Friday, November 7, 2014

"The people killed by Islamic State are American agents. We must behead them as Allah said in the Koran"

A 13-year-old boy who wishes to be named 'Abu Hattab' stands in a forest holding a weapon

We could play "Who Said That" and see if we can guess who might have uttered these words but the problem would be that just about anyone of recent or past note could have spoken it.  What makes this particular utterance more insidious is that it comes from a 13 year old boy.

In the interview and article linked below, you will read a chilling account that embodies what pure Islam is all about.  We see it as child abuse, they see it as the duty of waging jihad.  Until Muslims world-wide stand as one voice and condemn, through doctrinal means how the Islamic State interprets the Qur'an and the hadiths of Muhammad incorrectly, we will see more of these children dying for Allah.

From the BBC November 6 by Mark Lowen

Islamic State crisis: The 13-year-old on 'righteous path'

In a cramped living room in southern Turkey, a 13-year-old boy is training to join Islamic State.

As he welcomes us in, he appears a regular, happy-looking child: his hair is ruffled, his smile beaming, he wears a grey, hooded sweater.

But as we sit down to talk, he heads next door to change, returning in a black balaclava and military-style camouflage top.

He wants to be known as "Abu Hattab".

Born in Syria, he was first radicalised last year, joining the jihadist group Sham al-Islam.'Behead them'

He had Sharia lessons and learned how to use weapons, proudly showing us pictures in which he takes aim with machine guns.

Now he spends his days online, watching jihadist videos and chatting on Facebook to IS fighters.

Within weeks, he says, he'll go to the IS stronghold of Raqqa in Syria to become a young jihadi soldier.

"I like Islamic State because they pursue Sharia and kill infidels, non-Sunnis and those who converted from Islam," he says.

"The people killed by Islamic State are American agents. We must behead them as Allah said in the Koran."

I ask whether he has disclosed his age to those to whom he talks online.

"At the start, I didn't," he says.

"But recently I told them - and now they contact me even more, sending me photos and news."

But why not simply enjoy his childhood, I ask?

"I don't want to go out with friends or have fun. Allah ordered us to work and fight for the next life - for paradise. Before, I went to the park or the seaside.

"But then I realised I was wrong - and I've taken the righteous path."

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