Thursday, October 30, 2014

Military ordered to hide identity to avoid being a jihad victim

All of a sudden the government has decided that jihad is a real threat, courtesy the Islamic State and their call for Muslims to kill anyone of the West, in any manner that can be implemented.  The dangers of Islam are beginning to creep into mainstream thinking despite the insistence all these years that Islam is a religion of peace.  We shall see more of this enlightened thinking as the truth of Islam becomes more prevalent.

What bothers me the most about this article is that those who are trained and equipped to fight are being told to avoid fighting by hiding from the enemy.  This makes me shudder, to think our military are being instructed to duck and cover rather than lock and load.  It may appear to be a prudent move to save lives, but to hide from the enemy smacks of cowardice.  Not from the individual soldier, but from their leaders who seem to want to avoid doing what their troops are trained for.

From the Washington Times October 29 by  Rowan Scarborough

U.S. military ordered to hide identities, change routines to avoid terrorist attacks

The agency in charge of protecting the Pentagon has sent out a warning that “ISIL-linked terrorists” want to attack employees and is urging them to change routines and mask their identities.

The Pentagon Force Protection Agency, citing intelligence reports, says members of the Islamic State terrorist group, also known by the acronym ISIL, may use knives, guns or explosives.“Recent threats, revealed through various intelligence and law enforcement sources, indicate that terrorists, directed or inspired by the Islamic States of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), view members of U.S. military members and law enforcement officers as legitimate targets for attacks,” the agency warns in memo that The Washington Times has obtained.

The warning represents one of the Obama’s administration’s most extensive domestic responses to the Islamic State. The violent al Qaeda-linked terror group, which controls parts of Syria and Iraq, is urging followers via social media to kill Westerners, especially government and military personnel.

“Attacks would most likely involve edged weapons, small arms, or improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and could be perpetrated with little-or-no advanced warning,” says the Oct. 24 two-page warning. “In light of these threats and recent attacks in the United Kingdom, France, and Canada, remaining vigilant is paramount.

“It is important that you ensure all members of your family are made aware of this valuable information so they not only protect themselves, but also become an integral part of the overall community antiterrorism effort.”

The alert is titled “Recent Threats and Individual Protective Measures.”

The alert lists 11 protective steps that require employees to alter their ways of life, including:

⦁ Remove decals and other identifiers from clothing and vehicles.

⦁ Vary travel routes.

⦁ Avoid large gatherings and places where people congregate.

⦁ Guard what you post on Facebook and Twitter.

⦁ Do not post anything that links you to the Defense Department.

⦁ Do not post any opposition to terrorist groups.

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