Saturday, March 1, 2014

Jihad in China; 27 dead, over 100 injured as knife-wielding jihadists rampage through train station

Islam is getting bolder, trying each time to up the number of dead, increasing the terror.  Chinese Uighurs have been stirring the pot for a while now, this seems to be a raising of the stakes.

The MSM is all over this but not one mention of who did it.  They just cannot bring them,selves to say the word Islam, Muslim or jihad.  The misleading continues.

From StraitsTimes March 2

27 dead, 109 injured in Kunming railway station attack

KUNMING (AFP, REUTERS) - Unidentified armed gunmen reportedly stormed a railway station in Kunming, capital of southwest China's Yunnan Province, yesterday, leaving 27 dead and at least 109 injured, reports said.

State television said on its official microblog that the incident had been deemed a "violent terror attack".

Victims described knife-wielding attackers dressed in black bursting into Kunming railway station and slashing indiscriminately.

Beijing's top security official was reported to be heading to the scene.

The incident "was an organised, premeditated violent terrorist attack" carried out by "unidentified knife-wielding people", the official news agency Xinhua said, citing authorities.

Police shot dead a number of the perpetrators at the train station in southwestern Yunnan province, according to posts by local television station K6 on its official Sina Weibo account, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.

Officers sealed off a wide area around the station, it added, while Xinhua said they were still questioning people at the site.

Meanwhile ambulances had delivered the injured to hospitals around the city, K6 reported.

The attackers carried knives and were dressed in similar black clothing, the official China News Service said, citing eyewitnesses.

"A group of men carrying weapons burst into the train station plaza and the ticket hall, stabbing whoever they saw," it said.

Photos posted on Sina Weibo showed blood spattered across the floor and medical staff crouching over bodies lying on the ground, although the authenticity of the images could not be verified.

Crowds gathered outside the station among police officers and ambulances, the images also showed.

State broadcaster CCTV also called the incident a "terrorist attack" on its Weibo account.

China's top security official Meng Jianzhu would travel to Kunming, it said, while President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang sent condolences to the victims and their families.

Yunnan has no history of violent attacks, and the motive for the stabbings was not immediately clear.

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