Friday, September 26, 2014

Beheading in America: Jihad arrives in the Heartland

From a retired teacher of history and comparative religion.

Start of a new trend?
By Billy Rojas

The spin has begun, with CBS leading the way. This horrendous crime, we learn, has nothing to do with jihad or other Muslim activities in the world today. It was unrelated to anything else but this one individual's disguntledness over being terminated from a job. 

So, everybody, why don't we all get together with some "real Muslims" and have a kumbaya fest and discuss love and peace and understanding? But if, before then, another Muslim beheads a friend of yours, or your son or daughter, or aunt or uncle, hey! Rest assured that we have nothing to fear from Islam. And although Muhammad's book, the Koran, tells Muslims on the path of jihad to behead others, well, remember that there are "reformers" who are very willing to explain it all away in the name of love and peace and understanding. 

Just as there were Nazis who were willing to explain away Hitler's Mein Kampf -O, it doesn't really mean that, O, we can reform Nazism, and so forth. Hey, it is the same damned thing, one equals the other, in case you haven't noticed. 

Where will the next beheading occur in America? California? Oregon? Florida? Texas? Montana? Ohio? Wisconsin? Chicago? Maybe we should have an "office pool" to try and guess the lucky location of this event, which is sure to come, courtesy of your local friendly Muslim fanatic. 

In case you have not noticed, we are at war with Islam. They declared was on us, not the other way around, but it is war, nonetheless. In a war the best thing to do is fight to win, otherwise you lose. Of course it would help if people understand the simple fact that, yes, indeed, a war exists, like it or not. And it sure in hell is not going way by praying in away or ignoring it as if it did not exist. 

But, but, but, war is inconvenient to your plans? Gee whiz. In that case you are excused. If your son or daughter is beheaded in the meantime, or a good friend, or a co-worker, well, that wasn't "real Islam" and sleep comfortably. there is nothing to worry about.

Update: Here is Alton Nolen, aka Jah’Keem Yisrael on his Facebook page.  Nothing but Qur'anic quotations, exhortations to kill, and a graphic picture at the bottom of a beheading.  The media will take no notice of this, and maintain that this had nothing to do with Islam.

We are doomed.

From SKY News September 26

Oklahoma Beheading: Fired Man's Knife Rampage

A man who had just been sacked at an Oklahoma food plant decapitated one female worker and stabbed another before he was shot and wounded by the boss.

Police said Alton Nolen, 30, was "angry" after losing his job when he launched into a knife rampage at Vaughan Foods in Moore on Thursday afternoon.

Mark Vaughn, chief operating officer of the business and also a reserve police officer, is being hailed as a hero after he shot Nolen while the suspect was stabbing a second woman.

Authorities say it appears Nolen targeted the workers at random.

The attack began at about 4pm when he went to the car park and drove his vehicle to the front of the warehouse where he hit another car.

Nolen then walked through the main entrance and began his rampage.

Police spokesman Jeremy Lewis told a press conference that Nolen's colleagues had said "he recently started trying to convert several employees to the Muslim religion".

However, it is not clear if his beliefs had any link to the attack. The FBI is also investigating the incident.

The first victim has been identified as 54-year-old Colleen Hufford.

Mr Lewis told Friday morning's press conference: "He did kill Colleen and he did sever her head."

Nolen and the second victim, 43-year-old Traci Johnson, are both in a stable condition in hospital, said police.

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