Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Too many crosses, so Muslim attacks hospital staff

What started out as simply the flu turned into an act of jihad.

Too many crosses, not enough Qur'ans.

From Jihad Watch May 23 by Nicolai Sennels

Germany: Sick Turk attacks hospital nurse because “too many crosses on wall”

A 34-year-old went to St. Joseph Hospital early on Saturday morning due to a “gastro-intestinal flu.” Suddenly he refused to be treated, because he thought there were too many Christian crosses on the wall.

Because of the crosses, the man started insulting the nurse, calling her a bitch, fascist, and the like. Then the man, according to police report, also started becoming physically aggressive. The hospital called the police. The officers seized the man in front of the hospital and checked him.

The man could not present any identity papers. In a review in the office, it turned out that the man had been unemployed for a long period and had lost his Turkish passport.

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