Friday, November 1, 2013

Priorities, Time and the Future

Dear readers,  it has been a little over three years since I started Islam Today Oregon, with thousands of posts, essays, commentary and opinion given in the name of education and enlightenment.  I regret nothing and stand by everything I have written over the years, including pieces done before this blog.  I am honored to be allowed a voice, because as we all know in many other countries my voice would not be heard, and I would most assuredly be dead by now.

While building the blog I also decided to pursue my education, and have been back in college to get my masters in history, specifically Middle East/Islamic history.  I finished my AA degree, and have moved to chapter 2, a bachelors.  I knew hard work and dedication was required and I did not shy away from diving in head first to achieve a long sought goal.  What surprised me was the reality that I am no longer in my 20's (or even 30's) and what I thought would be fairly easy but lengthy has turned out to be far from reality.  I am not complaining because I love learning and teaching, but I do want to explain some of the trials I am experiencing trying to balance more than a few spinning plates on sticks.

Time may be infinite but it is not unlimited.  My studies are intensive, as is the gathering of news and opinion for this blog.  There are priorities, mainly the utilization of limited monies to pay for my education.  I have always juggled time, trying to use it to maximum effect, yet as most of you have seen, recently I have spent less time here and more time deep in study.  Rest assured this blog will continue, but with only myself the wearer of many hats I have had to limit the time spent maintaining and furthering the blog.  Now with that in mind let me present this to you, my faithful readers.

I would like to find another like-minded person to take some of the pressure off me by assuming a role of associate editor.  No pay, no vacation time and no company car, just the knowledge you are contributing to the continuation of a free society.  As Islam spreads, and jihad becomes more the norm, and as the sharia creeps steadily across free countries it is vital that information continues to flow.  I am but one man but would like to make the voice a chorus rather than a solo.

The offer is simple, if you would like to be a part of something greater, please contact me, Barry Sommer at and put in the subject line "How can I help?" and I will contact you with details.  No pressure, yet without another (or 2) to help I will have to continue to post less frequently than I would like, and will miss some important stories.  I leave the decision to you, my readers and hope be able to continue Islam Today Oregon as a full-service anti-jihad blog.

God bless you, dear reader and stay strong.  We will never give up, we will never give in.


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