Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hamas rocket launcher next to UN building while the world continues to demonize Israel

Human shields, propaganda talking points designed to demonize Israel, targeting innocent Israelis with home-made rockets, lies on top of lies which the world bodies ignore, dismiss, discount or outright ignore.  What will it take to wake the world to organized outrage?

Nothing.  The fashionable face is that of anti-semitism, now spoken in hateful prose.  It is vitriol and hatred against Israel and the Jews, no longer the distinction between Jew, Israeli and Zionist is attempted to be defined, all Jews, all of Israel must be destroyed.  Plain and simple that allows the closet anti-Israeli to join his fellow racists in publicly denouncing all that is Judaism.

No matter the death and destruction rained on Israel from Hamas, the world will continue to ignore the gross human rights violations, war crimes, genocidal rhetoric and the continued attempts to specifically murder Jews that Hamas (and Islam) present as a struggle against occupation.  When history writes this current chapter of angst in the Middle East, we can hope and pray that it reflects the reality of life under Islam and Hamas, not the one-sided daily diatribes we see in the MSM.

Pass this along to all you know, the world needs to see the truth about Hamas.

From JihadWatch August 6 by Robert Spencer

IDF: Hamas rocket next to UN complex

(Spencer says) Not that this, or anything else from the growing mountain of evidence, will stop the mainstream media, the UN and Barack Obama from condemning Israel for supposedly targeting civilians.

The Israel Defense Forces posted this photo on Facebookwith this explanation:

A France 24 reporter was searching for the location of Hamas’ rocket launchers in Gaza. He found one in a residential area next to a UN building. Share this screenshot. Tell the world how Hamas operates.

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