Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hamas admits to tunneling into Israel to capture IDF soldiers

But...but they really want to have peace with Israel, don't they?  I mean, isn't that what we have been assaulted with by the MSM for years?  Poor Hamas and those evil Jews, they are only digging tunnels to get back their dignity, which the Jews stole, like their land.

Uh huh.

From The Washington Free Beacon October 21 by Adam Kredo

Hamas Leaders Admit to Building Tunnels to Kidnap Israelis

Hamas leaders confessed on Monday that they had been planning to kidnap Israelis using a recently discovered tunnel system burrowed deep beneath the Israeli-Gaza border, according to reports.

The admission that Hamas is still seeking to kidnap and ransom Israelis has renewed concerns that a new round of violent demonstrations known as an intifada could sweep the region and jeopardize nascent peace talks.

Israeli authorities revealed last week that they had discovered a complex 1.5-mile tunnel system running from the Gaza Strip into a nearby Israeli kibbutz.

Hamas officials came clean about the tunnel on Monday when a senior leader admitted that the terror group was planning to abduct Israelis and ransom them to secure the release of imprisoned Palestinian terrorists.

“This tunnel was made by the hand of the fighters of (Izzadine) al-Qassam and they will not sleep in their efforts to hit the occupation and kidnap soldiers,” Hamas spokesman Abu Obeida was reported as saying on al-Aqsa radio, a Hamas-owned station.

“Kidnapping soldiers is the only way to succeed against the (Israeli) occupation,” Obeida was quoted as saying by the Palestinian Ma’an News Agency.

The Hamas leader vowed to continue efforts to spark violence and kidnap Israelis.

Yet this is the group Obama wants to have as a partner in peace.  What a joke.

“We are working on the ground and under the ground to release the prisoners,” Obeida said.

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