...

A rare breath of truth in a uber-PC world.  Bravo Kelly.

From NewsMax April 22 by Bill Hoffmann

NYPD’s Ray Kelly: Boston Bombers Represent New Jihadist Threat
New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly believes the Boston Marathon bombings were a type of jihad attack that is on the rise in the United States.

“I see this as an ongoing pattern. We’ve seen these radicalized young men do, or try to do, similar things,’’ Kelly told Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show.’’

“We’ve had 16 plots here against the city, many of them involving young, disaffected men who are committed to killing Americans.’’

Kelly said those threats have remained “relatively constant’’ and “we don’t see it waning.’’

“What we do see is a shift from the sort of organized, top-down direction than we saw early on after 9/11 from al-Qaida to a more free-form, do-what-you-can approach,’’ Kelly said.

“[That’s] where individuals will get, in essence, radicalized on the Internet. They usually have someone who is a sanctioner that leads them along or mentors them.’’

Lets also not forget the over 1500 US mosques that have been shown to promote, or at the very least tolerate anti-semitic and anti-Western views.

He pointed to a 2007 study conducted by two of the NYPD’s top intelligence analysts that looked at the radicalization process of future terrorists.

“[They are] what they call unremarkable young men who go into four phases of jihadization,’’ Kelly said.

“They’re looking for a place in the world. They’re looking for meaning, looking for a cause. … They decide to get jihad. And after that decision is made, they can act pretty quickly.’’

Read it all

Monday, April 22, 2013

PhD jihadist and friends planned to blow up Canadian railway train

I thought it was poverty and crushing despair that motivated jihadists, and that if we just gave them more money and respect they would stop hating us.

I guess I was wrong.

From Reuters April 22 by Euan Rocha

Canada thwarts "al Qaeda-supported" passenger train plot

(Reuters) - Canadian police said on Monday they had arrested and charged two men with plotting to derail a Toronto-area passenger train in an operation they say was backed by al Qaeda elements in Iran.

"Had this plot been carried out, it would have resulted in innocent people being killed or seriously injured," Royal Canadian Mounted Police official James Malizia told reporters in Toronto.

The RCMP said it had arrested Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, of Montreal, and Raed Jaser, 35, of Toronto in connection with the plot, which authorities said was not linked to the Boston Marathon bombings, which killed three and injured more than 200 people last week.

Neither is a Canadian citizen, but the police did not reveal their nationalities.

A spokeswoman for the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique near Montreal confirmed that Esseghaier was a doctoral student at the research institute and that he had been arrested.

Julie Martineau, the school's director of communications, said Esseghaier arrived at the school in 2010 and was about midway through his degree.

"He is doing a PhD in the field of energy and materials sciences," she told Reuters.

Yet he still felt he had to uphold the tenets of Islam and kill non-Muslims.

A bail hearing for the two will take place in Toronto on Tuesday morning.

Malizia said there was no indication that the planned attacks, which police described as the first known al Qaeda- backed plot on Canadian soil, were state-sponsored.

U.S. officials said the attack would have targeted a rail line between New York and Toronto, a route that travels along the Hudson Valley into New York wine country and enters Canada near Niagara Falls.

Canadian police said only that the plot involved a VIA train route in the Toronto area.

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Taking the lipstick off the pig

Officials have had a brief spell of clarity, and have classified the marathon jihad as being motivated by religion.  No, really, they said it.  I know...who would have believed ?

Now the question is; will they take this to its logical conclusion, and begin to investigate Islam as the primary driver in these attacks?  Oh to be so lucky.

From MSN April 22

Officials: Boston suspects motivated by religion

BOSTON — The two brothers suspected of bombing the Boston Marathon appear to have been motivated by a radical brand of Islam but do not seem connected to any Muslim terrorist groups, U.S. officials said Monday after interrogating and charging Dzhokhar Tsarnaev with crimes that could bring the death penalty.

Tsarnaev, 19, was charged in his hospital room, where he was in serious condition with a gunshot wound to the throat and other injuries suffered during his attempted getaway. His older brother, Tamerlan, 26, died Friday after a fierce gunbattle with police.
The Massachusetts college student was charged with using and conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction. He was accused of joining with his brother in setting off the shrapnel-packed pressure-cooker bombs that killed three people and wounded more than 200 a week ago.

The brothers, ethnic Chechens from Russia who had been living in the U.S. for about a decade, practiced Islam.

Two U.S. officials said preliminary evidence from the younger man's interrogation suggests the brothers were motivated by religious extremism but were apparently not involved with Islamic terrorist organizations.

Dzhokhar communicated with his interrogators in writing, precluding the type of back-and-forth exchanges often crucial to establishing key facts, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the investigation publicly.

They cautioned that they were still trying to verify what they were told by Tsarnaev and were looking at such things as his telephone and online communications and his associations with others.

In the criminal complaint outlining the allegations, investigators said Tsarnaev and his brother each placed a knapsack containing a bomb in the crowd near the finish line of the 26.2-mile race.

The FBI said surveillance-camera footage showed Dzhokhar manipulating his cellphone and lifting it to his ear just instants before the two blasts.

After the first blast, a block away from Dzhokhar, "virtually every head turns to the east ... and stares in that direction in apparent bewilderment and alarm," the complaint says. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, "virtually alone of the individuals in front of the restaurant, appears calm."

He then quickly walked away, leaving a knapsack on the ground; about 10 seconds later, a bomb blew up at the spot where he had been standing, the FBI said.

The FBI did not say whether he was using his cellphone to detonate one or both of the bombs or whether he was talking to someone.

The criminal complaint shed no light on the motive for the attack.


Read it all

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Marathon jihadist went to mosque that hosted British journalist who accused America and England of waging war against Islam

Victoria Brittain says "I stayed in Great Britain. There, my government, in close conjunction with Washington, was pursuing its own version of what, whether anyone cared to say it or not, was essentially a war against Islam..."  I guess she never heard either Bush I or Obama tell the world that we are not at war with Islam.  Would it be a good assumption that the brothers were aware of, or heard live this pronouncement from her?  Not that her talk would have influenced their jihad bent, but it might have added fuel to their Islamic zealousness.

And who is monitoring mosques to see if they are promoting hatred and division?  Do the mosques themselves teach non-violence and assimilation with their host country to their congregation?


From the Daily Caller April 19 by Patrick Howley

Bombing suspect’s mosque hosted author who criticized US, UK for ‘war against Islam’

The Islamic Society of Boston, attended by Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, recently hosted a book event featuring a journalist who has been highly critical of the U.S. and U.K. “War on Terror,” which she described as a “war against Islam.”

The Islamic Society of Boston also encouraged its members to show their “support of the forgotten women of the War on Terror.”

The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based mosque and its satellite cultural center — which announced its indefinite closing Friday in light of “the terrible and sad events of last night, the criminal of the bombings on the loose, and the strong recommendations of our Governor” — hosted a book signing and “Meet the Author” event April 6 with British journalist and former Guardian editor Victoria Brittain, who discussed her book “Shadow Lives: The Forgotten Women of the War on Terror.”The Islamic Society of Boston posted a graphic promoting the event on its Facebook page April 1, describing the plight of a British woman whose husband has been in Guantanamo prison for 11 years and encouraging people to “Put your profile in shadow in support of the forgotten women of the War on Terror.”
Brittain wrote an article last month, posted on, criticizing the American and British government’s “war against Islam” and Washington’s “global gulag” of black sites.

“I stayed in Great Britain. There, my government, in close conjunction with Washington, was pursuing its own version of what, whether anyone cared to say it or not, was essentially a war against Islam. Somehow, by a series of chance events, I found myself inside it, spending time with families transformed into enemies,” Brittain wrote.

Read it all

"But there were hints of something ominous underneath the surface: a message on Dzhokhar’s Twitter feed on Marathon Monday last year referred to a Koran verse often used by radical Muslim clerics and propagandists"

Tamerlan Tsarnaev (L), 26, is pictured in 2010 in Lowell, Massachusetts, and his brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, is pictured in an undated FBI handout photo in this combination photo. REUTERS/The Sun of Lowell, MA/FBI/Handout
Yet no one in his mosque asked any questions, nor had any program in place to address the growing problem of jihad within its members.  The mosque the brothers went to had hosted a radial Islamic cleric in the past, maybe they heard the sermon and took to heart sura 9 verse 29 "Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture - [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled."

From the Boston Globe April 19 by Jenna Russell, Jenn Abelson, Patricia Wen, Michael Rezendes, and David Filipov

Brothers in Marathon bombings took two paths into infamy

The two young brothers from Cambridge seemed to be on promising paths, one a scholarship student at college, the other fighting for a national title in amateur boxing.

And then, apparently with little warning, they veered violently off track, deep into the darkness, setting off deadly bombs, authorities are convinced, at one of Boston’s most iconic and joyful events.

To those who knew them, the apparent transformation of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19 — ethnic Chechens, born in the former Soviet territory now known as Kyrgyzstan and transplanted to a working-class Inman Square neighborhood — seemed almost inconceivable.
But as friends and neighbors pieced together recollections of the terrorism suspects and their family, a picture emerged of an older brother who seemed to grow increasingly religious and radical — and who may have drawn his more easygoing younger brother into a secret plot of violence and hatred.

“I used to warn Dzhokhar that Tamerlan was up to no good,” Zaur Tsarnaev, who identified himself as a 26-year-old cousin, said in a phone interview from Makhachkala, Russia, where the brothers briefly lived. “[Tamerlan] was always getting in trouble. He was never happy, never cheering, never smiling. He used to strike his girlfriend. . . . He was not a nice man.”

The older brother dropped out of college, was seemingly unemployed, and faced a domestic violence charge in 2009. The younger brother, Dzhokhar (pronounced Ja-HAR), seemed less troubled, people who knew him said, a friendly, relaxed teenager called “an angel” by his uncle and a party-loving “pothead” by some friends. But there were hints of something ominous underneath the surface: a message on Dzhokhar’s Twitter feed on Marathon Monday last year referred to a Koran verse often used by radical Muslim clerics and propagandists.

The two young men, seven years apart, shared a keen intelligence and willingness to work hard, according to interviews with dozens of people who knew them. But there were stark differences between Tamerlan, who came to America as a teenager, and Dzhokhar, who was 10 or 11 when the family immigrated to the United States, and by all accounts thrived in their new American home. Their father, a lawyer before he emigrated, worked as an auto mechanic in the the United States, while their mother was a licensed cosmetologist.

Their older son, an accomplished amateur boxer described by some as arrogant or standoffish, aspired to be an engineer but dropped out of Bunker Hill Community College. His younger brother, a well-liked wrestling team captain and National Honor Society member in high school, is currently enrolled as a sophomore at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, living in a dorm on campus and studying to be a marine biologist.

“If someone were to ask me what this kid is like, I would say that he had a heart of gold,” said Larry Aaronson, who taught the younger suspect at the public Cambridge Rindge & Latin School. “He was as gracious as possible … This is all surreal to me.”

Family history

The Tsarnaev brothers were ethnic Chechens, born in the former Soviet Republic now called Kyrgyzstan. Whether they ever lived in war-torn Chechnya is unclear. Their father, Anzor Tsarnaev, was described by family Friday as a former Russian amateur boxing champion. While the family was living in Kyrgyzstan, Anzor Tsarnayev said in an interview Friday by the Russian agency, they had trouble with government authorities.

“In Kyrgyzstan we were oppressed,” the father said. “We wanted a quiet life. I was afraid for my kids and tried to save them.”

By 2001, the family had taken refuge in Makhachkala, the capital of the predominantly Muslim Russian region of Dagestan, which borders Chechnya. There, the brothers briefly attended grade school. Anzor’s sister Maret Tsarnaeva told reporters that she wrote the refugee petition in April 2002 for the father, mother and youngest son, Dzhokhar, to receive asylum in the United States. The three other children, Tamerlan and his sisters, Alina and Bella, joined the family later.

With the family reunited in the United States, they seemed to be on the path to fulfilling their American dreams. The brothers attended high school and college and seemed to be succeeding, family members said.

“Everything was perfect because Anzor is a very loving soft hearted father,” Maret said of her brother.

But Anzor Tsarnaev’s former boss at Webster Auto Body in Somerville saw a very different side of the man, describing him as “one of the toughest guys I’ve ever known.”

Joe Timko, a foreman at the repair shop where Anzor Tsarnaev worked several years ago, recalled seeing him changing a transmission in a car in front of his house in single digit temperatures and snow. Timko said he instilled that toughness in his sons, sometimes riding a bike to a boxing gym on Somerville Avenue, while Tamerlan ran alongside him, training.

Tamerlan, the eldest son, became an amateur boxer, emulating his father, who helped train him. Boxing as a heavyweight, he competed in the national Golden Gloves competition, said John Allan, owner of Wai Kru Mixed Martial Arts in Allston, who remembered seeing him compete.

“He was the best boxer in Boston,” said Allan. “He smoked all of the professionals.”

“He was noticeable because he was very relaxed, very smooth.” said Douglas A. Yoffe, the coach at the Harvard Boxing Club, who has seen Tamerlan box about half a dozen times over the past decade.

Yoffe also said Tamerlan stood out because he kept his distance from others in the clubs and at the tournaments where he fought.

“I remember he had that blase attitude,” Yoffe added. “For a very young fighter he was almost disdainful. He was very confident.”

Profiled in the Lowell Sun in 2004, Tamerlan said he liked the USA.

“America has a lot of jobs. That’s something Russia doesn’t have,” he told the newspaper. “You have a chance to make money here if you are willing to work.”

He later said, in a photo essay about his boxing exploits, that he hoped to be selected for the US Olympic team, and that he dreamed of becoming a naturalized citizen. But he also lamented his alienation, saying, “I don’t have a single American friend. I don’t understand them.’’

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Boston jihad; Russia asked US to investigate Tamerlan, evidence of Chechen jihad "direct contact" yet FBI dismissed claims but told Mom son was "extremist leader"

More willful blindness from those charged with protecting us.  How is it possible to ignore warnings from Russian intelligence yet watch Tamerlan for five years and then conclude he is not a threat?  What thought patterns cause this lack of critical analysis and dismissal of gathered intelligence?  A willful desire to not offend or insult Islam is the driving force behind this, and the more we practice this deceit the more innocents will die.  Boston is the beginning of the jihad against "soft targets".

From the Mail Online April 20 by Ian Gallagher and Will Stewart

Was Boston bomber inspired by Russia's Bin Laden? Mother claims FBI tracked older brother 'for FIVE YEARS' after being told by Moscow of links to Chechen terrorists

One of the brothers suspected of the Boston Marathon bombings had direct contact with Chechen terrorists – and was ‘monitored’ by investigators for five years.

The Mail on Sunday has learned that the FBI put Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, under surveillance after receiving an explicit warning from the Russian intelligence services.

But despite apparently telling his mother that Tamerlan was an ‘extremist’ leader, the FBI eventually discounted the possibility that he was a threat.

Tamerlan was shot dead by police early on Friday while his 19-year-old brother Dzhokhar was captured alive but seriously injured with neck and leg injuries on Friday night. He had been hiding in a boat in a suburban backyard.

Last night new details about Dzhokhar’s dramatic capture were released.

Police said he fired at them from his hiding place but, weak through loss of blood from the bullet wounds he had sustained in the shoot-out with police earlier, he eventually gave himself up. ‘He was so weak that we were able to just go in and scoop him up,’ said a police spokesman.

More details also emerged of the shoot-out after the brothers were cornered in a stolen Mercedes 4x4.

Police said Tamerlan burst out of the car shooting at officers. ‘There were six police officers in this very tight area engaged in a gunfight,’ said police chief Edward Deveau. ‘During the exchange, all of a sudden, something got thrown at my police officers and there was a major explosion,’ he said.

In all, there were three explosions and 200 rounds were fired during the five-to-ten minute exchange.

It ended when Tamerlan ran out of ammunition, He was on the ground being handcuffed when he was run over by his younger brother as he escaped in the car.

While Dzhokhar’s capture ended a week of tension and drama in Boston, triggering scenes of jubilation and self-congratulation among law enforcement officers, questions will now be asked about how the brothers managed to slip the net.

US congressmen have expressed concern that the tip-off about Tamerlan to the FBI from Moscow may not have been properly followed through.

Yesterday the brothers’ mother, Zubeidat, said the FBI once told her that Tamerlan was ‘really an extremist leader and that they were afraid of him’. She added: ‘He was controlled by the FBI for five years. They knew what my son was doing. They were following every step of his.’

And his father, Anzor Tsarnaev, said investigators warned his son: ‘We know what sites you are on, we know where you are calling, we know everything about you. Everything. We are checking and watching.’

Despite all this, the FBI found no substantive evidence that he was engaged in terror-related activities though they continued to ‘monitor his internet use and contacts’.

According to an intelligence source, Russia remained convinced that Tamerlan, an ethnic Chechen, was in ‘direct contact’ with Islamist militants, most likely based in the strife-torn southern Russian region of Dagestan, where he lived for two years with his family prior to moving to the US.

During a six-month visit to Russia last year – a trip US investigators are investigating – it is understood Tamerlan visited Dagestan, which is now regarded as more unstable than Chechnya.

One theory is that Tamerlan and Dzhokhar, who was in thrall to his older brother, may have been ‘inspired’ by a rebel leader known as Russia’s Bin Laden.

Doku Umarov, like the Tsarnaev brothers, is an ethnic Chechen from the war-torn Caucasus region that lies between Europe and Central Asia. He has been accused of masterminding some of the worst terrorist atrocities in Russia, including suicide bombings carried out by two women on Moscow’s Metro system in 2010 which killed at least 40.

Significantly, while Umarov was originally fighting only for Chechen independence he has more recently embraced a wider jihadist agenda.

Chechen expert Dr Carlo Gallo, the founder of London-based political risk firm Enquirisk, explained: ‘Umarov has made statements in which he has said that the enemy of Islam is not just Russia but America, though the insurgents have never conducted significant operations outside Russia.’

It raises the terrifying prospect of further atrocities being carried out across the globe by disaffected individuals inspired by the jihadist rhetoric of the former Chechen leaders....

Read it all

Marathon bombers part of 12-man "sleeper cell" say FBI

Much work needs to be done to tie all the strings together, but it is appearing more and more likely that the brothers were part of a larger jihad cell here in the US that was waiting for their time to act.  The connections to Dagestan, Chechnya jihadist training camps and outside support is becoming clearer.  Will we be told this is a jihad attack?  Probably not, as the goal of the media and our dear leader is to obfuscate and mislead about the reasons why Islam hates us, presenting instead that tired canard that Islam is a religion of peace that was hijacked by these two misunderstander of their religion.

Uh huh.

From the Mirror April 21 by  Christopher Bucktin and Andy Lines

Boston bombers: FBI hunting 12-strong terrorist “sleeper cell” linked to brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

The FBI was last night hunting a 12-strong terrorist “sleeper cell” linked to the Boston marathon bomb brothers.

Police believe Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were specially trained to carry out the devastating attack.

More than 1,000 FBI operatives were last night working to track down the cell and arrested a man and two women 60 miles from Boston in the hours before Dzhokhar’s dramatic capture after a bloody shootout on Friday.

A source close to the investigation said: “We have no doubt the brothers were not acting alone. The devices used to detonate the two bombs were highly sophisticated and not the kind of thing people learn from Google.

“They were too advanced. Someone gave the brothers the skills and it is now our job to find out just who they were. Agents think the sleeper cell has up to a dozen members and has been waiting several years for their day to come.”

A specialist team of CIA and FBI interrogators was yesterday flown to a Boston hospital to grill wounded Dzhokhar, 19, about the secret group. The University of Massachusetts student was caught on Friday after hiding out in a boat parked in a garden in locked down Watertown the day after a gun battle with police left his 26-year-old brother and a rookie cop dead.

Dzhokhar is said to have run his brother over as he escaped in a stolen car while Tamerlan lay handcuffed on the ground. They were carrying six bombs with them at the time, three of which ­exploded, as well as a handgun and rifle. The devices were thought to be pipe bombs.

Last night Dzhokhar – badly wounded but alive – lay handcuffed to his hospital bed under armed guard. The other three arrested in the port of New Bedford are also believed to be of college age.

Dzhokhar even went to a college party two days after the bombs wreaked havoc at the finish line. According to fellow students, he “looked relaxed” as he joined in a party at the campus on Wednesday night.

Hours later he was involved in the shootout which saw his brother killed.

Investigators have begun piecing together how the “well-mannered” brothers of Chechen origin were radicalised. Neighbours of the family said older brother Tamerlan had recently become obsessed with Islam. He mysteriously left the US in January last year to spend six months in Russia. Yesterday senior FBI counter-terrorism official Kevin Brock said: “It’s a key thread for investigators.”

It also emerged the Bureau interviewed Tamerlan two years ago, at the request of the Russian government, but could not establish that he had ties to terrorist radicals.

This was despite his worrying Russian-language YouTube page featuring links to extremist Islamic sites and others since taken down by YouTube.

One link showed an hour-long speech by an Islamic teacher called Shaykh Feiz Mohammed, while other videos are labled “Terrorists” and “Islam”.

The radical cleric, with links to extremist British Muslims, encouraged his followers to become martyrs for Islam. He said: “Teach them this: There is nothing more beloved to me than wanting to die as a mujahid.”

(.)US Government officials have said the brothers were not under surveillance as possible militants. And an FBI statement said the matter was closed because interviews with Tamerlan and family members “did not find any terrorism activity, domestic or foreign”. But now they believe the pair, who emigrated to the United States from Dagestan about a decade ago, were part of a terror cell.

The worst surveillance ever by the FBI.  The Keystone Kops could take lessons from them.  This is the result of not profiling and not asking the tough questions about Muslims from jihad-rife areas who want to come to the US.  Of course, to ask those kinds of questions would be Islamophobic, doncha know.

Read it all

Saturday, April 20, 2013

“I will dedicate my life to Jihad"

From Obama on down to local talk radio, the consensus is in; we don't know the motive behind the attack.  No one seems capable of putting two and two together to make four.  Tamerlans playlist on his facebook page lists the song "I will dedicate my life to jihad" but to call this a jihad attack is not acceptable.

Willful blindness in order to appease and calm Islam and Muslims from our dear leader and the media. We are doomed.

From the New York Post April 20 by Jennifer Bain, M.L. Nestel, Jennifer Gould Keil and Kate Sheehy

Tamerlan Tsarnaev: Fighter with a hidden hatred

He was as American as apple pie, a handsome Golden Gloves boxer who wore preppy sweaters, married his high-school sweetheart and tooled around the family’s quaint Boston neighborhood in a Mercedes.

But Tamerlan Tsarnaev, a 26-year-old Chechen immigrant, also harbored an increasingly alarming hatred of his adopted country.

“He said in Russian, ‘I don’t like what America is doing,’ ” a Latvian neighbor told The Post yesterday, recalling a chat he had with the Boston bombing suspect, who was killed early yesterday in a shootout with police in Watertown, Mass.
“I said, ‘What do you mean?’ He said, ‘I don’t like it because they shouldn’t be in Muslim countries.’ ’’

Tsarnaev’s wife, Katherine Russell, a 24-year-old Muslim convert, remained holed up with her parents at their Rhode Island home yesterday.

“Our daughter has lost her husband today, the father of her child,’’ the family said in a note posted outside the home, the Daily Mail of London reported.

“In the aftermath of the Patriots Day horror, we know that we never really knew Tamerlan Tsarnaev.”

(.)He posted a YouTube clip from radical Muslim cleric Feiz Mohammad, who once claimed that women who were raped had been asking for it.
He also posted a playlist on YouTube that included a song called, “I will dedicate my life to Jihad.’’

On an wish list created in 2007, Tsarnaev didn’t even try to hide that he might be up to something nefarious in the future.

Among the books he asked people to buy for him were: “How to Make Driver’s Licenses and Other ID on Your Home Computer’’ and similar titles.

A few years ago, Tsarnaev talked about his isolation as an observant Muslim.

“I don’t have a single American friend,” Tsarnaev was quoted as saying in a photo montage on a Boston University student news Web site. “I don’t understand them.”

His brother and parents became US citizens this past Sept. 11 — but not Tsarnaev.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

The face of jihad; photo of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev placing the bomb next to 8 year old Martin Richard

Evil, pure and simple, courtesy the religion of peace.

This is Islam.

Boston jihad update; full story of gunfight, capture

From the Times of Israel April 20

Police arrest second suspect in Boston bombings

WATERTOWN, Mass. — Boston Police confirmed Friday night that the second suspect in Monday’s Boston bombings was arrested after a tense standoff and a daylong manhunt that shut the metropolitan area down. The suspect was taken to a nearby hospital in serious condition under armed guard.

Gunfire erupted Friday night amid the manhunt for the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing, and police in armored vehicles and tactical gear rushed into a Boston suburb in a possible break in the case.

The suspected bomber, identified by law-enforcement officials as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, MA, was cornered in a boat in a backyard in Watertown and arrested. Police said three others were taken into custody for questioning at a housing complex where the younger Boston Marathon bombing suspect may have lived.

New Bedford Police Lt. Robert Richard said a private complex of off-campus housing at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth was searched by federal authorities Friday evening. Richard said the FBI took two males and one female into custody for questioning.

He said Tsarnaev may have lived at or was affiliated with the housing complex. He is registered at the school.

The burst of activity in Watertown came at the end of a tense day in and around Boston, and less than an hour after police announced that they were scaling back the hunt because they had come up empty-handed after an all-day search that sent thousands of SWAT team officers into the streets and paralyzed the metropolitan area.

The night before, two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing killed an MIT police officer, injured a transit officer in a firefight, and threw explosive devices at police during their getaway attempt in a long night of violence that left one of them dead and another still at large.

US President Barack Obama said shortly after the announcement of Tsarnaev’s arrest that the suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing’s capture closes “an important chapter in this tragedy.”

Obama said the nation owes a debt of gratitude to law enforcement officials and the people of Boston for their help in the search for the men. He added that there are still many unanswered questions about the Boston bombings, including whether the two men had help from others. He is urging the public to not rush to judgment about their motivations.

Earlier in the day, National Guard helicopters and bomb squads also landed near the scene of the standoff to help SWAT teams in their search for the suspect, who had been on the lam since the early Friday morning’s shootout. Police were scouring the Watertown neighborhood, going door to door, and said they were constantly responding to new leads in their effort to find the suspect.

Authorities had interrogated the brothers’ uncle in Maryland — who called on his nephew to turn himself in. The suspect’s sister, who reportedly lives in the town of West New York in New Jersey, was also being questioned by investigators. Officials believe the suspect has a second sister in the US.

News crews, perched outside the area that was blocked off by police, said they still weren’t sure if the suspect had been caught or not. Also, a bullet-ridden vehicle that authorities believe the brothers were driving when they shot the MIT officer was being examined for further clues.

The suspects were identified to The Associated Press as coming from the Russian region near Chechnya, which has been plagued by an Islamic insurgency stemming from separatist wars.

Two students who were classmates of the younger Tsarnaev described him as a quiet, normal “good” kid to Fox News.

A man who was held up by the brothers early Friday morning told The Washington Post that the two men had bragged to him that they were the Boston Marathon Bombers. Police believe the brothers held up the man either right before or right after killing the MIT officer, and that their stops at several ATMs with that man provided them with a critical piece of information in their pursuit.

His brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was killed in a shootout with police Friday morning. During the intense fight, Dzhokhar managed to escape. Police said the two brothers threw I.E.D.’s at them, adding that security officials hadn’t called in professional units to dismantle what they believed were home-made explosive devices yet, because they were focusing on finding Tsarnaev first.

Police then said at a press conference that the I.E.D.’s would be exploded shortly. They have since brought in specialized units and performed a “controlled explosion” on the I.E.D.’s to ensure the safety of the officers.

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