Wednesday, October 23, 2013

9 year old girl sold to 35 year old man for $14,000 in Pakistan

This is not an isolated incident.  Muhammad married Aisha when she was 6 and consummated the marriage when she was 9.  Zahid Zardari was only following the example of his prophet, the right thing for a pious Muslim male to do.

Why there are not more Muslims using Islamic doctrine to dispute this disturbing practice is anyone's guess.  But to guess would, of course make one an Islamophobe.

From The Express Tribune October 21 by Aushique Shaikh

Child marriage: Minor girl ‘sold’ to suitor

SOBHO DERO: A nine year old girl, W*, was married to 35-year old Zahid Zardari on Thursday, after the groom reportedly paid Rs1.5 million to her family.

W* is a resident of the Kamal Lashari village. Her uncles reportedly requested Zardari to delay the Rukhsati due to Wadhai’s age but were ignored.

The police was informed about the issue but no action was taken due to the groom’s influential status.

When ASI Ghulam Akbar Khaskheli and SHO Fateh Muhammad Awan reached the wedding, they were confronted by Zardari’s men, forcing them to turn back.

Zardari, who lives in district Benazirabad, was accompanied by armed men and aNikahkhwan (vows solemniser) for the ceremony.

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