Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Stoning in Pakistan; two murdered according to the sharia

Sharia law is the basis for the stoning of "adulterers", and it pleases Muhammad.

7th century mores transplanted into the 21st century.

Pakistan is supposedly our friend, we give them billions in aid and for what?

More stones?

From DAWN Feb 17 by Saleem Shahid

Couple stoned to death in Loralai village

QUETTA: A man and a woman were stoned to death in a village in Loralai district on Sunday after a cleric issued a fatwa against them, sources said.

A Levies Force official, Abdul Latif Jogezai, said the incident took place in Manzkai village early in the morning. “The people of the village stoned to death the man and the woman who were not married to each other. Rather, they were married to other people,” he said. He said the two were killed on suspicion of having illicit relations. No funeral prayers were offered for them.

The slain man, Daraz Khan, was buried in Katoti area and the woman in her village.

After hearing about the incident, personnel of the Levies Force reached Manzkai village and arrested the cleric who had issued the fatwa and six of the men who stoned the couple to death, Mr Jogezai said.

He said a case had been registered against the people of the village. Most of the residents fled from the village to avoid arrest, he added.

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