Friday, December 19, 2014

North Carolina High School accused of proselytizing for Islam

Watch the video by Dianne Lynn Savage and decide for yourself.  She makes a very cogent remark when she asks when the last time was that we heard a school talking about God, or Jesus, of Buddha. The answer, of course is not in the recent past, as any talk of Christianity, or Judaism, or even Buddhism, unless it is in the strictest framework of non-secularism, is not allowed.  

The point here is; do we want the schools to teach one religion over another, and in such a way as to whitewash what that religion it really is?

From WNCT December 19

New Details: Viral video alleges Pitt Co. high school promoting Islam

GREENVILLE, N.C. -Pitt County Schools has responded to a viral video that alleges a Farmville Central lesson plan is promoting Mohamad and Islam.

The video, created by Dianne Lynn Savage, asserts that the plan is a vocabulary lesson for the eastern North Carolina high school. In it, Savage urges the audience to share the video as widely as possible and to not ‘just sit back and allow this'.Brock Letchworth, the spokesperson for Pitt County Schools, said Friday afternoon that school officials looked into the matter and released the following statement about the lesson plan, " Late last night, it was brought to our attention that there were questions about a vocabulary assignment in a senior English class at Farmville Central High School. The course is designed to accompany the world literature text, which emphasizes culture in literature.

Concerns expressed to us were related to the religious nature of sentences providing vocabulary words in context. After an investigation, we discovered that the vocabulary lesson was taken directly from a state-adopted supplemental workbook published by Holt, Rinehart, and Winston. This workbook includes a series of weekly vocabulary lessons, and the lessons are used to teach vocabulary in context. Lessons are divided into a trio of topics including expression, civilization, and the environment. This particular lesson was pulled from the civilization section of the workbook.Our school system understands all concerns related to proselytizing, and there is no place for it in our instruction. However, this particular lesson was one of many the students in the class have had and will have that expose them to the various religions and how they shape cultures throughout the world.

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