Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Swedish jihadists intimidate the post office; authorities bow to threats, stop delivery

It can't happen, you say?  A government entity kowtowing to Islamic supremacy and threats of violence in order to keep the violence down to an acceptable level is doing nothing to protect its people or its culture.  It is just hiding its head and pretending there is nothing they can do.  The decline of Sweden has surprised me, I thought the tough Swedes would have not just resisted this slow train wreck called Islam but actively worked to rid itself of it, once the danger was known.  I love Sweden and the people, it is sad to watch a great Nordic country descend into hell, primarily of its own making.

An interesting note; the article does not use the word Muslim or Islam, jihad and sharia are also missing.  Some would say that I am whistling up a tree by positing that the violence, and decision to stop mail delivery has anything to do with Muslims or Islam.  I ask those people, what proof is there that another group is behind the attacks and government decision?  Go and google "Malmo" and "Muslim."  Frightening, isn't it?

From Politikin January 16 by Soren Astrup

(Thanks to Jihad Watch for the English translation)

Crime stops postmen in Malmo area

Threats and violence have now forced the Swedish postal service to give up delivering letters in a part of Malmø.
Postmen simply stay away from Sevedkvarteret (Seved Quarter). Instead, local residents in the area are hired to ensure that letters and packages reach the recipients.
This comes after several problems in the district, which led to postmen being equipped with attack alarms.
After a failed robbery, Packet Post has been escorted into the area by guards from the security company G4S, and has left packages in a kiosk where recipients had to pick up their mail.
Initially, the locals will be in charge of distribution for six months. The service is therefore seeking two individuals from Seved Quarter who will assume the managerial position.
The Post Office's decision to avoid Seved town comes at a time when Malmø is struggling with a wave of brutal crimes.
Within the last few months, six people have been killed in Malmø in a series of murders that has highlighted the problems that the city has, among them gang crime and relatively easy access to weapons.
The killings have led the Swedish Police Board to aid the Malmø police in investigating the killings. Band Officers from many police districts are now deployed in the city to fight the lawlessness.
According to the newspaper Expressen, 30 additional homicide investigators have been sent to the city, which has also been reinforced with 30 extra street cops.
Simultaneously, a special task force, Focus Malmø, is now attempting to put pressure upon the 70 senior gang members, who, according to the authorities are governing the criminal community in the city.

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