Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jihad behind bus blast in Cairo that killed 4, injured 12

Tourism in Egypt has always been their prime money-maker.  With the Arab Spring/Winter and the debacle of the Morsi/Muslim Brotherhood tourism took a huge hit.  It started coming back in the last few months, now that progress has been pushed back.

"A continuation in attacks on tourists would mean a shift in strategy by jihadist groups that until now targeted the military and police"

And now, let loose the (jihad) dogs of war.

From the Times of Israel Feb 17

Egypt says suicide bomber caused deadly bus blast
CAIRO — A suicide bomber was behind the deadly blast that tore through a bus carrying South Korean tourists, Egyptian security officials said.
The officials said the bomber boarded the bus while it waited near the Egypt-Israel border crossing at Taba in the Sinai Peninsula. The Egyptian driver and the South Korean guide had disembarked but were close to the bus when Sunday’s blast took place, according to the officials.

South Korean officials said the bombing killed three South Koreans and an Egyptian driver. The tourists were Korean Christians who had saved for years to visit Biblical sites on their church’s 60th anniversary.

“The preliminary investigation shows some tourists disembarked to get their bags. A man walked to the bus. There was an explosion when he reached the third step,” interior ministry spokesman Hany Abdel Latif told AFP.

The tourists were all members of the same church group from the central South Korean county of Jincheon and were on a 12-day trip through Turkey, Egypt and Israel. They were about to cross into Israel when the attack occurred.

The South Korean ambassador to Egypt, Kim Young-So, told Seoul’s MBN TV station that the bus bombing appeared to be a “suicide bombing by a terrorist.”

An al-Qaeda-linked Islamist group, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, took responsibility for the bombing. On its Twitter account, the organization promised to continue to attack Egypt’s economy, tourism, and military.

The group, based in the Sinai Peninsula, has deployed several suicide bombers in attacks on police, as well as in a failed attempt to assassinate interior minister Mohamed Ibrahim in September.

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