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The Caliphate in Chicago

They are coming, and kuffirs not welcome.  Hizb ut-Tahrir is known for calling for a new caliphate, and their newest conference is to re-enforce their commitment to the overthrow of Western culture and install a world-wide caliphate.  What a country, America is, where we host those who are actively trying to kill us.

From Jihad Watch May 30 by Robert Spencer

Caliphate conference coming to Chicago area

Hizb ut-Tahrir is an international Islamic organization that openly calls for restoration of the caliphate -- that is, the political union of Muslims worldwide in a single Sharia state ruled by the caliph. This means that the group is dedicated to subverting and destroying all governments not ruled by Islamic law, and as such it is banned in many countries. But not in the U.S., which has never shown any awareness on an official level of non-violent efforts to impose Sharia. They're once again coming to the Chicago area to hold their Caliphate Conference: it will be held on June 17 in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.

What is especially noteworthy about this is that absolutely none of the self-professed "moderate" Muslim leaders in the U.S. will disavow Hizb ut-Tahrir or its goals.

There is more, including a video

Drinking in Iran nets man 20 lashes in public

Let's see; which would you rather have, 20 lashes or a DUI here in the states?

To paraphrase Robert Spencer; drinking alcohol, haram.  Whipping for said offence, halal.

This is Islam.

From Mohabat News May 25

Iranian youth publicly whipped for drinking alcohol+ video
Freedom Messenger -- The clip, uploaded by members of the Iranian opposition, shows a young many lying on his stomach in a city square and being whipped at least 20 times by a masked man.
To the side stands another man, a cleric, who appears to be instructing the flogger on how to carry out the punishment. Dozens of locals are seen looking on.

The user who published the clip said that it was filmed last Sunday in the village of Miane in northwest Iran. Witnesses said the young man had been arrested for allegedly drinking alcohol.

Consumption of alcohol is forbidden in the Islamic Republic, as is the import or sale of alcohol, although Jews and Christians are permitted to use wine for ritual purposes. From time to time, the police conduct raids to combat the smuggling of alcohol into Iran, mostly from other Gulf countries.

However, many young people remain undeterred by the ban on alcohol and continue to hold parties where it flows freely, apparently unconcerned that they could find themselves in the same situation as the young man in the video.

Public flogging is a punishment given not only for drinking, but also for other violations of Sharia law. Last year, Iranian student Fayman Aaraf was flogged for insulting President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a letter he sent from prison. In Aaraf's case, he was not publicly whipped – although his wife and a number of legal officials from Tehran were present.

Indonesia: Lady GaGa is gone gone

Too many death threats from the religion of peace.

From MyWay May 27 by niniek Karmini 

Lady Gaga cancels Indonesian show after threats
Lady GaGa in repose

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) - Lady Gaga has canceled her sold-out show in Indonesia over security concerns after Muslim hard-liners threatened violence if the pop diva went ahead with her "Born This Way Ball," promoters said Sunday.

The Islamic Defenders Front said Lady Gaga's sexy clothes and provocative dance moves would corrupt youth in the world's most populous Muslim country.

The group said supporters had bought tickets to the concert and planned to enter and force it to be stopped. It also threatened that thousands of protesters would confront the singer on her way from the airport.

Police had said they would only issue the required permits for the concert if Lady Gaga agreed to tone things down. Instead, she pulled the plug on the show, which had sold out with more than 50,000 tickets.

"With threats if the concert goes ahead, Lady Gaga's side is calling off the concert," Minola Sebayang, a lawyer for concert promoter Big Daddy, told reporters Sunday.

"This is not only about Lady Gaga's security, but extends to those who will be watching her."

Indonesia, a secular nation of 240 million people, is often held up by the U.S. and others in the West as example of how Islam and democracy can coexist.

Ninety percent of the population is Muslim, but most practice a moderate, tolerant form of the faith.

A small, extremist fringe, has gotten more vocal - and violent - in recent years, however, sometimes attacking Christians and members of other religious minorities with clubs and machetes.

And these "tiny minority of extremists" who are disrupting the show have misunderstood Islam in what way, exactly?  

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Mali: New Islamic state declared in the North, Muslims rejoice

So now that they have their own little slice of paradise, what to do with it.  Encourage tourism?  Develop infrastructure for R&D?  Create enterprise zones?  Support small businesses?  Build manufacturing and distribution services?

If anything, the main export of the new state of  Azawad will be death in the form of jihad to all who stand in the way of further Islamic expansion.

From France24 May 27

Mali rebel groups unite to create new Islamist state

AFP - Tuareg rebels and the Islamist rebel group Ansar Dine announced Saturday they are joining forces and creating a body to rule northern Mali as an independent Islamic state.

"The Ansar Dine movement and the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (Tuareg MNLA) proclaim their dissolution in Azawad (northern Mali)," the two groups said in an agreement sent to AFP.

"The two movements have created the transitional council of the Islamic state of Azawad," said the groups, which have been controlling the area for the past two months, in their "protocol agreement".

"We are all in favour of the independence of Azawad," they said, adding that "we all accept Islam as the religion."

The accord between the secular Tuareg and the Islamists comes after weeks of sometimes fraught discussions between two movements which have long been separated in their objectives and ideologies.

It also marks a major turning point for northern Mali which has slipped out of the government's control since a March coup.

In Gao, a major town in the north where leaders of the two movements have been holding talks, the sealing of the deal was greeted by the sound of guns being fired into the air, local residents said.

"Allah has triumphed," declared Sanda Ould Bouamama, an Ansar Dine spokesman in the northern Malian desert city of Timbuktu.

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Publisher of Irshad Manji book taken away

"The company's director was arrested under Section 16(1)(a) of the Selangor Syariah Criminal Enactment for allegedly publishing contentious material against Syariah(sharia) law."

Wait, isn't sharia law benign and fully compatible with the US constitution?  And besides, since it is so convoluted and disjointed it is impossible to really know what sharia is or how to apply it.

Or am I wrong?

From The Star May 29

Director detained for publishing Irshad’s book

SHAH ALAM: The Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) on Tuesday raided a publishing house in Petaling Jaya and detained its director over the publication of a controversial book by liberal Muslim activist Irshad Manji.

Twenty Jais enforcement officers also confiscated 180 copies of the book 'Allah, Liberty and Love' from the premises in the 11.30am raid.

Jais acting director Mohd Shahzihan Ahmad confirmed the seizure and arrest when contacted.

The company's director was arrested under Section 16(1)(a) of the Selangor Syariah Criminal Enactment for allegedly publishing contentious material against Syariah law.

He was later released on a RM1,800 bail with one surety by Syariah Magistrate's Court judge Shahrudin Selamat.

Mohd Shahzihan also gave Jais two months to prepare its case against the company and its director.

The Home Ministry has banned the book and its translated version 'Allah, Kebebasan dan Cinta' as it contradicted the Quran and Hadith.

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Somalia: jihad pirates attack warships, no casualties reported

Another flexing of Al-Shaba'ab's muscle, and one which is brought about by their success in the taking of foreign ships and the payment of the ransom jizya.  By paying them off we do nothing but further embolden then, making it easier for the attacks to continue and escalate, and getting us deeper into the blind quagmire of believing that money will solve a multitude of sins.  The only sin here is the sin we commit every time we turn away from the realities of the dangers of paying off your kidnappers.  I do not specifically mean the US, as we have not paid off the jihadists, but numerous other countries have, and the result is what we see in this example of attempted martial warfare.

From the Times of Oman May 29

 Somali Islamists fire on foreign warships

 Somalia: Somalia's Al-Qaeda linked Shebab insurgents said Tuesday they had fired on two foreign warships that came in close to the key rebel port of Kismayo, in the first such reported incident.
"The mujahedeen fighters opened fire and repulsed two military ships that approached the coast of Kismayo, they were coming close to the coast when they were attacked," said Sheikh Hassan Yaqub, a top Shebab official in Kismayo.

"They have sped away from the coastal areas after the shooting and they are not there anymore," Yaqub added.

The nationality of the reported warships is not known, but several foreign navies operate anti-piracy patrols off the coast of the Horn of Africa nation.

Nine warships in a European Union naval force are currently deployed off Somalia by France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy and The Netherlands.

Several other nations, including Russia and China, also provide protection for their vessels as they pass through the busy shipping route through the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean.

"There was heavy fire aimed at military ships that came close to Kismayo port, the Shebab fired artillery and anti-aircraft guns at them, but we don't know if there were casualties," said eyewitness Mohamed Isak.

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Now McDonalds insults Islam with new superhero toy

How low can petty grievances get?  Low enough to milk an ant without a stool, that's for sure.  Our "frenemy" the Saudi's are in a tizzy over a new toy given out at McDonalds, one that supposedly has the character stomping his foot on a squiggle that represents Allah.

Uh huh.  I am so tired of these made-up claims and the continued attempts to assign victimization and blame for personal failings on someone, or something else.  It disgusts me, I hope it disgusts you also.

From May 28 by Raymond Ibrahim

Saudis Demand Punishment for McDonald's Toy that 'Insults Muhammad'

Saudi Arabians are angry at a McDonald's toy which they say mocks their prophet Muhammad. According to a report appearing today (5/27/12) on the Arabic news website,, the McDonald's fast food restaurant "abused the Prophet Muhammad by placing his name at the base of a toy that is being distributed as part of the Happy Meal, a toy which steps on the name 'Muhammad.'"

The toy consists of a blue superhero figurine (apparently a Power Ranger Samurai). It stands on one leg, and, when the lever is pressed, it pounds on the base with the other leg. According to the Saudis, the designs that appear all around the base, where the figurine stomps its foot, is really the name "Muhammad" written several times in circles (click here for pictures).

The toy had been distributed a few days before Saudi children and their parents began to take note of the name. Soon thereafter, Saudi Muslims launched several campaigns against McDonald's in "response to the savage attacks on the noble Prophet," under banners like "Help your Prophet!" and "Together in support of the Prophet."

Saudis, "demanding the strongest possible punishment for the restaurant" and insisting that "they will not be silent until this is realized," further complained how such an obvious insult could pass the supervision of the management at McDonald's.

Simple; McDonalds management is yet to be fully dhimmified and doesn't yet understand who it's new master is.

In response, "Saudi McDonald's" has withdrawn the toy from all its restaurants, "in order to safeguard against any accusations or misunderstandings."

Insulted Muslim attacks and slashes radio show host while screaming "You are Allah's enemy!"

Don't point out the fact that he yelled this Islamic expletive, else you are accused of being "Islamophobic" and anti-Muslim.  Remember that when in a Muslim country follow Islamic norms, and when in a non-Islamic country also follow Islamic norms.  In Russia it is not OK to make remarks that ruffle the sensibilities of Muslims, just like it is in France, England Norway, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and coming all too soon to America.

From RT May 29

'Allah's enemy!' Radio host slash-attacked for anti-Islam rant on air

A radio host has been hospitalized after being cut 15 times by an unidentified criminal. Two weeks ago the journalist ventured to criticize the founder of Islam, the Prophet Mohammed, on air.
Sergey Aslanyan, 46, was brought to Moscow’s hospital with numerous non-penetrating knife wounds to the chest, neck and arm.

According to the police report, on late Monday evening an unknown man called to Aslanyan’s flat over the building intercom and called him outside for a talk. When the journalist stepped out of the entranceway he was knocked over the head with a heavy object, after which the assailant brought the knife into play.

Aslanyan claimed that the attacker was shouting “you are Allah's enemy!” while slashing at the victim.

Police say the abuser was a slim man of about 30, while according to some witnesses there were several attackers.

As of now the journalist is conscious and his condition is stable. His relatives and friends are free to visit him in his flat, which is guarded by police. Investigators say they do not have a primary lead, but hope to identify the perpetrator using porch surveillance camera data.

(...)“The Prophet Mohammed, as we know, was not a religious figure. He was a businessman, but after getting considerable financial support built plans as to how to get to the top,” Aslanyan disclosed. He also said that the Prophet “rewrote the Bible” so that “now everyone would know the Prophet Mohammed was not a market shopkeeper, but an outstanding political figure.”

According to Aslanyan, the idea of Islam was a “business project from the very beginning,” and turned out to be successful due to “handsome financing.” Besides that, the journalist, who was an external expert at this radio show, speculated that the Prophet had some sort of sexual disorder.

There is a lot wrong with his statements, but suffice to say whether they are correct or not Muslims take his analysis as blasphemy; wait for the fatwa any minute now.

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Pakistan: Six to die for singing and dancing

As the late Ayatollah Khomenei said, "There is no fun in Islam"

From WA Today May 29

Sentenced to death for singing and dancing at wedding

Four women and two men have been sentenced to death in northern Pakistan for singing and dancing at a wedding, police say.

Clerics issued a decree after a mobile phone video emerged of the six enjoying themselves in a remote village in the mountainous district of Kohistan, 176km north of the capital Islamabad.

Pakistani authorities in the area said local clerics had ordered the punishment over allegations that the men and women danced and sang together in Gada village, in defiance of strict tribal customs that separate men and women at weddings.

"The local clerics issued a decree to kill all four women and two men shown in the video," district police officer Abdul Majeed Afridi said.

"It was decided that the men will be killed first, but they ran away so the women are safe for the moment. I have sent a team to capture them and am waiting to hear some news," he said, adding that the women had been confined to their homes.

Since the women will not be killed until the men are, this must make them "moderate" Muslims.

Afridi said the events stemmed from a dispute between two tribes and that there was no evidence the men and women had been mingling.

"All of them were shown separately in the video. I've seen the video taken on a cell phone myself. It shows four women singing and a man dancing in separate scenes and then another man sitting in a separate shot," he said.

"This is tribal enmity. The video has been engineered to defame the tribe," he added.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said at least 943 women and girls were murdered last year for allegedly defaming their family's honour.

But wait, doesn't the MSM, our fearless leader and those of other Western governments, pundits, leftist Islamic apologists and pseudo-intellectual scholars tell us that honor killing is not an Islamic doctrine, and that most are not honor killings at all?  I'm just askin...

The statistics highlight the scale of violence suffered by many women in conservative Muslim Pakistan, where they are frequently treated as second-class citizens.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Egypt: Presidential frontrunner says he will make sure sharia is law of the land

And this is, of course a good thing, as sharia is completely compatible with secular and humanistic values, as we are constantly told.  The future of Egypt is looking to be as far from secular and modernistic as you could get.  I might be wrong, but so far the signs are not good.  We will see when all the votes are counted.

From Reuters May 25 by Tom Perry

Brotherhood man promises Islamic law in Egypt

(Reuters) - When he joined the race for Egypt's presidency just five weeks ago, Mohamed Mursi was mocked as the Muslim Brotherhood's uncharismatic "spare tyre" after its first-choice candidate was disqualified.
But the 60-year-old engineer came first in the opening round, according to a Brotherhood tally after most votes were counted, thanks to a campaign that showed off the unequalled political muscle of Egypt's oldest Islamist movement.
The run-off on June 16 and 17 with second-placed Ahmed Shafiq, who served as deposed leader Hosni Mubarak's last prime minister, gives Egyptians a stark choice between a military man linked to the past and an Islamist whose conservative message appeals to some and alarms others in this nation of 82 million.
A Brotherhood official said that with votes counted from about 12,800 of the roughly 13,100 polling stations, Mursi had 25 percent, Shafiq 23 percent, a rival Islamist Abdel Moneim Abol Fotouh 20 percent and leftist Hamdeen Sabahy 19 percent.
Calling himself the only authentic Islamist in the race, Mursi has targeted devout voters whose support helped the Brotherhood and the ultra-orthodox Salafi Islamist movement to secure 70 percent of parliament seats earlier this year.
He has promised to implement Islamic sharia during rallies peppered with references to the Koran, God and the Prophet Mohammad and occasionally interrupted by pauses for mass prayer.
But he has seldom spelt out what that would mean for Egypt, where piety runs deep and the constitution already defines the principles of Islamic law as the main source of legislation.
Mursi has called for a review of Cairo's 1979 peace treaty with Israel, saying Egypt's neighbor has not respected the agreement, a line mirroring that of most of the other candidates in the race. The group has said it will not tear up the deal.
"We will take a serious step towards a better future, God willing," Mursi said at his final campaign rally on Sunday, promising to combat any corrupt hangers-on from Mubarak's era.
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Everyone on the diversity reeducation train!

One employee makes a statement that Muslims blow things up, and everyone must go to reeducation camp to learn how to treat Muslims and to learn how Islam is a religion of peace.  This is how we are treating any conversation, statement or opinion about Muslims or Islam.  Soon you may not be able to read this blog because it insults Muslims.

The future is just over the horizon, and it looks pretty bleak.

From The Tennessean May 24 by Brian Wilson

Taxi inspector's comment about Muslims leads to diversity training recommendation

City officials on Thursday recommended sensitivity training for all city inspectors of taxis, limousines and wrecker services after one of them said in an interview that most of the city’s drivers are Muslim and “a lot of them blow up places.”

In a report released for the first time at the city’s Transportation and Licensing Commission meeting, Metro’s Department of Human Resources also confirmed allegations that inspectors had illegally carried firearms and police badges while on duty, giving motorists the impression that they were police officers.

No decisions were made based on the report, which the commission requested after city Police Chief Steve Anderson accused inspectors of using badges, guns and blue lights in the course of their work. The commission’s executive director, Brian McQuistion, had not seen the report before Thursday’s meeting.

But it confirmed much of what Anderson had alleged.

(...)The recommendation for sensitivity training for all commission employees, including McQuistion, stemmed from comments one of the inspectors made when he was interviewed.

“One inspector explained that they had 98 or 99 percent of foreign drivers and most were Muslim. He said they did not mind ‘taking you with them,’” the report said.

The same inspector told investigators that “a lot of them blew up places,” an unfounded allegation for which no evidence was offered.

Just Google Jihad and there you go.  Plenty of evidence.

Human Resources Department officials noted “a heightened anxiety” among the inspectors “due to the culturally diverse population that they deal with on a consistent basis.”

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Irshad Manji book officially banned in Malaysia

It only took a few days, but the official word is the book insults Islam and must be banned.

What a surprise.

From The Star May 24

Home Ministry bans Irshad Manji's book

KUALA LUMPUR: The Home Ministry has banned Irshad Manji's book titled Allah, Liberty and Love as it contravenes teachings of the Al-Quran and Hadith.
Deputy Home Minister Datuk Wira Abu Seman said the ministry had decided to ban the book under Section 7 (Subsection 1) of the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984.
Irshad's book, which was translated into the Malay language, had been forwarded to the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) to be studied.
"This is because the book, which is believed to have elements that can deviate Muslims from their faith and which insulted Islam, has received numerous complaints," he said in a statement here Thursday.
"The ministry received a report from Jakim, and based on its findings, the contents have elements that can confuse the public and contain words that insult Islam," he said.
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Jihadist heads HuffPo UK political director office

What a guy, saying that non-believers (in Muhammad) are "mentally ill animals" and praising Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran.  Nice to see he has a steady job demonizing Jews and the West, non-Muslims and those who criticize his views.  Thanks, Arianna, the people appreciate your dedication to anti-semitism and the spread of Islam in England.  Well done.

From The Washington Free Beacon May 22 by Adam Kredo

A devout Muslim who has praised Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and publicly branded all non-believers as mentally ill “animals” was recently hired to serve as the Huffington Post’s political director in the U.K.
Mehdi Hasan, a controversial British media figure whom insiders have billed as a mouthpiece for the Iranian regime, recently left his job at the left-wing New Statesmanmagazine to join the Huffington Post as a senior staffer, according to reports in the British press.
The Huffington Post merged with Internet giant AOL in February 2011 to form the Huffington Post media group.
Hasan formerly served as political editor of the New Statesman, which is affiliated with a socialist political party and has faced criticism for publishing articles that many observers have deemed anti-Semitic. In one instance, the New Statesman published an article titled “A Kosher Conspiracy” that purported to expose the great power of Britain’s “pro-Israel lobby.” The cover of that issue featured a Star of David piercing a Union Jack.
Hasan can be seen on tape delivering multiple religious screeds in which he accuses non-Muslims of being animals and mentally inferior.
“We do not bend our law, or morality for short term aims,” Hasan is seen saying in one video recording of his lecture. “Never. And we never lose the moral high ground.”
“Once we lose the moral high ground we are no different from the rest, of the non-Muslims, from the rest of those human beings who live their lives as animals, bending any rule to fulfill any desire,” Hassan said.
He goes on in the recording to praise Iran’s Khamenei for issuing a religious ban or “fatwa” against nuclear weapons, despite that country’s continuing pursuit of nuclear arms.
In a separate audio recording, Hasan can be heard describing disbelief in Islam as an “infirmity” or mental illness.
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Op-Ed in PA daily calls for destruction of, really

I will ask again; how many times must our enemies tell us what they are going to do before we take them seriously and plan for the eventuality?

Apparently, we can't count that high.

From PMW May 24 by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

PA daily op-ed expresses hope for Israel's destruction
An op-ed in the official PA daily published on May 15, the anniversary of the founding of the modern state of Israel, reiterated the Palestinian Authority's consistent denial of Israel's right to exist and its hope and expectation for Israel's destruction.

In the op-ed, Israel's establishment is demonized:
"The greatest theft in history... the most criminal act that humanity has ever seen... [the establishment of a] fascist state upon the ruins of the Palestinian people, which has suffered the greatest and ugliest ethnic cleansing known to modern history."
The op-ed continues with the anticipation of Israel's destruction:
"We remember you, all of Palestine. You are present within us... until we return to you, oh Haifa, Acre, and Jaffa, all of historical Palestine... and all the temporary ones [Israelis] will go away... May their [Israeli] independence collapse, and may Palestine come back to life."
Significantly, the writer of this op-ed is not a regular staff writer of the official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, which may indicate that the editors accepted this op-ed for publication because of its content.

Palestinian Media Watch reported in March of this year that the Minister of Social Affairs Majida Al-Masri also expressed the destruction of Israel as the goal of the PA:

"We demand that everyone push ahead with reconciliation [between Fatah and Hamas] and to end the state of division, so that we will be able to stand against the occupation, to halt its activities against our prisoners, and to turn to the struggle to liberate Palestine -all of Palestine."

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Afghanistan: 120 students poisoned by Islam for learning

What words can mollify those who claim that Islam is a religion of peace in a situation such as this?

This is a travesty against humanity and the dignity of females in Afghanistan.  Will the West make their collective voices heard in a demand for this to stop?


From Reuters/Yahoo May 23 by Mohammad Hamid and Mirwais Harooni

Afghan girls poisoned in second anti-school attack

TALIQAN, Afghanistan (Reuters) - More than 120 schoolgirls and three teachers have been poisoned in the second attack in as many months blamed on conservative radicals in the country's north, Afghan police and education officials said on Wednesday.
The attack occurred in Takhar province where police said that radicals opposed to education of women and girls had used an unidentified toxic powder to contaminate the air in classrooms. Scores of students were left unconscious.
Afghanistan's intelligence agency, the National Directorate of Security (NDS), says the Talibanappear intent on closing schools ahead of a 2014 withdrawal by foreign combat troops.
"A part of their Al Farooq spring offensive operation is ... to close schools. By poisoning girls they want to create fear. They try to make families not send their children to school," NDS spokesmanLutfullah Mashal said.
Afghanistan's Ministry of Education said last week that 550 schools in 11 provinces where the Taliban have strong support had been closed down by insurgents.
Last month, 150 schoolgirls were poisoned in Takhar province after they drank contaminated water.
Since 2001 when the Taliban were toppled from power by U.S.-backed Afghan forces, females have returned to schools, especially in the capital Kabul. They were previously banned from work and education.
But there are still periodic attacks against students, teachers and school buildings, usually in the more conservative south and east of the country, from where the Taliban insurgency draws most of its support.

Kansas Governor signs anti-sharia bill into law

The bill did not specifically ban the use of sharia law, it bans the use of foreign law that contravenes the rights guaranteed in the Constitution.  Even with that, we know that Islam will have their panties in a bunch over this, and will try their darndest to get it overturned.  But for now, lets toast the common sense and wisdom of Gov. Brownback.

Here's to you, sir.

From KAKE May 25

Governor Signs Bill Blocking Use Of Islamic Law

Gov. Sam Brownback has signed into law a bill aimed at keeping Kansas courts or government agencies from basing decisions on Islamic or other foreign legal codes.

Brownback's office notified the Senate of his action Friday, but
he actually signed the measure Monday. The new law will take effect
in July.

Muslim groups had urged him to veto the measure, arguing it
promotes discrimination. Supporters say it simply restates American

Supporters have worried about Shariah law being applied in
Kansas courts. However, they also point out that the bill doesn't
specifically mention codes within the Islamic legal system.

Instead, it says courts or other tribunals can't base rulings on
any foreign law or legal system that would not grant rights
guaranteed by state and U.S. constitutions.

Iran says nuclear weapons are against Islam

Uh huh.  Then with that statement in mind I have two simple questions;

Why are they enriching their uranium way above the 5% needed to run a civilian nuclear power plant?
If indeed they are developing a country-wide nuclear power plant program, where are the high voltage transmission lines and substation distribution stations needed for a project as large as that claimed?

Inquiring minds want to know.

From Al-Arabiya May 23

‘Atomic weapons against Islam,’ says Ahmadinejad as Israel warns world powers not to waver in Iran talks

Islam forbids atomic weapons and other arms of mass destruction, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad insisted on Wednesday ahead of his country’s nuclear talks with world powers in Baghdad, as Israel urged world powers not to waver in key talks with Iran.

“Based on Islamic teachings and the clear fatwa (edict) of the supreme leader, the production and use of weapons of mass destruction is haram (forbidden) and have no place in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s defense doctrine,” he said.

Ahmadinejad’s message was read out at a conference in the western city of Borujerd to commemorate Iranian victims of chemical weapons during a 1980-1988 war against Iraq, the official news agency IRNA reported.
World powers were to hold crunch talks in the Iraqi capital on Wednesday with Iran to try to persuade Tehran to suspend sensitive nuclear work.

Ahmadinejad’s mention of a fatwa against nuclear weapons by Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, referred to an edict which officials say he laid down in either 2004 or 2005.

Though no published fatwa exists, Iranian scholars point out that declarations by prominent ayatollahs can later take on the weight of a fatwa.
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Iran: latest crackdown on immodest clothing and pet dogs in full swing

Here we go again.  It is a continuing battle between those who want to live their lives to the fullest as self-realized human beings and the government who use Islam as a truncheon to keep the people in line with the wishes of Muhammad.  The push and pull always ends up punishing the people, and inn this case all those innocent dogs.  But, as per Muhammad in the hadith of Bukhari, "Narrated 'Aisha: The things which annul the prayers were mentioned before me. They said, "Prayer is annulled by a dog, a donkey and a woman (if they pass in front of the praying people)." I said, 'You have made us (i.e. women) dogs.' I saw the Prophet praying while I used to lie in my bed between him and the Qibla. Whenever I was in need of something, I would slip away. for I disliked to face him." (1.9.490)  (Thanks to Jihad Watch for the hadith quote.)  

Too Islamophobic of me to point this out?  

From  YNet May 21 by Dudi Cohen

Tehran police's new target: Pet dogs

While Iran's leadership is showing signs of cooperation with the West in nuclear talks, the Islamic Republic's law enforcement authorities continue their efforts to fight "outside influences."

Tehran police are beefing up enforcement of Islamic law against women improperly dressed ahead of the summer, and adding a new target: pet dogs.

Police in Tehran are conducting a new crackdown on women wearing mandatory headscarves improperly or in "vulgar" dress.

Typically, such women are fined or detained in police stations until relatives collect them hours later with more modest clothing.

As part of police operations in Tehran, officers also issue warnings to dog owners walking their pets outside. In Sharia-ruled Iran, dogs are considered "impure." Dozens of dogs in Tehran were round up last month and placed in quarantine.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Pakistan: jihadists attack and vandalize Hindu temple

The police, as usual did nothing, and once again a religion other than Islam is given the "not welcome" mat outside their place of worship.  Interestingly, this Hindu temple was abandoned in 1947 after the partition of India and Pakistan and was just approved to re-open in the last 6 months.  A new statue of Lord Shiva had been brought and there were new icons and other Hindu holy items, and it wasn't more than a few months after they re-opened that this happened.  If you know some of the history of Hindu and Muslim you understand the animosity between the two religions, and also understand that most of the aggression and bloodshed has been at the instigation of Islam.

Religion of peace indeed.

From the Express Tribune May 21 by Riaz Ahmad

Religious intolerance: Hindu temple vandalised in Peshawar
Shiva, destroyer of worlds  photo;
PESHAWAR: In a brazen act of vandalism, unidentified men sneaked into a Hindu temple in the capital city of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa on Sunday, smashed a holy figurine and burnt down scriptures and images of deities.
“We opened the temple around 6pm and found all holy scriptures and images burnt down. A statuette of Lord Shiva was also smashed to pieces,” Ramesh Lal, a priest at Guru Gorakhnath temple, told The Express Tribune.
The temple is situated in the Gorgathri neighbourhood inside the walled city.
Peshawar, which is believed to be one of the oldest living cities of South Asia, houses dozens of monuments and structures from the Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh and British eras.
The priest said that the community had reported the incident to the local police who gave them the customary cold-shoulder.
“Vandals smashed a statuette of Lord Shiva to pieces and burnt down the holy Gita as well as several images of our deities,” Lal said. The temple, according to him, did not have armed guards because the government pays scant attention to the security needs of a Hindu place of worship.
(...)the Hindu community would remain calm and record its protest peacefully.
What?  No random murder, attacks on innocents, retribution burning of a mosque or calls for Muslims to be run out of town?  Why, Hindus are acting just like their teachings tell them to...and so are Muslims.  I see a dichotomy coming.
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Chicago: Anti-racist group beats up racist group and others who happened to be too close to the action

The Anti-Racist Action Group deemed it proper to express their displeasure at some who make disparaging comments about non-whites and other undesirables by taking batting practice using heads rather than balls.  The ARA says they are against racism, anti-semitism, Islamophobia (what?) but are pro-choice.  Most groups who espouse this mission statement are usually peaceful and make change through the laws and courts rather than at the thick end of a Louisville Slugger.  The victims were the sworn enemies of the ARA evidently, they are the White Nationalists, who were having their 5th annual White Nationalist Economic Summit at the restaurant.  I guess the large table at Denny's was taken this year, so they met at Winstons Restaurant in Tinley Park just outside Chicago.  The ARA beat them there, along with innocents who were there to enjoy a bit of Irish food.  The ARA has this to say on their website, "ARA intends to do the hard work necessary to build a broad, strong movement against racism,  anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, discrimination against the disabled, the oldest, the youngest, and the most oppressed people. We want a classless, free society. We intend to win!"

I would say, at the least they have no class.

From Chicago Now May 20 by Richard Davis

Anti-Racist Action Group Beats Local Restaurant Patrons

While President Obama schmoozes and ooozes with the NATO delegates, and police and security works overtime to protect the VIPs who wander in to decide the fate of nations and the "little" people within, an attack in Tinley Park by a bunch of hoodie-clad thugs is going mostly under-reported by the Chicago media.
The Chicago media, long ago became transcribers for local politicians, have had a possible terrorist attack happen right in their own backyard, but...they do not care.   He is a report from New York media.  The Chicago Tribune is at least reporting on the allegation, but with no apparent curiosity about the ARA.
Saturday, May 19, 2012, at Winston's Restaurant, in Tinley Park, some fifteen miles south of McCormick Place and the important people, an attack was carried out by 12 to 18 thugs, who rushed into the restaurant with baseball bats and starting beating some of the patron silly.
At first, the group that claims responsibility, the Anti-Racist Action Group, focused on just one table, then decided that it wasn't enough to beat whom they consider their sworn enemies, but also other placid suburbanites who just happened to be enjoying the Irish fare served at Winston's.  When the owner of the restaurant took on one of the hoodie thugs physically, tackling him, he was beaten by five of the thugs.
Something didn't smell right, so a little research shows that the Anti-Racist Action Group is claiming credit of sorts on their web site.
And who were the alleged victims of the ARA?  Looks like it was a meeting of the White Nationalists, who were having their 5th annual White Nationalist Economic Summit and White Nationalist, yes, Meet and Greet.
Okay, suppose it is all true.  Suppose a bunch of nuts got whomped on.  Just who did the beating and why?  And does the ARA's views keep the story from being reported, as folks with these "enlightened" views are, supposedly, the "good" people?
If these are the "good" people in the eyes of the left, we are indeed in deep doodoo.
First they came for the "racists"...
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Malaysia: Muslim activist Irshad Manji gets very cold shoulder during book tour

She makes no bones about being a lesbian which, as we know is a mortal sin in Islam.  She has specific beliefs about what Islam is, and should be, neither of which comes even close to how Islam is defined today by its recognized leaders and practiced by over 100 million followers.  As much as I admire her for her stand against the oppression and misogynistic aspects of Islam it is folly for her to try and visit Islamic countries, even those perceived to be moderate such as Malaysia.  She really should have seen this coming, but maybe the blinders she wears; wanting desperately to believe Islam is truly peaceful and tolerant have taken their toll.

From The Star May 20 by Mazwin Nik Anis

Author accused of insulting Islam

KUALA LUMPUR: Liberal activist Irshad Manji has found herself in a spot following strong protests against her presence here to promote the Malay version of her controversial book, Allah, Liberty and Love.
Political parties and non-governmental organisations have opposed her visit to Malaysia, claiming that the writer reported to have openly admitted to being a lesbian has insulted Islam with her writings and attitude.
They have demanded that the authorities ban her work and not allow her to set foot in the country again.
Her views on Islam such as her opinion that a non-Muslim need not convert to be married to a Muslim have gained the Ugandan-born Canadian author infamy.
The Islamic Development Department (Jakim) director-general Datuk Othman Mustapha will review her book, Allah. Kebebasan dan Cinta,saying that although there were complaints that Irshads work was insulting to Islam, the department needed to go through the book first.
We will be getting copies of the book soon. Once we have gone through and discover reasons that it should be banned, we will propose it to the Home Ministry, he said.
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Pakistan: offensive Tweets banned, government IT blocks Twitter

It seems some people were having a context to see who could post the best/most/worst picture of Muhammad, and Pakistan got offended.  They have blocked their citizens from using Twitter and are now trying to figure out a way to control it.  It won't work, but it will keep Pakistani officials busy for a while and make it appear they are doing important work.

To all my Pakistani readers who are not jihadists; keep tweeting, the world needs you!

From the Winnipeg Free Press May 20 by Zarar Khan

Pakistan blocks Twitter because of tweets considered offensive to Islam

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan blocked the social networking website Twitter for much of Sunday because it refused to remove tweets considered offensive to Islam, said one of the country's top telecommunications officials.
The tweets were promoting a competition on Facebook to post images of Islam's Prophet Muhammad, said Mohammad Yaseen, chairman of the Pakistan Telecommunication's Authority. Many Muslims regard depictions of the prophet, even favourable ones, as blasphemous.
The government restored access to Twitter before midnight Sunday, about eight hours after it initially blocked access. It was unclear whether the government reversed its decision because of action by Twitter or because of public criticism it received for its censorship.
Yaseen said Sunday afternoon that Pakistan's Ministry of Information Technology had ordered the telecommunications authority to block Twitter because the company refused to remove the offending tweets. In contrast, Facebook had agreed to address Pakistan's concerns about the competition, he said.
The ministry informed Yaseen to restore access to Twitter Sunday evening, but he did not know what led to the decision.
Twitter spokesman Gabriel Stricker said the company had not taken down any tweets or made any other changes before Pakistan stopped blocking the site. Officials from Facebook were not immediately available for comment.
A top court in Pakistan ordered a ban on Facebook in 2010 amid anger over a similar competition. The ban was lifted about two weeks later, after Facebook blocked the particular page in Pakistan. The Pakistani government said at the time that it would continue to monitor other major websites for anti-Islamic links and content.
Anti-Islamic links...sounds like a golf course I would play.
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Egypt: death threats from Islamists if a secular president is elected

Well, that's one way to change the vote and have your man placed in office.

How did they misunderstand the peaceful nature of Islam so spectacularly?  I'll send the memo.

From Commentary May 20 by

Islamists Threaten Insurgency Should Secularists Win Egypt Election

Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, while still mayor of Istanbul, famously quipped, “Democracy is like a streetcar. When you come to your stop, you get off.” Alas, as Martin Kramer has so often warned, it appears that Egypt Islamists are taking the same tact. On May 19, Islamic Jihad Organization member Shaykh Usamah Qasim took to the pages of Al-Misri al-Yawm to warn that Islamists would not tolerate a victory by any of the non-Islamist candidates. According to a translation provided by the Open Source Center:
…The victory of former prime minister Ahmad Shafiq or former Arab League chief Amr Musa in the coming presidential elections would lead some Islamic and non-Islamic groups to respond with “armed action.” “Thus, the fate of any of them who reaches the presidency will be like that of former President Anwar al-Sadat, who was assassinated,” Qasim said.
One-in-three Middle Eastern Arabs live in Egypt. Unfortunately, it looks like the Nile may once again flow with blood.

Syria: Israel to remain the enemy, say rebels

No matter that the Syrian revolution is now just another smokescreen for jihad and the spread of Islam.  The real enemy is Israel and by extension the US, and so the wrath is directed towards Jerusalem and the West.

Remember that it is always the Jews fault...always.

From Israel National News May 20 by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Israel To Remain an Enemy, Says Syrian Rebel Leader

As Syria creeps(sprints, actually. ed) into total anarchy, rebels also insist that Israel will remain an enemy after the anticipated fall of Syrian President Bashar Assad. President Barack Obama told the G-8 Summit Saturday that Assad must leave.

Regardless of whether he continues in power or is replaced, Israel is destined to remain an enemy state. Syrian opposition leader Burhan Ghalioun told a Saudi Arabian newspaper Saturday that Israel is "the main enemy of the Syrian revolution,” and he accused Jerusalem of being Assad’s “strongest ally.”

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kuwait: lawmakers go over the leaders head and make sharia the official law of the land

Not that Kuwait is going the way of other "Arab Spring" countries, to say that would be just plain Islamophobic.

From the Kuwait Times may 18

Islamist MPs to go ahead with constitutional amendments

KUWAIT: Islamist lawmakers still plan to amend Article 79 of the Constitution with the aim of enforcing religious-oriented laws in Kuwait despite the country’s ruler’s recent announcement rejecting a proposed amendment to Article 79.

“The process of making laws comply with Islamic Sharia is ongoing through efforts made to discuss regulations that contradict with Sharia,” said Deputy Speaker Khalid Al-Sultan in statements published by Al-Rai yesterday. The statements come a day after front pages of local dailies carried headlines of HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah’s disagreement to add a clause to Article 79, requiring that draft laws comply with the Sharia law after being passed by the Parliament and sanctioned by the Amir.

“HH the Amir’s observed that regulations in Kuwait already comply with Islamic regulations and are derived from the Constitution supporting Islamic laws,” said MP Badr Al-Dahoom of the Justice Bloc which proposed the aforementioned amendment. He added that the opposition will not thwart the bloc’s plans to proceed with a project to amend Article 2 of the Constitution, making Islamic Sharia the only source of legislation.

“The Justice Bloc is currently studying all laws in Kuwait to see if any article contradicts with Islamic Sharia so that we can propose an amendment,” Al-Dahoom said. “Islamization of laws will continue until it is time to propose Article 2 amendment."

Toronto: school pulls permit for madrassa use after anti-semitic rant discovered online

The investigation is ongoing so no one is talking yet.  If true, it will be another example of the blindness Western leaders have regarding Islamic teachings and just who is a "moderate."

From The Star May 16 by Kristin Rushowy

Toronto school board pulls permit for madrassah after anti-Semitic postings on website

East End Madrassah cannot use a Scarborough school for weekend classes until police have wrapped up their investigation into anti-Jewish teachings, the Toronto public board has decided.
“We’ve had a long relationship with this organization and there have been no problems to date, but of course when the situation came to our attention, it was something that we needed to investigate,” said board spokesperson Shari Schwartz-Maltz.
When the online materials were discovered last week — which called ancient Jews “treacherous” and “crafty” — the madrassah immediately pulled them and issued an apology.
York Region police’s hate crimes unit is still investigating.
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MB preacher in Egypt says new President must destroy Israel

"We want a president who will free Palestine and Jerusalem to tell the world that the law of God has returned in Egypt..."

He said it.

From the Egypt Independent May 18

Pro-Brotherhood preacher: Electing liberal or secular president against religion

Muslim preacher Safwat Hegazy, who has been campaigning for the Muslim Brotherhood’s presidential candidate, Mohamed Morsy, said it is against religion to elect a presidential candidate who wants to establish a state based on liberalism, secularism, communism or socialism.
During Friday prayers in Nagda Mosque in Nagaa Hammadi, Qena, Hegazy called on people not to elect a candidate who participated in the injustice and the corruption of the former regime or who even remained silent watching the injustice and corruption of Hosni Mubarak and his entourage.
Hegazy said voters should choose the candidate who would apply Sharia and “who would be living in Cairo, but would tremble in fear [of God] if asked about a hungry person in Nag Hammadi.”
He described the elections as a testimony before God and a great responsibility, and said: “If you choose a man who corrupted the country, you will be responsible with him for his corruption and will be held accountable with him [before God]. But if you choose a man who abides by the law of God and establishes justice, you will be rewarded with him. Everyone will be held accountable [by God] if the next president is ill-chosen, and we should not blame but ourselves.”
Hegazy stressed that participating in the elections is a religious duty and that not voting or invalidating one's vote is against religion. He added that buying votes is a “great sin.”
“We want a president who we can tell, ‘Fear God and His law and judge according to His Book.’ We want a president who will free Palestine and Jerusalem to tell the world that the law of God has returned in Egypt,” he said.
A large number of Brotherhood members and Morsy supporters were reportedly attending the sermon, passing out campaign flyers.