Thursday, May 29, 2014

5B for "terrorism" but not a dollar for truth

It's for the good, mind you and money well spent.  Anything to combat "terrorism" without actually naming the  doctrine which drives that "terrorism".

Fighting a tactic instead of the ideology...yeah, that's the way to win.

From WKRC May 28

Kerry: US to start fund to fight terrorism 

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Secretary of State John Kerry says the United States will begin a $5 billion "terrorism partnership fund" to help other countries push back against radical extremists. Kerry says President Barack Obama will announce the fund during his commencement speech Wednesday at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York. 

Obama on Tuesday put forward a blueprint for ending U.S. military engagement in Afghanistan by the time he leaves office. Kerry says that plan will allow the U.S. to divert resources to the anti-terrorism fight in other parts of the world. He says U.S. foreign policy needs to reflect a "rapidly changing, more complex world where terrorism is the principal challenge." 

Kerry described the anti-terrorist funding on "CBS This Morning."

Confirmed: Homicide bomber in Syria an American

Rest assured we will see more and more Americans committing jihad in the name of Allah and Muhammad, both in Syria and soon in the United States.

Abu Hurayra al-Amriki, aka Abu Hurayra the American is now with his 72 dark-eyed virgins.  May his soul rest in Hell.

From the Examiner May 28 by Cynthia Hodges

Suicide Bomber in Syria was an American

United States officials said on Wednesday that Abu Hurayra al-Amriki or Abu Hurayra the American, a U.S. citizen likely carried out one of four suicide bombings on May 25 in Syria's Idlib province on behalf ofal-Qaeda affiliate, Jabhat al-Nusra.

If U.S. investigators confirm his identity, Abu Hurayra al-Amriki would be the first known American suicide bomber in Syria, but not the first American to play a significant role in terrorist attacks, essentially turning against his own country. American born Muslim Cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki rose through the ranks of al-Qaeda to a senior recruiter and motivator who was instrumental in planning terrorist operations for al-Qaeda. The United States Department of Homeland Securityconsidered al-Awlaki U.S. public enemy number one before he was killed in a CIA drone strike in Yemen on Sept. 30, 2011. Another American citizen, Adam Gadahn moved from California to Pakistan in 1998 where he joined al-Qaeda. In 2004, Gadahn served as Osama bin Laden’s media adviser and spokesman.

Another American, David Coleman Headley, a Chicago businessman is currently serving 35 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to planning the deadly 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks. Headley attended training camps for Lashkar-e-Taiba, the Pakistani militant group behind the Mumbai attacks.

In October, 2011, a 22 year-old American from Minnesota, Abdisalan Hussein Ali, was identified as one of two suicide bombers disguised as soldiers involved in a suicide attack on African Union troops in Mogadishu, the Somali capital that killed at least 10 people. The FBI confirmed that Ali, an American of Somali descent was the third American suicide bomber to join al-Shabaab from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The September, 2013, three of approximately 15 al-Shabaab terrorists that attacked the Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, killing at least 67 innocent people were U.S. residents. An Al-Shabaab insider identified 3 of the Islamist militant group that ambushed the upscale shopping mall as U.S. residents, possibly American citizens, two from Minnesota and a third man from Missouri.

The United State Department of Homeland Security and the FBI claim to have thwarted numerous homegrown terrorist plots involving American citizens and al-Qaeda sympathizers who wanted to carry out suicide missions on U.S.soil. In January, 2012, FBI agents arrested a 25 year old naturalized U.S. citizen born in the former Yugoslavia described as an Islamic extremist accused of plotting a series of attacks in the Tampa, Florida area, the final attack was to detonate explosives strapped to his waist in a suicide attack.

American born citizens turned terrorists have increased dramatically in the 12 years since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.The internet has been an instrumental tool in recruiting young Westerners, both male and female -- including Americans. YouTube and other social media websites and chat rooms continue to successfully recruit young American jihadists.

Notice how not until the last word of the article is the word jihad mentioned.  Terrorist or militant is preferred throughout the article, to the detriment of the reader, who will have the incomplete conclusion as to who is the perpetrator.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Iraq: Jihadists murder real estate agents for selling Christian homes

As the genocide against non-Muslims continues, Christians are less and less able to do even the most basic of needs; buying or selling a home or property.  Now, real estate agents are being killed for doing business with Christians, effectively driving them off their property through fear and intimidation.

From AINA May 25

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Preventing Assyrians From Selling Their Homes

Mosul, Iraq (AINA) -- According to a report published by the Iraq Press, hundreds of Assyrians in Mosul have been forced to leave the city by fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, also known as Daash. The Assyrians have been prevented by Daash from selling their homes. Daash has killed real estate agents who do business with Christians.

Unidentified gunmen assassinated the owner of the Zouhour Real Estates agency after he brokered the sale of a Christian house.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a source at the Nineveh Operation Command said that "ten real estate agents have been killed between 2013 and 2014, most recently the owner of El Nour Realty Office in the region of Mouhandiseen after he was kidnapped and beheaded for selling the house of a Christian family.

The owner of a real estate agency said "there are those who engaged secretly in the sale of real estate outside of the office environment, but the information was leaked to Daash quickly through informants belonging to them. Daash beheaded two of them in front of the owners of some offices selling real estate."

An Assyrian mother said to Iraq Press "The broker who sold my home in March 2013 was killed by armed groups and he was a father of four children. I feel I'm the responsible of this."

Rachel Ishu, an Assyrian from Mosul, demanded the Nineveh Operations Command find a solution to this humanitarian disaster that has affected nearly 5,000 Christian families. "I live in a small house in located 40 KM north-east of Mosul, I pay a monthly rental of 500 Dinars, I have no breadwinner, only an employed daughter who pays all her salary as rent for our house. We were removed from our large house north of Mosul, without being able to sell it."

While the West wrings its hands over the kidnapped girls, Boko Haram continues its jihad and murders another 24 innocents

"...over 20 insurgents stormed the Kamuyya weekly market, when traders were conducting their businesses and opened fire into the crowd before setting shops and vehicles on fire."

From Vanguard May 26 by Ndahi Marama

Boko Haram kills another 24 in fresh Borno attack

Maiduguri—No fewer than 24 people were reportedly killed yesterday in an attack carried out by suspected Boko Haram insurgents in Kamuyya village, Biu Local Government Area of Borno State.

Boko Haram militants have recently intensified bloody attacks in the rural areas as over 100 villagers have reportedly lost their lives within the last one week.

The latest incident occurred in the afternoon when dozens of the insurgents, armed with assault rifles and explosives invaded a weekly market in Kamuyya village, and killed 24 persons.

Residents said the insurgents had visited the town about two months ago and asked the village head to mobilise his subjects to contribute N250,000 for them to execute God’s work.

The villagers, most of them peasant farmers and petty traders, had only managed to raise N70,000, a situation which angered the insurgents.

They reportedly threatened to return and collect the balance, warning the community to either heed their demand within a stipulated period or face deadly attack.

A resident, Bukar Umar, said: “Actually, when they issued such threat, we all took it lightly and nobody bothered to make any extra effort to raise the amount they requested for.

“Maybe that was what ignited this bloody attack because we were unable to meet their demand.”

The attack

Umara said over 20 insurgents stormed the Kamuyya weekly market, when traders were conducting their businesses and opened fire into the crowd before setting shops and vehicles on fire.

According to him, “the militants, armed with sophisticated weapons, raided the area and proceeded to the major market. They began to shoot sporadicaally into the crowd, killing 24 people on the spot and burnt most of the shops in the market.”

He said the people were taken unawares as the town had not come under such heavy attacks for a long time.

He expressed dismay that innocent people were killed without the intervention of the security forces.

Read it all

Nigerian military claims to have found the kidnapped girls but will not rescue them

They seem to have a point by saying trying to rescue them will cause their deaths, but also claims that the military is capable of making the rescue a success.  What will happen now?  I find it less than believable that all the girls have been kept together, and fear they have been sold as slaves/wives to jihadists.  If it turns out they are all together, let the Moussad rescue them.  If anyone can pull it off, it would be them.

From The World Post May 27 by Michelle Faul

Nigeria's Military Knows Location Of Girls Kidnapped By Boko Haram: Defense Official

ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) — Nigeria's military has located nearly 300 school girls abducted by Islamic extremists but fears using force to try to free them could get them killed, the country's chief of defense said Monday.

Air Marshal Alex Badeh told demonstrators supporting the much criticized military that Nigerian troops can save the girls. But he added, "we can't go and kill our girls in the name of trying to get them back."

He spoke to thousands of demonstrators who marched to Defense Ministry headquarters in Abuja, the capital. Many were brought in on buses, indicating it was an organized event.

Asked by reporters where they had found the girls, Badeh refused to elaborate.

"We want our girls back. I can tell you we can do it. Our military can do it. But where they are held, can we go with force?" he asked the crowd.

People roared back, "No!"

"If we go with force what will happen?" Badeh asked.

"They will die," the demonstrators responded.

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Too many crosses, so Muslim attacks hospital staff

What started out as simply the flu turned into an act of jihad.

Too many crosses, not enough Qur'ans.

From Jihad Watch May 23 by Nicolai Sennels

Germany: Sick Turk attacks hospital nurse because “too many crosses on wall”

A 34-year-old went to St. Joseph Hospital early on Saturday morning due to a “gastro-intestinal flu.” Suddenly he refused to be treated, because he thought there were too many Christian crosses on the wall.

Because of the crosses, the man started insulting the nurse, calling her a bitch, fascist, and the like. Then the man, according to police report, also started becoming physically aggressive. The hospital called the police. The officers seized the man in front of the hospital and checked him.

The man could not present any identity papers. In a review in the office, it turned out that the man had been unemployed for a long period and had lost his Turkish passport.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Iran: popular actress may be flogged for public kiss

This is how weak and victimized Islam presents itself; a religion that cannot tolerate an accepted social behavior among ones peers.  Leila Hatami gave the required social lip brush at the Cannes Film Festival, and for this she could face prison time as well as being publicly flogged.

"There is no fun in Islam" says the now dead Ayatollah Khomeini.

From Variety May 23

Iranian Actress Could Face Public Flogging Over Kiss

Iranian actress Leila Hatami, star of Oscar-winning film “A Separation,” is causing a stir in her home country after publicly kissing Cannes president Gilles Jacob.

Unrelated men and women, according to Iran’s strict Islamic regime, are not allowed to touch or kiss in public.

The kiss, a simple peck on the cheek, took place at the world premiere of “Grace of Monaco” last Wednesday, May 14. It was also the opening night of the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Hizbullah Students, a group of university students linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, have since filed a complaint over the incident.

She must be flogged for “kissing a strange man,” they said in the petition.

The petition adds, “We, the undersigned, who are a group of student Muslim brothers and sisters, ask the cultural and media branch of the judiciary to prosecute Leila Hatami for her sinful act of kissing a strange man in public, which according to article 638 of Islamic Criminal Justice carries a prison sentence.”

Adding, “Furthermore, the action of this film star has hurt the religious sentiments of the proud and martyrs breeding nation of Iran and as such we also demand the punishment of flogging for her as stipulated in the law.”

Hatami is the daughter of popular Iranian director Ali Hatami and is married with two children.

Her reps could not be reached for comment on this story.

Sex slaves from Syria for sale on Facebook...wait, what?

Just when you thought Islam couldn't get any darker, there comes this.

"Among the announcements was one publicizing ''refugee girls of all ages and religious confessions'' to satisfy all applications..."

This is Islam.

From ANSAmed May 23

Syrian female refugees on sale on Facebook, NGOs denounce
(ANSAmed) - BEIRUT - A few thousand euros are enough to buy Syrian women, including minors, who have fled their war-torn country and are living in refugee camps, Arab human rights groups have denounced.

The groups are sounding the alarm on the plight of women who are on sale as ''Syrians up for marriage'' on Facebook.

This phenomenon is not new. Last year, reports alleged that Syrian women living in refugee camps in Jordan, Turkey and Iraq had been sold to men from Arab countries, in particular from the Gulf area. Rights groups also denounced cases of violence and sexual harassment in which victims were as young as 12 and 13 years of age.

The Facebook page publicizing Syrian refugees who could be bought as wives was closed on Thursday after hundreds of activists and human rights' lawyers protested. But it had thousands of followers between May 17-21 including prospective clients interested in the women who were portrayed with little on. Some posts showed the picture of women ''looking for a husband'' with a brief profile on their chastity and their ability in domestic work.

But to get a better insight into the ''goods'' on sale, men had to send an email to start negotiations. According to Arab NGO Kafa, which has repeatedly denounced the phenomenon, clients mostly hail from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, as well as Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Yemen and Bahrain.

And not a Christian or Jewish country among the list.  I wonder why?

Among the announcements was one publicizing ''refugee girls of all ages and religious confessions'' to satisfy all applications from Sunnis, Shiites and Christians in a climate of growing religious polarization.

''You can marry legally or secretly'', read the Facebook page.

Read it all

State Dept promotes jihad supporting Muslim cleric

"The State Department’s Counter Terrorism (CT) Bureau promoted on Friday a controversial Muslim scholar whose organization has reportedly backed Hamas and endorsed a fatwa authorizing the murder of U.S. soldiers in Iraq"

These are the people who have the ear of the POTUS (at his agreement) and are the reason we as a society are doomed.  No one will stand up and say what is evil.  There is no backbone to the US government any more.

From the Washington Free Beacon May 23 by Adam Kredo

State Dept Promotes Muslim Cleric Who Backed Fatwa on ‘Killing of U.S. Soldiers’

The State Department’s Counter Terrorism (CT) Bureau promoted on Friday a controversial Muslim scholar whose organization has reportedly backed Hamas and endorsed a fatwa authorizing the murder of U.S. soldiers in Iraq.

The CT bureau on Friday tweeted out a link to the official website of Sheikh Abdallah Bin Bayyah, the vice president of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), a controversial organization founded by a Muslim Brotherhood leader “who has called for the death of Jews and Americans and himself is banned from visiting the U.S.,” according to Fox News.

Bin Bayyah is reported to have been one of several clerics who endorsed a 2004 fatwa that endorsed resistance against Americans fighting in Iraq, PJ Media reported in 2013, when Bin Bayyah met with Obama’s National Security Council staff at the White House.

The CT Bureau tweet linked to a press release on Bin Bayyah’s site condemning the kidnapping of hundreds of Nigerian girls by the Boko Haram group.

However, Bin Bayyah himself has been known to back controversial causes.

Bin Bayyah has “urged the U.N. to criminalize blasphemy,” according to reports, and spoke “out in favor of Hamas,” the terror group that rules over the West Bank.

The cleric also issued a fatwa in 2009 “barring ‘all forms of normalization’ with Israel,” according to Fox.

The 2004 fatwa on Iraq stated that “resisting occupation troops” is a “duty” for all Muslims, according to reports.

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Thailand: 3 dead and dozens wounded in jihad attacks

In virtually all instances the reporting of attacks is couched in terms where the reader is given no clue as to who really did the deed.  Never a mention of jihad except in terms of tying it with the adjective "radical" which also belies the underlying tenet, which is Islamic doctrine.

The Islamic tide continues to spread, yet no one will call it by what it is, and for this thinking there can be no defense.

From AP May 24


BANGKOK (AP) -- A series of coordinated bomb attacks in restive southern Thailand hit convenience stores, gas stations and other locations, killing three people and wounding scores, police said.

The explosions Saturday evening occurred in Pattani province in Thailand's predominantly Muslim south, where an Islamic insurgency has claimed thousands of lives.

It was unlikely that the blasts were related to the military coup staged in Thailand's capital this past week, though insurgents may have been emboldened by the development.

Pattani provincial police chief Phote Suaisuwan said the blasts hit four 7-11 convenience stores, two gas stations and three other locations. Hospitals reported they treated 63 people and three had died.

More than 5,000 people have been killed since the insurgency flared in 2004. Thai Muslims complain of being treated as second-class citizens by the Buddhist majority.

The history of interaction between Hindus and Muslims has been a one-sided affair, with Muslims being the main aggressor yet projecting their aggression onto Hindus as a way to blame them for the plight of the poor Muslim.  Ridiculous.   

Monday, May 12, 2014

Former investigator who had worked on the F.B.I.-led Joint Terrorism Task Force says asking questions about Islam is wrong

"We are detectives of the New York Police Department’s Intelligence Division," he said. "We are there to collect intelligence about criminal activity or terrorism. Why are we asking, ‘Are you Muslim?’ ‘What mosque do you go to?’ What does that have to do with terrorism?"

What does being a Muslim, following Islam or going to a mosque have to do with terrorism?  Oh, I don't know, maybe that Christians or Jews do not routinely blow themselves up, or the fact that jihadists use copious quotes from the Qur'an to justify their actions?  I'm just askin...

From The New York Times May 10 by Joseph Goldstein

New York Police Recruit Muslims to Be Informers

One man was a food cart vendor from Afghanistan, arrested during an argument with a parking enforcement officer over a ticket. Another was an Egyptian-born limousine driver, picked up in a prostitution sting. Still another was an accounting student from Pakistan, in custody for driving without a valid license.

The men, all Muslim immigrants, went through similar ordeals: Waiting in a New York station house cell or a lockup facility, expecting to be arraigned, only to be pulled aside and questioned by detectives. The queries were not about the charges against them, but about where they went to mosque and what their prayer habits were. Eventually, the detectives got to the point: Would they work for the police, eavesdropping in Muslim cafes and restaurants, or in mosques?

Beginning a few years after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, a squad of detectives, known as the Citywide Debriefing Team, has combed the city’s jails for immigrants — predominantly Muslims — who might be persuaded to become police informants, according to documents obtained by The New York Times, along with interviews with former members of the unit and senior police officials.

Last month, the Police Department announced it had disbanded a controversial surveillance unit that had sent plainclothes detectives into Muslim communities to listen in on conversations and build detailed files on where people ate, prayed and shopped. But the continuing work of the debriefing team shows that the department has not backed away from other counterterrorism initiatives that it created in the years after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Indeed, in the first quarter of this year, according to police officials, the team conducted 220 interviews.

The Times reviewed two dozen reports generated by the debriefing team in early 2009. Together, the documents and the interviews offered an up-close view of how the squad operates, functioning as a recruiter for the Intelligence Division, the arm of the department that is dedicated to foiling terrorist plots. But they also showed that the division’s counterterrorism mission had come to intersect in some new — and potentially uncomfortable — ways with the department’s more traditional crime-fighting work.

They showed that religion had become a normal topic of police inquiry in the city’s holding cells and lockup facilities. Some reports written by detectives after debriefing sessions noted whether a prisoner attended mosque, celebrated Muslim holidays or had made a pilgrimage to Mecca. The report on the food cart vendor described the location of his Flushing mosque and noted that worshipers were a “mix of Afghani, Persian (Iranians) and Pakistani.” The Egyptian limousine driver said he “considers himself to be a Sunni Muslim” but “has not prayed at a Mosque in quite some time,” according to the report.

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Some uncomfortable facts about the Chibok kidnapping

Here are some facts about the kidnapping that the MSM does not want you to know.

From Vanguard May 10 by Fani-Kayode

Chibok Affair: The Emerging And Uncomfortable Facts

Now that the operational leadership and visible face of Boko Haram, in the person of the filth called Mr. Abubakar Shekau (aka Darul Tawheed), has finally admitted that they were responsible for the abduction of hundreds of our school girls and that they intend to ‘’sell them in the market like slaves’’, it is pertinent and necessary for us to consider some of the emerging, though uncomfortable, facts.

This will enable us to understand the nature of who and what we are dealing with and allow us to consider what the appropriate response ought to be if we really want to solve the problem. Permit me to share the following facts that have been brought to my attention:

1. That the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has told us that 90 per cent of the girls that were abducted from their school at Chibok were Christians.

2. That President Goodluck Jonathan himself alluded to this during his last media chat when he said that ‘’the majority’’ of girls that were abducted were Christians.

3. That the majority of the girls that either ‘’escaped’’ or were released by their abductors were Muslims.

4. That the Governor of Borno State refused to accept the counsel and abide by the directives of WAEC that the exams should not take place in Chibok due to the precarious security situation and instead he insisted that the exams should take place there and that he would guarantee the security of the children.

5. That the Christian Association of Nigeria has formally accused the Governor of Borno State of ‘’conspiracy and collusion’’ and they have urged him to tell us exactly where the girls are and what he knows about the whole incident.

6. That the girls that have been kidnapped are being raped up to 15 times a day by their captors and that those amongst them that have refused to convert to Islam are having their throats cut (read the testimony of one of the girls that ‘’escaped’’ on page 8 of the Vanguard Newspaper, 5th April, 2014).

7. That there was not a single adult in the school grounds watching over the 278 girls that entire night apart from one security man and that there was no electricity, no generator, no principal, no matron, no house master and no house mistress in the grounds with them.

8. That the children were all alone in their dormitories that night in the blistering heat and deepest darkness before the Haramites arrived to burn their school and carried them away into captivity.

9. That the soldiers that were guarding the school in Chibok were redeployed a few hours before Boko Haram launched their attack and abducted the children.

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Christians most persecuted in the Middle East, says US report

"The report, from the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, faulted usual suspects Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, as well as North Korea. The number of Christians in the Middle East has plunged to just 10 percent of the overall population from more than 25 percent in 2011"

Soon there will be no more Christians left in the Middle East, and the blame shall be laid at the feet of Islam and her apologists.

From FoxNews May 11 by Benjamin Weinthal

Christians persecuted at alarming rate in Iran, Arab world, US report says

Christians are under siege in the Middle East, and the Obama administration is not doing enough to stop religious persecution by its allies, according to a new report from a bipartisan federal commission.

The report, from the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, faulted usual suspects Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, as well as North Korea. The number of Christians in the Middle East has plunged to just 10 percent of the overall population from more than 25 percent in 2011.

"While the Obama administration should continue to shine a spotlight on abuses through public statements, it also should impose targeted sanctions to demonstrate that there are consequences, too," Dwight Bashir, the commission's deputy director of policy and research, told "By not utilizing an existing legislative tool, the United States risks sending the message that it prefers a nuclear deal to standing up for the rights of the Iranian people. The United States should not be confronting such a scenario in the first place."

The report identified the 16 worst violators of religious freedom, designating them "countries of particular concern." It said Iran, a fixture on the commission's reports since it began issuing them in 1999, has only gotten worse since "purportedly moderate President Hassan Rouhani" came to power last year.

“As of February 2014, at least 40 Christians were either in prison, detained or awaiting trial because of their religious beliefs and activities,” noted the report.

Morad Mokhtari, an Iranian human rights researcher at the New Haven, Conn., Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, told any hopes that Rouhani would usher in a more tolerant age in the Islamic Republic have been dashed. Mokhtari, an Iranian Christian, said Rouhani “has not been effective in changing the judicial system” and it is unclear if he wants to reform Iran’s Shariah-dominated legal apparatus.

Hamid Babaei, spokesman for Iran’s mission to the UN, told that he would review the commission's report, but declined further comment.

Saudi Arabia -- a traditional U.S. ally in the Gulf region -- was criticized because it bans all non-Islamic religious institutions and practices.

“Not a single church or other non-Muslim house of worship exists in the country,” the report stated. Some Saudi Arabia textbooks in 2013/2014 “justified violence against apostates and polytheists and labeled Jews and Christians ‘enemies.’"

During his March visit to the Kingdom, President Obama chose not to raise human rights issues with King Abdullah or other Saudi officials. Prior to Obama’s trip, a bipartisan group of 70 members of Congress urged Obama to address Saudi Arabia’s ban of women drivers and other important human rights cases. telephone and email queries were not returned by Nail Al-Jubeir, Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic spokesman in Washington.

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The unknown war in Syria

The Kurds are fighting against Islamic jihadists but the MSM does not tell us.  There are many fronts against Islamic expansion around the world, this is another of those "dirty little wars" that will have a much greater impact on the world than we have been told.

From the National Post May 11

‘They cut hands, cut heads, play with corpses’: Islamic extremists fighting brutal war against Kurds in Syria

A dirty little war is grinding on in northern Syria, off the West’s radar and beyond the reach of much of its media, writes Jonathan Spyer, who has just returned from a visit to the besieged Kurdish enclave of Kobani.

The conflict between the jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) and the Kurdish upstarts provides a glimpse of what the future might hold for the country, now in the fourth year of a punishing civil war — wars within wars.

Syria is now fractured into a multitude of interests, split along ethnic, religious and regional grounds — and each badly disposed to the others.

Last year, Syria’s Kurds seized the opportunity to declare independence from Damascus in areas along the border with Turkey. Today, they control three separate enclaves — Jazira, the largest, in the northeast, Kobani and Afrin. These are among the most peaceful and well-governed areas of the country.

In Kobani (Ayn Al-Arab in Arabic), about 80,000 people live under the rule of a Kurdish administration dominated by the Democratic Union Party (PYD), a movement closely allied with the separatist Kurdish movement, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), in neighbouring Turkey.

(.) For their part, the Kurds combine a studied contempt for their opponents’ tactical abilities with a sort of fascinated horror for some of their practices.

“They cut hands, cut heads, play with corpses,” said one female fighter.

“Many of them are on drugs. They attack randomly, haphazardly. But they can’t progress into our areas.”

A male fighter was more succinct. Asked about the Chechens who make up a significant portion of the jihadis’ manpower, he replied, “They are monsters.”

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Brunei's Sharia Law Will Be Rewarded by Obama's Fast-Track Trade Deal

At least Obama is consistent in his support of, and promulgation of Islam around the world.  While celebs and regular folks protest the Beverly Hills Hotel because it is owned by the Sultan of Brunai, Obama makes sure the ties that bind our two countries together are strengthened, based in mutual financial incentives.

Lovely.  The presidential election cannot come soon enough.

From HuffPo May 7 by Michelangelo Signorile

Brunei's Sharia Law Will Be Rewarded by Obama's Fast-Track Trade Deal

Boycotts and protests of the famed Beverly Hills Hotel have shined a bright light on the oil-rich nation of Brunei's recent imposition of Sharia law, a brutal criminal code that now includes amputations and floggings for some offenses and the stoning to death of known gays, lesbians, transgender people and others, as homosexuality and adultery are now considered crimes that should be punished by a torturous execution.

The sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, who implemented Sharia law himself, owns the Dorchester Collection of hotels, which includes the Beverly Hills Hotel, long a favorite of Hollywood stars. This week Jay Leno protested outside the hotel with the Feminist Majority Foundation, which moved its Global Women's Rights Awards from the hotel. Gill Action's Political OutGiving conference, focused on LGBT rights, moved its conference last month. Ellen DeGeneres called for a boycott. Virgin CEO Richard Branson tweeted on Saturday, "No @Virgin employee, nor our family, will stay at Dorchester Hotels until the Sultan abides by basic human rights."

But for the U.S., a far more abhorrent connection with the sultan than a few hotels is the trade pact with Brunei (and other Pacific nations), the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which President Obama has been doggedly pursuing since 2009. As noted by Curtis Ellis of the American Jobs Alliance, "on the very day Brunei was phasing in Sharia law, Obama's chief trade negotiator Michael Froman was on Capitol Hill selling the TransPacific Partnership, which would bind the U.S. to Brunei and give the Islamic Sultanate special economic privileges."

Labor unions and others are concerned that the pact would harm American workers and exempt foreign companies and governments from environmental standards and allow them to bypass American courts. Nobel prize-wining economist Joseph Stiglitz warns of a "real risk it will benefit the wealthiest sliver of the American and global elite at the expense of everyone else."

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) has expressed concern over the secrecy surrounding the trade agreement, which we only know anything about via leaked documents that have shown how corporations and governments will be able to overrule laws. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other groups have warned about the TPP giving privileges not just to Brunei but to Malaysia, which also has vicious laws criminalizing homosexuality, and Vietnam, which has been accused of human rights abuses. Both countries are also among the 12 seeking inclusion in the pact, including New Zealand, Japan and Australia.

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Boko Haram releases video of kidnapped Christian girls

If a picture is worth a thousand words the video below should count as a novel.

The left has never shown an inclination to protest against the sharia, neither has the LGBT community or women's rights groups but suddenly they have discovered a backbone and are now trying to rally their troops in defense of the girls in Nigeria.  You can bet after a while, these preening saviors of the innocent will be back at their Starbucks and JambaJuice, moving on to the next liberal crisis.

From JihadWatch May 12 by Robert Spencer

Nigeria: Abducted girls forced to convert to Islam

“They are Muslims now. We have liberated them.”
Here is the video about which I wrote here. Most of the girls have apparently been forcibly converted to Islam, while the rest are being offered in exchange for jihadi prisoners.
In other words, this whole operation is all about Islam from start to finish, while the international media and government leaders continue to insist that it has nothing to do with Islam whatsoever.
Video thanks to Pamela Geller.