Sunday, August 23, 2015

French train jihadist "dumbfounded" at accusations of being a terrorist, father "shocked" at sons actions

While the mosque he regularly attended knows nothing of his motives or behaviors and the authorities scratch their heads over motive.  Such is the state of affairs about the ongoing jihad against the West.

From the Daily Telegraph August 23

Train attack gunman ‘dumbfounded’ by accusations of terrorism

MISSING part of his thumb and with numerous knife wounds, US airman Spencer Stone stuck his fingers into a woman’s gunshot wound after subduing the Paris train gunman.

He was one of three American travellers who say they relied on gut instinct and a close bond forged over years of friendship as they took down aheavily armed man on a passenger train speeding through Belgium.

Stone, recounting for the first time last night how a likely catastrophe was averted two days earlier, said the gunman, an assault rifle strapped to his bare chest, seemed like he was “ready to fight to the end.” But he added, “So were we.”

Without a note of bravado but a huge dose of humility, the three described Friday’s drama on an Amsterdam-to-Paris fast train.

His arm in a sling, Stone, 23, said he was coming out of a deep sleep when the gunman appeared.

One of his friends, Alek Skarlatos, a 22-year-old National Guardsman recently back from Afghanistan, “just hit me on the shoulder and said ‘Let’s go.”’

As for the jihadi;

(.)“He is dumbfounded that his action is being characterised as terrorism,” she said.

He described himself as homeless and David said she had “no doubt” this was true, saying he was “very, very thin” as if suffering from malnutrition and “with a very wild look in his eyes.”

He claims to have found the weapons in a park near the Brussels train station where he had been sleeping, stashed them for several days and then decided to hold up train passengers.

“He thought of a holdup to be able to feed himself, to have money,” she said on BFM-TV, then “shoot out a window and jump out to escape.”

Read it all, and also look here to read how shocked Dad was when he found out what his son had done.