Monday, October 3, 2011

Nuthin but jihad

“Our demand is the liberation of Palestine, not part of Palestine.” 

So how does this fit in with the vaunted "two-state solution" everyone is talking about?  The Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei did not say but I am sure he meant a two state solution...don't you?

One of the most ironic aspects of this whole thing is that no one here, either the press or the White House will use the word jihad, it is basically forbidden to use this word, as it might insult Muslims, yet the name of the group under which Khamenei spoke is called "Islamic Jihad of Palestine".

Remember that if you, as a non-Muslim blame Islam or use the word jihad you are a Islamophobe.

From PressTV October 2

'Jihad only option for Palestinians' 

Islamic Jihad of Palestine Secretary General Ramadan Abdullah says jihad and resistance are the only options left for the Palestinian people to restore their rights.

Abdullah made the remarks on the first day of the fifth International Conference on the Palestinian Intifada at the Summit Conference Hall in the Iranian capital Tehran on Saturday, a Press TV correspondent reported.

Abdullah advised acting Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas to walk out from the negotiations with Israel, noting that the Palestinian Authority has turned into an umbrella which Israel is using as cover to carry out acts of aggression against Palestinians.

Projection of your actions on your victim is typical abuser behavior. 

He praised the recent awakening among Islamic nations and said that victory is at hand for the Palestinians. 

Foreign officials and parliamentarians attending the conference also voiced their support for the liberation of Palestine. 

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei delivered an address at the conference, in which the Leader dismissed the idea of a two-state solution in Palestine, saying, “Our demand is the liberation of Palestine, not part of Palestine.” 

“We propose holding a referendum with (the participation of) the Palestinian nation. 
As any other nation, the Palestinian nation is entitled to determine their own destiny and the system of governance in their country,” Ayatollah Khamenei added. 

Delegates from 70 countries have gathered at the conference, which is being held on the theme "Palestine, Homeland of Palestinians." 

The conference focuses on the restoration of the Palestinians' rights, including their right to return to their homeland and determine their own destiny, and on the liberation of Palestinian territories occupied by Israel.

Read that as the destruction of Israel and the scattering of the remaining Jews.  

The 4th International Conference on the Palestinian Intifada was held in Tehran in March 2009, shortly after Israel's war on the Gaza Strip. 

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