Monday, September 22, 2014

Muslim immigration: Too late to send them "back where they came from"

And besides, they wouldn't go anyway.  Here's why.

News sources across the world are, for the most part the same when it comes to the "who and where" of the news.  The claim that the media is unbiased and objective is, as we are all aware a sham, a great joke that all parrot but few believe. I always take what the media says with a grain of salt (size depending on which media I am looking at) while looking for the nugget of truth that is always an integral part of any news story.  That nugget, for better or worse is most likely found not in the body of the article, but in the comments after the story.  I relate these thoughts to you because as I admire the general commentors in their grasp of the problems of Islam, I do think they miss the whole picture by ignoring some basic Islamic theological underpinnings.

One theme is constant within comments posted when talking about Islam and Muslims in the West: if Muslims don't like the West they can go back where they came from.  As a corollary they ponder why, if the West is so bad did they come here to begin with?

These are the $64,000 questions.

For a while I asked the same questions, puzzled as to why one would come to a new country and then spend their time complaining about it.

With Islam and Muslims it is all about conquest.  It is a requirement within Islamic texts and tenets that Muslims must regain the land that Allah bequeathed for them, which is, not surprisingly the entire globe.

The imperative for Islam is to inhabit every country, grow through population/demographics to become a percentage of the population and, when over 5%, the agitation for separate rights begins, and demands for  accomodations and unique treatment not afforded the rest of that society slowly becomes the new norm.

Governments continually tell us that immigration is a good thing if managed properly.  Decades of unregulated immigration from Muslim countries into Europe are now bearing the result of these misguided principles; Muslim populations have risen exponentially faster than indigenous peoples, thus enabling the agitation and demands now being experienced across Europe.

To demand of Muslims that if they don't like where they live they should move ignores the underlying principle, that of conquest of Muslim lands occupied by the infidel.  They are here because they are supposed to be here, their complaints, demands and rancor are part and parcel of the program Islamic doctrine demands of pious Muslims.  They will not leave, they will not flee, they will not budge.  The plan is clear to anyone who understands Islamic doctrine, unfortunately those who should know these things are the least equipped to handle the looming problem, most of all because they refuse to accept what jihadists tell us: that the fighting is due mainly to Islamic theology.

Islam drives the immigrants.  Islam demands the conversion, subjugation or death for non-believers. Islam is spreading across the West, aided by its useful idiots, apologists and water-carriers that tell us over and over that what the jihadists say means the opposite, that they misunderstand Islam and really don't believe what they say to us.

Cognitive dissonance of Biblical proportions.

Somali immigrants in Minnesota are leaving America to fight for Islam in Iraq with the Islamic State. Americans in the hundreds have joined Islam to fight for the way of Allah.  They come here and to Europe as an immigrant, refuse to assimilate and instead create their own little Muslim enclaves. Tower Hamlets, Birmingham, Luton, even London itself are now experiencing Islamic unrest, some areas even have their own sharia police and the country has officially allowed sharia courts to run concurrent with English courts.

The city of Dearborn, Michigan is the first American city to adopt sharia courts.  No wonder, as Dearborn is ironically known as "Dearbornistan" due to the high (over 40%) populaltion of Muslims there.  Muslims do not want to go back to "where they came from" because they are already "where they need to be" in order to impliment the dictates of Islam: convert, subjugate or kill.

For those who whine about Muslims whining, just remember that the whine of Islam is to be followed by a cacophony of bitter cheese, ending in soft-spoken capitulation to the rhetoric of "Islamophobia" and racism because, after all we don't want to be seen as intolerant.

Muslim immigration should cease immediately and a system created where the accepting countries can fully, truthfully and honestly vet and approve someone from an Islamic country.  Until then, we will see more immigration of Muslims, a good number of them bringing their supremacist agenda with them.

The end result of no action on this deadly Muslim immigrant threat will not be a good one for the infidel.

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