Sunday, September 7, 2014

Son of Hamas founder explains the war on "terrorism"

The West and their media lapdogs always portray Islam as a religion which is just as equal, peaceful and tolerant as any other, denying what jihadist and Islamists say about why they fight.  The willful denial exhibited by Islamic apologists is so palpable you can chew on it.  Anyone who questions the motives of Islam or Muslims is immediately labeled a "Islamophobe", not worthy of dialogue or even acknowledgement they exist.

I would imagine then, that Mosab Hassan Yousef would be seen as not just an apostate to be killed, but also as the worst kind of Islamophobe; one who used to be Muslim but converted to a believer in Christ.  His words on why we must fight are too important to ignore, yet those in power will do just that.  The denial permeates every cranny of Western thinking, making it impossible to address the root causes of why our enemy wants us dead.

If our dear leaders will not listen to someone who was born into the most virulent kind of Islam and knows from where he speaks, then we are doomed.

From FoxNews September 6

Son of Hamas founder on fighting terrorism in the Mideast
I cannot get the video to load here. Please go to the link to watch it.


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