Thursday, November 20, 2014

UC Berkeley students find Israel more offensive than ISIS

The propagandizing of young minds on college campuses today is complete: Israel is the enemy and the Islamic State is benign and not to be paid attention to.  How did we get to the point where those who behead in the name of their religion are given a back seat to the only democracy in the Middle East?

Muslims are the new "Negro" and Israel is the new "Master" and that must be the new norm.  It is not a political leaning thing, nor is it a mismatch of relativism and cultural identity, it is the renewed age-old hatred of Jews, spurred on by a campaign to make a common historical lie (Jews are evil) the main narrative.

Telling is how virulent the attacks against Israel are.  Not merely an angry critique of Israeli policy, the common meme was one of suggesting Israel and Jews fornicate themselves.  The hatred was palatable, and very uncomfortable.  One could almost imagine a physical attack by someone who's emotional attachment to hatred got the best of them.

This behavior is endemic on colleges across the US today, taught by ideologues to students ready and willing to be indoctrinated in whatever the professor spouts.

From JihadWatch November 19 by Robert Spencer`

Video: Which is more offensive at UC-Berkeley — the flag of the Islamic State or the flag of Israel?

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