Friday, January 24, 2014

Comment on beards lands Saudi female activist in hot water

Suad Al Shimmari made a comment on Twitter that some beards in other religions and cultures have been longer than the one Muhammad sported.  To this, Shaikh Adel Al Kalbani wishes for her hands to fall off and her eyes to go blind.  

Isn't dialogue wonderful when wrapped in an Islamic fog?

From Gulf News January 20 by Habib Toumi

Tweet sparks new controversy over religious issue

Manama: A Saudi activist said that she would sue a religious scholar after he called for putting her on trial over a tweet in which he claimed she had insulted Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Suad Al Shimmari said that Shaikh Adel Al Kalbani wronged her by claiming that she had ridiculed the Prophet by denigrating the significance of beards that men are expected to grow as required by some religious schools.

“I call for a swift trial of Suad Al Shimmari for her offences to the Prophet [PBUH] and her scorns in the tweet she posted,” Al Kalbani said, quoted by local news site Sabq. In her tweet, Al Shimmari said “one of the dumbest statements is that breeding beards is to be different from the heathens. These include past and present Orientalists, Jews, priests, Communists and Marxists beards. Abu Jahl [an arch-enemy of the Prophet and the flag-bearer of disbelief and hatred towards Islam] had a beard longer than that of the Prophet.”

Reacting to the tweet, Al Kalbani prayed that Suad lose the use of her hand and her eyesight.

(.) “I am shocked by all the insults and derogatory remarks. I wish Al Kalbani had really appreciated the significance of my tweets before rushing into cursing me,” she said. His negative attitudes have fuelled public antagonism against her, she added.

“Al Kalbani did what he did because he wanted to gain some popular mileage and to reconcile with his group. I am now considering a law case against him for what he said against me. Islam teaches us not to rush into statements and conclusions until we are sure and certain about all the facts in order to be fair. I am responsible for what I say, but I am not responsible for what they understand or how they perceive things.

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