Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nude pictures of a Muslim women here...nudge nudge, wink wink...

Saying she wants to be free from her childhood, Sila Sahin of Turkey shows more than her Middle Eastern heritage in the German Playboy.  Free indeed Sila, and I bet your family is completely supportive and behind your decision, right?

From Mail Online April 19 by Deborah Arthurs

'I wanted to be free': Muslim model upsets family by posing nude for Playboy cover
Strict: Turkish German actress Sila Sahin says her childhood was 'restricting'
Turkish German actress Sila Sahin says her childhood was 'restricting'
Sila Sahin, a 25-year-old Turkish German living in Berlin, had until now been regarded as a glowing example of how a modern Muslim girl should behave in a multicultural society.

A successful actress starring in German television soap opera Good Times, Bad Times, she pleased her many fans and made her Turkish family proud.But her latest move has shocked some of those fans, and enraged those closest to her.

Posing provocatively on the cover of German Playboy magazine with one breast exposed, Sila Sahin seems to be sending a clear and deliberate message to her conservative Turkish family.

'I did it because I wanted to be free at last,' she said. 'These photographs are a liberation from the restrictions of my childhood.'

Take that to mean the restrictions placed on Muslim females in a patriarchal society.

Her family have, unsurprisingly, reacted with horror, and her mother has cut off all contact with the actress. 

'My mother is still angry. It will be even more difficult with my grandparents, my aunts and my uncles,' she said on the website devoted to her television soap.
Who, undoubtedly are even more devout that Mom and Dad and may even be thinking about an honor killing.

She has, however, managed to talk to her actor father, who expressed concern over the pressure she will inevitably face from those not only within the Turkish community in Germany, but from the wider Muslim community as a whole.
Ms Sahin's declared intention was to used the controversial Playboy photoshoot as a call to action for other Turkish girls who suffer the effects of their strict backgrounds, where women's choices are often limited, husbands are chosen for the girls and chastity closely controlled.

C'mon, lets call it what it is and not be politically correct.  I know you know what it is, you can tell me.  Go ahead, it won't hurt to say it.

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Anonymous said...

I highly doubt she's a Muslim. She's just someone that comes from a Muslim background. Muslim is not a race and an ethnicity, it's a faith.

Anonymous said...

muslims are also humans, have the same parts as other females, nothing special

SunnahLife said...

Being born to a Muslim family does not mean you will grow to be a Muslim.

Being a Muslim is about action of the 5 pillars of Islam and its not than just having it in your heart, Muslims believe and submit to Allaah and this means obeying him, we do not drink alcohol, have sex out of marriage and we guard our honor and chasity from prying eyes, modestly covering and keeping our beauty from oerverted strangers.

Most Muslim women cover with loose clothing maybe a dress and definately a headscarf, as do nuns and also jews are meant to cover up and no one of any faith goes and poses naked on a cover of playboy.

If you want to be free from religion that is a choice we all have choices, but dont blame Islam for your being unable to control desires and seeking attention and fame in this life, watch out because death will come to us all and we will be standing before our LORD and everyone will reap what they sow!!

For goodness sake I have just come to this site of filth and hatred may Allaah destroy it and rectify the owners affairs before it is too late and he is brought before his CREATOR in shame and humiliation!

How can he teach about Islam he only preaches hate!

Im sick of these people with no lives to but to incite hatred and cause corruption and mischeif amongt man!!

Get a life before you lose it

Anonymous said...

I don't think there is any sucker who is creator waiting for me after-life. I see that as a baloney!
You may be a fool to express that belief. You can be a fool swallowing those shit but do not force down that shit to my throat. I am a proud Kafir. I don't believe your Sun or Moon gods. Try another time, try another day with another fool but not here!

Anonymous said...

religion is for emotional people who are afraid to die. It has been the source of most wars and tries to control people. in some situations it has helped people live a better life but most of the time it only creates hadship and death

rahman said...

She has a muslim background and all that but apparently the story about her family was made up as a selling point. The family or anyone else hasnt breaking off contact because of some nude pictures.
Please backcheck your stories and facts before printing such things.
Btw the first Indian posing for playboy also happens to be muslim (goes by the monicker of sherlyn chopra)

Anonymous said...

wrong thing she is doing