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U.S. Attorney: Feds Could Challenge Missouri Anti-Sharia Legislation

Of course they will, to protect the new victim class in America, the Muslim.  Forget states rights, forget the rules of war, forget everything we know about protecting ourselves from dangers foreign, the Obama administration just lets the jihad roll on against the people who, foolishly I believe, elected him supreme leader.

Missouri, like the 14 other states who want to implement anti-sharia legislation, believes that there is a danger, as yet realized but on the horizon, of a legal system which is contrary to our constitution and an anathema to all the freedoms and rights we hold sacred.  Between the state legislature and the WH, I choose the "Show Me" state.

This article shows how law enforcement on a federal level plays into, and propagates the victimization card for Muslims, assuring them that all will be well once Islamophobia is defeated.  Promising the crowd that challenges to any anti-sharia law would be filed, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri Richard Callahan soothed the crowd of Muslims with his support of their right to practice sharia law in American courts.

Stand strong, Mighty Mo, for your fight is our fight.  For freedom, justice, human rights and our right to defend ourselves in any situation, free from federal interference.

From the Riverfront Times Aoril 29 by John H. Tucker

U.S. Attorney: Feds Could Challenge Missouri Anti-Sharia Legislation 

Muslim women take part in the Pledge of Allegiance during last night's event

U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri Richard Callahan visited the Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis last night to address the fears and frustrations of Muslim Americans who worry they are being racially profiled and wiretapped -- and to assure them that the Missouri Legislature's attempts to ban Sharia law from being considered in state courts here could face Constitutional challenges.

Yes you are being profiled because of your race (what race is Islam again?) and due to that we will make sure you can practice sharia law by taking away the state right to protect itself.

Seated in front of a large Muslim audience during a town hall-style meeting at the Ballwin mosque, Callahan anchored a panel that included fellow federal attorneys (one of whom was Muslim American), as well as three members of the FBI.

The tenor of the night was polite and respectful, but several members of the crowd expressed anger over what they perceive to be rising trends of Islamophobia in America over the past couple years, citing people burning the Koran and communities banning mosques as examples.

How many churches in Muslim countries have been burned down over the decades?  How many Bibles have been burned by Islam over the decades?  How many Christians have been murdered by followers of Allah over the decades?  Christianophobia is more the answer to these questions.

"There is a worse kind of Muslim hatred recently," said Adil Imdad, one of the event's organizers. "Especially in the last two years, Islamophobia and fear-mongering have been spreading like wildfire, and it's causing a lot of stress for our youth."

Uh oh, stressful Muslim youth on a potential rampage because of what we say alert.

The problem is now hitting a little closer to home, said Imdad, pointing to three bills currently circulating through the state legislature that seek to limit Sharia law (Islamic law) in Missouri courts. Sharia law could come into play in rulings considering child custody or prisoner rights for Muslims. As we've reported, the bills have become a source of controversy.

Callahan responded by hinting that, should anti-Sharia legislation get passed by the Missouri Legislature, it could be overturned by the federal courts. "The Department of Justice has a good history of challenging laws passed by state legislatures," he said. "If some laws are passed, I think you will see challenges by the federal government on the constitutionality of them."

Audience members also pressed Callahan to respond to instances of being detained and questioned on return trips to America. They asked why the media doesn't seem to cover hate crimes against Muslims, whether their phones are being tapped, and why women wearing hijabs seem to receive automatic pat-downs from TSA agents at airports.

"We come back to the United States and become personae non gratae," said an audience member, addressing the FBI representatives on the stage. "We are detained endlessly for the stamps on our passports."

If Muslims really wanted to be seen as part of the solution to jihadists and Islamists, the first thing to do is happily co-operate with law enforcment in any and all security procedures at airports and other points of entry for foreigners.  It is their fellow Muslims, with their continuous detonating of explosive underwear while shouting "Allahu Akbar" which caused all this in the first place, you should be more than willing to do whatever is needed to root them out and turn them in to police.  Coming from a country such as Pakistan or Yemen or even Saudi Arabia does not instill confidence in the TSA that your merely a tourist seeing the sights.  The perception we have of you has been created by you, do not blame us for how you have presented yourself and Islam.  Fix  the image, or we will fix it for you, and trust me, you really do not want that.

Zia Faruqui, the Muslim American attorney on the panel, spoke to the crowd using several Arabic phrases, encouraging them to avoid hiding. He defended the justice system, citing 50 prosecutions in recent years against people charged with anti-Muslim crimes.

I wonder how many anti-Israeli crimes there were last year, and whether Mr. Faruqui would give the same fervent support to those also oppressed because of their religion.

"Indeed, those who swear by the immutability of God’s law, ignore the fact that Shariah has been compiled, polished, amended and refined by Islamic jurists for centuries after the Prophet’s death."

A prescient observation and one which could be used to pry open the gate of ijtihad to enable Islam to modernize and reform itself into that vaunted "religion of peace" so ardently claimed today.  Until and unless Islam is willing to explore the option of change, nothing will change.

Here is a great observation on sharia in the Maldives.  Change Maldives to any country of choice, and the meaning and future outlook remains the same.

From MiniVan News April 30 by Yameen Rasheed

Comment: Shariah not a solution 

Yesterday, the Adhaalath party organised a large rally at the tsunami monument in Male’, to demand the implementation of Islamic Shariah in the Maldives.

The party was joined by “hundreds” of pseudo-religious NGOs whi lent their collective voice to the clamour for Shariah, supposedly an antidote to ‘murder, violent assaults, robbery, rape and drug abuse’ in the country.

“The whole nation is threatened and institutions have failed,” the party said in a statement. The ‘only solution’, according to large banners put up across Male’, is Islamic Shariah.

What the Adhaalath Party and its friends fail to mention here is that by ‘Islamic Shariah’, they’re referring to a single interpretation of Shariah suitable to their rigid world-view – a minority opinion among the world’s many Muslim schools of thought that all hold different views of Shariah.

Lady Injustice

One common criticism of clergy-controlled Shariah is the perceived injustice towards women. While these concerns are often met with heated denial, they’re also backed up by cold statistics.

In 2009, then Minivan News Editor, Mariyam Omidi, wrote a damning report highlighting the strong gender discrepancy in the meting out of punishment for ‘fornication’ in the Maldives. According to government statistics cited in the report, out of 184 people sentenced to lashing for ‘fornication’ under Shariah law, 146 were women.

Following his verdict in June 2005, a judge in the criminal court, helpfully offered his opinion that women were ‘deceptive creatures’ according to the scriptures.

Almost exactly two years later, another judge ruled that the gang-rape of a 12 year old girl by four axe-wielding men who’d broken in through her bedroom window, was ‘consensual sex’, because the child didn’t scream audibly enough.

Last week, Mukhtar Mai, a woman who was gang-raped and dragged out naked in front of 200 higher-caste men in her village in Pakistan, had her hopes dashed when the courts upheld a ruling by semi-literate, tribal judges against her.

Given these realities, and a long series of cases where Muslim women have been punished for the crime of getting raped, one awaits an answer from the proponents of Sharia as to why a woman should ever step into their courts expecting justice.

Judge, Jury and Executioner

In Islamic Shariah, there is no jury, no defense lawyers, no prosecutors, no pre-trial discovery process, no courts of appeal, no cross-examination of witnesses, no legal precedents, and perhaps most damaging of all, little room for modern evidence.

Former State Minister of Islamic Affairs, Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, while graciously acknowledging the validity of long established forensic methods of DNA profiling, stated that such evidence could only be used as ‘supplementary’ evidence, presumably while relying primarily on eye-witness testimonies, as practised in Arabia 1400 years ago.

Indonesian jihad and the NII

A group imposing Islamic texts and tenets through Universities to entice students to blow themselves up for Allah.  Targeting Christians specifically, the NII makes no bones on how it plans to impliment sharia law throughout Indonesia.

Oh wait, Islam, we are told does not have plans for global domination, but only wants to live in peace with all it's neighbors.

What am I, some kind of Islamophobe?

From AsiaNews April 30 by Mathias Hariyadi
Jakarta: extremist group recruits students to target Christians and introduce shariah  

The former independence movement NII has turned into a cell of Islamic terrorism. Among the objectives a devastating attack during Easter, on a Protestant church. The explosion also targeted an oilpipeline nearby the Christian building. Civil society calls on President Yudhoyono for less talk and more action.
 Jakarta (AsiaNews) - An emerging Islamic terrorist group recruits followers among university students and, through brainwashing, prepares them for suicide bombings or bomb attacks against sensitive targets, including Christian churches. It has been confirmed by the Indonesian police that the former separatist movement "NII or Negara Islam Indonesia" - the Islamic state Indonesia - has now turned into an extremist group in the network of terror. It recently orchestrated an attack on a Protestant church that only by accident, did not result in a bloodbath.

The acronym NII in the decades has become the symbol of the Muslim separatist struggle, which aims to impose Islamic law - Shariah - in Indonesia and introduce a full range of behaviors, lifestyles and patterns derived from the Arabic culture such as the beard, jilbab or the burqa. Today it has changed the face, becoming involved in the fundamentalist terror network, its leaders have adopted techniques like brainwashing to recruit young people in universities and train them to carry out attacks or bombings.
Police spokesman Amar Boy Rafly reports that the NII terrorist group arose five years ago and promotes the recruitment in schools, propagating an extremist vision of Islam.

Extremist, radical, militant, strict, any word to describe Islam as outside the mainstream view of it as a religion of peace is misleading.  Islam as defined today and practiced by some Muslims is the pure, fundamental expression of the words of Allah and the behavior and actions of Muhammad.  There is no extremist version of Islam, unless it is one of complete and total acquiescence to the principles and dogma laid down by Christianity or Judaism.  Now that would truly be extreme. 

Read it all


Egyptians not Christian, but were instead "proto-Muslim" who were persecuted by real Christians

Author Fadel Soliman wants us to believe him when he talks about the downtrodden "proto-Muslim" of Egypt and how they were, like Muslims today, persecuted by those evil Christians.  This is another re-write of history to make Islam look good and Christians look bad, a continuing method by Islamists to warp tighter the cloth of victimization by Christians against Muslims.

From the estimable Raymond Ibrahim comes this dissection of Solimans' book, "Copts: Muslims Before Muhammad"

From April 24 by Raymond Ibrahim

Were Conquered Christians Really Liberated Muslims? 

Fadel Soliman, Islam expert and "bridge-builder

Imagine if a top American historian appeared on the MSM insisting that the only reason Europeans conquered the Americas was to "defend" the Native Americans—who somehow had adopted Christianity centuries before Jesus was born—from being persecuted by heathen tribes.

While that would create a maelstrom of outrage and derision in the West, in the Arab world—where some think bewitched animals work as infidel operatives—such absurdities regularly pass for "truth."

Copts: Muslims Before Muhammad

Consider the case of Fadel Soliman, a celebrated Sharia expert and Arab media darling. Director of the Bridges Foundation—which teaches Muslims "how to present Islam" to non-Muslims—Soliman also lectures at Western universities, churches, and governmental agencies, including the U.S. Dept. of Defense.

His new Arabic book, Copts: Muslims Before Muhammad, which he has been promoting all over the media, including al-Jazeera, asserts that, at the time of the Muslim conquest of Egypt (c. 640), the vast majority of Egyptians were not, as history has long taught, Christians, but rather prototypical Muslims, or muwahidin, who were actually being oppressed by Christians: hence, the Muslim conquest of Egypt was really about "liberating" fellow Muslims. Soliman's evidence is that the Arian sect, which rejected the claim that Jesus was coequal with God, was present in 4th century Egypt. Therefore, according to Soliman, the indigenous Egyptians were practicing "proto-Islam"
hundreds of years before it was founded in the 7th century.

As with much of modern academia's approach to Islam, this thesis is based on pure fiction. While the Arians were pronounced heretics at the Council of Nicea (325) for their interpretation of the Trinity, they nonetheless accepted all of Christianity's core tenets—including original sin, crucifixion, resurrection, and salvation—all of which directly contradict Islam's teachings. What an imaginative stretch, then, for Soliman to portray the Arians as prototypical Muslims, simply because they did not believe Jesus was coequal with God (a standard that would make many people today "Muslims").

Needless to say, no historian has ever suggested that Muslims invaded Egypt to liberate "proto-Muslims." Rather, the Muslim historians who wrote our primary sources on Islam, candidly and refreshingly present the conquests as they were—conquests, for the glory and empowerment of Islam and its followers at the expense of unbelieving infidels.

Of course, with the weakening of Islam in the modern era, embarrassed Muslims began to euphemize their imperialistic history, portraying jihad as "defensive," "spiritual," etc.—culminating with Soliman's fairy tale. Even the unapologetic Sayyid Qutb, the sheikh of "radical Islam," interpreted jihad and the conquests as "altruistic" endeavors to "liberate" mankind.

Such sophistry is inevitable; for the Muslim conquests pose a thorny problem for Muslims. As David Cook writes in Understanding Jihad, p.167:
[T]he conquests were seen from the beginning as one of the incontrovertible proofs of Islam. To disavow them or to examine them critically—which has yet to happen in the Muslim world—will be very painful for Muslims especially Arabic-speaking Muslims. At every point… when Muslims have tried to abandon militant jihad for the internal, spiritual jihad… the memory of the conquests and the need to rationalize them have defeated this effort. The problem may lie in the unwillingness to confront the fact that the conquests were basically unjustified. They were not a "liberation" and they were not desired by the non-Muslim peoples; they were endured and finally accepted.

Read it all

Discussion on sharia law and inheritance in the US

This article is a fascinating dialogue on sharia law and the application under American civil law regarding the inheritance differences between sons and daughters. 

The will in dispute reads, in part "...[The] rest of the pension, if any left, should be divided according to Islamic Laws and Sharia...."  Now you can see where the disagreements start, and how difficult and potentially dangerous it is for a court to try and dissect this in a way which will satisfy US law and the dead guys will.

This is one of those precedent moments which will set a tone for future litigation outcomes involving in heritance among Muslims.  The most interesting thing in this article are the comments.  This is a site run by, and for lawyers, and their views on law as applied to sharia are very informative.  Read them if you have a few extra minutes.

From The Volokh Comspiracy April 29 by Eugene Volokh

Will Calls for Distribution “According to Islamic Laws and Sharia”; Pennsylvania Court Gives Twice as Much to Each Son as to Each Daughter 

That seems to be what happened in Alkhafaji v. TIAA-CREF Individual and Instit. Services LLC, 2010 WL 1435056 (Pa. Ct. Com. Pl. Jan. 14, 2010), which is now on appeal. I’m posting about this now because the briefs were just posted on Westlaw, and confirm the details of the will, as well as giving some extra perspective on the disputes related to what Sharia law provides in such situations.

Prof. Abbass Alkhafaji died, and left a will that apparently said, in relevant part,
(4) About my pension, the beneficiaries are all my biological kids and my current wife, ... after reducing all costs associated with the house.... [The] rest of the pension, if any left, should be divided according to Islamic Laws and Sharia....
(9) In case I have additional monetary benefits from my job, such as life insurance, 401K, 403B or any other retirement funds that I am not aware of, Allah as my witness, They should be divided, after costs associated with the payment of those funds according to Islamic Laws and “Sharia.”
The trial court entered an order that concluded with, “(1) TIAA-CREF Individual and Institutional Services LLC, shall make distribution of the pension accounts of the TIAA-CREF certificates ... to the decedent’s surviving spouse, ... in accordance with decedent’s last will and testament dated July 17, 2007, and to his biological children, ... in accordance of the law of Sharia, mainly [sic], one-eighth share to the surviving spouse, ... and thereafter, the remaining balance to be divided, two shares each to the six male children, and one share each to the [two] female children.”

Now if Prof. Alkhafaji had specified in his will that he was leaving a 1/8 share to his wife, and then 1/8 to each of his sons and 1/16 to each of his daughters, that would be fine, regardless of whether his motivation was religious or secular. (This is subject to any state law that might give his wife the power to get some minimum prescribed share, but apparently this was not argued in this case, perhaps because part of the argument — which I won’t get into here — was that Prof. Alkhafaji had left his wife certain assets for the duration of her life, with only the remainder after her death to be split between the children.) People are free to discriminate based on sex, religion, race, and so on in their wills, including in their gifts to their children.

But apparently the will had no such specific provision; rather, it called for distribution under religious law. This raises two questions:

(1) May a court interpret a will — or a contract, deed, trust instrument, or what have you — that calls for the application of religious law (whether Islamic law, Jewish law, canon law, or any other religious law)? Or does the Establishment Clause preclude courts from deciding what, say, Islamic law actually requires, at least if there’s a controversy between the parties about what the “true” interpretation of the religious law should be? Here, one side argues that under Islamic law, the contested provisions of the will are invalid, and that the court erred in relying on the widow’s interpretation of Sharia law; to quote the appellee’s brief, 2011 WL 1573386:
The Court’s determination that the pension should be distributed by giving the widow one eighth of the estate, with the remainder going to the children with two parts for each male and one part for each female, was not only a violation of the terms of the MDA, but also an incorrect interpretation of Shariah law. Had the trial court consulted an expert or referenced judicial texts rather than an interested non-expert, it would have noted that the will offered by a person who is in the illness of death is invalid under Shariah law. The illness of death is defined as the illness which would most likely lead to death. In other words, had the court correctly interpreted Shariah law, it would have found paragraph four of Decedent’s most recent will to be invalid. Because Shariah law is codified in judicial texts which were referenced at the trial court level, and the trial court failed to consult those texts, it committed an error of law when it incorrectly interpreted Shariah law.
(2) May a court apply a foreign or religious legal rule that requires discrimination based on sex, religion, race, and the like, when it is doing so in the course of interpreting a will, contract, etc., on the theory that the court is simply effectuating the author’s discriminatory preferences rather than itself engaging in constitutionally suspect discrimination?

There is much more, read it all

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And you thought young love was tough...

Youth in love cannot hold a candle to these senior kissy-faces.  But they can be held responsibile for being in close proximity to each other without being married.

From April 29 by  Beh Yuen Hui, Wong Pek Mei and A. Raman

Elderly pair pay the price for khalwat 

THEIR age did not stop a couple in Kangar from living in sin together.

Following a tip-off, an anti-vice squad raided the love nest of the elderly man and woman and booked them for committing khalwat (close proximity) early this year, Harian Metro reported.

On Wednesday, the Kangar Syariah High Court fined 66-year-old Salleh Nayan RM2,200, in default three months' jail, for committing the offence with his 60-year-old partner Azizah Saad.

Judge Azeman Omar fined her RM2,000 or two months' jail.

The duo had committed the offence at a house in Kampung Permatang Pauh, Simpang Empat, at about 2.25am on Jan 17.

They had initially refused to open the door when anti-vice officers from the Perlis Islamic Affairs Department raided the house.

Prosecutor Fakhrurrazi Mahdzir told the court that the duo were alone in the house until the wee hours of the morning, raising suspicions that the situation could have led to zina (illicit sex).

He said they must be punished to serve as a deterrent to others.

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Panel blacklists Egypt for religious oppression

As tempting as it is to tell you I told you so, I promised I wouldn't so, there you go.

As democracy marches across the Egyptian landscape we see exactly the Egypt of reality, not the surreal Egypt portrayed by the media and pundits.

From The Washington Times April 28 by Ashish Kumar Sen

Panel blacklists Egypt for religious oppression

Abuse of Muslim sects, Christians

Egypt systematically oppresses Christians and minority Muslim sects, according to a congressional commission that placed a key U.S. ally in the Arab world on a blacklist of nations that routinely abuse religious liberties.

Egypt, for the first time, was designated a “country of particular concern” for the “systematic, ongoing and egregious violations of religious freedom,” the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom said in its annual report released Thursday.

The independent, bipartisan commission also noted that President Obama has failed to add any country it cited for religious intolerance to a separate blacklist maintained by the State Department.

Countries on the State Department list face some level of economic sanctions.

“There is a problem with the failure to cite countries, and then a failure to take action when countries are cited,” commission Chairman Leonard Leo told The Washington Times.

The commission reported on 28 countries with severe religious strife, citing 14 as the most serious abusers. The commission included 11 on a lower-level “watch list” of nations with lesser degrees of religious persecution and three others where conditions are closely monitored.

Some countries were cited for official persecution of religious minorities or a failure to prosecute suspects arrested for religiously motivated crimes. The commission blamed blasphemy laws in some Muslim countries for religious violence.

Egypt, which receives about $1.5 billion a year in U.S. aid, was the only country moved from the watch list to the blacklist of countries of “particular concern” in this year’s report.

And this designation comes after the fall of Mubarak, not after.

Read it all

Tex-Mex Somali sentenced to 10 years for lying about connections with jihadists

It is good to see Ahmed Muhammed Dhakane will spend time behind bars, yet the fact that he was involved in human smuggling, and that he travelled to Mexico via South and Central America bring up more disturbing questions about Other-than-Mexican (OTM) individuals who cross the Southern border and what our administration is doing to address a growing and dangerous problem.

Islam has made inroads in Brazil, Argentina, Nicaragua, Venezuela and most of the Latin-American countries, setting up bases of operations with which they mobilize, train and transport jihadists and Islamists to the Grande Norte.  The funnel between the Middle East and America goes right through our neighbors to the South and we will pay dearly for our willful blindness.

From The Morning Call April 28 by Will Weissert

Somali arrested near Texas-Mexico border sentenced to 10 years for lying about terrorism links 

SAN ANTONIO (AP) — A federal judge sentenced a Somali man to 10 years in prison for failing to acknowledge ties to two global terrorist groups after he was arrested near the Texas-Mexico border in 2008, the U.S. Justice Department said Thursday night.

Ahmed Muhammed Dhakane, 25, prompted the
Department of Homeland Security to issue an alert in May 2010 asking Houston-area authorities to be on the lookout for a suspected member of al-Shabaabp, an al-Qaida ally based in Somalia. That warning came when two new charges of lying on a U.S. asylum application were filed against Dhakane, who had been arrested on immigration charges in Brownsville, across the Rio Grande from Matamoros, Mexico, in March 2008.

Dhakane pleaded guilty on Nov. 2 to two counts of lying on his asylum application, and the Justice Department said in a statement that he failed to acknowledge he had been a member of, or associated with, al-Barakat and Al-Ittihad Al-Islami, from prior to Sept. 11, 2001, until January 2003.

Al-Barakat is a financial transfer network; Al-Ittihad al-Islami, or the Islamic Union, wants to impose Islamic law in Somalia. Both are on the
U.S. Treasury Department's list of global terrorist groups with links to al-Qaida, according to the indictment against Dhakane.

U.S. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez in San Antonio sentenced Dhakane to 10 years behind bars, and ordered that he be placed under supervised release for three years after completing his prison term.

The Justice Department said Dhakane also provided false information concerning his entry into the United States when he claimed he and his wife traveled from Somalia to Mexico via Russia, Cuba, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Instead, the statement said, from June 2006 until March 2008, Dhakane resided in Brazil where he participated in — and later ran — a large-scale human smuggling enterprise

Dhakane also lied about his traveling partner, a minor he claimed was his wife. The Justice Department said she was actually a smuggling client, that the pair were never married, and that Dhakane repeatedly raped and eventually impregnated her prior to traveling to the U.S. He also threatened to have her killed if she told authorities he had raped her, and that they were never married, according to the statement.

Citing a Justice Department memo and other documents it obtained, the
San Antonio News-Express reported in March that federal officials believed Dhakane helped "violent jihadists" from East Africa sneak through Mexico...

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“What really struck me was how merciless they were. They really enjoyed my pain and suffering. It incited them to more violence.”

Reporter Lara Logan, during the early stages of the Ehyptian revolt was sexually assaulted by a group of up to 300 men.  She now speaks out about her ordeal on "60 Minutes".

Chilling and telling at the same time, her plight is but a microcosm of Islamic doctrine and the behavior of Muslim men. 

From The New York Times April 28 by Brian Stelter

CBS Reporter Recounts a ‘Merciless’ Assault 

Lara Logan thought she was going to die in Tahrir Square when she was sexually assaulted by a mob on the night that Hosni Mubarak’s government fell in Cairo.
Ms. Logan, a CBS News correspondent, was in the square preparing a report for “60 Minutes” on Feb. 11 when the celebratory mood suddenly turned threatening. She was ripped away from her producer and bodyguard by a group of men who tore at her clothes and groped and beat her body. “For an extended period of time, they raped me with their hands,” Ms. Logan said in an interview with The New York Times. She estimated that the attack involved 200 to 300 men.

Ms. Logan, who returned to work this month, is expected to speak at length about the assault on the CBS News program “60 Minutes” on Sunday night.

Her experience in Cairo underscored the fact that female journalists often face a different kind of violence. While other forms of physical violence affecting journalists are widely covered — the traumatic brain injurysuffered by the ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff in Iraq in 2006 was a front-page story at that time — sexual threats against women are rarely talked about within journalistic circles or in the news media.
With sexual violence, “you only have your word,” Ms. Logan said in the interview.

“The physical wounds heal. You don’t carry around the evidence the way you would if you had lost your leg or your arm in Afghanistan.”

Little research has been conducted about the prevalence of sexual violence affecting journalists in conflict zones. But in the weeks following Ms. Logan’s assault, other women recounted being harassed and assaulted while working overseas, and groups like the Committee to Protect Journalists said they would revise their handbooks to better address sexual assault.

Jeff Fager, the chairman of CBS News and the executive producer of “60 Minutes,” said that the segment about the assault on Ms. Logan would raise awareness of the issue. “There’s a code of silence about it that I think is in Lara’s interest and in our interest to break,” he said.

Until now the only public comment about the assault came four days after it took place, when Ms. Logan was still in the hospital. She and Mr. Fager drafted a short statement that she had “suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating.”

That statement, Ms. Logan said, “didn’t leave me to carry the burden alone, like my dirty little secret, something that I had to be ashamed of.”

The assault happened the day that Ms. Logan returned to Cairo, having left a week earlier after being detained and interrogated by Egyptian forces. “The city was on fire with celebration” over Mr. Mubarak’s exit, she said, comparing it to a Super Bowl party. She and a camera crew traversed Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the celebrations, interviewing Egyptians and posing for photographs with people who wanted to be seen with an American journalist.

There was a moment that everything went wrong,” she recalled.

Indeed it did, and Ms. Logan has the perfect opening, as she pointed out to make this subject more than a personal tragedy.  Let's hope she speaks loud enough to affect dialogue and change.

Read it all.

The Canadian Finsbury mosque

It is not isolated to mosques overseas, the recruitment and training of jihadists happens in mosques all over the world.  This happens to be the next one talked about, it doesn't matter exactly where it is, only that it is exposed and brought to the attention of law enforcement and the public.

From The Mail Online April 27

WikiLeaks: Montreal mosque 'is a top Al Qaeda recruiting zone'
A mosque in Montreal has been ranked in the world’s top nine Al Qaeda recruiting zones and linked to a terror cell planning attacks on Los Angeles airport, new released documents claim.

The WikiLeaks files, written by U.S. military chiefs, list the Al Sunnah Al Nabawiah mosque among nine houses of prayer worldwide considered as a place ‘Al Qaeda members were recruited, facilitated or trained’.

The leaked ‘Matrix of Threat’ documents, designed in the early days of the Guantanamo detention centre to assist intelligence officials, rank the Canadian mosque alongside sites in Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
The Al Sunnah Al Nabawiah Mosque in Montreal is considered by the U.S. military to be among places where
The Al Sunnah Al Nabawiah Mosque in Montreal is considered by the U.S. military to be among places where 'known al-Qaeda members were recruited.'

A terror cell linked to a mosque in Montreal were planning an attack on Los Angeles Airport, pictured, according to WikiLeaks documents
A terror cell linked to a mosque in Montreal were planning an attack on Los Angeles Airport, pictured, according to WikiLeaks documents

The mosque, which was also linked to the September 11 attacks, is the only Islamic prayer house in North America listed as a threat in the leaked report.

The classified documents claim the mosque’s former Imam and current Guantanamo inmate, Mohamedou Ould Salahi, was the leader of the Canadian-based Al Qaeda cell.

The Mauritanian man arrived in Montreal from Germany in November 1999 but left Canada after police began to question him about ties to Ahmed Ressam, the so-called ‘Millennium Bomber’ who planned to attack Los Angeles airport and other U.S. targets.

Ressam, an Algerian who lived in Montreal, was arrested at the U.S.-Canada border carrying explosives before he could execute the ‘Millennium plot’.

According to the documents, Salahi met with Ressam four days after arriving in Montreal and had prior knowledge of the plot as well as contact with the extremists planning the attack.

The documents also claim that the 39-year-old electrical engineer recruited three of the September 11, 2001, terrorist hijackers and facilitated their training.

Salahi has acknowledged joining the mujahedeen in its fight against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. But he says he had no role in the millennium bomb plot and denies any connection with Al Qaeda, the Taliban or their associates since 1992.

The leaked documents claim Salahi and a number of his contacts met frequently at a Montreal safehouse operated by a friend and former classmate Salahi met in Germany who was later arrested in Israel.

Salahi has tried unsuccessfully to obtain Canadian intelligence documents from interviews the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) conducted with him in 2000, which he claims could corroborate his claim of abuse at the hands of his American captors.

The Supreme Court has refused to hear his case while the Federal Court of Canada ruled last year that he is not entitled to the information because he is neither a Canadian citizen nor subject to legal proceedings in Canada.
 He has been held at the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for more than seven years.

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The South rises to the challenge

South Carolina, who's women I could listen to for hours is now officially another state planning to ban sharia law.

Go South Carolina!

From the Aprl 28 by Michael Beisecker

Bill would ban courts from using 'foreign law' 

RALEIGH -- A group of Republican legislators is backing a measure that would make it illegal for judges to consider "foreign law" when making rulings in North Carolina's courts.

Though the federal and state constitutions already guarantee the supremacy of U.S. law in domestic cases, primary sponsor Rep. George Cleveland said he is concerned that Shariah law could gain a foothold in American communities with sizable Muslim populations.

A true statement, but one which falls on mostly deaf ears.

House Bill 640 makes no mention of the Islamic legal code. But Cleveland said Shariah would be defined as a "foreign law" under his bill, and therefore banned from North Carolina's courtrooms if the legislation he proposes is approved.

"It's to ensure that any individual in this state does not have to worry about being taken advantage of by foreign laws," said Cleveland, a retired Marine who lives in Jacksonville. "It's barring any international law. If Shariah law tries to be enforced in the state, yeah, it would do it."

Uncertain of effect

Critics of the bill said that the broadly worded legislation could have unintended consequences, such as impeding international businesses or invalidating overseas marriages or adoptions.

Rooted in the teachings of the Quran, Shariah governs the conduct of an observant Muslim's life, from when to pray to how animals should be slaughtered for meat. It is also the basis for the legal codes in some Middle Eastern and south Asian countries.

Asked to provide real-world examples of the scenario his bill seeks to remedy -- cases where foreign laws infringed on the constitutional rights of American citizens in U.S. courts -- Cleveland said he did not know of any.

I suggest Cleveland Google sharia law in America and he can see at least 20 examples so far of sharia law being applied in place of US civil law.

The bill's other primary sponsor, Rep. Ric Killian, a Charlotte Republican and a real estate developer, could not be reached for comment.

Rep. Joe Hackney, the House Democratic leader, said Republicans are wasting time attacking an issue that doesn't exist.

"I think it's a solution in search of a problem," said Hackney, a lawyer from Chapel Hill. The bill moved through a judiciary committee last week over the objections of Democrats, taking it a step closer to a vote on the floor of the Republican-controlled House.

"It was very odd," said Rep. Jennifer Weiss, a Cary Democrat and lawyer who serves on the committee. "There were no examples given for why it was needed, when it would be needed, no examples of North Carolina being in a situation where we needed this legislation. It was just sort of rushed through without a whole lot of explanation."

Ms. Weiss, just wait, and Islam will show you the reasons why this bill is needed.

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The Friday Night Fights

My Dad, God rest his soul, used to love Friday nights.  In L.A. where he grew up, there on TV were the Friday Night Fights and he loved his boxing.  Plastered in front of the little glowing box he would shout and yell, throwing punches into the air as if he could control the fighters movements.  I am sure he would have loved a Wii system if he were alive today. 

Today, the Friday Night Fights seem to emanate mostly from mosques, as the preachers stir their congregations to heightened states of agitation, until the end of the sermon, at which point they stream out and attack the evil they just heard about, courtesy of the Qur'an.

In Egypt, Friday nights it is the Christians vs the Muslims, and so far Islam is 35-0

From The Straits Times April 29

Islamists protest outside Coptic Church in Cairo  

CAIRO - ABOUT 2,000 hardline Islamists protested on Friday outside the Coptic Church's headquarters in Cairo to demand the release of two women they allege are being held after converting to Islam.

The protesters, who belonged to the puritanical Salafi sect, marched on St Mark's Cathedral from a mosque after Friday prayers to demand the release of Wafa Constantine and Camellia Shehata, the wives of two priests. The church denies the women converted to Islam.

The Salafis have held regular protests over the case in the past year, but they have usually been smaller in number.

Their cause was eventually picked up by an Al-Qaeda-linked group in Iraq that massacred dozens of Christians in a Baghdad church in November 2010 and vowed more attacks until the two women are freed.

Two months later, a suicide bomber killed more than 20 Copts after a New Year's Eve mass in the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria.

The Coptic Church has reportedly convened a synod in response to the growing assertiveness of Salafis, who have increased their political presence in Egypt since a popular revolt toppled president Hosni Mubarak in February. Copts, who account for about 10 percent of the country's 80 million people, complain of discrimination. They have been the targets of fairly regular sectarian attacks.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

...and the jihad continues...

Just a couple of articles on the ever-present and continuing jihad aginst the non-Muslim world.  It never stops, it moves along, relentless and driven to succeed.

This is Islam.

From Yahoo UK/Ireland April 28

10 killed in Iraq mosque suicide attack 

A suicide bomber killed 10 people as he blew himself up inside a Shiite mosque in central Iraq on Thursday, as nationwide violence left 16 dead, including senior police and army officers. 

The flare-up comes with just months to go before US troops are to withdraw completely from Iraq and as a string of American officials have passed through Baghdad this month to press Iraq to decide on whether it wants an extended US military presence.

In Thursday's deadliest attack, a suicide attacker detonated his payload amid a crowd of worshippers inside the Imam al-Hussein mosque in Baladruz, around 75 kilometres (50 miles) northeast of Baghdad, according to a colonel in the provincial security command.

At least 10 people were killed in the attack, according to the colonel and a doctor in Baladruz hospital, both of whom declined to be identified.

The colonel put the number of wounded at 30, while Hassan al-Shammari, a doctor at the main hospital in Diyala's provincial capital Baquba, said the hospital was treating 18 wounded.

All of the casualties from the blast, which occurred at around 8:15 pm (1715 GMT), were men.

Shammari said ambulances had been dispatched from Baquba to Baladruz, which lies 30 kilometres (20 miles) to the east.

Baladruz is in Diyala province, which is home to Sunni and Shiite Muslims and remains one of Iraq's most violent, even as the number of attacks nationwide has dropped off dramatically from its peak in 2006 and 2007.

Then there is this from AFP/Yahoo April 28

Blast kills 14 in Marrakesh cafe 

Marrakesh 'terrorist' blast kills at least 14 AFP – Police work after an explosion at a cafe in the centre of the Moroccan tourist city of Marrakesh.

MARRAKESH, Morocco (AFP) – A powerful blast ripped through a cafe in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh on Thursday, killing 11 foreigners and three Moroccans in what authorities suspect was the work of a suicide bomber.

"According to the information I have, it could have been perpetrated by a suicide bomber," an official in the regional governor's office told AFP.

"We found nails in one of the bodies," added the official, who was in a hospital where some of the bodies were taken.

And an interior ministry official said that indications pointed to a terror attack on the Argana cafe in the main square of Marrakesh, a favourite haunt of foreign tourists.

But there were contradictory reports on exactly how the blast occurred.

One witness who was inside the cafe but escaped unscathed said: "An individual entered, ordered an orange juice and a few minutes later blew himself up."

But another witness, quoted by several Moroccan radio stations, said the bomber dropped a suitcase and immediately walked out of the cafe.

Latifa Idrissi, whose husband Yassine Bouzidi, 28, was one of the victims, said the blast occurred on the cafe's terrace and badly injured the manager.

A medical source speaking on condition of anonymity said five women are among the 11 dead foreigners.

"We cannot at this stage determine the exact identity of all the victims," the source added.

Earlier another official said that, in addition to the 14 fatalities, 20 people were injured in the midday blast which he described as "criminal" in nature.

There is more, read it all

A blow against CAIR and Islamic supremacism in the US

Due to national security concerns, CAIR and five other groups, along with five individuals who have been trying to access FBI files were dealt their aces and eights hand recently.  The judge ruled that they were not going to see those files because they had no reason to view sensitive documents. 

Shakeel Syed, executive director of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California was displeased by the judges decision.  Of course he was.  He complained with the usual victim hood narrative, asking "...I just want to know the reasons for that(surveillance) and I want to know whether that is warranted or not..."  Well Syed, would it have anything to do with your coreligionists constantly yelling"Allahu Akbar" whenever they are agitated enough to kill and maim, and the use of Qur'anic quotes to bolster their argument that they are just doing Allah's work?

Of course not, that would be Islamophobic, wouldn't it?

From TampaBayOnline April 27 by Amy Taxin

Federal judge rules Muslims can't see FBI files  

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) -- A federal judge ruled Wednesday that a group of Muslim activists and organizations cannot review additional records of FBI inquiries into their activities but berated the government for misleading the court about the existence of the files.

U.S. District Judge Cormac J. Carney said six Muslim groups and five individuals who sued in 2007 to gain access to records they believed the FBI was keeping do not have a right to much of the information because of national security concerns.

The ruling came amid a nearly five-year battle by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Muslim activists to obtain files they believe would show the FBI has been unlawfully targeting Muslims in Southern California.

The ACLU are nothing more than useful idiots for Islam and their apologists.

Carney reached his decision after privately reviewing more than 100 pages of documents to ensure the government had complied with the Freedom of Information Act in denying access to plaintiffs.

In his 18-page ruling, Carney declined to reveal the number or nature of the records the FBI kept on the plaintiffs, citing national security concerns.

He also reached the conclusion that federal government attorneys misled the court about the existence of the documents.

"The government's representations were then, and remain today, blatantly false," Carney wrote. "The government cannot, under any circumstance, affirmatively mislead the court."

Such "deception" could impede the court from performing its constitutional responsibilities, he added.

No one was immediately available to comment at the Department of Justice.

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The Gatekeeper and the Keymaster finally hook up

The end result could be close to the union on film between Sigorney Weaver and Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters.  The destruction of New York City was assured after the two of them mated, releasing Gozer the Traveller in the form of the Stay-Puft marshmallow man.  The union of Hamas and Fatah will most assuredly be realized in a destructive power akin to Stay-Puft, covering that part of the Middle East with the sticky goo of Islamism.

Time to cross the streams, Egon.

From BBC News April 27

Palestinian rivals Fatah and Hamas 'agree to end rift' 

The Fatah party of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas, which governs Gaza, have agreed a reconciliation deal, officials say. 

Mahmoud Abbas (L) and Khaled Meshaal, file pic Fatah and Hamas have been bitterly divided for more than four years
Under the Egyptian-brokered deal, an interim government will be formed and a date fixed for elections.

The groups have been divided for more than four years, with Hamas in power in Gaza and Fatah running the West Bank.

Israel immediately said that the Palestinian Authority could not have peace with both Hamas and Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: "I hope the Palestinian Authority will make the right choice - peace with Israel."

Hamas has carried out bombings and rocket attacks against Israel for years and does not recognise its right to exist.

The US responded to the news by saying that any Palestinian unity government would have to renounce violence and recognise Israel.

Thousands of Palestinians protested in Gaza this month, calling for reconciliation.

The protests were inspired by uprisings elsewhere in the Middle East and North Africa.

The split between Fatah and Hamas occurred when violence erupted a year after Hamas won Palestinian elections in 2006. Hamas seized control of Gaza in 2007.

The BBC's Jonathan Head in Cairo says that if the deal goes ahead, it will end the bitter hostility between the two sides and remove a significant barrier to the Palestinian campaign for statehood.

Read that as: we will have the combined power of Islam against Israel and we will now do the final push to eliminate Israel as a state, instill a Palestine across Israeli land and scatter the Jews, or at least what is left of them, to the winds far and wide.

But he says there are many difficult issues to resolve - such as how the two factions will share security, how Gaza and the West Bank, separated by Israeli territory, will be governed, and whether the international donors will be willing to recognise Hamas.

Signing ceremony

At a news conference in Cairo, Fatah delegation head Azzam al-Ahmad said: "We are proud that we now possess the national will to end our divisions so we can end the occupation of Palestine... the last occupation in history."

Not so veiled threat alert.

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Christian woman stoned in South Dakota

We are told we have nothing to fear from Islam or sharia law, that it is us who are Islamophobic and hate-mongering and that we are misunderstanding Muslims.

Tell that to Lisa Marie Johnson.

From Dr. Rich Swier April 25

Christian woman stoned in South Dakota 

Lisa Marie Johnson is a very brave woman. Lisa is a former Catholic Nun living in South Dakota. Lisa was on the forefront of the American Laws for America Courts legislative battle in South Dakota. Lisa has been on the forefront of the effort to expose the bizarre situation of four (4) mosques in Sioux Fall, SD a city of a mere 120,000 people. Most of the Muslims in Sioux Fall are from Somalia.

Most recently Lisa organized a very successful screening of
Iranium to a standing room only crowd of 300, with Frank Gaffney, Founder and President of the Center for Security Policy, South Dakota Sen. Dan Lederman, Tom Trento, President of The United West and Captain Joel Arends.

In fact, Lisa is on her way to Iraq, with Captain Arends, to film a documentary about the slaughter of Iraqi Catholics by shariah Muslims in Baghdad.

On several occasions, Lisa has been confronted by Muslims who do not like her. Not long ago, Lisa's tires were slashed, yes, in the quiet mid-west town of Sioux Falls. The attacks against Lisa have been reported to local police and homeland security.

On Easter Sunday, Lisa home was stoned. Several rocks were thrown thru her front windows shattering the glass and landing on the stairwell to her bedroom. It appears that Lisa is being targeted and the attacks are becoming more frequent and symbolic.
Stoning Lisa on Easter Sunday is both a political and religious statement.

This behavior cannot stand anywhere in America.

Some pictures of the stoning of Lisa Marie's home:
Photos of Lisa's front door and the rock thrown through it:

Photo of rock thrown on Holy Thursday:

Christians rape Muslim women, beat preacher in Pakistan...wait, what?

Once again, the religion of peace shows us how to behave around others not of your faith.  Can you feel the tolerance and bridge-building?

From April 28

Anti-Christian violence in Punjab, young woman raped, Protestant pastor attackedTwo members of an extremist group open fire at the car of Rev Ashraf Paul in Lahore. His 24-year-old son is critically wounded but is now out of danger. In Faisalabad, a police officer rapes a 24-year-old woman over four days 

Lahore (AsiaNews/Agencies) – Anti-Christian violence continues in Pakistan, after Easter was celebrated in memory of Shahbaz Bhatti, the country’s Minority Affairs minister assassinated in March. Yesterday, an extremist group ambushed a Protestant clergyman travelling with his family, seriously wounding his 24-year-old son. A few days ago, a young Christian woman was abducted and raped over several days by a man claiming to be a police officer. After she was let go, he fled without leaving a trace.

Two members of Tehreek-e-Ghazi Bin Shaheed (TGBS), an extremist Muslim group, attacked a Protestant clergyman and his family. The incident occurred near the town of Hamza, near Lahore (Punjab). The pastor’s 24-year-old son sustained serious injuries. The clergyman himself had received threats and demands for money a few weeks earlier.

Perfectly in line with Islamic doctrine, which demands Muslims require non-Muslims to either convert, pay the jizya or fight.  The threats and demands for money satisfy two of the three.

Rev Ashraf Paul, 55, and his family were driving down Ferozepur Road. At one point, two men on motorbikes intercepted the vehicle, firing at the clergyman’s car, which was hit at least five times. His 24-year-old son, Sarfaz, was critically wounded.

The two suspects, aged 19 to 21, fled the scene right after the attack. Their identity is unknown, but in addition to police, activists from the Center for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS) are on the case.

Sarfaz Paul was rushed to the Mayo Hospital, in central Lahore, where he underwent emergency surgery. Doctors removed three bullets, from the young man’s jaw, waist and public area. The latest medical bulletin said that he was “out of danger” but still under close observation.

Does this mean he was shot where crowds could see him?

In Faisalabad, 24-year-old Sehar Naz, was abducted and repeatedly rape by a man claiming to be a police officer.

After sexually assaulting her several times, in Lahore and Faisalabad, the man, who claimed to be a Major Rana Atif, left the woman at the Faisalabad Railway Station.

The sexual assault, which occurred in mid-April, was confirmed by doctors at Faisalabad’s Civil Hospital.

Police opened a file against the accused rapist, who has since disappeared without leaving a trace.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Brigitte Gabriel to speak in Fresno, CA

From Act!4America this great news for West Coast fans of Ms. Gabriel.  Here are the details:

Come Meet Brigitte!!

Brigitte Gabriel to Speak
in Fresno, California

It’s my privilege to invite you to a special event featuring Brigitte Gabriel, ACT! for America President. The event will be held in Fresno, California, and is free and open to the public.

Here are the details:
Date: May 16, 2011
Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Location:Cornerstone Church, which meets at the historic Wilson Theater
1455 Fulton Street
Fresno, California

The events of the past eighteen months have been a sobering wake-up call to America.
Without question, the threats radical Islam poses to America have increased, and with
the election of a new Congress prospects for positive changes to address this threat
are promising.

Brigitte will discuss these threats to our safety and security, such as…

  • The growing threat of homegrown jihad, with the number of such jihadist plots
           skyrocketing over the past two years.
  • How terrorists are exploiting our porous southern border, often working with

    •            drug cartels.
      • The increasingly militant—and successful—effort by Islamists worldwide to
                 suppress free speech and criminalize any criticism of Islam.
      • The Muslim Brotherhood threat and how Islamic sharia law is creeping into America.

      But even more important than this, Brigitte will spell out the strategies and tactics
      ACT! for America is employing to effectively fight back against these threats.

      Brigitte’s message will be illuminating, at times disturbing and even shocking—but

      ultimately inspiring, empowering, and filled with hope!

      You will hear first-hand how ACT! for America is successfully rolling back the tide

      of radical Islam…how we don’t have to live in fear or resign ourselves to the
      inevitability of the threats arrayed against us...and how we will prevail.

      I also encourage you to email this to people you know who might be interested in attending.

      In 2008 we did an event like this in Indiana and one of our members in Oregon found out
      about it and emailed a friend in Indiana—who then brought 21 people to the event!!

      We’re sending this email to all our members in California, Nevada and Oregon, because

      we know, from prior experience, that many people are willing to travel to hear Brigitte
      speak and they forward announcements like these to people they know who live in the area.

      I know those of you who have heard Brigitte will agree—you don’t want to miss this!

      It will be an event people will be talking about for a long time to come!

      Invite your friends and come join us in Fresno, California. We look forward to seeing

      you on May 16th.

      Less sex, more fighting

      Well, not really.  By eliminating the sex drive with chemicals, testosterone is reduced, thus reducing aggression.  Oh wait, this is a good thing, less aggressive jihadists!  OK, where do I send money.

      From The Telegraph April 26 by Holly Watt

      Al-Qaeda leader put jihad before a sex life

      One of the most senior members of al-Qaeda held at Guantánamo took injections “to promote impotence” to avoid being “distracted” by women, according to evidence uncovered by investigators.  

      One of the most senior members of al-Qaeda held at Guantánamo took injections ?to promote impotence? to avoid being distracted by women, according to evidence uncovered by investigators
      Al-Nashiri is described as 'one of al-Qaeda's most skilled and capable operational coordinators' 
      Abd al-Rahim Hussein Muhammad Abdah al-Nashiri, a Saudi Arabian, was said to have reported directly to Osama bin Laden. His interrogators reported: “Detainee is so dedicated to jihad that he reportedly received injections to promote impotence and recommended the injections to others.”

      He received the injections “so more time could be spent on jihad – rather than being distracted by women”.

      Th lengths.....oops, sorry...the depths jihadists will stoop to in order to satisfy Allah continue to gobsmack me.

      Read it all 

      "He look like a man" says Ms. Swan

      In trying to describe any human male, the character of Ms. Swan on MadTV would invariably say to the exasperated questioner "Well, he look like a man".  Thus CNN follows in glorious footsteps, except this is real, whereas MadTV was a parody.  

      If it was just a man identified this time as the shooter, will the next time be something even more nebulous, like person or human, maybe even bipedal hominid could work.  The identity of the shooter is revealed, but the headline would indicate there are "men" out there who wish us ill. 

      The Taliban take responsibility, the man's brother denies any connection between his brother and the Taliban.  His brother goes on to explain that because of numerous airplane crashes there may be some mental issues being manifested. 

      Either the brother is lying, or the Taliban are.

      From CNN April 27 by Nick Paton Walsh

      Man opens fire on Americans in Kabul; 9 dead  

      Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) -- Eight U.S. service members and an American civilian contractor were killed Wednesday in a shooting at an Afghan air force compound in Kabul, officials said.

      The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan said an Afghan military pilot opened fire on international troops, sparking a "gunfight." The Taliban, however, claimed responsibility for the attack and said it had been working with the shooter for some time -- an assertion that NATO denied.

      Also denying the Taliban claim was the brother of the pilot.

      "My brother had no connections with the Taliban, and I deny any claims of his connection by the Taliban," Dr. Mohammad Hosain Sahebi told a local Afghan TV station in a telephone interview.

      He said his brother, Ahmad Gull, 48, was in the Afghan Air Force for several years and was injured many times in plane crashes. The Afghan military, however, listed the pilot as being 50 years old.

      "My brother had mental sickness as the result of the plane crashes in '80s and also he had economic problems, too," Sahebi told local television.

      One witness, Jon Mohammad, a military pilot at Kabul Airport, told CNN that he jumped from a second floor window to the ground during the incident. He saw foreigners laying on the ground inside the first floor, he said.

      "He was religious person, but I'm not sure if he had mental illness," Mohammad said of Gull, the pilot.

      Since Islam seems to cause disturbances in rational thinking, I would say yes to mental illness.

      Read it all

      End inflation now by embracing Islam

      If it were only that easy.  Since Islam is a complete and total way of life, right down to how one does business, prices would stay at the price fixed by the caliphate, not according to consumer demand or supply.  Sounds like communism to me.

      From AlMasryAlYoum April 27

      Brotherhood leader: Islam is the answer to price hikes 

      <p>جانب من مؤتمر الجماهيري لجماعة الإخوان المسلمين، إمبابة، الجيزة، 14 أبريل 2011. عقدت جماعة الإخوان المسلمين مؤتمراً جماهيرياً تحت عنوان: «من نحن.. وماذا نريد؟» يهدف إلى التعريف بالجماعة وأهدافها، والقضايا التي ستتبناها خلال الفترة المقبلة التي من أهمها حماية الثورة وتطوير الجماعة ومؤسساتها وهياكلها، وتحقيق مشروع النهضة للأمة بالإسلام، وصبغ الشعب بصبغة الإسلام.</p>
      Photographed by محمد كمال
      A Muslim Brotherhood member presented Islam as an economic solution during a conference in Daqahlia Governorate Tuesday. 

      Talaat al-Shennawy, head of the Brotherhood's Daqahlia office, said Egypt could curb price increases by following God's rules.

      Shennawy said the greatness of Islam lies in it being a comprehensive religion that embraces all fields of life. He said people should apply all Islamic orders rather than just the ones they like.

      In apparent conflicting messages, the Brotherhood said during another conference in Minya that it does not want religion to govern the state. 

      "The Brotherhood will opt for a civilian state and is seeking a strong parliament, as well as municipal councils free of bribery and nepotism, that can address citizens' needs," said Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie.

      This is not a statement of separation of mosque and state, it is an explanation of Islam for Western consumption.  It is what we want to hear, but it is not the truth about Islamic texts and tenets.

      Royal Wedding "legitimate target for jihad"

      As if it wouldn't be, due to Britain's meddling in the affairs of Islamic countries.  The crusading armies are to blame for the outpouring of Islamic hatred, doncha know.

      If, God forbid, anything happens you can bet there will be heard cries of "they deserved it" from Islam, after the dry cry over the dead is over.

      From The Telegraph April 27 by Victoria Ward

      Muslim group claims royal wedding is legitimate terror target 

      Islamic protestors hold banners as they speak with media in London, Wednesday, April 27, 2011. The protestors have been banned by police from demonstrating during the royal wedding
      The protesters have been banned by police from demonstrating during the royal wedding Photo: AP
      Muslims Against Crusades, which had its application to protest on Friday turned down by police, yesterday urged Muslims to stay away from central London when Prince William marries Kate Middleton and to avoid all means of public transport due to the heightened risk of an attack.

      Where would they get the idea that a disaster could be in the making?
      Assad Ullah, leader of the extremist campaign group, insisted that it had no “inside knowledge” but was simply repeating security fears that have already been widely reported.

      There is a legitimate Islam opinion that those who have been attacked have the right to retaliate,” he said.

      Anything done to hamper or hinder the spread of Islam is seen as an attack against Muslims, therefore retaliation is just the catchword for offensive jihad.  

      “British foreign policy is causing this kind of feeling and increasing the instability in this country. We do not advocate violence but can see how they made themselves a legitimate target for others.”

      Announcing that the group had abandoned its plans to protest against the wedding, group spokesman Abu Abbas said: “We urge all Muslims to stay away from the royal wedding, not only because of the drinking, drug taking and sexual promiscuity but because of the likelihood of an attack by the Mujahideen.

      Ethiopian jihad? What Ethiopian jihad?

      Ah, there lies the rub.  Islamists tell us that Islam has no designs on anything other than their own little corner of the globe.  No, there is nothing to see here, we Muslims are tolerant of other faiths, practice interfaith dialogue and believe that all are equal under the watchful eye of Allah.

      Ethiopiaa is just an illusion, a mirage in the desert with nothing of consequence.  Even as the country is 97% Muslim, it's alright, none of them misunderstand their religion.

      Or do they?

      From International Christian Concern April 27

      Four Ethiopian Muslims Beat Evangelist To Death, Assault His Pregnant Wife 

      Washington, D.C. (April 26, 2011)–International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on April 21 four Muslims beat an evangelist to death and assaulted his pregnant wife in Worabe, Ethiopia, an area that is 97% Muslim.

      The Muslims lured Evangelist Abraham Abera from Kale Hiwot Church at 9:30 p.m. telling him that his friend was sick and needed immediate attention. Abraham left with the men; they turned on him and began to beat him with rods. The minister’s pregnant wife, Birtukan, saw the men attack her husband and ran to intervene, but the Muslims beat her as well.

      Abraham died on the spot and his wife, who sustained a severe head injury, was left unconscious in the street. She was found and taken to a hospital in Butajira, where she regained consciousness on April 22nd and was able to recount the details of the attack. Birtukan spoke with an ICC source and said she knew two of the attackers.

      She said as the Muslims were beating her and her husband, they told them, “You (Christians) are growing in number in our area. You are spreading your message (the gospel). We will destroy you.”

      Feel the love.

      Read it all