Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sex slaves from Syria for sale on Facebook...wait, what?

Just when you thought Islam couldn't get any darker, there comes this.

"Among the announcements was one publicizing ''refugee girls of all ages and religious confessions'' to satisfy all applications..."

This is Islam.

From ANSAmed May 23

Syrian female refugees on sale on Facebook, NGOs denounce
(ANSAmed) - BEIRUT - A few thousand euros are enough to buy Syrian women, including minors, who have fled their war-torn country and are living in refugee camps, Arab human rights groups have denounced.

The groups are sounding the alarm on the plight of women who are on sale as ''Syrians up for marriage'' on Facebook.

This phenomenon is not new. Last year, reports alleged that Syrian women living in refugee camps in Jordan, Turkey and Iraq had been sold to men from Arab countries, in particular from the Gulf area. Rights groups also denounced cases of violence and sexual harassment in which victims were as young as 12 and 13 years of age.

The Facebook page publicizing Syrian refugees who could be bought as wives was closed on Thursday after hundreds of activists and human rights' lawyers protested. But it had thousands of followers between May 17-21 including prospective clients interested in the women who were portrayed with little on. Some posts showed the picture of women ''looking for a husband'' with a brief profile on their chastity and their ability in domestic work.

But to get a better insight into the ''goods'' on sale, men had to send an email to start negotiations. According to Arab NGO Kafa, which has repeatedly denounced the phenomenon, clients mostly hail from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, as well as Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Yemen and Bahrain.

And not a Christian or Jewish country among the list.  I wonder why?

Among the announcements was one publicizing ''refugee girls of all ages and religious confessions'' to satisfy all applications from Sunnis, Shiites and Christians in a climate of growing religious polarization.

''You can marry legally or secretly'', read the Facebook page.

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