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Boston jihad; Russia asked US to investigate Tamerlan, evidence of Chechen jihad "direct contact" yet FBI dismissed claims but told Mom son was "extremist leader"

More willful blindness from those charged with protecting us.  How is it possible to ignore warnings from Russian intelligence yet watch Tamerlan for five years and then conclude he is not a threat?  What thought patterns cause this lack of critical analysis and dismissal of gathered intelligence?  A willful desire to not offend or insult Islam is the driving force behind this, and the more we practice this deceit the more innocents will die.  Boston is the beginning of the jihad against "soft targets".

From the Mail Online April 20 by Ian Gallagher and Will Stewart

Was Boston bomber inspired by Russia's Bin Laden? Mother claims FBI tracked older brother 'for FIVE YEARS' after being told by Moscow of links to Chechen terrorists

One of the brothers suspected of the Boston Marathon bombings had direct contact with Chechen terrorists – and was ‘monitored’ by investigators for five years.

The Mail on Sunday has learned that the FBI put Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, under surveillance after receiving an explicit warning from the Russian intelligence services.

But despite apparently telling his mother that Tamerlan was an ‘extremist’ leader, the FBI eventually discounted the possibility that he was a threat.

Tamerlan was shot dead by police early on Friday while his 19-year-old brother Dzhokhar was captured alive but seriously injured with neck and leg injuries on Friday night. He had been hiding in a boat in a suburban backyard.

Last night new details about Dzhokhar’s dramatic capture were released.

Police said he fired at them from his hiding place but, weak through loss of blood from the bullet wounds he had sustained in the shoot-out with police earlier, he eventually gave himself up. ‘He was so weak that we were able to just go in and scoop him up,’ said a police spokesman.

More details also emerged of the shoot-out after the brothers were cornered in a stolen Mercedes 4x4.

Police said Tamerlan burst out of the car shooting at officers. ‘There were six police officers in this very tight area engaged in a gunfight,’ said police chief Edward Deveau. ‘During the exchange, all of a sudden, something got thrown at my police officers and there was a major explosion,’ he said.

In all, there were three explosions and 200 rounds were fired during the five-to-ten minute exchange.

It ended when Tamerlan ran out of ammunition, He was on the ground being handcuffed when he was run over by his younger brother as he escaped in the car.

While Dzhokhar’s capture ended a week of tension and drama in Boston, triggering scenes of jubilation and self-congratulation among law enforcement officers, questions will now be asked about how the brothers managed to slip the net.

US congressmen have expressed concern that the tip-off about Tamerlan to the FBI from Moscow may not have been properly followed through.

Yesterday the brothers’ mother, Zubeidat, said the FBI once told her that Tamerlan was ‘really an extremist leader and that they were afraid of him’. She added: ‘He was controlled by the FBI for five years. They knew what my son was doing. They were following every step of his.’

And his father, Anzor Tsarnaev, said investigators warned his son: ‘We know what sites you are on, we know where you are calling, we know everything about you. Everything. We are checking and watching.’

Despite all this, the FBI found no substantive evidence that he was engaged in terror-related activities though they continued to ‘monitor his internet use and contacts’.

According to an intelligence source, Russia remained convinced that Tamerlan, an ethnic Chechen, was in ‘direct contact’ with Islamist militants, most likely based in the strife-torn southern Russian region of Dagestan, where he lived for two years with his family prior to moving to the US.

During a six-month visit to Russia last year – a trip US investigators are investigating – it is understood Tamerlan visited Dagestan, which is now regarded as more unstable than Chechnya.

One theory is that Tamerlan and Dzhokhar, who was in thrall to his older brother, may have been ‘inspired’ by a rebel leader known as Russia’s Bin Laden.

Doku Umarov, like the Tsarnaev brothers, is an ethnic Chechen from the war-torn Caucasus region that lies between Europe and Central Asia. He has been accused of masterminding some of the worst terrorist atrocities in Russia, including suicide bombings carried out by two women on Moscow’s Metro system in 2010 which killed at least 40.

Significantly, while Umarov was originally fighting only for Chechen independence he has more recently embraced a wider jihadist agenda.

Chechen expert Dr Carlo Gallo, the founder of London-based political risk firm Enquirisk, explained: ‘Umarov has made statements in which he has said that the enemy of Islam is not just Russia but America, though the insurgents have never conducted significant operations outside Russia.’

It raises the terrifying prospect of further atrocities being carried out across the globe by disaffected individuals inspired by the jihadist rhetoric of the former Chechen leaders....

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