Friday, January 24, 2014

Jihadists continue to threaten Sochi games

Does anyone really believe these games will go for two weeks without an attack?  As good as Russian security is and with the added influx of other Western security forces it seems the odds are in our favor. With the "Black Widow" female jihadists believed to be within the circle of steel surrounding the venue site and recent jihad attacks in Volgograd, plus the violent protests in Kiev, the venue is ripe to explode.  This is the perfect opportunity for Islam to assert its dominance by murdering many, possibly hundreds and I don't believe they will sit back and do nothing.

I pray to God I am wrong, yet I fear I am right.

From NBC Atlanta January 24

Sochi Olympics threatened again

SOCHI, RUSSIA -- A video posted on a jihadist website has likened the looming Winter Olympics in Russia to those held in Nazi Germany ahead of World War II.

"Satan is with you," said the speaker, whose face is blurred. "He will betray you at the most inconvenient moment, and that this moment is close."

"In the run-up to the 'demon' Olympics," a militant speaking in Russian stresses the "atmosphere of fear and terror" hanging over Russia, ahead of the Games, which are due to start on Feb. 7.

The four-minute video was recorded by the Islamic Jihad Union, a Pakistan-based al Qaeda ally that has fighters from Russia, the Caucuses, Central Asia and Pakistan. It was posted online earlier this month and comes amid repeated assurances from Russian officials that the Olympics will be secure.

The speaker, named as "Amin Abu Usama," likens the "Putin Olympics" to those held in Nazi Germany in 1936 during the reign of Adolf Hitler. It also mentions the recent suicide bombings in Volgograd that left 34 dead.

The militant in the video claimed that the "suppression of Islam in the Caucusus is only increasing the discontent in the local population" and is fueling "the support for jihad" among the local youth.

Russian authorities have already beefed up security measures near Sochi.

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