Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Jihad in Paris: the spin starts here

OK, the mainstream media is in full "circle the wagons" mode, doing everything they can to make the reader believe Islam had nothing to do with this attack.  Lets revue what has been reported up to this point.

First, there was a bomb blast outside a synagogue a few hours after the jihad murders.  The French press makes a note that these two incidents are not related.  It may be true that those involved in both attacks did not know each other personally, but it appears the doctrine of Islam played a role in both instances.

One prominent aspect of media reporting on jihad attacks is to turn the victimization around, and blame "Islamophobia" as the driver of jihad attacks.  The press, ever willing to carry water for Islam takes the murder of 12 innocents and tells us that it is because of Islamophobia that these 12 were killed.  This is madness, and it is the road chosen by those who capitualte to Islam in the name of "getting along".  The prominent English daily, the Telegraph chose to also publish a piece on the rise of Islamophobia, subtly blaming it for, you guessed it, the murder of 12 at Charlie Hebdo.  I wonder how much longer the cognitive dissonance can exist within the thinking of the media; with their belief in Islam being a religion of peace, and the jihadists continually screaming Allahu Akbar, their heads must be close to popping.

Variety, a long time Hollywood entertainment daily has also weighed in (why?) with what amounts to...the same old, same old.  Echoing most other media outlets, Variety reporter Elsa Keslassy tells her readers that "The Charlie Hebdo carnage will likely fuel the racism and anti-Islam sentiment which has been on the rise in France", once again bolstering the false claim that Islamophobia is the cause of jihad.

The New York Times, a once great newspaper has decided they know nothing, admitting that they only know that three attackers were involved, 12 are dead and the names of the victims have not been released.  I guess the fact that the jihadists yelled Allahu Akbar and that they were avenging their prophet Muhammad means nothing.  Of course it means nothing, if the NYT had to actually do any kind of research they would have to conclude that Islamic texts and tenets are to blame, and that is just not acceptable.  Anything but Islam is their mantra, and they are very good at sticking to that line.  They should ask Howard Dean, former head of the DNC.  He knows that Muslims had nothing to do with this because their actions are not what the Qur'an says.  I doubt Dean has even picked one up let alone even read it, but he is sure this has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims.

It is obvious that Islam is on the march in France, with a Muslim population of almost 5% this is when Islam begins to flex its muscle, demanding accommodations either through intimidation or outright murder, a pattern with historical precedent.  France is at a turning point, as is England and Germany (among others) as to whether their society and culture will continue, or be replaced with the ugly and xenophobic religion of Islam.

NBC News is reporting that the jihadists have been caught, with one is dead and the other two in custody.  Wait for the spin on mental illness, poor assimilation into French society, anger over Muslim lands being "invaded" by Western powers and the ever popular "we have no idea why" story, all designed to deflect from the reality of Islamic jihad.

Above you see one of the many cartoons Charlie Hebdo published.  I cannot publish all of them here but I strongly urge all of you to look up the pictures and if you have Facebook or other social media, post them far and wide.  We must not give in to the hecklers veto and let Islam take away the absolute freedom of speech.  Pray for the dead and their families, and educate yourself on the dangers of Islam.  We must not let them win, we must stand strong.  If we do not, our world as we know it today will be gone soon, replaced with a caliphate of epic evil.

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