Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nigerian Update: January 21

The jihad never ends in Africa.  Nigeria, Mauritania, Niger, Central African Republic, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and many others feel the sword of Islam every day.  Deaths occur on a daily basis and the efforts to stop it are futile at worst, enabling at best.  The people suffer as Islam continues its rampage across the continent.  In this instance, another 18 have been murdered but who really knows the exact count.

And the West continues to deny Islam is the root cause of the desperation and hopelessness engulfing Africa.

From Reuters January 20 by Ibrahim MIshelizza

Nigerian Islamists kill 18, burn houses in northeast

(Reuters) - Islamist militants stormed a village in remote northeast Nigeria on Monday, torching houses and spraying them with bullets in an attack that killed 18 people, witnesses said.

The latest Boko Haram assault, on Sunday night, came hours before Nigeria's four top military chiefs handed over to fresh commanders in a ceremony on Monday.

President Goodluck Jonathan announced the reshuffle of his entire military leadership last week in a bid to reinvigorate the fight against the insurgents.

"Most of those who survived the attack have fled the village as they do not know if they will be attacked again," said Bulama Ibrahim, the chief of Alau Ngawo village, which was attacked sometime after 10 p.m. on Sunday. He said he had counted 18 bodies after the shooting and many houses burned.

A former local councilor, Mustapha Galtimare, who was on the scene after the attack, concurred with the numbers of dead.

The village lies in remote northeastern Borno state, the epicenter of the insurgency and relic of Nigeria's oldest medieval Islamic caliphate, which once prospered from trans-Saharan trade routes passing though the largely Muslim north.

Boko Haram is fighting to re-establish an Islamic kingdom in northern Nigeria, breaking away from the largely Christian south. Its fighters have killed thousands of people since they launched an uprising in mid-2009.

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