Saturday, March 5, 2011

Al-Azhar University textbooks promote hatred of Jews

Al-Azhar University in Cairo is the seat of Sunni jurisprudence today.  Their rulings, or fatwas are seen as right and correct for all Sunni Muslims for all time.  They have been teaching Islamic doctrine for over 1,000 years, and are known to be one of the premier Islamic Universities in the world. 

One would think that such a prestigous institution holds to the highest educational ideals, teaching art, humanities, politics, science and other college courses as is done in a Western school.  One would be wrong.

Al-Azhar University teaches hatred of Jews and the glory of jihad. 

This is Islam.

From MEMRI March 3

Egyptian Cleric Miqdam Al-Khadhari on the Benefits of Al-Azhar Curricula: They are the Only Textbooks to Militarize the Students and Eplicitly Teach Jihad and Hatred of Jews

Following are excerpts from interview with Egyptian cleric Miqdam Al-Khadhari, which aired on Al-Rahma/Al-Rawdha TV, on December 23, 2010.

Miqdam Al-Khadhari: "This is a very important book, a textbook reader, which is an important school subject at Al-Azhar. In the general education system, it is known as the reading subject. Through it, the student is educated, he reads, and listens to the sheik. Let's see what Al-Azhar is teaching our sons in this subject…"

Interviewer: "Let's take, for example, the 11th grade…"

Miqdam Al-Khadhari: "We'll take 11th grade because it is the most important grade, in which the youths are at a crucial stage of their lives. Let's see what they are being taught at A-Azhar. This is the 2007-2008 reader for the 11th grade. [...]
"After four or five chapters, the book moves to a topic with a large title, as clear as day: 'The Treachery of the Jews.'"

Interviewer: "Let's show it to the viewers."

Miqdam Al-Khadhari: "It's the main title, not just a subhead – 'The Treachery of the Jews.' This title shows what the student is about to learn. It is not talking about something marginal. It's an important topic. I haven't seen any curriculum that presents this subject so explicitly. This is the curriculum of 2008. I'm not talking about something ancient. This is now! It's a textbook from this year or last year. It reads: 'The Jews thought that they were the Chosen People…' It presents things very clearly."

Interviewer: "That's the reader…"

Miqdam Al-Khadhari: "Right after 'The Treachery of the Jews' – which takes up many pages, not just a word or two... It takes up six pages... The next title, right after 'The Treachery of the Jews' – I think that the camera can show the title... I'd like you to read it, dear brothers... 'Islamic Jihad and Its Various Forms....'

We are told Islam tolerates all religions, and upholds the rights of non-Muslims in Muslim countries.  Miqdam Al-Khadhari seems to be a "misunderstander" of his religion, someone send him the memo!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your updates. I read them every day and they help me understand that fundamentalist (radical) Islam is the greatest threat to civilization today. What if the tables were turned? I wonder how outraged the media would be if some Christian church preached these same "racist" teachings? What's going on the the Wahabi "hate" schools here in the USA?