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Honor killing in Italy

W are told this doesn't happen, and if it does to pay no attention to it becaus it's just someone who didn't get the memo about how the religion of peace doesn't do that kind of thing.

So why does it keep happening with increased frequency?

From AKI June 28

Italy: Moroccan immigrant murders wife for being 'too Western'

Padua, 28 June (AKI) - A Moroccan carpenter living in northern Italy is suspected of stabbing his wife to death because she wanted to leave him and begin a more liberated and western life with another man.
Police suspect 36-year old Zrhaida Hammadi of killing his 33-year-old wife Fatima Chabani at their apartment in the city of Padua near Venice by stabbing her repeatedly in the neck and shoulder, severing her jugular vein.

Neighbours telephoned the police after hearing blood-curdling screams from the apartment late Sunday, but the police said they found Chabani already dead and Hammadi awaiting their arrival, sitting motionless in a chair with his head bowed.
The couple were married in 2002 and had a six-year-old son. The family moved to Padua in January from the surrounding province in Italy's northeast. Members of the local Moroccan community described Hammadi as "a quiet, decent and hard-working" man.

Goes to the mosque Friday nights, prays 5 times a day, planning the Hajj to mecca soon, keeps a halal house, what's not to love?

The couple reportedly had frequent rows and police are probing Hammadi's' claims that his wife was seeing another man.
On Tuesday, a cultural mediator in Padua, 30-year-old Tunisian Muslim immigrant Maher Selmi sparked controversy by claiming that it was right to stone "adulteresses" to death.
Moroccan women's activist and member of Italy's parliament Souad Sbai deplored Chabani's "chilling" slaying and the remarks by Selmi, who is a graduate in Italian language and literature.
"This is the latest outrage against an innocent young woman whose only crime was her desire to live peacefully," said Sbai.
Sbai is a member of parliament for the ruling conservative People of Freedom party and president of the Association of Moroccan Women in Italy.
Her group made an unsuccessful application to form the civil plaintiff in the murder trial of three male relatives of a twenty-year-old Pakistani woman, Hina Saleem found buried in the garden of her family home with her throat slit and her head facing Mecca in August 2006.
Hina had 'dishonoured' the family by dressing in western clothes, working in a pizzeria in the northern town of Sarezzo and living with her Italian boyfriend and refusing and arranged marriage.

No burqa, or at least a hijab, working around unrelated males, living in sin and refusing to abide by Islamic law, or sharia.  That will earn you the wrath of Muhammad.

Iranian Space Monkeys: the newest thing from the religion of peace

Really, even Hollywood wouldn't have come up with this, even on their worst day.  Over 50 years behind Russia and the US, they opt for monkeys instead of mujahideen who would, for the glory of Allah strap themselves on the tip of a Islamic rocket and blast off for glory and 72 virgins.

C'mon guys, mahdi-up and go for the big one.  No guts, no virgins!

From Al-Arabiya JUne 28 by Eman el-Shenawi

Iran space monkey likely to spark nuclear fears from the West

Iran says it plans to send a monkey into space next month as part of its space program, potentially sparking fears from Western countries about the progress of Iran’s missile arsenal.

Five monkeys are undergoing tests, and one will be selected for the flight on board a Kavoshgar-5 rocket, state-run news agency IRNA reported on Monday, quoting the head of Iran's Space Agency.
But the experiment is likely to alarm Israel and its Western allies, who are concerned that Iran is pressing on with its plans for nuclear arms.
The fear is that Iran’s long-range ballistic technology used in Iran’s space program to propel satellites into orbit could also be used to launch atomic warheads.

No, really? 

Tehran has denied such suggestions, saying its nuclear work is purely peaceful and adding that it seeks only energy-producing reactors, IRNA reported.
Last year, Iran announced it had launched a rocket carrying a mouse, turtle and worms into space.
In August 2010 the country’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said that Iran planned to send a man into space by 2017.
Last week, Iran launched its second domestically built satellite into orbit, the Rasad 1, which it said was designed for transmitting images and for weather forecasting, according to Reuters reports.

Both required for targetng and trajectory of ballistic missles. 

Malaysian PM calls for the UN to support the jihad flotilla

Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak wants the UN to monitor and inspect the jihad flotilla to make sure they are only delivering humanitarian goods.  To have the UN be directly involved will force them to take sides, a position the UN does not like unless it is against Israel. 

For Malaysia to support the jihad flotilla is more proof that they are not the moderate, modern Muslim country claimed.

From The Sun Daily June 27

Najib seeks UN support for Gaza relief mission

KUALA LUMPUR - Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak has sought the support of United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon for the International Freedom Flotilla II to Gaza, saying that the mission scheduled to set sail at the end of this month "only seeks to deliver humanitarian assistance to alleviate the sufferings of the Palestinians in Gaza".
"I seek your cooperation to have representatives from the UN to inspect all vessels and persons involved, in order to give assurance to the world, particularly to the government of Israel, that they are only transporting humanitarian supplies," he said in a letter to Ban.
Malaysian NGOs will be among hundreds of volunteers from various countries in the mission which will include 10 ships.
Najib also urged Ban to call upon the government of Israel not to use any force against the flotilla

If Israel would just stop defending itself from jihadists there would be peace.

"I believe that there can be a peaceful solution to all this if the government of Israel would allow for the delivery of this humanitarian assistance," he said in the letter.
Najib said the mission was sailing on a humanitarian cause in line with numerous UN decisions and resolutions, particularly UN Security Council Resolution 1860 (2009) calling for "the unimpeded provision and distribution throughout Gaza of humanitarian assistance, including of food, fuel and medical treatment". 

Thousands of tons of food, fuel and meds flowinto Gaza every week, thanks to Israel.  Nothing but hatred, emnity and animosity flow from Gaza to Israel every week.  Seems like an unequal trade to me.

Pakistan says: don't blame us

Ok then, who shall take the responsibility? Between Pakistan and Afghanistan there
is enough to give both of them equal share. Of course, our decisions in both
theatres has been less than stellar yet among the players we are the lesser of the

From Reuters/Yahoo June 28 by Hamid Shalizi and Michael Holden in London

Pakistan says stop "blame game" at U.S., Afghan talks

KABUL (Reuters) - Pakistan called on Tuesday for the "blame game" to stop as the
United States, Afghanistan and Pakistan met to discuss security in the region amid a
Taliban insurgency and heightened tensions over cross border shelling.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has condemned the firing of 470 rockets from Pakistan into his country over the past three weeks. Islamabad says only that "a few
accidental rounds" may have crossed the border when it pursued militants who had
attacked its security forces.

The escalation of fighting on the border between Pakistan's ethnic Pashtun tribal
areas and Afghanistan has underscored the difficulties the three countries face in
working together to reach a political settlement to the 10-year Afghan war.

"We need to end this blame-game," Salman Bashir, Pakistan's Foreign Secretary, tolda news conference after a meeting of three countries in Kabul, without making any specific reference to border shelling.

"We need to take ownership for our own affairs. This problem will not go away if we
keep on pointing fingers at each other, we have done it for too long."

Afghanistan has often blamed elements within the Pakistan government for supporting the Taliban insurgency.

Pakistan blames Afghanistan for giving refuge to militants on its side of the
border, particularly in eastern Kunar province, leaving it vulnerable to
counter-attack when it chases them out of its own tribal areas.

In an interview with BBC radio aired on Tuesday, Karl Eikenberry, the U.S.
ambassador to Kabul, criticized Islamabad's efforts to deal with militants, saying
it dealt well only with those who were a direct threat to Pakistan.

"They have a very chequered track record, a bad track record, of going after
insurgents and terrorists who they perceive are not a threat to the Pakistani
state," he said.

"I believe that the notion that you can have snakes in your backyard and some of the
snakes bite your own children but other snakes can be trained to only bite
neighbors' children is not necessarily a sound way ahead."

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Toronto school turns cafeteria into mosque for Friday prayers

Sharia creeps across Canada with government approval.


From Blazing Cat Fur June 29

Islamic Ritual Prayer Conducted At Toronto District School Board Middle School

Update: The Toronto District School Board Teaches That Palestinians did not Celebrate 911.
I received this e-mail from Mark Harding. I phoned Valley Park Middle School, who in a panic directed me to call the TDSB directly @ 416-397-3000. The TDSB "Communications Dept." is so far incommunicado -they are away at a meeting.
"Islamic ritual prayers are done in my 13 year old daughter's middle school on every Friday.
Every Friday my daughter's school cafeteria changes into a mosque as dozens of Muslim boys and their imams (Islamic preachers) lead Islamic ritual prayers and no one else can even walk through the cafeteria.
Some imams (Islamic preachers) come from the outside of the school and lead Muslim students in the Islamic prayer and this happens at the school Cafeteria after the lunch on Fridays. All other non-Muslims are in classes in the afternoon when they are using the cafeteria as mosque. There is a mosque nearby but the Muslim kids pray in the school
School administration take part preparing the Cafeteria and making it into mosque every Friday and no one but Muslims can use the Cafeteria during the Islamic prayers on Friday.
And there are a number of other incidents involving Islam and other anti-Christian issues that I complained about, including a white convert to Islam who was a supply teacher and who openly promoted Islam and bashed Christianity last year!"

There is contact info at the site, please register your complaint there.

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"...a specific problem of young Pakistani men targeting white girls because they regarded them as "easy meat"

In Europe the term "asian" refers to Muslims so when reading articles from across the pond it is important to remember that.  We know asians as being oriental and that can be confusing unless you know the difference.

The stats in this article only re-enforce the problem with Muslim immigration, and it brings home how Islam treats women, especially non-Muslim women.  The depravity of Islam regarding sex is only eclipsed by the brutality shown to the kuffir.

From the BBC June 29 by Dominic Casciani

More than 2,000 children 'victims of sex grooming'
The first UK-wide study of street grooming of children has found more than 2,000 victims of systematic abuse.

The ethnicity of around half the offenders was not known but in the remainder a quarter of offenders were Asian and 38% were white.
The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop) warned against focusing on ethnicity over the issue.
Head of Ceop Peter Davies said many local agencies were failing to give victims the support they needed.
The six-month assessment of the scale of "street grooming" was launched after a high profile case saw a number of Asian men convicted of sexually abusing girls in Derby.
Ceop said it had evidence of 230 gangs, mostly young men, who were identifying and grooming children for systematic sexual abuse. Some groups were large enough to be considered organised crime enterprises that were supplying victims to be raped by paying clients.
"This is a horrific kind of crime," said Mr Davies. "It involves systematic, premeditated rape of children and needs to be understood in those stark terms. It needs to be brought out of the dark."
But Ceop's report said that the available evidence was patchy. The review identified 2,083 victims and 2,379 offenders since the start of 2008.

Investigators were only able to establish reliable information about half of the offenders, the majority of whom were aged between 18 and 24.
In almost a third of the remaining cases, agencies had insufficient information to draw any conclusions about ethnicity. Of those that remained, 38% were white and 26% were Asian. The report stressed that this data was poor because in nine out of 10 cases, the research could not detail the meaning of "Asian".


The report said that the majority of victims were white girls - although in a third of cases the ethnicity was not known.
Earlier this year, the former Home and Justice Secretary Jack Straw said that while offenders came from all backgrounds, there was a specific problem of young Pakistani men targeting white girls because they regarded them as "easy meat".
Peter Davies called for child protection agencies to do more to protect victims - and said that the UK needed more thorough and reliable research into what was going on.

Read the Qur'an, hadiths and sunnah of Muhammad if you really want to know "whats going on".

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"The United States of Islam"

Far-fetched?  Never happen in a million years?  What are you, crazy?  Actually, this is the goal of Islam, as stated by Dr. Kamal Al-Helbawy, former Muslim Brotherhood spokesman in the West.  I have been saying for years the goal of Islam is world domination, and that Islamic texts and tenets are the driving force behind this global conquest.  Here is but another example of that belief, to be ignored again by the sheeple of America.

Read this carefully and comprehend the implications of what Al-Helbawy says.

From MEMRI June 24

Muslim Brotherhood Figure and Former Spokesman in the West: Establish a Global Islamic State

In a June 8, 2011 interview with the Egyptian daily Al-Shorouq, Dr. Kamal Al-Helbawy, former Muslim Brotherhood spokesman in the West, called upon the Arab youth to launch a new revolution that would eliminate the borders drawn by imperialist nations and bring about the establishment of a global Islamic state – "called 'The United States of Islam.'" According to Al-Helbawy, the Muslim Brotherhood is active in approximately 80 countries and strives to realize the dream of becoming a global organization.

Following are excerpts from the interview:[1]
"Is There a Party That Suffered More and Had More Of Its Members Arrested By the Mubarak Regime" Than the Muslim Brotherhood?

"Q: Do you think that the Muslim Brotherhood's new Freedom and Justice Party will be able to operate independently of the movement?"
"A: Of course. If the party is not totally independent of the movement, it will never succeed. [Without such independence between them] the Muslim Brotherhood will fail politically, and be immersed in many problems. The people will distance themselves from [the Brotherhood] and its party..."

"Q: Following Mubarak's ouster, some movement officials declared their candidacy for the upcoming parliamentary elections, for approximately one-third of the seats. Others spoke of one-half of the seats. What do you think of this dispute?"
"A: Statements made by movement officials before the Shura Council convened are not considered official decisions... The movement announced this [high] percentage so that it could win 30-35 percent of the seats. There is a formal difference between an opinion and a decision.
"In truth, both positions are striving to achieve some 35%. Bidding for 50% [of the seats] does not mean you will win them all."

"Q: The movement called upon many political forces to join a unified [parties] list, but concurrently announced that it will run for 50% [of the seats] on its own. [This contradiction] constitutes a negative message by the Muslim Brotherhood."
"A: If the Muslim Brotherhood violated an agreement it made [to unite with other parties], it was a mistake, but if there was dialogue that did not result in a clear decision, it is their right to make their own decisions.
"Allow me to ask: Is there a party that suffered more and had more of its members arrested by the Mubarak regime? It is no shame that it is the most organized force on the streets. Everyone is talking about it, in [Egypt] and abroad, even though the Muslim Brotherhood was outlawed.
"Where are the other parties? Why are they not doing what the Muslim Brotherhood did? Haven't the communists and the Al-Wafd people been around for decades? Why are they not doing what the [Brotherhood has done], or even surpassing it, and why are they not organizing? It is inconceivable for the political forces to punish the Muslim Brotherhood simply because they are organized."

"Q: Are you still a member of the Muslim Brotherhood?"
"A: I grew distant from the movement's leadership in 1997, and turned to intellectual activity and research. To the best of my knowledge, the movement has not dismissed me thus far.
"I believe that anyone over the age of 65 should resign from their organizational position in the movement, and take to the streets to educate the people [as I did].
"I proposed a program, as part of which people will go out to the cafés. Each member over the age of 65 will choose a café in his area and hold a dialogue with people there. In this way we will turn the cafés into clubs and cultural [meeting] places, thus transforming the Muslim Brotherhood into a force that will power national dialog. The Muslim Brotherhood must go to the periphery... meet the people, and discuss their problems."

"Q: What was your organizational role before you resigned?"
"A: I was the Muslim Brotherhood's spokesman in the West, and a member of the office of the World General Guide [of the Brotherhood's executive office] and of [its] World Shura Council. In that context, [the Brotherhood has] no body called 'The International Organization.'
"Such an organization is a dream for the Muslim Brotherhood, a dream that was murdered in the name of [Mubarak's] corruption and tyranny, when he banned [Brotherhood members] from traveling and holding meetings.
"Here I must ask bluntly: Why did Israel say that Mubarak is a strategic treasure? Because his crimes act as a barrier against the resistance and the Muslim Brotherhood. In this atmosphere, it was hard to manage a global organization. Today, there is great hope that we can realize [this goal], since we witnessed the opening of the Muslim Brotherhood's new headquarters, attended by Brotherhood [activists] from all countries.
"The Muslim Brotherhood is organized in 80 countries, and they and the Islamists have a right to establish a global movement, much like global socialism or Zionism..."

Since socialism is not a religion but a political dogma with no God, and Zionism only agitated for their small slice of homeland, the claim that Islamists have a right to a global movement is only slightly covering their true agenda: the spread of sharia to every country on the planet.

Read it all

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More from the "Obedient Wives Club" of Indonesia

Closer to sharia every day.

From AsiaNews June 28 by Mathias Hariyadi

"Obedient wives club", pretext for legalizing polygamy in Indonesia

Jakarta (AsiaNews) - Civil society is divided between those in favour and against, the ruling class has expressed concern, while the fundamentalist Islamic wing strongly supports the initiative. What is certain is that the birth in Indonesia - after Malaysia – of the Obedient Wives Club (OWC), an organization in which women are completely subject to their husbands, even regarding their sexual demands, has not passed unobserved. Critics point out that the foundation of the club is only a "pretext" to legitimize polygamy in the country, opposed by the majority of the population and outlawed by former President Suharto, in power from 1967 to 1998.

On 19 June KlubTaat Suam Global Ikhwan was born, under the leadership of President Gina Puspita. The group has 50 women members already, even though the association claims about 300 have joined. The purpose is to teach Indonesian women how to be "good wives" in the eyes of the family and husband and at the same time reinforce the principles of the Islamic faith in wives.
For Mrs. Puspita, head of the club, the real aim is to inculcate in women the desire to "accept" polygamy, if the case is decided by the husband. And to do that, the president uses the example of the car: the husband is the driver and the woman should assume the attitude of "good" a passenger, in short faithful, submissive and obedient.

Women in Islam are of no greater value than the "faithful, submissive and obedient" passenger in a car.

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No word from Disney on whether they will sue for copyright infringement

Mickey and Minnie as Muslims.  Not what I would picture, but an interesting parody.  Walt would, I am sure have something to say, but I doubt he would have done anything besides complain.  Muslims, on the other hand find insult in something as simple as a cartoon, as we have seen before in Denmark.  The portrayal of Disney characters as Muslims was done to make a point, but that point is lost on those who take their religion way too seriously. 

The man who did this blasphemous act, business tycoon Naguib Sawiris posted on his Twitter account a picture of Micky in full regalia and Minnie in a burqa with the caption: Mickey and Minnie after".  Obviously this was too much for Muslims, and they want Sawiris prosecuted for insulting Islam and Muhammad.  This is outrageous and another attack by Muslims against free speech.

This is Islam.

From AhramOnline June 27

Egypt's business mogul Sawiris under fire for Islamic cartoons

Islamic lawyer Mamdouh Ismael and 14 lawyers submitted a complaint to the general prosecutor's office against Naguib Sawiris after he posted a cartoon of popular cartoon characters Mickey Mouse with an Islamic beard and dressed in a Jilbab and Minnie Mouse wearing a full Muslim veil on twitter. The post was accompanied with the comment: “Mickey and Minnie after”

Ismael said that the images were defamatory and ridiculed the Islamic faith. However, Ismael stressed that he is not going after Sawiris because he is a Copt.
Ahmed Mahmoud Kareema, Professor of Islamic Shariaa at Al-Azhar University, said that insulting religion is criminalized by the Islamic faith and Sawiris would not like it if the tables were turned and people mocked the clothes worn by Christian clerics, and, furthermore, had he mocked the clothes of Jewish rabbis, he would have been accused of being an anti-Semitic.

Neither Judaism or Christianity criminialized the insulting of their religion, only Islam takes this seriously enough to kill over.

Following the incident, Sawiris who was attacked on social networking sites, insisted that he meant no harm and simply thought the images were funny. However, “Boycott Sawiris,” groups were launched on both Twitter and Facebook. The Facebook group titled, “We were also joking Sawiris,” urged people to boycott his products saying that “if you are really a Muslim, boycott his (Sawiris) products if you love your faith. Spread the message, we have to cut the tongues of those who defame our faith.

Another love note from the religion of peace.

After being repeatedly attacked for posting the photo, on June 24, Sawiris wrote on twitter, “I apologize for any who don’t take this as a joke, I just thought it was a funny picture, no disrespect meant! Assef (sorry).” The next day, he repeated the apology on Twitter, saying “I at least apologized as I had no intention to mock any religion.”

It doesn't matter, as anyone can be insulted at anything said or written, and that is enough to get someone arrested and prosecuted.  Just claim you were demeaned and voila, instant jail for whoever you don't like.

Sawiris is the founder of the liberal Free Egyptians Party, which was established after the 25 January revolution. 

Welcome to the new Abercrombie and Fitch, where the Burqini is, queen

I am not a fan of A&F, their ads have always smacked of something disturbing and dark in the sexual world.  Excellent photography and layout but the underlying theme is just a little too much for me.  With that said, I support their right to determine their own workplace/employee policy and firmly support their right to have a
specific image.  Now A&F is being sued by a employee because she was fired for not removing her hijab at work, as per company policy.

A&F has standards when it comes to clothes, and "..employees dress in natural, "beachy" clothes such as jeans, flip-flops and a T-shirt.."  At first it was OK to wear her hijab as long as it was within color guidelines, but then she was told she could not wear it anymore, she refused and was fired.

Was the firing legitimate?  Maybe it was, but the bigger picture is that she does not want her job back, she wants accomodations for future employees.  This is an example of how sharia law and Islamic norms are making their way into the fabric of society.  A&F is forced to accomodate Muslim norms, not that a Muslim must conform to American business norms.

This is not the first instance of Islam trumping business practices, and it will not be the last.  As the influence of Islam grows in the US, the level of Islamic agitation increases.  This is the inevitibility of higher birthrates among Muslim immigrants and one major way to insure Muslim superiority by sheer numbers.

From SFGate June 28 by Vivian Ho

Abercrombie & Fitch sued over hijab firing

SAN MATEO -- A Bay Area Muslim woman sued Abercrombie & Fitch on Monday, claiming that the clothing retailer fired her when she refused to remove her religious headscarf while working at a San Mateo store.

Hani Khan, 20, sued after the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission determined that the chain had wrongfully fired her. Settlement talks failed to resolve the dispute.
Khan was fired in 2010 from Abercrombie's Hollister Co. store in the Hillsdale Mall in San Mateo for refusing to remove her hijab, or headscarf, according to the suit her attorneys filed in federal court in San Francisco.
Khan said that when she was hired in October 2009, store managers told her that her hijab would not be in conflict with Abercrombie's "look policy," as long as she wore it in company colors.
Abercrombie requires that employees dress in natural, "beachy" clothes such as jeans, flip-flops and a T-shirt, Khan said.
Then in February 2010, a week after a district manager visited the store, a company official told Khan to stop wearing the hijab, her suit says. She refused and was suspended, and a week later was fired.

The store manager was probably young and part of the multiculti sect, thus his approval of her hijab.  The district manager, more familiar with the employee handbook and company policy, when seeing the hijab requested a conformation to company policy, and when she refused was fired. 

Abercrombie would not comment on Khan's case or its dress code. In a statement, the company said, "We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all individuals regardless of religion, race or ethnicity. ... We comply with the law regarding reasonable religious accommodation."
In a news conference Monday, Khan - wearing a bright purple hijab - said the experience with Abercrombie "shook my confidence. I didn't have that problem before."

Stealth victim set-up alert.

Khan began wearing a hijab when she was in kindergarten and said she never had a problem while growing up in Foster City.
"After 9/11, all my neighbors, all my classmates, all my teachers - they supported me," Khan said. "No one had an issue then. For there to be an issue now, it was just completely out of the ordinary."
Khan's suit seeks to force Abercrombie to change its dress code to loosen restrictions on religious clothing. She is not trying to get her job back but is seeking back wages and unspecified damages.
Khan's lawsuit is not the first of its kind against the company. Two other former employees have filed suits, claiming that Abercrombie discriminated against them because of their hijabs  
"Abercrombie prides itself on requiring what it calls 'a natural, classic American style,' " said Araceli Martinez-Olguin, an attorney with the Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center, which is representing Khan. "But there is nothing American about discriminating against someone because of their religion."

US to blame for the ills of Egypt....oh, and the Jews, too

Obama bends over backwards to appease the Islamic community yet they still find us at fault.  We can do no right from their perspective, and since Israel is a strategic partner the blame is always two-pronged. 

From PressTV June 27

Egypt blames US, Israel for sect strife

Egyptian Deputy Prime Minister Yehiya al-Gamal has blamed the United States and Israel for being engaged in efforts to incite a religious strife to weaken the African country.

“The US and Israel are behind the religious sedition in Egypt [as] they realize this is the only way to break up the country,” said al-Gamal in televised remarks, quoted in a report by MENA news agency.
"Israel is trying to do this because Egypt is the most important power in the region," he emphasized.
Egypt is entangled with sectarian strife in the country following a historic revolution that toppled former President Hosni Mubarak.
Sectarian clashes between Coptic Christians and Saudi-inspired radical Salafists in the capital Cairo claimed 12 lives and injured 100 more in March.

Sectarian usually means both sides are at equal fault.  Christians are doing nothing except existing in a Muslim land.  That is not sectarian violence, that is agression against a people because of their religion.

Earlier this month, Egyptian officials arrested a US-born Israeli man, posing as a journalist, with a laptop and three cell phones containing top secret information.
The alleged Israeli spy is suspected of engaging in efforts to incite sectarian tensions among youths in the Egyptian capital during the country's popular revolution, urging them to clash with security forces.
Relations between Israel and Egypt have remained tense since a popular revolution ousted Mubarak from power in February.
Under the US-backed Mubarak regime, Egypt consistently served Tel Aviv's interests in the region.

As well as their own, to the tune of almost 3Billion a year, the same amount we give Israel.  Not as one-sided as is made out, to be sure.

Missle silos unveiled in Iran, capable of hitting Israel and US interests in the Middle East

But not to worry, Iran hasn't attacked anybody in 350 years, and besides, their nuclear program is for peaceful energy production only.

From AP/Yahoo June 27 by Ali Akbar Dareini

Iran unveils underground missile silos

TEHRAN, Iran – Iran on Monday unveiled underground silos that can carry missiles capable of hitting Israel and U.S. bases in the Gulf as it kicked off 10 days of war games, the country's latest show of military force amid a standoff with the West over its disputed nuclear program.

State TV broadcast footage of deep underground silos, claiming that medium- and long-range missiles stored in them are ready to launch in case of an attack on Iran. The silos are widely viewed as a strategic asset for Iran in the event of a U.S. or Israeli attack on its nuclear facilities.

As a defensive weapon they are useless, as an offensive weapon they are equally useless as they will not have a chance to launch more than three before the rest of the missles, and much of Iran will be reduced to so much rubble.

Col. Asghar Qelichkhani, a spokesman for the war games, said the silos "function as a swift-reaction unit."
"Missiles, which are permanently in the vertical position, are ready to hit the pre-determined targets," he was quoted as saying by state TV.
An officer in Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard, which is in charge of the missile program, said Tehran has constructed "numerous" underground missile silos which satellites can't detect. He did not elaborate.
The state television report broadcast footage of underground launching pads for the Shahab-3 missile, which have a range of more than 1,240 miles (2,000 kilometers)_ putting Israel, U.S. bases in the Gulf region and parts of southeastern and eastern Europe within reach.
The report also showed pictures of missiles being fired from one silo after a large metal roof opened to allow the missile to launch. The TV report said the missile silos are linked to a missile control center.
The commander of the Guard's Aerospace Force, Amir Ali Hajizadeh, touted the silos as a crucial asset in its standoff with the West, saying that with "these facilities we are certain that we can confront unequal enemies and defend the Islamic Republic of Iran."
Another unidentified Guards officer told state TV that "only few countries in the world possess the technology to construct underground missile silos. The technology required for that is no less complicated than building the missile itself."
Israel, which views Iran's as an existential threat, has accused Tehran of receiving assistance from North Korea in building underground missile sites.
But Col. Qelichkhani said the silos are based on local technology developed by Iranian experts.

Read it all

Egyptian schools teach hatred of Jews and Christians

Even after the "Arab Spring" uprisings and the claim that rampant democratic secularism is sweeping the Middle East it is important to keep in perspective the real plot line.  Here is one of those main plot points, brought to you by none other than the mostly secular Muslim Brotherhood.  The MB has steadfastly refused to support reforms in the school curriculum, obviously to keep the status quo, which is exactly the way Muhammad would have had it.

From The Jerusalem Post June 28 by Oren Kessler

'Egyptian curricula states Jews, Christians are infidels'

Egypt’s school curriculum, laden with anti-Semitic and anti-Christian sentiment, must undergo drastic reform to comply with international standards, according to a new report to be presented this week at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

“Egypt has to conduct fundamental reforms in its curricula, which present a national identity based solely on the Islamic religion,” said Yohanan Manor, chairman and co-founder of the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-SE), the Jerusalembased think-tank that compiled the report.

Well, since Egypt's national identity is Islam the chance of these reforms taking hold are less than none.

“Egypt’s schools present Islam as the ‘only true faith,’ and believers in other religions – including Coptic Christians – as infidels,” he said.

That is absolutely true within Islamic doctrine based in the Qur'an, hadits and sunnah of Muhammad.  It is the only religion on earth and all non-Muslims are infidels. 

Manor and his colleagues will present the report at the conference, “School Textbooks in the Greater Middle East: National Identity and Images of Self and Other,” to be held Tuesday and Wednesday at the Hebrew University’s Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace.
A year before the ousting of president Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s government announced plans for comprehensive reforms to “purge school curricula of erroneous views and material that incites extreme violence.”
The government’s first step was to remove references to “jihad in God’s name.” These changes, the report found, have fallen far short of the comprehensive reform Cairo had pledged.
Anti-Coptic violence in Egypt reached a crescendo over the past six months. A bomb in an Alexandria church on Christmas Day last year killed 21 people, and anti-Christian attacks have grown in scope and frequency since Mubarak’s resignation in February. The new report by IMPACT-SE, formerly the Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace, found that internecine violence is fueled largely by education.
But contradictory messages also run deeply through Egypt’s education system. In many textbooks Copts are denigrated as infidels, yet in those same works are praised for participating in Egypt’s independence campaigns throughout history. Students are taught that the Hebrew Bible and the Christian New Testament are holy books, but also taught that those same texts were “forgeries” penned by non-Muslims.
“Egyptian textbooks define Christians and Jews as infidels,” Manor said. “A year ago, Egyptian authorities admitted as much in a joint conference by Education Minister Dr. Ahmed Zaki Badreldin and the grand mufti of Egypt, Dr. Ali Gomaa.”
In April of last year, he said, the two officials announced reforms to purge the curricula of Quranic verses “encouraging jihad and the murder of polytheists and infidels.”
The press conference sparked an uproar in Egypt.
The Muslim Brotherhood flatly rejected any talk of education reform, while several news outlets took positions in favor.

Read it all

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev: Islam has nothing to do with terrorism

I am so glad he cleard that up.  I was beginning to wonder whether I was a Islamophobe for thinking Islam had anything to do with terrorism.  Thanks, Nazarbayev!

Seriously, if Nazarbayev can show, through the texts and tenets of Islam that what he says is correct, then we have no problem and we can all go back to our usual American ways with no worries.  To just claim that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, and to create an "ad campaign" to convince everyone that this is true smacks of taqiyya, kitman and the Muhammad hadith which says 'war is deceit". How this statement can be made with a straight face is chilling in that the coldness behind the calm is sharia in action.

This is a perfect example of the "moderate" Muslim, the unicorn everyone wants to hitch their wagon up to.  He says the words we want to hear, and we place our bet on this soothing rhetoric. 

The house always wins, and in this, the house is Islam.

From ABNA June 28

Muslim world must tell West Islam has nothing to do with terrorism: Kazakh President

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - The Muslim world must establish direct dialogue with the West and make it clear that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, said Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

"The problems in the relationship between the Muslim community and the rest of the world, first of all the West, rank among the most serious ones. The Muslim world has been associated in the West in the past few years mostly with its radical segment, inciting unfounded fear," Nazarbayev said at a session of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation's Foreign Ministers Council.
"The true meaning of Islam has nothing to do with the activities of the extremist structures, to say nothing of terrorist organizations. We must state unambiguously that Islam has nothing in common with political violence, extremism and terrorism," he said.

You can say it until you are blue in the face, it will change nothing in how Islam is defined by it's recognized leaders and practiced by over 100million Muslims.  Your personal practice of Islam has nothing to do with how it is practiced by those who take the Qur'an literally.

Nazarbayev urged the OIC member-countries to form a special website that would highlight the organization's activities, encourage the younger generation to turn to religion and Islamic culture, and popularize Islamic spiritual values.
"We need to establish an open and honest dialogue between the Muslim world and the West," he said.

Absoutely right.  Everyone should read the Qur'an and understand fully how Islam is defined, what the rituals and practices are and why Muslims do what they do.  If we all did that and then used that information to confront and defeat Islam, there would be a lot less agitation by Islamists and jihadists in the West.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Update on Delta Airlines and Jewish passengers

From a long-time reader known as "a christian woman who has lived undr sharia" sent this link to register complaints against Delta Airlines.

I have sent my remarks, you should to.  Be nice, be intelligent and make a good case when you post.


If you would like to sign a petition against this unbelievable act of discrimination, please go to the American Center for Law and Justice website: Imagine the outrage, especially from the ACLU, if Muslims were prohibited from flying? The uproar would be deafening!

CAIR cooperates with law enforcment....wait, what?

No, not really.  They have, however been heard, and seen telling Muslims to not talk with police in any way.  This, despite their continued public comments that Islam is an open and tolerant religion which wants nothing less than open debate on islam and the problems therein. 

SIOA has this exclusive article on the realities of Islam during a "Know Your Rights" workshop in Brooklyn, New York.  It is as if Islam doesn't care to put on airs anymore.

From Jihad Watch June 26 by Robert Spencer

SIOA exclusive: Hamas-linked CAIR "Know Your Rights" workshop in Brooklyn tells Muslims not to cooperate with police

The New York chapter of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) presented a "'Know Your Rights' workshop" featuring Islamic supremacist lawyer Lamis Deek last Thursday in Brooklyn. Along with Hamas-linked CAIR, Brooklyn's Community Board 5 and Officer Marcus Johnson of the 75th Precinct were involved in the event -- and a SIOA operative was there. Our operative reports that Deek told the assembled Muslims not to offer the full, open and honest cooperation with police that Islamic supremacist groups in the U.S. always claim to give, but instead to repeat "Am I free to leave?" as the answer to every question and request.
[...] Deek didn't waste anytime in disrespecting Officer Johnson, who was just a few seats away from her. She went right into a tirade against the police and the FBI, complaining that Muslims were being targeted and entrapped. She was clearly trying to make the authority figures who risk their lives to prevent Islamic terrorism into the bad guys. She kept pointing out to the audience how scary it was to have the police knock at your door, as if it were a 9-point earthquake taking place! Office Johnson just said quietly, while listening intently. Deek's tone got so bad that it prompted a Community Board 5 representative, Manuel Burgos, to raise his hand in the middle of her speech. She tried to put him off until the Q & A, but he would not have it! He explained to her who he was and strongly said he "didn't like the tone" that was taking place. Burgos said that the Community Board and the local precinct work hand in hand together. Deek was silenced; she looked at her cronies next to her, who didn't know what to say either! In the end Burgos’s statement backfired, however, because Deek quickly softened her message by continually saying "with all due respect" to Officer Johnson when she spoke about the police. Meanwhile, during the speech, the Hamas-tied CAIR "police" went around taking pictures of the audience. A CAIR member went from corner to corner of the room taking pictures of the audience. I know he was a CAIR member because he had a badge on. Maybe they hoped we wouldn't notice.
The three main points the Deek-led conference made in regards to the police were the following:

1. If the police stop you, say nothing except "am I free to leave"?

2. If the police ask for your ID, say nothing except for "am I free to leave"?

3. Muslims are the victims. (How they love to play the victim card.)

Pamela Geller has the full report here.

"They have ignored Syrian assertions that the uprising is not spontaneous but carefully engineered by Salafi Islamist elements spearheaded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood living in exile"

Syria's democratic revolution is not that all-encompassing Arab Spring the West refers to, but more the take-over by Salafis and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Sort of an Islamic Winter, as it were, with no clear weather in sight.  It is a shame Western leaders still don't get the big picture, and insist that democracy as we know it will break out any moment now.  The longer we deny the reality that there will be no democracy, only Islam, the worse we will get bit when it finally comes.

From Tehelka June 27 by Prem Shankar Jha

Arab spring could become an Islamist winter

The Salafi-engineered uprising in Syria offers a cautionary tale for the rest of the region

IN COLD countries, spring brings a renewal of hope, even a touch of abandonment. The western media’s christening of the uprisings in the Arab world as an Arab Spring, contains both of these elements: hope that a transition to democracy will automatically bring these countries closer to the West and weaken the attraction of fundamentalist Islam, and an impatience, born perhaps of spring madness, to make it happen as soon as possible. This is the sentiment that made NATO go precipitously into Libya and is now egging it towards regime change in Syria.
In the past three months, the international media has heaped abuse on President Basher al-Assad’s government with a lack of objectivity that has not been witnessed since the buildup to the Iraq War. With few, if any, correspondents in Syria, and almost none in the disturbed areas, the international media has, in the words of al Jazeera, “trawled social networking websites” and used their estimates of casualties and amateur videos with the barest of caveats about the reliability of their sources. They have ignored Syrian assertions that the uprising is not spontaneous but carefully engineered by Salafi Islamist elements spearheaded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood living in exile. And lastly, it has treated Assad’s efforts to meet the demands of genuine civil society activists for political liberalisation as window dressing by a government desperate to buy time in the hope that the movement will run out of steam.

As happened before the Iraq War, the media has again donned the mantle of a crusader for democracy. The Assad regime has been in power for 42 years, so it must therefore be brutal, oppressive and unpopular and therefore has to go. Its messianism is pushing the West towards a mistake that could be even more costly than the Iraq invasion.

The evidence that the Syrian uprising is not spontaneous but engineered has been staring us in the face from the beginning. It is the long gap between the uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan and Yemen, and the first trouble in Dera’a. From the death of Mohammed Bouazzizi, the roadside vendor who immolated himself in Tunis on 4 January, it took only 21 days for the popular upsurge to spread to Egypt, only one more day to spread to Jordan and another to spread to Yemen. By contrast, nothing at all happened in Syria until 18 March. This was a full 10 weeks after the start of the Tunisian uprising.
A second indication is the location of the protests. Insurgencies need publicity to thrive. In Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Jordan, the Arab Spring began in the capital. But in Syria, virtually all the protests have occurred in towns and villages at the edges of the country — in Dera’a on the Jordanian border, Tel Khalaf on the Lebanese, Deir Ezzor on the Iraqi border and Baniyas, Lattakia and Jisr Shugour, close to the Turkish border. The lone exception, Homs, is also located a stone’s throw from Lebanon at a point where a gap in the ante-Lebanon mountains makes access easy. By contrast, Damascus, the capital, and Aleppo, the second largest city, have remained calm.
But what is most important is that there is an abundance of evidence that while the Assad regime is authoritarian and rife with cronyism, it is not unpopular. The Bush administration was the first to learn this. In January 2005, President George Bush withdrew the US ambassador from Damascus, imposed a number of unilateral sanctions and started a $5 million programme to activate opposition groups within Syria. But a year later, the US embassy was forced to report, in a cable posted by WikiLeaks this year, that it had found no “legitimate groups” within Syria that were prepared to take the money.

Undeterred, it shifted money to exile groups outside Syria. In 2007, the State Department gave $6.3 million through a series of dummy foundations to a London-based expatriate Syrian organisation called the Movement for Justice and Development (MJD). This, in turn, set up a TV station called Barada TV (after Damascus’ fabled river), which began beaming anti-Assad programmes to Syria in April 2009, and is now a principal source of ‘information’ on the current uprising.
What the Bush administration chose to overlook was that few of these exiles were externed democrats. According to a US embassy cable hacked by WikiLeaks, they were “moderate members of the Muslim Brotherhood”. To Indians, the wording should have a familiar ring, for it is identical to that used by the State Department to justify military aid to Pakistan.
The US continued to fund the MJD and Barada TV even after Barack Obama was elected and reversed Bush’s policy towards Syria. In all, it has spent an estimated $30 million on the project. This is the money and moral support that the Muslim Brotherhood uses in its attempt to stage a comeback in Syria.

Read it all

Jihadists attack theatre while shouting "Allahu Akbar"

Any reason is justification for anger and attacks from Islam, this time it was that the theatre was showing a "secular" film.  Of course, if it ain't about Muhammad it ain't s*#t.

From AP/Yahoo June 26

Islamists attack Tunisia cinema over secular film

TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) — A gang of ultraconservative Islamists have attacked a movie theater in downtown Tunis because it was showing a film about secularism.

Around 100 bearded men shouting "God is great" smashed the windows of Cinema Afrique, where the movie "Neither God nor master" by France-based Tunisian director Nadia Feni was playing on Sunday.
An AP reporter saw eight of them forcing their way inside and attacking filmgoers, including prominent directors, before being apprehended by police.
Tunisia's former regime ruthlessly cracked down on political Islam. Since its downfall in popular protests, however, Islamists have become more active.

Wheelchair-bound jihadist murders two in Iraq

Maybe this is what the TSA was talking about when explaining about the 95-year old in a wheel-chair being strip searched.

From June 26

Suicide bomber in wheelchair kills two in Iraq

BAGHDAD: A suicide bomber in a wheelchair attacked a police station north of Baghdad on Sunday, killing two people and wounding 17, nine of them policemen, officials said.

“A suicide bomber detonated his explosives vest at the entrance to a police station, killing two civilians and wounding 17 people, including nine policemen in Tarmiyah,” a town north of Baghdad, an interior ministry official said. A defence ministry official confirmed the report.
“The suicide bomber came up to the entrance in a wheelchair,” said Colonel Tawfiq Ahmed al-Jenabi, chief of the town’s police, who added he did not know if the attacker was genuinely handicapped.
Meanwhile, two people were wounded by an improvised bomb that exploded next to a convoy transporting Mohammed Ahmed al-Obaidi, mayor of the town of Al-Riyadh in the restive northern province of Kirkuk.
Obaidi, who escaped unhurt and spoke to AFP after the attack, lost a foot in a similar bombing in June last year.
Twenty-four people were killed on Thursday in three separate attacks in Baghdad, including 21 in a triple bombing at a crowded market, and an American contractor working for USAID whose convoy was hit by an improvised bomb.

"We finally made it! The movement for Islam criticism is celebrating a great, and even historic, victory. Let’s thank those who dragged Geert Wilders into court...."

A great article from the German site Politically Incorrect.  Geert Wilders is a hero in Europe and deserves all the support he can get in his fight against the Islamization of Europe. 

From Politically Incorrect June 26 by Frank Furter / Translation: Anders Denken

A Historic Victory for Freedom! 

We finally made it! The movement for Islam criticism is celebrating a great, and even historic, victory. Let’s thank those who dragged Geert Wilders into court. Those who were recruited primarily by various Muslim organizations were holding a gun to the heart of the Dutch judiciary. And the judges had to decide which values, which rights and which law was to apply in the Netherlands. Is it that law that is written down in the constitution of their land? Or that law that is gaining entry into the West with the influx of Muslims? They decided for Western law. Anything else would have been scandalous and would have forced the question of whether our Western ideas concerning law and order were only a collection of empty phrases.
The trial against Geert Wilders clearly brought to light just how greatly Western and Islamic values differ from each other. The supporters of multicultural society believe that all cultures lend themselves to combining into a flourishing society of diversity. On the surface, this seems to function where culture overflows in tradition and folklore. However, at the roots of a culture is more than just the question of what one should wear, eat and celebrate, and when, where and how. At their roots, cultures open up to the elementary questions of what one may do and not do, what is permitted and what is forbidden, what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is evil.
And ultimately here is where Islam collides with the Western principle of free and basic democratic order. Indeed even parts of it are completely and diametrically opposed to this order. We, the readers and writers of the PI community have sufficient knowledge regarding this.
The refusal of Islamic countries to recognize the human rights declaration formulated in the West already gives more than clear reference to all the facts that we never tire of stating again and again here: Islam is first and foremost a political ideology that is – as shown here today – irreconcilable with the values of our Western system of government. And it is this very ideology that stands in the way of integration with our free society by many Muslims. Islam stands on the principle of enslavement, strives for control, for uniformity, for society’s conformity to its own values and norms. Islamization is not just a rumor or invention by rightwing spin doctors, rather a menacing process of the worst kind to be fought against by anyone that holds the freedom of future generations near to their heart.
Wilders was accused because he said and did things that were completely normal according to the consensus of values in the Western world. He criticized Islam....

Read it all

“I’m not one to make waves, but dadgummit, this is wrong. People need to know. Next time it could be you.”

In America we have the right to not be subject to unreasonable search and seizure.  This example is egregious on so many levels it goes beyond travesty and into surreal. 

Imagine your mother, or grand-mother being subjected to this kind on personal intrusion, and ask yourself what you would do.  Are we to stand for this much longer, free citizens being probed and prodded in ways which all of us find disgusting and insulting? 

As long as we do not believe in profiling, and think we can treat the problem of "terrorism" by fondling everyone equally we have effectively given up our right to privacy.  This abdication of a basic right is a step in the direction of our demise, at our own hands.

I will never fly again, no matter what.  I will not give the Feds my body to do with what they please.

Not now, not ever.

From nwfDailyNews June 25 by Laren Sage Reinlie

Elderly woman asked to remove adult diaper during TSA sear

A woman has filed a complaint with federal authorities over how her elderly mother was treated at Northwest Florida Regional Airport last weekend.
Jean Weber of Destin filed a complaint with the Department of Homeland Security after her 95-year-old mother was detained and extensively searched last Saturday while trying to board a plane to fly to Michigan to be with family members during the final stages of her battle with leukemia.
Her mother, who was in a wheelchair, was asked to remove an adult diaper in order to complete a pat-down search.

She has leukemia, she is in a wheelchair going to say goodbye to loved ones before dying.  I spit in their direction for even thinking this woman is any kind of threat.

“It’s something I couldn’t imagine happening on American soil,” Weber said Friday. “Here is my mother, 95 years old, 105 pounds, barely able to stand, and then this.”
Sari Koshetz, a spokeswoman for the Transportation Security Administration in Miami, said she could not comment on specific cases to protect the privacy of those involved.
“The TSA works with passengers to resolve any security alarms in a respectful and sensitive manner,” she said.
Weber’s mother entered the airport’s security checkpoint in a wheelchair because she was not stable enough to walk through, Weber said.
Wheelchairs trigger certain protocols, including pat-downs and possible swabbing for explosives, Koshetz said.
“During any part of the process, if there is an alarm, then we have to resolve that alarm,” she said.
Weber said she did not know whether her mother had triggered an alarm during the 45 minutes they were detained.
She said her mother was first pulled aside into a glass-partitioned area and patted down. Then she was taken to another room to protect her privacy during a more extensive search, Weber said.
Weber said she sat outside the room during the search.
She said security personnel then came out and told her they would need for her mother to remove her Depends diaper because it was soiled and was impeding their search.

The indignity of all this cannot be understated.  I have problems comprehending how a TSA agent could possibly believe that there would be explosives inside the Depends of a 95-year old woman.  Outrageous doesn't begin to cover it.

Weber wheeled her mother into a bathroom, removed her diaper and returned. Her mother did not have another clean diaper with her, Weber said.
Weber said she wished there were less invasive search methods for an elderly person who is unable to walk through security gates.

There is: search only those who practice terrorism, you know the Middle Eastern male between 18 and 35.  That would end the terror inflicted on 95-year olds wearing Depends.

“I don’t understand why they have to put them through that kind of procedure,” she said.
Koshetz said the procedures are the same for everyone to ensure national security.
“TSA cannot exempt any group from screening because we know from intelligence that there are terrorists out there that would then exploit that vulnerability,” she said.
Weber filed a complaint through Northwest Florida Regional’s website. She said she received a response from a Homeland Security representative at the airport on Tuesday and spoke to that person on the phone Wednesday.
The representative told her that personnel had followed procedures during the search, Weber said.
“Then I thought, if you’re just following rules and regulations, then the rules and regulations need to be changed,” she said.

See above to learn how the rules can change, Ms. Weber.

Weber said she plans to file additional complaints next week.
“I’m not one to make waves, but dadgummit, this is wrong. People need to know. Next time it could be you.”

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Children blowing up in Afghanistan, couples doing the same in Pakistan

The absence of even a modecum of humanity should make it easy for people to accept that Islam is a religion of dogmatic hatred.  When a couple decides it is best to blow themselves up for Allah in order to murder policemen, the tough questions on motive  must be asked and answered.  In Pakistan the fact that one wants to kill themsleves i n order to further Islam is held in high esteem.  Murdering an infidel gets a very high reward; eternal paradise.  For the women, not so much.

From AP/Yahoo 

Pakistan Taliban use husband, wife suicide bombers

DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan – The Pakistani Taliban said Sunday the group had sent a husband and wife suicide squad to carry out an attack on a police station in northwestern Pakistan that killed 10 people, a rare instance of militants using a woman as a bomber.

The pair entered the police station in Kolachi on Saturday and said they were there to lodge a complaint, said Imtiaz Shah, a senior police official. Once inside, the two attacked with grenades and machine guns, triggering a five-hour standoff with police.
Both attackers, including the woman wearing an all-covering robe known as a burqa, eventually blew themselves up. They killed eight police officers and two civilians, said Mohammad Hussain, another police official.
"This shows how much we hate Pakistani security institutions," Pakistani Taliban spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan told The Associated Press by telephone from an undisclosed location.
Ahsan claimed it was the first time the militant group had used a female suicide bomber.
However, Pakistani officials said a female suicide bomber wearing a burqa attacked a World Food Program food distribution center in northwestern Pakistan late last year, killing 45 people.
The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for that attack in Khar, the main city in the Bajur tribal area, but never claimed it was carried out by a female bomber. Still, that was believed to be the group's first attack by a female suicide bomber.
Male suicide bombers often don the burqa as a disguise. In 2007, officials initially claimed Pakistan's first female suicide bomber had killed 14 people in the northwest town of Bannu. But the attacker was later identified as a man.

Read it all


More beer jihad in Nigeria

A few weeks ago, Boko Haram murdered four and injured a dozen at a beer garden in Nigeria.  Now they have managed to murder at least 25 and injure dozens at another beer garden there.  It sppears Boko Haram(books, him bad) is targeting those things which are un-Islamic where, ironically enough Muslims congregate and enjoy lifes little pleasures.  The Islamists and jihadists want sharia and a true Islamic society, thus everything un-Islamic must go. 

There will be more attacks and more bloodshed as Islam marches forward, you can count on it.

From the BBC June 26

Deadly bombing in north NigeriaContinue reading the main story

A bomb attack in the north-eastern Nigerian town of Maiduguri has killed at least 25 people and wounded dozens, officials say.
They say they believe the attack, which occurred in a beer garden, was carried out by the Islamic sect Boko Haram.
The group believes Muslims should withdraw from Western society.
It has claimed a number of bombings in north-eastern Nigeria, as well as an attack on police headquarters in the capital Abuja earlier this month.
Two men on motorcycles attacked a packed beer garden late on Sunday, officials said.
"The attackers believed to be Boko Haram members threw bombs and fired indiscriminate gun shots on a packed tavern at Dala Kabompi neighbourhood, killing at least 25 people and seriously injuring around 30 others," a police officer told the AFP news agency.

Eyewitnesses Emmanuel Okon told AFP: "I just heard a loud bang followed by sporadic shootings and plumes of black smoke filled the area with people screaming and running in all directions."
Boko Haram has recently carried out a wave of attacks targeting police, mainly in the north-eastern state of Borno.
Earlier this month, the group said it was behind the bombing of the national police headquarters in the capital, Abuja.
The group's trademark has been the use of gunmen on motorbikes.
Its leader Mohammed Yusuf and several hundred of his supporters were killed by security forces in Maiduguri in 2009 after the group attacked police stations.

10 police murderd by burqa-wearing Taliban

Not just women wear a burqa today, jihadists seem to enjoy the idea of being untouchable to male hands when wearing a burqa and a bomb.  After all, Muhammad said "War is deceit".

“We sent one male and one female suicide bomber to participate in the attack, because we want to liberate our people from the slavery of America...”

Of course, murder your women to liberate them from non-existent Western slavery. 

This is Islam.

From June 22

Burqa-clad Taliban kill 10 police in Pakistan siege

PESHAWAR: At least 10 policemen were killed Saturday when Taliban militants in suicide vests, some of them clad in burqas, laid siege to a police station in northwest Pakistan, officials said.

“Police have taken the control of the police station and 10 of our policemen were martyred in the attack and six attackers were killed,” Mian Iftikhar Hussain, information minister of northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, told AFP.
Militants armed with guns and hand grenades had attacked Kolachi police station near the border with South Waziristan tribal district and taken a group of policemen hostage. Hussain said the burqa-clad attackers had hoped to secure the release of other militants.
“The attackers had come prepared for days of siege and hostage-taking to secure the release of other militants,” Hussain told AFP.
“When our armoured car entered the police station two suicide bombers blew themselves up and a third suicide bomber was killed by a rocket,” Hussain said.
“Police have found the bodies of three militants and the heads of three suicide bombers,” Hussain said, adding that half of the police station building had been destroyed and 11 policemen wounded.
Regional police chief Imtiaz Shah told AFP there was one woman among the suicide bombers. Shah said the siege began when attackers dressed in burqas pulled out guns at the station’s main gate and killed policemen deployed there.
The militants then damaged the boundary wall with hand grenades, enabling more rebels to follow them into the building.
About 17 policemen were on duty at the time and were taken hostage by the militants once they ran out of ammunition, the police chief said.
As security forces were called to the scene and cordoned off the police station, two of the attackers detonated their suicide vests, while three others were shot dead by security forces, Shah said.
District police chief Mohammad Hussain Khan said it was likely the attackers had come from the nearby lawless tribal belt.

Read it all

Desecration of Jewish graves at the Mount of Olives

By whom, you may ask.  Palestinians and Arab youths, that's whom.  No mention of anything other than those identifiers, nothing to suggest, in any way the motivation or belief system driving this vandalism.  For all we know it could be angry Catholics or outraged Pentecostals.  Of course it could not have anything to do with Islam, to say such a thing would be downright Islamophobic!

From JTA JUne 22

Jewish graves vandalized at Mount of Olives

June 22, 2011

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- More than a dozen graves at the Mount of Olives cemetery in Jerusalem were vandalized, the latest in a series of attacks on one of Judaism's oldest cemeteries.
On June 14, some 14 graves were damaged by Arab youths wielding sledgehammers, according to private security guards stationed at the iconic cemetery located in eastern Jerusalem. At least five of the damaged gravesites are those of Americans buried in the cemetery, according to Rabbi Moshe Bezalel Buzokovsky of the Chevra Kadisha.
The recent damage is in addition to vandalism sustained at the cemetery last month on Nakba Day, or Catastrophe Day, when Arabs mark the declaration of the state of Israel. During riots, Palestinians hurled large rocks and boulders toward the graves, chipping and breaking at least 15. Arab youths also vandalized or destroyed nearly 40 newly installed surveillance cameras in the cemetery, according to the International Committee for the Preservation of Har HaZeitim. Har HaZeitim is the Hebrew name for the Mount of Olives.
At the same time, local Arabs began illegally expanding a mosque to within 15 feet of the grave of Menachem Begin, according to the committee.
In the last year, efforts of the committee have resulted in the restoration of 2,000 of an estimated 40,000 graves that were destroyed prior to 1967 under Jordanian rule, an increased private security presence as well as the installation of 50 surveillance cameras and fluorescent lighting.
There are an estimated 150,000 graves on the Mount, where Jews have been buried since biblical times. Notable individuals buried there include the prophets Zechariah, Malachi and Hagai; famous modern rabbis such as Aryeh Kaplan and Ahron Soloveichik; Henrietta Szold, founder of Hadassah; Hazzan Yossele Rosenblatt; and British Parliament member Robert Maxwell.

Iran wants Jews dead but we're the terrorists

Projection par excellence from the land of the 12th mahdi.  Iran again affirms it's rightful place as the number one denier of reality in the world.  At least they are consistent and never waiver off message. 

From Los Angeles Times June 26 by Ramin Mostaghim and Alexandra Sandels

Iran slams U.S. at conference on fighting terrorism

Reporting from Tehran and Beirut— A battered Peugeot sedan greeted visitors Saturday to a conference hall in north Tehran.

"Professor Massoud Ali Mohammadi, martyred in front of his house," explained an accompanying poster. It was a reference to the mysterious assassination last year of the Iranian physicist, killed when a bomb exploded near his car in Tehran. Iranian authorities have blamed the West for the killing.
The Peugeot was the symbolic scene-setter for a two-day conference in the Iranian capital on fighting terrorism. According to the Iranian media, officials from more than 60 countries and several heads of state flew in for the talks — among them Sudanese President Omar Hassan Ahmed Bashir, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court on war crimes charges.

The event was heavy on U.S.-bashing, generally reflecting Tehran's views about Washington's policy in the region.
In a message to the conference, Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei lashed out at the U.S. for drone strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The attacks, he said, have "repeatedly" turned "wedding parties into mourning ceremonies." He echoed the official Iranian line that the U.S. and its allies are hypocrites, employing terrorist tactics that kill civilians while condemning others as terrorists.
"The United States, Britain and some Western governments, with a black record in terrorist behavior, have now added to their rhetoric the claim of fighting terrorism," Khamenei was quoted as saying by the semiofficial Fars News Agency.

Just who is the terrorist again?  It is those who send 8-year old girls to their death in the name of Allah, that is who.

Read it all

Success in Afghanistan: 8-year old girl blown up as a suicide bomber

Words fail me.

From the BBC June 26

Afghanistan: Eight-year-old girl 'used in attack'

An eight-year-old girl has been killed after insurgents used her in a bomb attack on police in southern Afghanistan, the government has said.

The interior ministry said insurgents gave the girl a package and told her to take it to a police vehicle, detonating it as she approached.
No-one else was killed in the explosion, in Uruzgan province.
The incident came a day after an attack on a hospital which killed at least 38 people in the east of the country.
Dozens were injured. Elderly people, pregnant women and children were said to be among the casualties.

'No respect'

A statement by the ministry described the Uruzgan incident as a "crime and a shameful act".
The area where the alleged incident happened is very remote, and it was not possible to independently verify the reports.
"The child, pure-hearted and in good faith, took the bag and moved towards the police vehicle," it said.
"As she got close to the police vehicle, the enemy detonated the bomb by remote control, killing the innocent child."
The governor of Char Cheno district, where the attack took place, told the BBC the girl was from the nearest village.
She was told nothing would happen to her, he said, adding that the perpetrators had "no boundary, no respect for anything".
Correspondents say insurgents have recruited both adult women and recently male children to carry out suicide attacks, though the Taliban denies recruiting children.

Jihadists Senegal: church and bar destroyed

As I have pointed out here many times, Islamic expansion across the globe knows no bounds or boundaries.  All the earth was created by Allah for the use by Muslims only, all others must convert, submit or die.  Senegal is just the latest manifestation of Islamic hegemony in Africa, and as time passes the entire continent will fall under the sword of Muhammad. 

Senegal is the symptom, Islam is the disease.

From The Canadian Press June 26 by Nils Elzenga

Hundreds of Muslim youth in Senegal burn a church, destroy bar in capital neighbourhood

DAKAR, Senegal - Hundreds of Muslim protesters descended on a Jehovah' Witness temple and a bar in a conservative Muslim neighbourhood of the Senegalese capital on Sunday, setting the buildings on fire in a rare instance of religious extremism in this normally moderate Islamic republic.
No matter the level of so-called "moderation" within a society, eventually pure Islam, as defined today by its recognized leaders and practiced by over 100million followers will rise to the top, and sharia will be the norm.  That is the goal of Islam in all it's manifestations.

Thierno Mbeugne, spokesman for the local imam association, said the head imam in the conservative Yoff district of Dakar had asked the youth to march on Sunday against what they considered as "acts of aggression against their faith." They were targeting the temple because they claim its members were proselytizing, and the bar because it was selling alcohol.
He said the Islamic religious leaders did not endorse the violence, "but they do think that the youth were right" to destroy the church and the bar.
One of the rioters Mame Faye, 24, explained that the mob set upon the temple while churchgoers were praying inside before setting upon the bar.
Other witnesses, however, said that the hundreds of protesters burst into the establishment and began drinking the cans of beer. They then stripped the building, making off with the refrigerator, the air conditioners and the furniture. Then they set it on fire.

Sounds like a frat party, or an evening with Charlie Sheen.

A doctor who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press said his clinic had treated 37 people, including several wounded police officers. One had a stab wound. The police used tear gas to disperse the crowd.
Mbeugne claimed that the head of the temple had been actively trying to convert locals. He said that under the cover of teaching English, she had started handing out crosses and Jehovah's Witness literature.

Anything not Islamic in nature or practice is forbidden, especially a cross or a Bible.  Expect more visits from the religion of peace to re-enforce the rules on non-Muslim behavior.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pakistan duplicity, Pt.1,059

And yet another example. The pile of evidence grows and we still send them the jizya.

From Reuters/Yahoo June 24 by n Haider, writing by Myra MacDonald

Pakistan army rejects report on bin Laden's cellphone

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - The Pakistan army condemned Friday a report in the New York Times that a cellphone found in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden contained contacts to a militant group with ties to Pakistan's intelligence agency.

The newspaper, citing senior U.S. officials briefed on the findings, reported Thursday that the discovery indicated that bin Laden used the group, Harakat-ul-Mujahedeen, as part of his support network inside Pakistan.

The cell phone belonged to bin Laden's courier, who was killed along with the al Qaeda leader in the May 2 raid by U.S. special forces on bin Laden's compound in the garrison town of Abbottabad, the Times said.

Pakistan army spokesman Major General Athar Abbas said in a statement sent by text message that the military "rejects the insinuations made in the NYT story."

"It is part of a well orchestrated smear campaign against our security organizations," he said.

The army has been angered by media reports that elements in the Pakistani security establishment may have helped bin Laden hide in Pakistan.

"Pakistan, its security forces have suffered the most at the hands of al Qaeda and have delivered the most against al Qaeda; our actions on the ground speak louder than the words of the Times," Abbas said.

In tracing calls on the cell phone, U.S. analysts determined that Harakat-ul-Mujahedeen commanders had called Pakistani intelligence officials, the Times reported, citing the senior American officials.

The officials added the contacts were not necessarily about bin Laden and his protection and that there was no "smoking gun" showing that Pakistan's spy agency had protected bin Laden.

Christians in Lebanon say marital rape and domestic violence must be allowed to continue....wait, what?

Actually it is the leading Sunni clerics in Lebanon making sure women are respected under sharia law.  By their standards, there is no such thing as marital rape, and women cannot be subjected to abuse or domestic violence.

Why?  It's in the Qur'an and hadiths of Muhammad:

"Good women are obedient....As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them." -- Qur'an 4:34

"If a husband calls his wife to his bed [i.e. to have sexual relation] and she refuses and causes him to sleep in anger, the angels will curse her till morning." -- Sahih Bukhari 4.54.460

"By him in Whose Hand lies my life, a woman can not carry out the right of her Lord, till she carries out the right of her husband. And if he asks her to surrender herself [to him for sexual intercourse] she should not refuse him even if she is on a camel's saddle." -- Ibn Majah 1854  (Thanks to Jihad Watch for the Qur'an and hadith quotes)

From AFP/Google June 24

Lebanon Sunni clergy reject domestic abuse law

BEIRUT — Lebanon's highest Sunni Muslim authority on Friday rejected a bill aimed at protecting women against domestic violence and marital rape, saying it would lead to the demise "of the family as in the West."

"Islam is very aware of and concerned with... resolving problems of poor treatment... but this should not happen by cloning Western laws that encourage the breakdown of the family and do not suit our society," said the influential Dar al-Fatwa in a statement on its website.

Dar al-Fatwa also slammed as "heresy" a clause in the bill that criminalises marital rape, accusing those behind the draft law of "inventing new types of crimes."

"This will have a negative impact on Muslim children... who will see their mother threatening their father with prison, in defiance of patriarchal authority, which will in turn undermine the moral authority" of fathers, it said.

"We must continue to follow sharia (Islamic law) as concerns the Muslim family," it added.

The bill, drafted by feminist organisations, lawyers and forensic experts, was approved by Lebanon's cabinet in 2010 and is currently under study in parliament.

Should it be passed, the law would come under the penal code -- under which cases are referred to a criminal court -- rather than personal status laws, which are ruled on by religious authorities in multi-confessional Lebanon.

The bill criminalises marital rape and calls for police intervention should a woman notify authorities of abuse by her husband or another family member.

If found guilty, defendants would have to undergo rehabilitation or face prison should they fail to do so.

Domestic abuse and harassment continue to be taboo in Lebanon, considered the most liberal country in the largely conservative Arab world, with very few women filing complaints as police generally turn a blind eye and send the victims home.

The perils of not being "Muslim enough" in Afghanistan

A hospital, for God sakes.  The place where, even in the heat of battle is off-limits to combatants.  Red crosses were painted on the roofs of hospitals in most previous wars and they, for the most part stayed safe.  Where Islam is concerned, a hospital is as legitimate a target as a battalion, filled with those who are the enemy, in all their forms.  Those deemed not Muslim enough are routinely targeted, and the murder of women, old men and children serve the purpose in instilling the lessons of Islam to the greater masses.  The sickness which is Islam kills and eats it's own, it feeds the appetite for destruction of it's own people.

From the BBC JUne 25

Afghanistan: Deadly attack on Logar hospital

Afghanistan map
A deadly car bomb has hit a hospital in Afghanistan's eastern Logar province, with women, children and elderly among the casualties.

The provincial health director told the BBC that 27 people had died and 53 were hurt, adding the toll could have been higher as many people took away the bodies of relatives.

The facility was destroyed and people were buried under rubble.

Officials blamed the Azra district bomb on the Taliban, but they denied it.

A Taliban spokesman said they did not target civilians and that "someone with an agenda" was behind the blast.

'Burning people'

The BBC's Bilal Sarwary in Kabul says the Taliban always distances itself from attacks with large numbers of civilian casualties.

There has been confusion over the death toll from Saturday's explosion as earlier the health ministry said 60 people had died, while local and Kabul officials gave differing totals.

An intelligence official said the hospital may not have been the intended target, because the suicide bomber detonated the device as police tried to stop his car.

What else was close?  Any military post or ammo dump?  Police headquarters?  Motor pool?  Anything?

A large number of people had been gathering at the clinic for weekly treatment, many of them women, children and elderly people, said provincial official Din Mohammad Darwaish.

Doctors and nurses were also said to be among the dead.

Read it all

Continuing jihad in Thailand

More and more attacks, more and more calls for sharia.  The "restive" Pattani area is soon to go the way of Islam.  Attacks continue unabated, rising in intensity and frequency with over 3,000 murdered in the last few years.  The steady advancement of Islam across south-east Asia will continue, until the West one morning awakens to a new paradigm in a once friendly ally.  The cries of "what happened" will echo across the land, to be returned only with empty silence.  We are clueless, and we wait for the end to come.


From AP/Yahoo June 24

2 killed by roadside bomb in southern Thailand

PATTANI, Thailand (AP) — Three hidden roadside bombs have killed two people and wounded 13 others in southern Thailand, and police believe Islamist militants are responsible.

Police Col. Nitinai Langyanay said the first bomb in Narathiwat province killed two irrigation workers Friday and wounded five others, while a second one about 1 kilometer (one-half mile) away wounded a soldier.

Bomb removal officers then tried to defuse a third bomb only three meters (yards) away from the second one but it exploded, wounding seven policemen. It is a standard practice of the insurgents to plant a second bomb to go off when security officials arrive to investigate an explosion.

This is Islam.

More than 4,300 people have been killed in Thailand's three southern provinces since an Islamist insurgency flared in 2004.