Friday, October 24, 2014

Zale Thompson; jihadist or mentally ill?

Police Shooting

From a clinical view, yes to both.  Using Islamic texts and tenets to justify beheadings, mass murder and the subjugation of women and non-Muslims, all those things that are an anathema to Western values and ethics are a sign of mental illness.  To believe, uphold and support how Islam views non-Muslims can only be described as a defect of the mind, a warped perspective based on a literal belief in the word of Allah.

It is good that NYPD chief Bratton is calling the attack a terrorist attack, yet he needs to go farther and call it a jihad attack, because that is exactly what it is.  His statement is a welcome breath of fresh air.  Lets hope that breeze grows into a whirlwind.

From The Modesto Bee October 24 by Tom Hays

NYC police commissioner: Hatchet attack was terror

NEW YORK — A brazen daylight hatchet attack against a group of police officers on a busy New York street was a terrorist act by a reclusive Muslim convert who ranted online against America but had no clear ties to international extremists, the police commissioner said Friday.

Police were examining Zale Thompson's computer for clues about a motive for the Thursday assault that left one of the officers seriously injured and ended with Thompson being killed by police. Police Commissioner William Bratton said Thompson's browsing history included organized terror groups, beheadings and the shooting in Canada earlier this week that officials there have called a terrorist attack.

Thompson was not on any watch lists, and officials found no indication he sought any training or affiliation to any groups.

Bratton said investigators were trying to determine whether the attack was planned or spontaneous but believe Thompson was self-radicalized. His father told officials he converted to Islam about two years ago and was described as a "recluse" who had been depressed lately.

Bratton said he was comfortable calling it a terrorist attack.

"This was a terrorist attack, certainly," Bratton said.

But he also stopped short of including the attack in the list of terror plots against the city since Sept. 11, 2001, saying the investigation was continuing.

Thompson, 32, had once served in the U.S. Navy and had a history of run-ins with the law over domestic violence in California in 2003 and 2004, police said. In recent postings on social media, he ranted about injustices in American society and oppression abroad, but the postings didn't point to any affiliation with a terror group or direct influence of radical Islam, they said.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

"If the Zionists and the Crusaders had never invaded and colonized the Islamic lands after WW1, then there would be no need for Jihad!"

Still cognitive dissonance of epic proportions from all sides.  His statements will be dismissed as so much rant; he couldn't mean what he said, he must have had mental problems, he didn't plan to hurt anybody and he was just misunderstood.  And he would never support the Islamic State, no matter what.

Uh huh, and I am the Queen of Sheeba.

From Vocativ October 23 by M.L. Nestel

Sources: NYPD Hatchet Attacker May Have Been ISIS Supporter

The hatchet-wielding man who attacked four New York Police Department officers earlier today and was then shot dead by police may have had ties to ISIS, sources tell Vocativ.

Law enforcement sources we spoke with identified Zale Thompson as the armed man who charged at a group of NYPD uniformed police assembled on a street corner in Jamaica, Queens, at around 2 p.m. today. The 32-year-old Muslim, who lived in Queens, struck one of the officers in the back of the head with his hatchet and gashed another on the arm, the police said.

After they were provoked, two of the four cops drew their weapons and fired several times, gunning down the attacker. The gunfire struck a 29-year-old woman who happened to be walking by. Her condition was critical, authorities said.

Law enforcement sources say a look into Thompson’s chatter online revealed he had ties to a radical U.S.-based radical Islamic leader who advocated aggression against the American government.

Don't worry, all Muslims in America are peaceful, tolerant and want nothing to do with sharia or a caliphate.

Last month, Thompson, who says on his Facebook page that he graduated from the Teachers College, Columbia University in New York, commented on YouTube:

“If you’re looking for ‘perfect’ Muslims who never make any mistakes in their Jihad, then you will be looking in vain! If the Zionists and the Crusaders had never invaded and colonized the Islamic lands after WW1, then there would be no need for Jihad! Which is better, to sit around and do nothing, or to Jihad fisabeelallah!”

Thompson’s comment was on a video explaining the idea of creating an Islamic caliphate, or borderless kingdom, which is ISIS’ ultimate aim.

Calls to the NYPD and FBI about Thompson and the hatchet attack were not immediately returned.

Jihad in New York City; Muslim attacks two policemen with hatchet

Here we go.  Jihad in America is that elephant in the room which no one wants to call an elephant. Instead it's a loaf of bread. Nothing to do with an elephant but so much easier to look at.

"...the attacker had been tentatively identified as Zale Thompson, a 32-year-old man with a Facebook page containing images of what appears to be a Muslim warrior and prayers. However, authorities have found no links to extremist literature or jihadi groups at this time. "

There it is; as long as Thompson has no ties with accepted jihadi groups and has not been found to have extremist literature, then he must not, cannot, will not be a Muslim waging jihad.  Only as part of a recognized "terror" group will he be seen as a serious threat.  Until then, he is just another crazy person who randomly attacked two cops on the street.

Go back to sleep, nothing to see here, move on.

From MSNBC October 23 by Benjamin Landy

Hatchet-wielding man attacks NYPD officers

A New York City police officer is in critical condition and another is stable after a man with a hatchet attacked four officers on the street in Queens, New York on Thursday, officials said. The other officers then opened fire on the man, killing him and accidentally striking a nearby woman, who was later treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Police Commissioner William Bratton said it was unclear what provoked the attack, NBC New York reports, but law enforcement agencies nationwide have been on high alert following fatal terrorism-linked attacks on uniformed soldiers in Canada on Wednesday and another on Monday.

The incident began around 2 p.m. when the officers were asked by a freelance photographer to pose for a photo. A hatchet-wielding man then charged at the group from behind – “unprovoked and not speaking a word,” according to Bratton – striking one officer in the arm and another officer in the head. The other two officers then opened fire, killing the attacker.

The man is captured on video pulling the 18.5-inch hatchet from a black backpack, police say.

While Bratton said authorities were working to identify the assailant, police sources told NBC News that the attacker had been tentatively identified as Zale Thompson, a 32-year-old man with a Facebook page containing images of what appears to be a Muslim warrior and prayers. However, authorities have found no links to extremist literature or jihadi groups at this time.

NBC has not independently verified the alleged suspect’s Facebook page or personal information, which lists him as having attended Teachers College at Columbia University.

“This matter has not officially been deemed an act of terrorism as the initial investigation is still ongoing and details are being developed,” the FBI said in a statement Thursday evening, NBC New York reports. But the agency said the incident highlighted the need for “increased vigilance” by law enforcement and the government.

Against whom?  Who the enemy is they don't say.  Could be those pesky Mennonites for all we know.

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Canadian authorities at a loss to understand the motivation of jihadist Michael Zehaf-Bibeau

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To identify the ideology that motivated Bibeau to act as he did will never be discussed, to do so would not only be Islamophobic but it would fly in the face of all we have been told about Islam; that it is a religion of peace.  We must be blind to religious fervor, unless it is a Christian or a Jew committing the atrocity, then it is the driving force behind the act.

Here are but a few reasons Bibeau couldn't be a jihadist acting on the principles of Islam;
Not enough hugs as a child,
Girlfriend just broke up with him,
Just lost his job/dog/car,
Mentally imbalanced
Low blood sugar,
Not enough sleep the night before.

Take your pick, one of them is bound to be close to the truth...right?

From ABC October 23

Hero of Canada's Parliament Shooting Greeted With Standing Ovation

The hero sergeant-at-arms who killed the alleged shooter in Wednesday's attack on the Canadian Parliament was welcomed back into the building this morning with a prolonged standing ovation.

Kevin Vickers, 58, nodded to acknowledge the spontaneous applause that washed over him by the officials in the chamber, which included Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Vickers, a retired Royal Canadian Mountie, holds the ceremonial post of sergeant-at-arms but he confronted and killed gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the suspect in the shooting death of a soldier at the National War Memorial before invading the main Parliament building.

(.) Authorities in Canada are trying to understand what motivated a gunman to kill the soldier with Harper calling the shooting the country’s second “terrorist” attack this week. During his remarks this morning, Harper continued to connect the two attacks, saying that they were perpetrated by "young men born and raised in this peaceful country" who turned their backs on the values that they were taught.

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The photo above is the home of the honor guard murdered by jihadist Bibeau.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Possible Canadian jihad inside parliament, more than one shooter suspected


This is breaking news from Ottowa.  There are possibly multiple shooters, many shots heard inside parliament and one description has one assailant with his face wrapped in a manner similar to other jihadists.  The news is still coming in. we will have to wait for more information.

From the National Post October 22 by John Ivison, Justin Ling, Josh Visser and Jake Edmiston

Soldier shot outside of Parliament, one gunman ‘killed,’ but ‘multiple shooters’ suspected
A soldier was shot at the National War Memorial by an unknown assailant Wednesday morning and there are reports of 30 to 50 shots of gunfire inside the halls of Parliament.

“Gunman at Parliament’s Centre Block has been shot and killed,” Conservative MP Bernard Trottier tweeted at 10:30 a.m. Tory MP Bob Zimmer also reported the same. Those reports are unconfirmed as police are still actively searching the area and say it is “not a secure scene” as there may be multiple shooters.

Police have expanded their perimeter and say they are actively investigating “several shooting incidents in downtown Ottawa.” Police are also asking citizens to not tweet the locations of the officers involved.

Two sources told The Canadian Press that Kevin Vickers, the sergeant-at-arms for the House of Commons and 29-year RCMP veteran, shot a gunman. Both CBC and CTV are reporting a single gunman has been confirmed dead.

In video taken within Parliament, about a dozen gunshots can be heard within the halls.

Witnesses reported hearing shots in different corridors of Parliament and some fled the building by using the scaffolding erected for renovations.

After 11 a.m., there were more unconfirmed reports of more gunshots, this time near the Chateau Laurier hotel, northeast of Parliament.

Several medics were performing CPR on the soldier before he was taken away by ambulance. CTV is reporting the soldier is still alive.

“There is a shooter on the loose,” a police officer in the area told the Post‘s John Ivison, shortly after 10 a.m.

Parliament is currently under lockdown. The PMO says Prime Minister Stephen Harper is safe and has left Parliament Hill for an unknown location. Both NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau have been reported safe.

One suspect was described as “5’9-5’10, overweight and wearing a dark jacket, with a white scarf around his face,” by Stuart Barnable, a Liberal staffer who said he witnessed the events from East Block.

A Dutch tourist said he heard at least four shot and say the assailant running towards Parliament Hill, carrying a large rife.

A Toyota Corolla, with no plates on it, was left outside of Parliament Hill. Multiple witnesses said they saw a gunman get out of it and attack the soldier....

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

American suicide bomber in Syria

Here is one less jihadist that will make it back to the US to continue the war against the West.  Moner Mohammad Abusalha is but one of a few hundred Americans who are fighting for the Islamic State, most of them coming back here unimpeded after getting their battle experience.  When will the next jihad attack happen, and where?  It's not an if, it's a when and each day brings us one day closer to an awful truth.

From the Washington Post October 11 by Adam Goldman and Greg Miller

American suicide bomber’s travels in U.S., Middle East went unmonitored

VERO BEACH, Fla. — There were no U.S. air marshals watching the newly clean-shaven passenger on the transatlantic­ flight, no FBI agents waiting for him as he landed in Newark in May 2013 after returning from Syria’s civil war.

As the 22-year-old Florida native made his way through a U.S. border inspection, officers pulled him aside for additional screening and searched his belongings. They called his mother in Vero Beach to check on his claim that he had merely been visiting relatives in the Middle East. But when she vouched for him, U.S. officials said, Moner Mohammad Abusalha was waved through without any further scrutiny or perceived need to notify the FBI that he was back in the United States.

Earlier this year, after returning to Syria, Abusalha became the first American to carry out a suicide attack in that country, blowing up a restaurant frequented by Syrian soldiers on behalf of an al-Qaeda affiliate. His death May 25 was accompanied by the release of a menacing video. “You think you are safe where you are in America,” he said, threatening his own country and a half-dozen others. “You are not safe.”

It was a warning from someone who had been in position to deliver on that threat. By then, Abusalha­ had made two trips to a conflict zone seen as the largest incubator of Islamist radicalism since Afghanistan in the 1980s. Between those visits he wandered inside the United States for more than six months, U.S. officials said, attracting no attention from authorities after their brief telephone conversation with his mother.

His movements went unmonitored despite a major push by U.S. security and intelligence agencies over the past two years to track the flow of foreign fighters into and out of Syria. At the center of that effort is a task force established by the FBI at a classified complex in Virginia that also involves the CIA and the National Counterterrorism Center.

Despite that expanding surveillance net and more than a dozen prosecutions in the United States, the outcome for Abusalha depended more on the priorities of his al-Qaeda handlers than U.S. defenses. FBI officials involved in the case said it exposed vulnerabilities that can be reduced but not eliminated.

“It is extremely difficult for the FBI to identify individuals in the U.S. who have this kind of goal,” said George Piro, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Miami field office, which led the Abusalha investigation. “It requires a loved one or really close friend to note the changes. . . . The family has to intervene.”

Abusalha is counted among the 100 or so Americans who have traveled to Syria or attempted to do so, a figure cited repeatedly by senior U.S. officials in ways that suggest there is precision in their understanding of who and where those people are.

In reality, officials said, the total has risen to 130 or more, and it includes individuals about whom only fragments of information are known. The clearest cases­ involve U.S. citizens arrested by the FBI before they depart. But other cases are incomplete, based on false names or partial identities assembled from references on social media or U.S. intelligence sources.

Even the estimate of 130 is low, according to U.S. officials who said there are undoubtedly Americans in Syria and Iraq who have not surfaced. Abusalha was part of that invisible category until shortly before he recorded his farewell videos and stepped into the cab of an armored dump truck packed with explosives.

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Taliban upset over Nobel Peace Prize award

Of course they are, they follow the "religion of the perpetually insulted" and find fault with everything but themselves.  Malala Yousufzai defied the Taliban and almost paid for that decision with her life.  She recovered and has continued with her dedication to educate girls in Pakistan, thus pissing off her executioners.

Go Malala!

From DAWN October 10 by 
Taliban assail Nobel decision

PESHAWAR: Members of the media division of the outlawed Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan’s offshoot Jamat-ul-Ahrar criticised the awarding of Nobel Peace Prize to Malala Yousufzai, calling her an “agent of kuffar (disbelievers)”.

In English messages posted on Friday on the Twitter accounts of Jamat-ul-Ahrar spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan and the chief of its Ihya-e-Khilafat media division, Saleh Qassam, and media member Ibrahim Khorasani, commented on Malala and the award, together stating that she did not represent Islam....

Us State Department to Americans: don't travel abroad

This is only going to get worse.  As Islam spreads its dark wings we will be restricted more and more as to where we can travel to.  I am glad I had the chance to travel abroad in the early 90s, at least back then the only thing I had to worry about was how good the local beer would be.

From the New York Daily News October 11 by Meg Wagner

Americans abroad at 'high risk' of ISIS kidnappings, terrorist attacks, U.S. warns

U.S. citizens are prime targets for terrorists' kidnappings, the government warned.

The U.S. State Department urged Americans to be on high alert when they're traveling abroad, fearing ISIS and other extremist groups have "increased attempts to finance their operations through kidnapping for ransom."

"Terrorist groups have stepped up their rhetoric calling for additional attacks or kidnapping attempts on westerners," the department said in a Friday statement.

The most vulnerable international travelers are those who belong to governments with a history of paying ransoms to terrorist groups, the State Department explained. Some Western countries — such as France and Germany — have paid millions to have their hostages freed.

While the U.S. has a long standing policy of refusing to submit to payoff requests, the State Department still warned that Americans aboard are at risk of terrorist' violence.

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Grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder says the Islamic State is "not Islamic"

It continues to amaze me that there are so many who claim the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam, whether they be Muslim or non-Muslim.  Tariq Ramadan is one of those "moderate" Muslims who speaks smooth deceptions to the ear of willing apologists.  His bellowing is as convincing as a three dollar bill, and just as worthless.

From Al Jazerra October 12

Tariq Ramadan: 'ISIL's acts are un-Islamic'

An 'Islamic Caliphate', a 'Caliph' - terms that now in headlines across the globe, mostly thanks to one extremist group, The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

As ISIL captures territory declaring their caliphate, minorities have fled and journalists have been beheaded.

Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIL, has called on Muslims to take up arms, and thousands of fighters from around the world have travelled to Syria and Iraq to fight for the self-declared caliphate.

The group's actions are causing a backlash among Muslims who see ISIL - also known as Daesh - in contrast to their religion and past caliphates famed for tolerance.

More than 120 Muslim scholars have released a letter where they call ISIL un-Islamic and argue that the group is incorrectly using scripture to support its cause.

“They [ISIL] are distorting the whole message. So we have to respond to this by saying ... what you are doing, killing innocent people, implementing so-called 'Sharia' or the so-called 'Islamic State', this is against everything that is coming from Islam," says Tariq Ramadan, a prominent Islamic scholar.

"It is not a caliphate," Ramadan says about ISIL. "It is just people playing with politics referring to religious sources. And this is why [as] Muslim scholars, Muslim intellectuals, we have to be quite clear about this. We have to speak the truth and be quite clear about the fact that if they are not representing what are the Islamic principles, many of the dictators today are not representing Islam either.

No explanation of what these Islamic principles entail, just the usual empty platitudes.

"They have nothing to do with [Islamic] principles because our principles are clear: that the one who is leading should be chosen by people who are followers or citizens. So many countries who are dealing with the West are not as bad as Daesh (ISIL) today, but they are bad," he adds.

Ramadan concedes that those who speak for the mainstream understanding of Islam face a challenge for the hearts and minds of Muslims.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

New head of FBI says jihad attack on American soil imminent

“Given our visibility, we know they’re serious people, bent on destruction. And so we have to act as if it’s coming tomorrow”

FBI Director James Comey said this yet still insists that any American who went to fight with the Islamic State will be allowed free return to the homeland, but also says they will be watched very closely.  I think Director Comey should be arrested and prosecuted for treason, and here is why...

8 U.S. Code Section 1481 states:
(a) A person who is a national of the United States whether by birth or naturalization, shall lose his nationality by voluntarily performing any of the following acts with the intention of relinquishing United States nationality—
(1) obtaining naturalization in a foreign state upon his own application or upon an application filed by a duly authorized agent, after having attained the age of eighteen years; or
(2) taking an oath or making an affirmation or other formal declaration of allegiance to a foreign state or a political subdivision thereof, after having attained the age of eighteen years; or
(3) entering, or serving in, the armed forces of a foreign state if
(A) such armed forces are engaged in hostilities against the United States.
The Obama administration cannot even name the enemy while the FBI skirts the issue by saying American jihadists will be welcomed back but be aware; the attack is imminent.
From MSN October 6 by Vicki Needham
FBI director warns of Khorasan attack

The head of the FBI said in an interview broadcast late Sunday that the U.S. is preparing for an imminent terrorist attack.

FBI Director James Comey said the Khorasan Group, an al Qaeda affiliate in Syria, may still be working on a plan to hit the United States.

“Khorasan was working and may still be working on an effort to attack the United States or our allies, and looking to do it very, very soon,” he said on CBS’s “60 Minutes.”

“I can’t sit here and tell you whether it’s their plan is tomorrow or three weeks or three months from now,” he said.

“Given our visibility, we know they’re serious people, bent on destruction. And so we have to act as if it’s coming tomorrow.”

He said that terrorist networks in Syria are a product of “the metastasis of al Qaeda” with the two major groups, al Nusra and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“They are both vicious, sort of the inheritors of a lot of the mantle of al Qaeda and present different threats in a lot of ways,” Comey said.

He described the al Nusra group as experienced bomb makers, killers and planners seeking international targets.

“These are people who have thought about bringing terrorism on a global scale,” he said.

“ISIL is as sophisticated, maybe more than any of the others in its media presence and its recruiting and training efforts online,” he said, using another acronym for ISIS.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

In wake of OK jihad beheading, Obama sends a thank you to Muslims in OK at their mosque

Wait, what?  This time, your incredulous reaction is justified.  A top White House official went to the mosque where Jah'Kee Yisrael worshipped, thanking local Muslims for their support, tolerance, bridge-building and multi-cultural understanding.  No mention of the Islamic underpinnings Yah'Keem Yisrael showed on his Facebook page, no mention of the Islamic imperitive to "...strike their necks..." (47-4) or any acknowledgement that Islamic doctrine drove Yah'Keem Yisrael (in his own words) to behead one co-worker and attempt a second.

Of course no mention, as that would call into question the WH position that Islam is a religion of peace.  Beheadings are too horrible to contemplate so they are summarily dismissed as a way to not think about something so horrible.  Simple psychological survival, but useless in trying to understand what has really happened.  Reminds me of the blindness of some Germans as to the concentration camps and how they refused to see what was right in front of them.

From KFOR October 4 by Andrew Donley

Oklahoma Muslims receive special praise from White House officials

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma Muslims marked the end of the yearly pilgrimage to mecca with communal prayer and celebration called Eid Ul-Adha on Saturday.

Leaders of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City say it’s been a tough month for Muslims here in Oklahoma after being associated with the beheading at Vaughan foods in Moore.

Leaders of the faith here in the state say vicious messages are being left for Oklahoma Muslims, telling them to get out of Oklahoma and threatening to behead them all because the man behind the beheading claimed to be Muslim.

Click here to read more about the threats.

But the Muslim community received the highest form of praise from the White House for their hard work in helping rebuild the Moore community after a destructive tornado tore through the city in 2013.

Today, an official from Washington D.C. flew in to Oklahoma to present a special thank you to the Muslim congregation.

He read a message from President Barrack Obama, extending warm greetings from the American people during the Muslim holiday.

“Your service is a powerful example of the powerful roots of the Abrahamic faiths and how our communities can come together with shared peace with dignity and a sense of justice,” President Barack Obama said.

The Imam, the leader of the prayer service, stated during his sermon that the Muslim faith has been called a “cancer that needs to be cut off from the American society.”

Now, with the recent praise, Oklahoma Muslims have been reassured that they are apart of the American society.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Islamic State hostage Peter Kassig a convert to islam

Will his conversion stave off the inevitable beheading?  Muslims violate tenets of Islam when they kill one of their own.  There are extenuating circumstances but on the whole it is forbidden to kill believers.  Peter Kassigs conversion may have been an attempt to save his own life by assuming that if he converted he would be spared.  Most likely he will be killed, as he will always be seen as suspect, a possible spy for the Americans and not to ever be fully trusted.

From The Daily Mail October 4 by Chris Spargo

'I believe in hopeless causes': American ISIS captive Peter Kassig described how he felt a calling to help wounded Syrian refugees - just one year before he was captured by Islamic militants and became a Muslim

American war vet-turned-aid-worker Peter Kassig talked about his hopes and dreams, and what motivated him to return to the Middle East as a medical worker, in an inspiring 2012 profile.

Sitting down with CNN Senior International Correspondent Arwa Damon, the Indianapolis, Indiana, native referred to himself as a 'hopeless romantic' and 'idealist,' eager to do as much as he could with his life.

The 26-year-old has been held captive by ISIS for the past year, and the terrorist organization is now threatening to kill him in response to increased attacks on the group by the United States.

'The way I saw it, I didn't have a choice. This is what I was put here to do,' the young man told CNN of his decision to travel to Beirut and help Syrian refugees fleeing to Lebanon.

He then added, 'I guess I am just a hopeless romantic, and I am an idealist, and I believe in hopeless causes.'

A member of the U.S. Army Rangers, he was deployed to Iraq in 2007 and honorably discharged for medical reasons after a brief tour.

After returning home however, and studying political science at Butler University in Indiana, something felt off the Kassig.

'I was going to school with kids who look the same, were the same age as me, but we weren't the same,' he said.

'I wanted more of a challenge, a sense of purpose.'

(.) U.S. officials confirmed yesterday that Kassig was being held by Islamic State militants but declined to give any more details of his capture.

His family said in a statement that they have stayed silent about this news 'at the wish of those who have held their son.'

They also revealed that their son had converted to Islam while being held hostage.

Stockholm Syndrome?

Former hostages told the family that Kassig's new faith has given him comfort during his long captivity.

Maybe Islam will comfort him as his head is being sawed off.

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Taliban in Pakistan join the Islamic State

Taliban Flag

Steadily, the Islamic State is growing in both power and support.  Many jihad groups have aligned with IS, now the Taliban have joined the bandwagon of pure Islam.  As the Islamic State grows, it draws in more players, thus enabling its growth, which in turn draws more supporters, which then increases their strength, which gets more to is a self-fulfilling prophesy which if not stopped will end with a real clash of civilizations.

"All Muslims in the world have great expectations of you ... We are with you, we will provide you with Mujahideen (fighters) and with every possible support."

As Tom Lehrer once asked, "Who's Next?"

From Reuters October 4

Pakistani Taliban declare allegiance to Islamic State and global jihad

DERA ISMAIL KHAN/ISLAMABAD, Oct 4 (Reuters) - The Pakistani Taliban declared allegiance to Islamic State on Saturday and ordered militants across the region to help the Middle Eastern jihadist group in its campaign to set up a global Islamic caliphate.

Islamic State, which controls swathes of land in Syria and Iraq, has been making inroads into South Asia, which has traditionally been dominated by local Taliban insurgencies against both the Pakistan and Afghanistan governments.

The announcement comes after a September move by al Qaeda chief, Ayman al-Zawahri, to name former Taliban commander Asim Umar as the "emir" of a new South Asia branch of the network that masterminded the 2001 attacks on the United States.

Although there is little evidence of a firm alliance yet between IS and al Qaeda-linked Taliban commanders, IS activists have been spotted recently in the Pakistani city of Peshawar distributing pamphlets praising the group.

IS flags have also been seen at street rallies in Indian-administered Kashmir. The trend has been of growing concern to global powers struggling to keep up with the fast-changing nature of the international Islamist insurgency.

In a message marking the Muslim holy festival of Eid al-Adha, the Pakistani Taliban said they fully supported IS goals.

"Oh our brothers, we are proud of you in your victories. We are with you in your happiness and your sorrow," Taliban spokesman Shahidullah Shahid said in a statement sent to Reuters by email from an unknown location.

"In these troubled days, we call for your patience and stability, especially now that all your enemies are united against you. Please put all your rivalries behind you ...

"All Muslims in the world have great expectations of you ... We are with you, we will provide you with Mujahideen (fighters) and with every possible support."

The statement, released in Urdu, Pashto and Arabic, was sent after Islamic State militants beheaded British aid worker Alan Henning in a video posted on Friday, triggering condemnation by the British and U.S. governments.

It also came despite recent speculation that the Taliban leadership, whose goal is to topple the government and set up a Sharia state, is actually wary of IS, which is driven by different ambitions that have little to do with South Asia.

The Pakistani Taliban, funded by local as well as foreign charity donations from wealthy supporters in the Gulf and elsewhere, operate separately from the Afghan insurgents of the same name, but are loosely aligned with them.

There are concerns about further turmoil in the region as most U.S.-led foreign troops withdraw from Afghanistan this year, with groups like the Haqqani network likely to exploit the security vacuum to strengthen their hold on Afghan regions.

Friday, October 3, 2014

A new crusade: Christians arm themselves against the Islamic State

It may be too little too late, but at least they want to protect what they have and try to push back against their ideological enemy, Islam.

Christians are rapidly becoming the carrier pigeon of the Middle East.

From the International Business Times September 30 by Jack Moore

Isis Threat to Crucify Lebanon's Christians as Islamic State Prepare to Cross Syria Border

Christians in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley have begun arming themselves in preparation for an Isis (now known as the Islamic State) offensive as it seeks to expand its territorial control outside of Syria.

Up to 3,000 militants from the Islamic State and other jihadists occupy the mountain range between Lebanon and Syria near the Sunni town of Arsal.

As IS seek to grab land outside of the mountain caves and farms they currently control, Christian volunteers have now created village defence forces to protect against the Sunni militants who have taken up to 21 Lebanese soldiers and policemen hostage.

"We are a minority and we are under threat by the jihadists," Rifaat Nasrallah, a commander of the volunteer guards in the Greek Catholic town of Ras Baalbek, said.

"It wasn't the idea of anyone in particular," Nasrallah says of the formation of defence units. "The whole village felt in danger so we all agreed it was necessary."

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Portland, Oregon jihadist sentenced to 30 years

Now he can mingle with other jihadists in prison and learn new tricks, his letter of contrition notwithstanding.

From KOIN October 1

Mohamed Mohamud sentenced for 2010 bomb plot

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) — Mohamed Mohamud was sentenced to 30 years in prison for trying to detonate a bomb in Pioneer Courthouse Square during a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in 2010.

Mohamud, now 23, was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison and lifetime supervision after release by Judge Garr M. King in US Federal Court in downtown Portland. Mohamud will receive credit for the four years he spent in custody prior to the sentencing.

Prosecutors wanted a 40 year sentence, while his defense team only wanted 10 years.

In a statement outside the courtroom after the sentencing, Mohamed’s mother, Miriam Mohamud, was adamant in her belief the judge’s decision was an “injustice.”

“A government we trust should not do that,” she said. “We contribute to this country, we have never done anything. … They should not entrap young boys.”

She said that she came to the United States with the same dreams other people have.

“We are Muslim and our religion does not teach to kill innocent people,” she said. “The FBI should not tell kids, ‘This is what you should do.'”

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OK jihadist asks for Muslim lawyer

As a passing statement in the article, but nonetheless the most prescient one.  Why would Jah'Keem Yisrael ask for a Muslim lawyer specifically?  He wants to be represented by someone who not only knows the American justice system but also knows about sharia law, Islamic imperatives of supremacism and how Muslims are victims of Western evils.  I would not be surprised to learn that his lawyer supports Hamas and believes Israel is practicing genocide against the refugees.

From the New York Daily News October 1 by Nina Golgowski

Oklahoma beheading suspect transferred to jail; victim's friend remembers she was 'loved and liked by everyone'

An Oklahoma man accused of barbarically beheading a co-worker before attempting to kill another has been released from a hospital and transferred to jail where he's being held without bail.

Alton Nolen, the 30-year-old Islamic convert charged with first-degree murder, is accused of maniacally decapitating 54-year-old grandmother Colleen Hufford, then attacking another employee at Vaughan Foods in Moore on Thursday.

He was released from a local hospital Wednesday after being treated for a bullet wound — inflicted by a gun-packing plant manager — and booked into the county jail around midday.

In his first court appearance, Nolen requested a Muslim to be named as his court-appointed lawyer.

Nolen's transfer came as Hufford's grieving relatives made their first public comments on the attack, saying in a statement that her violent death was difficult to comprehend but that they're thankful for the support from friends and family.

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Exclusive Report: Robert Spencer talks with former member of Oklahoma City mosque where Yah'Keem Yisrael worshipped

An eye-opening interview with "Noor", who used to be a Muslim and used to worship at the same Oklahoma mosque as the jihadist beheader.  It is a shame that the authorities, including the Obama administration cannot bring themselves to accept the truth of the matter: it is all about Islam and unless we begin honest dialogue, we are doomed.

Wait, that would be Islamophobic to bring that up, wouldn't it?

From Jihad Watch October 2 by Robert Spencer

Video: Robert Spencer interviews former member of Oklahoma beheader’s mosque

On September 27 I broke the story that a former member of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City had firsthand experience that the mosque was anything but “moderate.” On September 30, 2014, I interviewed a former member of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, the mosque frequented by Jah’Keem Yisrael (Alexander Nolen), who beheaded one woman and attempted to behead another on September 26. The ex-member revealed that the mosque was not at all as “moderate” as its leaders claimed in the wake of the beheading.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Islamic Salami; The Temporary Islamic Caliphate

From my friend and fellow scholar at Northwest Christian University

Islamic Salami
By Nicholas Sammut

In light of the coming Temporary One World Caliphate

“The Jews then disputed among themselves, saying, “How can this man give us his flesh to
eat?” So Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of
Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. Whoever feeds on my flesh and drinks my
blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day. For my flesh is true food, and my
blood is true drink. Whoever feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me, and I in him.
As the living Father sent me, and I live because of the Father, so whoever feeds on me, he also
will live because of me. This is the bread that came down from heaven, not like the bread the
fathers ate, and died. Whoever feeds on this bread will live forever.” Jesus said these things in
the synagogue, as he taught at Capernaum. (John 6:52-59 ESV)”

We see later in the story that many of those who walked with Jesus turned aside and stopped
following him after this unique sermonette.

Perhaps it was this misunderstanding by those who dropped off, see John 6:66, that begun the
rumors of christians being flesh eaters. More of this can be read in The Doctrine and Practices in
the Early Christian Church, Ch. God & the gods. Jesus was speaking in a metaphor (I am the
bread of life) rather than a simile (I am like bread that gives life), which the majority
understood. This is an important piece to understand for a case that I will make.

Christians were persecuted for rumors of incest and cannibalism beginning in about c. 29-32 AD.
However, the Christians new that this was a metaphor explaining the characteristics of life
through him in socially relevant terms. To jump forward in time, say about 2014: Christians
understand the representativeness in Jesus words. We understand we are not impelled to serve
up Jesus fried steaks with a side of blood. In the same manor, the Jews today do not Literally
put citizen Jews to death for various violations of the Law of Moses.

But contrary to this deliberation on behalf of religious groups who are extreme in their passions
of faith; our generation is yielding a religious group who compartmentalizes their sacred
writings into Blood Rights.

I am, of course, speaking of the great influx of militant Muslims. This group’s ideologies are the
direct action of writings such as the Hamas Charter, among others that encourage a "whatever
the cost" mentality. It is the desire for an Islamic State that encompasses the entire world. This
Shiite venture, that is, the unification of Church and State on a global scale, has been implicit in
Islamic doctrine since it’s creation in about c. 632 AD. But most religions desire their figure of
deity to be supreme. Following my comparison of the Jewish and Gentile’s ( non-Jew) belief in
God—let us deliberate.

Indeed the God of Israel said He alone was God. When Jesus ascends into heaven (see Matt.
28:16-20; Mark 16:14-20; Luke 27:47-48*) he commands that Christians should proclaim his
sovereign deity to all nations. But this has never been enforced by Christians or Jews to the
degree of which Islam does now.

We see three religions, who claim to worship and serve the same God. But the intention of the
heart, that is, the intentions by which articles becomes actions must be fixed upon the
knowledge of Jesus’ sacrifice and his saving grace that was poured out for us. Otherwise we
strive to appease a God who is incompatible with humans, who is above all human intellect or
achievement. This God, apart from Jesus Christ, can have no interpersonal relations to Man. He
is not substance. He does not know sin Because He is of nothing that has ever sinned. Indeed,
Jesus Christ is the most important occurrence that History has to tell. The person of Jesus is the
reason why the Law of Moses and the Bible is applicable to our religious institutions. If Jesus
never was, then perhaps the Jews would read every word of the Torah as literal and
mandatory. They deny Jesus to have changed their practices; but his ministry did in fact shift
the emphasis in socially productive strides.

Blood will always cry for blood. But the life of the blood is so much more than the blood itself.

OK beheading jihadist "...he was fired earlier that day for 'not liking white people'"

OK, here we go, down the rabbit hole for another adventure is spin and surrealism.  It had nothing to do with Islam, it had nothing to do with religion, Islam is a religion of peace and it must be because Jah'Keem Yisrael is a racist.

How did this come about?  His Facebook page, with pictures of a beheading and the Qur'anic quote to support beheading must not be relevant, and his exhortations to follow Islam as Muhammad did means diddly-squat.  Of course, non-Muslims know exactly what is in his head, and he couldn't possibly mean what he said, posted and did.

This is madness.

From the Mail Online September 30 by Ryan Parry

Muslim convert 'who beheaded colleague' is charged with murder as it emerges he returned to Oklahoma food plant for 'revenge' after he was fired earlier that day for 'not liking white people'

Alton Nolen, the Muslim convert accused of beheading a female colleague in Oklahoma last week, has been charged with first-degree murder in the gruesome killing.

Nolen, 30, was also charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon for the grisly attack at Vaughan Foods in Moore last Thursday, Cleveland County prosecutor Greg Mashburn said. The DA added that officials will likely pursue the death penalty in the case.

Nolen was fired from his job on Thursday after Traci Johnson - a co-worker he later attacked - said she had had an altercation with Nolen 'about him not liking white people', Mashburn said.

Nolen then allegedly returned home and fetched a knife and 'returned to get revenge', the prosecutor said.

The criminal complaint released today states that Nolen drove to his home 'for the sole reason to retrieve a large bladed knife'. He then went back to work 'with the large knife in his shoe, in order to assault an employee of the business with the knife.'

He walked into the plant's administrative office and came across 54-year-old Colleen Hufford, whom he attacked from behind, severing her head.

He then turned his attention to Johnson, 43, whom he cut across the left side of the face and also tried to behead. She survived.

Nolen was eventually shot by the company's CEO Mark Vaughan but survived his wounds.

The affidavit adds that he 'openly admitted to "beheading" the first victim with a knife and cutting and attempting to "behead" the second victim with the knife'

Muslims are proud to kill an infidel, his admitting to the beheading should not be shocking.

He faces two assault charges in relation to Johnson and Vaughan.

Mashburn said it was 'highly likely' that he would seek the death penalty against Nolen, but would confer first with Hufford's family.

While the FBI is investigating his links to Islam, and while he believed Nolen was using Arabic terms during the attack, Mashburn said the attack seemed to be tied more to the complaints against him.

'It had more to do with race rather than trying to convert people,' Mashburn said. He said there was a 'back and forth with Ms. Johnson and that led her to make a complaint to the HR department.'

And I have a bridge for sale...

'There was some sort of infatuation with beheadings. It seemed to be related to his interest in killing someone that way,' the prosecutor said. 'Other than that, it seemed to be related to his being suspended earlier in the day.'

Anything but Islam, it has to be anything but Islam, and we will find something to distract from the truth.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

No motive yet in OK jihad beheading, experts stumped

Hmmm, what could it be?  Girlfriend left him?  Not enough hugs as a kid?  Grinding poverty?  Pissed at losing his job?  Long lines at the gas station?  Who knows what drove Jah'Keem Yisrael to behead a co-worker, as it is obvious his Facebook page has nothing to do with his actions and his shouting of Islamic slogans (most likely Allahu Akbar) does not mean he used religion to justify his attack.

No, to point that out and ask if that is what drove him would be Islamophobic.

From the Washington Examiner September 28 by Mark Flatten

Oklahoma City beheading case leaves national security experts wondering

It’s too early to know whether the beheading of an Oklahoma food plant worker was a terrorist act or workplace violence, a top White Housenational security adviser said Sunday.

Tony Blinken, deputy national security adviser to the president, said theFBI is investigating whether the suspect, Alton Nolen, is a so-called “lone wolf” terrorist or a disgruntled worker who went on a rampage, killing and beheading one co-worker and seriously wounding another.

Nolen’s Facebook page is riddled with anti-American posts, glorification of brutal tactics used byIslamic terrorist groups, and a photo of Osama bin Laden.

“We don’t know,” Blinken said when asked directly whether the attack was an act of terror. “The FBI has an active investigation. I’m not going to get ahead of it. Let’s see what they find.”

Though Blinken appeared on at least three Sunday news shows, "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace was the only host to raise a possible terrorist connection to the Oklahoma attacks.

CNN’s Candy Crowley set up her interview with Blinken by asking about warnings from the FBI and Department of Homeland Security about lone-wolf terrorists acting alone in retaliation for the U.S. airstrikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. But she did not tie that discussion to the beheading in Oklahoma.

"Face the Nation" host Bob Schieffer, who also interviewed Blinken on the CBS program, made no mention of the Oklahoma attack.

Though Blinken did not appear on ABC’s "This Week," the network's senior Justice Departmentcorrespondent, Pierre Thomas, did mention Nolen’s efforts convert fellow employees to Islam in the setup of a broader discussion about homegrown terrorism.

The Obama administration was chastised for calling the 2009 shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, an act of “workplace violence” by Maj. Nidal Hassan, who espoused militant Islamic beliefs. Thirteen people died in that shooting. Hassan was later convicted of premeditated murder by a court martial and has been sentenced to death.

Nolen was fired from his job Thursday, apparently after trying to convert co-workers to Islam....