Sunday, April 7, 2013

Britain: sharia court tells woman the problems at home are her fault, advises not to contact police

"There’s no accountability and many of them are not operating in accordance with UK law"

No kidding, really?  Since sharia courts operate outside British common law it should be a given that a sharia court is an anathema to English law.  Now, with more than 80 courts operating around England it will be almost impossible to shut them down.  With the Muslim population increasing faster than the British it is a matter of time until Islam becomes the dominate social order, and with that will come the "legalization" of sharia courts.  

Don't think it can happen here?  I am sure the British thought the same thing a few years ago.

From the Express April 7 by James Fielding

Sharia court tells 'abused wife' to stay

Dr Suhaib Hasan told the undercover reporter that she should only contact police “as a last resort”, but she would be forced to leave her marital home if she did so.

The shocking exchange, filmed by the BBC’s Panorama programme for a special report into Sharia courts, has infuriated equal rights campaigners.

Baroness Cox is trying to take ­forward a private members’ Bill in the House of Lords to make it an offence for Sharia councils to set themselves up as courts.

She said: “It is a system which, in its gender discrimination causing women such suffering, is utterly incompatible with our country’s ­values. It is time to draw a line in the sand and say ‘enough is enough’.”

The programme, to be screened tomorrow night, highlights the problems faced by Muslim women who are pressured to stay in abusive marriages. Posing as a woman seeking a divorce from her violent husband, the reporter consults Dr Hasan of the Leyton Islamic Sharia council in east London.

His first response is to ask if she has done anything to provoke her treatment.

He asks her: “I think that you should be courageous enough to ask this question to him. Just tell me why you are so upset, huh? Is it because of my cooking? Is it because I see my friends, huh? So I can ­correct myself.”

The reporter asks if she should report the violence to the police but is warned: “You involve the police if he hits you but you must understand this will be the final blow.

“You will have to leave the house. Where will you go then? A refuge? A refuge is a very bad option. Women are not happy in such places.”

Dr Hasan goes on to suggest counselling, adding: “Don’t think about the police because if the police is involved then think, your family life is going to break.” Leyton Sharia council handles 50 cases a month, mainly marital disputes brought by Muslim women. For many couples a Sharia divorce is the only option because they have a Sharia marriage not a British civil one.

Dr Hasan told the BBC: “We try to facilitate for the Muslim community something which they badly need because there’s no other institution [which] can provide such services so we are providing it.

Rather than encourage the assimilation into the country of choice, Dr Hasan continues to encourage marginalization and facilitates the separation of communities by overseeing a sharia court.  He is the problem, not the solution he proposes.

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