Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jihad in France; Catholics attacked after festival

The creep of Islam and the imposition of Islamic doctrine continues apace in Europe. France has been at the forefront of Islamic expansion, they have the largest Muslim population of any European nation, thus the constant and increasing agitation by the followers of Muhammad.

Islam begins agitating when their population reaches about 5% of the whole. France has a Muslim population of around 10%, their problems are well-known and a warning for others to take serious consideration in their immigration policies and which countries they want to pull workers from.

In the meantime, non-Muslims suffer while the authorities enact more hate-crime laws and outlaw speech about Islam.

From Islam vs Europe October 29 by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Muslims Stone Catholic Festival-Goers in France

After a day of welcoming and reunions, around 7 pm, the participants were leaving in their cars and vehicles when "young Arab immigrants" from the city started to throw stones at the vehicles descending from the sanctuary.

The local police, whose station is in this area, were immediately notified and the event organisers had to arrange a diversion to another route to protect the occupants of the vehicles from the savage attacks which continued.

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12 die in Afghanistan jihadist attack

This time it is us who suffer. The Taliban managed to get an armored bus carrying some soldiers and some contractors. The motive is clear; kill non-Muslims, especially American military until the last one is gone from the land of Muhammad. Then peace will break out and everything will be peachy.

Uh huh.

From The New York Times October 29 by Rod Norland

12 Americans Die as Blast Hits Bus in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan — At least 12 Americans were killed when a Taliban suicide car bomber attacked an armored shuttle bus in Kabul on Saturday, military officials said.

The bombing was the single deadliest assault on Americans in the capital since the war began, military officials said, and follows brazen Taliban attacks on the American Embassy andNATO headquarters in the city last month.

A Western defense official said at least four of the dead Americans were G.I.’s and the rest were contract workers; a Canadian soldier and four Afghans were also reported to be killed.

The attack Saturday and the other high-profile assaults are seen as a shift in Taliban strategy as the militants struggle against a surge in American troops that has loosened their grip on the Taliban heartland in the south and compromised their ability to stage more conventional attacks on NATO forces.

American officials see the latest assaults as the Taliban’s attempt to shake confidence in the Afghan government, which has been taking over security from NATO in Kabul and other areas of the country.

NATO has been laboring to highlight advances in Afghanistan as the Obama administration faces mounting budget problems and pressure to keep to a timetable that envisions most forces leaving in 2014. But the attacks underscore the resilience of the Taliban and NATO’s difficulties in keeping militants from attacking even the heavily guarded capital.

Officials initially reported that all of those reported to have died aboard the bus Saturday were soldiers, but NATO later said five were members of the military and eight were contractors. The precise number and nationalities of the dead remained uncertain Saturday night.

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Al-Qaeda flag flies over Benghazi courthouse

But there is nothing to see here, everything is fine...move along.

From Vice October 28 by Sherif Elhelwa



It was here at the courthouse in Benghazi where the first spark of the Libyan revolution ignited. It’s the symbolic seat of the revolution; post-Gaddafi Libya’s equivalent of Egypt’s Tahrir Square. And it was here, in the tumultuous months of civil war, that the ragtag rebel forces established their provisional government and primitive, yet effective, media center from which to tell foreign journalists about their “fight for freedom.”

But according to multiple eyewitnesses—myself included—one can now see both the Libyan rebel flag and the flag of al Qaeda fluttering atop Benghazi’s courthouse.

According to one Benghazi resident, Islamists driving brand-new SUVs and waving the black al Qaeda flag drive the city’s streets at night shouting, "Islamiya, Islamiya! No East, nor West," a reference to previous worries that the country would be bifurcated between Gaddafi opponents in the east and the pro-Gaddafi elements in the west.

Earlier this week, I went to the Benghazi courthouse and confirmed the rumors: an al Qaeda flag was clearly visible; its Arabic script declaring that “there is no God but Allah” and a full moon underneath. When I tried to take pictures, a Salafi-looking guard, wearing a green camouflage outfit, rushed towards me and demanded to know what I was doing. My response was straightforward: I was taking a picture of the flag. He gave me an intimidating look and hissed, "Whomever speaks ill of this flag, we will cut off his tongue. I recommend that you don't publish these. You will bring trouble to yourself.”

He followed me inside the courthouse, but luckily my driver Khaled was close by, and interceded on my behalf. According to Khaled, the guard had angrily threatened to harm me. When I again engaged him in conversation, he told me "this flag is the true flag of Islam," and was unresponsive when I argued with him that historically Islam has never been represented by a single flag. The guard claimed repeatedly that there is no al Qaeda in Libya, and that the flag flying atop the courthouse is “dark black,” while the al Qaeda flag is charcoal black. To many locals, it’s a distinction without a difference. One man approached me with a friendly warning: "I recommend that you leave now; [the Islamist fighters] could be watching you."

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Abused to the end: Galid Shalit

He was not examined by a doctor before being released or before his last interview by Egyptian TV before crossing into Israel. His treatment clearly violates the Geneva Convention, as contrasted by the treatment of Palestinian prisoners by the Israelis. Shalit is an example of the disease known as Islam.

From Forbes October 26 by Richard Behar

Red Cross Doctors Did Not Examine Gilad Shalit Before Controversial Egyptian TV Interview

Established journalists are loath to criticize their own: with jobs scarce, cowardice proves the better career path, especially when too many reporters sit blindfolded inside their own glass houses. Add in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the media community goes into a collective coma.

Such is the case in the aftermath of last week’s exclusive “interview” that Egyptian state TV conducted with Gilad Shalit (also spelled Schalit) – the Israeli soldier who’d been held hostage by Hamas for five years. You can watch the interview for yourself here; while only 9 minutes long, you may come away feeling like a hostage yourself – to one of the most egregious interviews of our era, conducted just moments after Shalit was released in exchange for more than 1,000 imprisoned Palestinians. (The deal required Shalit to be turned over to Egypt – serving as a “neutral” intermediary – which, after the interview, sent the soldier to Israel.)

What’s extraordinary is that so few voices in the international journalism community – outside of Israel, Gaza or Egypt – have weighed in on it. Last week, I sent an email to the interviewer, Shahira Amin, Egypt’s most famous TV journalist – posted afterwards in a news story.

Three days ago, she responded at great length in an email, most of which she subsequently published in an open letter in the Jerusalem Post. In her email to me, Amin defends her decision to conduct the interview with Shalit – in part because she says the interview was conducted “AFTER [her caps] he had been released by Hamas and had a medical checkup by the Red Cross.”

But here’s the problem: Red Cross spokesman Hicham Hassan wrote me today that “ICRC representatives met Mr. Shalit briefly after his transfer to the Egyptian authorities. However, he was not met by an IRC doctor as this has [sic] not been solicited.”

This is no small detail: The issue of Shalit’s medical condition (physical and mental) lies at the very heart of why the interview should never have taken place. So does the fact that a masked Hamas soldier – from the group’s armed wing – stood with a camera in that interview room. Just how “released” could Shalit have felt at that moment – in an Israel-unfriendly country such as Egypt – to freely consent to an interview? Considering that masked Hamas men were the only people he could see for five years, did he feel he was in any position to say no?

“This was an illusion of choice,” says Dr. Nancy Zarse of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, an expert in hostage negotiations for the FBI, federal prisons, and the Chicago Police. “I watched the video of the interview. There was evidence of increased autonomic [nervous system] arousal, a lot of heavy breathing, and there were times that I thought he looked scared. This wasn’t really that you have the option to say no. I haven’t met or spoken with him, but I would understand that an individual like this still feels captive – that an interview like this would become part and parcel of the captivity.”

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Bill Maher on Islam

I will admit, Bill Maher does get Islam. He seems to know there are things about the "religion of the perpetually insulted" that are problematic, and in his own inimitable style explains it all for us. It is ironic that on the one hand we have a sodomized Gaddafi and in the other a gay performer in an Islamic country creating controversy. It is the never-ending drama that is Islam.

From The Daily Caller/Yahoo October 29 by Jeff Poor

Maher: Gadhafi sodomy video suggests homosexuality has become sexuality in Islamic culture

HBO host Bill Maher has been no friend of religion over the years. But unlike many of the secular left in America, his attacks haven’t been just on Christianity, but he’s been critical of Islam as well.

And on the Friday night broadcast of his “Real Time” program, Maher drew another conclusion about the Muslim culture, using a video that has been circulating of former Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi ultimate demise.

“Alright, let me ask you this because I alluded to it during the monologue and I’m not going to show the footage,” he said. “We could but we’re talking about the fact that as soon as they caught Gadhafi they stuck something up his ass.”

Based on that and how that particular culture strictly interprets Shariah law in the treatment of women, Maher concluded that homosexuality has become sexuality.

“Now Groucho Marx said sometimes a cigar is just a cigar,” Maher continued. “And sometimes a stick up your ass is just a stick up your ass. But don’t these people have issues? I mean, when the first thing you do is stick something up the guy’s ass, I feel like it says something about you as a culture... the men in that culture. When you segregate the women and you cover them up and homosexuality becomes sexuality.”

Elton John haram in Malaysia

Hedonism and homosexuality go hand in hand as corrupting influences on the young, thus the call to ban Sir Elton. Even though many people do not like his music or his politics I can think of no group who would demand a ban on his performance except Islam. A good number of both mono and polytheistic practitioners find homosexuality wrong and unacceptable but you will never see them demanding the enforcement of religious edicts to stop a performer from performing.

As Islam treats gays with the same contempt as Jews, and is known for hanging them from cranes and throwing them off buildings, Sir Elton would be well advised to cancel his show and begin a campaign to rid the Islamic world of it's extreme homophobia. He could enlist a host of music and media stars to help, calling it "C---S--k--s Against Islam". Now that would get some attention.

Elton, what do you think?

From Google October 26

Call to ban Elton John Malaysia concert
KUALA LUMPUR — Members of an opposition Islamic party have called on Muslim-majority Malaysia to ban next month's concert by Elton John, saying Tuesday that the gay singer promotes "hedonism".
Shahril Azman Abdul Halim Al-Hafiz, an official with the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), said the concert at the Genting Highlands resort on Nov. 22 would corrupt young Muslims because of John's homosexuality.
"It's not good. In Islam homosexuality is forbidden," he told AFP. "What he is doing is hedonism. Hedonism is not good in Islam."
The British singer is openly gay, marrying his partner in 2005 after same-sex unions were legalised in Britain.
Shahril is the chairman of the PAS youth wing of eastern Pahang state. The casino resort lies on the border of the state, about an hour's drive from the capital Kuala Lumpur.
An official from concert promoter Tune Live declined to comment.
But the show, part of John's "Greatest Hits Tour," is expected to go ahead in the resort. John will be singing in Singapore before he comes to Malaysia and then go on to Jakarta.
PAS often protests concert by Western acts, saying the artists promote a promiscuous lifestyle and corrupt youngsters' minds.
But despite protest threats, most concerts have gone ahead without incidents though performers had to abide by strict rules, barring them from bearing too much skin and kissing on stage.
One would hope that the crowd will not be exposed to a naked Elton or anyone kissing on stage. That would just be wrong on so many levels.

Islamic hegemony against Christians practiced by the Obama administration

This is an article which is frightening in the extreme as it proves the influence of Islam at the highest level of our government. Those who believe the White House, and other major governments worldwide are suffering under the IZCTTOTW* would be well advised to remember this article and the name Dalia Mogahed. Our freedoms are quickly eroding under Obama, as a Muslim in deed but not in name his agenda is as detrimental to the US government as it is to the very lives of its citizens.

Allowing a member of the uppermost level of government to dictate and influence which religious leaders are to be granted an audience with Obama, one with jihadist ties and Islamist views to boot is beyond the pale. The closer Islam gets to the top, the greater the influence on policy and ultimately jurisprudence and legislation.

Christians are being persecuted all across the Islamic world, a direct result of the "Arab Spring" and the rampant secular democracy which resulted. Now this religiously sanctioned hatred is practiced at the WH, in full view of the world and nothing. Not a peep about the implications of this abdication of responsibility to the people sworn to be protected. This is disgusting. This is a sign of the impending apocalypse.

This is Islam.

*International Zionist Conspiracy To Take Over The World

From Creeping Sharia October 26

Obama’s Muslim Advisers Block Middle Eastern Christians’ Access to White House

From a Middle East correspondent:

Beirut Arab news agency al Nashra reported on Saturday November 22, that [White House Muslim envoy] Dalia Mogahed has succeeded in canceling a meeting between the Maronite Patriarch of Lebanon and President Barack Obama. Writing in al Nashra, the reporter said “an unnamed US source told the news agency, that those who sought canceling a visit of (the spiritual head of the Maronite Church) Patriarch Beshara Rahi to the White House are Dalia Mujahid (Mogahed), the highest adviser on Arab and Islamic Affairs in the State Department, who is from Egyptian origins. And that,” according to al Nashra,“heeding a request by the higher leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, who consider that US Administration must support the Islamist Sunni current facing the Iranian current in the region.”

The al Nashra report, circulating now widely in the Middle East, but also in the United States and across the Lebanese Christian Diaspora confirms what was already known about the impact the so-called “advisors on Arab and Islamic Affairs” in the White House on Middle East issues in general and on US policies regarding the Christians in the Middle East.

The anti-Middle East Christian lobbying in Washington, attributed to Muslim Brotherhood front groups and sympathizers is not limited to the Maronites, who form the bulk of the two million Lebanese Americans. According to research showing the links between Presidential adviser Dalia Mogahed and the Muslim Brotherhood, and to NGOs representing Middle East Christian groups in the US, blocking Middle East Christian meetings at the White House and the State Department have been associated with the work of the “advisors” and their allies in the Islamist camp in Washington such as CAIR and MPAC.

Observers believe that the campaign against Americans from Middle East Christian descent has also reached Terrorism experts and congressional advisers and NGO leaders whose field focuses on the Islamist and Jihadist movements. Indeed, in a report published this year, John Esposito, the chair of the Saudi-funded Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University (and an associate to Mogahed) endorses sharp attacks against experts and analysts, always charging “Islamophobia.”

John Esposito and Mogahed cooked results of a Gallup poll they did where the number of "moderate" muslims was inflated, and the Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center is named for a man who's brother just offered 100K for the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier.

Blocking the Maronite Patriarch from the White House is a move that is directed to all Middle East Christians in the United States and can have significant effects in the region and even on US politics. Brooklyn Bishop for the Maronites in the US, who are part of America’s Catholic Church criticized President Obama for not meeting the Patriarch during his visit. Bishop Mansour wrote:

Patriarch Rai’s warning about the future of Christians in Syria is not taboo. Christians are in a state of peril in the same way that Christians of Iraq were a few years ago when two-thirds of them migrated out… A new day is dawning in the Middle East. The Arab Spring is happening with little vision for the summer that will ensue.

However, for advisors in the Administration to rebuke the spiritual head of a main Middle East Christian community, and engage in a witch hunt against Middle East Christians, including US citizens, for the benefit of the Muslim Brotherhood is a serious matter the American public should not tolerate.

But they won't, and the problem will continue to grow and fester until it is too late, and we wake up wondering why there are Islamic flags everywhere we look.

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35 new messages of peace and tolerance rain down on Southern Israel; 1 dead, four wounded

Hamas can launch rockets against innocents, murder them with glee and willful intent and when Israel retaliates it is expected that they too launch unguided rockets at civilian populations. Israel is not allowed to attack in a greater and more deadly method than Hamas, they must respond accordingly, equal force instead of escalated action. Unfortunately that does not work, it only allows Hamas to keep attacking with impunity as they know as long as Israel is still standing, and that there is still one Jew alive in the world they must wage jihad.

The IDF in this case targeted the launch vehicles and supporting staff, if innocents are killed it is because Hamas put them in the firing line. They have used their own as human shields in the past, no reason to expect any different behavior now.

From The Jerusalem Post October 29 by Yaakov Lappin, Lahav Harkov and Tovah Lazaroff

Man injured in Ashkelon rocket attack dies from wounds

A man was killed and four people were wounded when southern Israel was bombarded with long-range Grad rockets fired by Islamic Jihad from Gaza on Saturday.

The rocket casualty was later named as Moshe Ami, 56, of Ashkelon. Ami was on his way home to his family when the air raid siren went off. He left his vehicle and ran for cover, but was mortally injured by flying shrapnel from the rocket fired at a residential neighborhood in Ashkelon. He was rushed to the Barzilai Medical Center in the city, but doctors were unable to save his life. Ami was able to answer a call from his concerned wife and tell her that he had been injured before being evacuated to hospital.

Security chiefs searched for a way to contain the situation on Saturday, as the Air Force went into action to strike terror cells preparing rockets for launch in northern and southern Gaza.

IDF confirmed killing 10 Islamic Jihad members on Saturday. It struck four terror targets in Gaza between 9 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. Saturday night. The targets included a terror cell in southern Gaza planning to fire a projectile, a terrorist planning a rocket strike, and two rocket launch sites in northern Gaza. An additional terrorist in southern Gaza planning a rocket attack was also struck from the air on Saturday night. Furthermore, a cell in northern Gaza was also hit by the Air Force.

Some 200,000 school children will stay at home as classes in Ashdod, Beersheba and Kiryat Malachi were canceled by local officials, and the IDF Home Front Command asked people who live within 40 kilometers of the Gaza Strip to stay near structures protected against rockets.

40km is about 25 miles so in effect those living in a 25-mile distance from the border are in jeopardy. It also cuts off a wide area of Israel from development and growth; no one wants to go to an area that is under almost constant threat from the religion of peace.

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Saudi bigwig offers another $900,000 for the kidnapping of more Israeli soldiers

As if 100K wasn't enough, now it's a million, and from one of our "frenemies" in the land of two holy places. Prince Khaled bin Talal, brother of Alwaleed bin Talal is offering his money to insure more Islamic terror in Israel.


Will we ever confront those who want us dead or converted to Islam? Does anyone want to ask why we put up with this? Does anyone care?

From The Jerusalem Post October 29

'Saudi prince backs cleric's bounty offer for IDF soldier'

DUBAI - A member of the Saudi royal family has pledged $900,000 to a bounty offered by a prominent cleric to any Palestinian who kidnaps an IDF soldier, according to comments aired on a private TV station on Saturday.

Prince Khaled bin Talal, a brother of Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, told Daleel television over the phone that he decided to contribute to Awad al-Qarni's bounty after the Saudi cleric received death threats for offering $100,000 to capture an IDF soldier.

"Dr Awad al-Qarni said he was offering $100,000 to only take a prisoner but they responded by offering $1 million to kill Awad al-Qarni," Prince Khaled said, according to a recording of the call published on Daleel's website.

"I tell Dr. Awad al-Qarni, 'I will be in solidarity with you and pay the remaining $900,000 to take an Israeli soldier prisoner so that other prisoners can be freed,'" he added.

Nothing says love than a million dollars for a kidnapping.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

"I have received the complaint that the said priest, CM Khanna, is involved in converting young Muslim boys and girls to Christianity..."

And in a Muslim country we can't have that, doncha know.

From The Times of India October 28 by M. Saleem Pandit

Kashmir’s 'mufti azam' summons Christian priest to explain alleged conversions

SRINAGAR: Mufti Bashir-ud-din - J&K's official " mufti azam", or head Muslim clergyman - issued fresh summons to a leading Christian priest, CM Khanna, on Friday, asking him to appear before his court to explain his activities of reported conversions of young local boys and girls at his church in Srinagar. Khanna said the mufti was annoyed with him because he had expressed his inability to help the mufti in the admission of a boy to a Christian missionary school.

Talking to TOI, Mufti Azaam Bashir-ud-din said: "Our shariat court had summoned the Christian priest, CM Khanna, to appear personally today at 11am but he failed to appear. Now we have issued fresh summons to him for personal appearance on November 12."

A shariat court has existed in J&K since the early 1960s; Mufti Bashir-ud-din is the judge of the court and the appeal against this court lies in the civil court. Mufti Bashir said that the court was recognized by the state government because of the majority Muslim character of the state. The shariat court, however, has no enforcing agency like police to implement its judgments, he said

Mufti Bashir-ud-din said: "I have received the complaint that the said priest, CM Khanna, is involved in converting young Muslim boys and girls to Christianity. This warrants action as per Islamic law. So we summoned him to appear before the shariat court to explain his position."

The mufti claimed to possess a video cassette purportedly showing Reverend Khanna urging young Kashmiri Muslims to embrace Christianity and asking them to take a dip in a pond inside the church near the cricket stadium in Srinagar.

"I will take all necessary measures in exercise of the powers vested in me by Islamic shariat," the mufti said when asked what course he would take if the priest failed to appear in his court.

"It is a matter of grave concern that Christian missionaries active here should be running an organized and integrated campaign to convert young Kashmiri Muslims to Christianity," he said.

What is so evil about Christianity that it must be quashed by Islam? Why is Islam fearful of Christianity? Please don't answer with the Crusades.

When contacted, CM Khanna said : "I am an officiating priest at the Srinagar church and Mufti Bashir-ud-din last fortnight asked me to help him in getting admission to some boy in a Christian school called Tyndale Biscoe school, but I told him that the school was not under my control and he had better approach the principal of the school. He was annoyed over the issue."

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Negotiating with the devil

The Obama administration is going to enter into discussions with the Taliban to come to common ground and end the fighting.

After you're done with that, I have a bridge I am looking to sell....

From The Telegraph October 29 by Dean Nelson

Washington ready to negotiate with Mullah Omar

Her comments been taken as a significant shift in American policy from moves to divide the Taliban-led insurgency and isolate Mullah Omar, the man who sheltered Osama bin Laden as he plotted the September 11 attacks, to an acknowledgement of his leadership.

It follows the disclosure earlier this month that American officials had met leaders of the Haqqani Network, the powerful Taliban faction blamed for some of the most devastating attacks on American and Nato forces in Afghanistan, including last month's attack on the US embassy in Kabul in which seven were killed and 19 wounded.

Earlier this week the faction's commander Sirajuddin Haqqani warned Washington that only the Quetta Shura, led by Mullah Omar, could negotiate a peace deal and that his fighters would not be divided from its leadership.

In an appearance before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Mrs Clinton said the United States would continue to "fight, talk and build" in Afghanistan and Pakistan to "test whether these organisations have any willingness to negotiate in good faith".

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I know nothing...I see nothing!

Janet Napolitano is a fool, or more appropriately an idiot. Claiming ignorance under withering questioning by Rep. Louis Gohmert about Mohamed Elibiary and his alleged shopping of sensitive DHS materials to the media, she showed her dhimmi side, admirably displayed as a series of dodges and weak, noncommittal responses. Napolitano is an enemy of truth and free speech, she needs to be whisked to some far away island where she can harm no-one.

From Jihad Watch October 28 by Robert Spencer

Rep. Louis Gohmert presses Napolitano over her granting security clearance to Mohamed Elibiary

Go to Jihad Watch to see the video.

Omar Sharif...yes that Omar Sharif under fire for slapping woman

I know, it seems impossible that a well-known actor, loved and respected for his many great roles over the decades would suddenly show his hateful side.

Welcome to Mel Gibson country.

From SF Gate October 27

Omar Sharif slaps woman at film fest

Egyptian movie star Omar Sharif shocked onlookers at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival in Qatar on Thursday when he appeared to slap a woman in the face.

The “Lawrence of Arabia” star, 79, was conducting interviews and posing for photographs on the red carpet at the event when the woman reportedly offended Sharif with a remark. He suddenly became angry, ranted at the woman in Arabic and then lashed out at her.

One eyewitness took to to blog about the alleged altercation, writing, “Omar Sharif just hit a woman. Very stupidly, in front of a camera.”

But the woman brushed off the incident and posed for a photo with a calmer Sharif moments later.

Representatives for the veteran film star have yet to comment.

Watch the video at the SF Gate site.

"I would do it again" say released Palestinian jihadists

And these are the ones who will publicly say it, how many others are there who will just murder and not project their actions?

From MEMRI October 27

Interviews with Two Terrorists Released in the Gilad Shalit Exchange Who Vow to Return to Terror Activities

Released Terrorist Ahlam Tamimi Takes Pride in the Number of Casualties She Caused and Proclaims: I Would Do It Again Today


Released Terrorist Muhammad Abu Ataya Brandishes Gun and Says: Netanyahu "Will Not Deter Us from Continuing the Journey of Resistance"

Watch both videos and see just how tolerant the religion of peace is.

Jihad from the inside

Islam has but one goal; conquest of all lands and people within. Their strategy is multifaceted and nefarious, yet one thing is for sure: nothing will stop the spread of Islam, period.

From the mujaheddin on the battlefield to the Islamist "moderate" telling sweet lies in the ears of gullible Westerners, the war of survival will be won by the side who plans and executes their long-range plan to the utmost. So far, Islam has a lead of more than a few horses.

The White House and our own government has given carte blanche to Islamists and known jihadists for years, but this incident should be a wake-up call to all that all is not well in Camelot. Mohamed Elibiary, a member of the DHS advisory council was given access to sensitive state and local terrorism intelligence, at which point he tried shopping the data around to the media, in hopes of creating a "Islamophobia" scare. Those like Elibiary have the ear of the WH, unfortunately and are taken to be no threat, as they say all the right things and arouse no suspicion, at least to those who refuse to identify the ideology of Islam as a problem.

He is not alone, there are many others willing and able to usurp our freedoms and circumvent our civil rights by practicing the religion of Muhammad. As Muhammad said, "War is deceit"

From PJ Media October 26 by Patrick Poole

BREAKING: Homeland Security Adviser Allegedly Leaked Intel to Attack Rick Perry

Texas Department of Public Safety officials are asking questions following a report that Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council member Mohamed Elibiary may have been given access to a sensitive database of state and local intelligence reports, and then allegedly shopped some of those materials to a media outlet. He allegedly used the documents to claim the department was promoting “Islamophobia” — claims that the media outlet ultimately rejected. They declined to do the story.

Earlier today, I received confirmation from a left-leaning media outlet that Elibiary had recently approached them asking to do a story attacking Texas DPS:

Yes, he approached us and gave us some reports marked FOUO [For Official Use Only] that he said showed a pattern of Islamophobia at the department. He emphasized that some of the regional fusion centers were shut down a few years ago after the ACLU complained that they were targeting Muslim civil rights groups and said that this was being directed by [Texas Gov.] Rick Perry.

We looked at the reports and they weren’t as he had billed them to us. They seem to be pretty straightforward, nothing remotely resembling Islamophobia that we saw. I think he was hoping we would bite and not give it too much of a look in light of the other media outfits jumping on the Islamophobia bandwagon.

I asked if there was any sense of his possible motivation:

Oh, self-promotion definitely. It was clear up front that he wanted to be a quoted source in the story. We’ve used him as an unnamed source in previous stories. There’s nothing unusual or unseemly about that because officials do it all the time, but this was the first time he approached us with documents. Honestly, if they had been what he represented them as we would have probably run with the story. But we looked at them and saw this was a partisan hatchet job that could blow back on us so we passed on it.

In light of these allegations, I spoke today with Texas DPS Director Steve McCraw. He confirmed that Elibiary has access to the Homeland Security State and Local Intelligence Community of Interest (HS SLIC) database, which contains hundreds of thousands of intelligence reports and products that are intended for intelligence sharing between law enforcement agencies.

(Full disclosure: I gave a briefing in April 2010 to the TX DPS on historical terror incidents and terror connections to Texas. I’ve also been critical of Elibiary’s involvement with DHS considering his past extremist statements and activities.)

I asked Director McCraw if he knew whether Elibiary had access to TX DPS reports on the HS SLIC, to which he replied:

We know that he has accessed DPS documents and downloaded them.

McCraw stated that he will be requesting that DHS conduct an investigation to determine whether or not Elibiary improperly handled any sensitive intelligence products, and said that he will reserve judgment until an investigation is complete. He added:

If in fact this happened we will be extremely disappointed in him. We’ve worked with him and other groups to get their comments regarding a wide range of issue in order to be inclusive.

And this cooperation and inclusion has gotten you what, exactly?

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Join the Army, wear a headscarf

When in a Muslim country non-Muslims must follow Muslim norms, and when a non-Muslim is in a non-Muslim country they must follow Muslim norms.

Got it? Good.

From CafeMom/The Stir October 21 by Jeanne Sager

Muslim Girl Wants Army to Bend Its Rules Just for Her

When you envision signing up for the US Army, what's the picture that comes to mind? Green fatigues and dress blues that match your fellow soldiers? Or wearing any darn thing you please?

The military is pretty well known for requiring uniformity in uniforms. So news that a Muslim teenager has been told she can't wear her headscarf when she marches with her high school's junior ROTC, a youth offshoot of the Army, isn't terribly surprising. And it's not discrimination either.

The (Hamas-linked) Council on American-Islamic Relations has come out to say that Demin Zawity, a 14-year-old cadet from Tennessee, has been treated unfairly because her ROTC commander told her she couldn't wear her traditional headscarf with her uniform if she wanted to march in a homecoming parade with the rest of the cadets. Although they didn't call it Islamophobia, the undertones of their complaints are clear: they think the Army needs to change its rules.

But ROTC regulations do allow for the headscarves worn by Muslim women for religious reasons to be worn, so long as they're "completely covered by standard military headgear." She wasn't told no. She was told "yes, but ... "

But Zawity wanted a special dispensation -- something that takes time to make its way through the proper channels -- and she only learned her scarf was inappropriate the day before the parade.

Or so she says.

It's not that I think she's lying, per se. But as a Muslim American who wears her headscarf on a daily basis, I find it hard to believe that this is the first time Zawity was ever faced with the notion that some people don't wear headscarves. As a 14-year-old, I'm finding it hard to believe that she can't fathom the concept of "uniforms."

There are dozens, maybe hundreds of jobs that are known for requiring their employees to match. She has to have seen police officers, chefs, nurses, basketball players ... the list could go on. But in particular, Zawity chose to join a military organization, where the uniform rules are widely known for being stringent.

Join the Army -- or in this case, the ROTC -- and you pledge to live by their rules. She signed up for that, not the other way around.

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Pesky Mennonites threaten Jews with death...wait, what?

Now that would be a headline. Actually it is just more of the same; Palestinian threats of death to the Jews. Interesting thing, at the bottom under the video there are about 10 or so other videos showing the same hatred, making the point that this is not an isolated raving. They want death, not peace. Thinking otherwise will get us killed faster.

From Palestinian Media Watch October 26

Kill Jews for Allah

Dr. Ahmed Yousuf Abu Halabiah, a member of the Palestinian Sharia (Islamic religious law) Rulings Council, and Rector of Advanced Studies at the Islamic University:
"The Jews are the Jews. There never was among them a supporter of peace. They are all liars… They are terrorists. Therefore it is necessary to slaughter them and murder them, according to the words of Allah… It is forbidden to have mercy in your hearts for the Jews in any place and in any land. Make war on them any place that you find yourself. Any place that you meet them – kill them. Kill the Jews and those among the Americans who are like them… The Jews only understand might. Have no mercy on the Jews, murder them everywhere.”