Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Former Gitmo detainee requests the Saudis expell all non-Muslims from the Kingdom

What is he, some kind of Islamophobe? 

Ibrahim al-Rubeish is a former Guantanamo captive, now a member of Al-Qaeda and he wants non-Muslims to get out of the land of the two holy places.  Isn't it nice to see one of those who we held in detention, gave everything requested to make their stay a bit more reasonable and accomodated them in every way, go right back to their jihadist ways.  I am glad to see my tax dollars working to keep us safe.

From AFP/Yahoo August 29

Qaeda chief tells Saudi prince to expel non-Muslims

A senior Saudi member of Al-Qaeda warned the interior minister that he should expel non-Muslims from the kingdom, among other demands to stop considering him a target, in an online audio message.
Ibrahim al-Rubeish, a former Guantanamo detainee, addressed Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz with seven measures which he considered essential for "reform" in the ultra-conservative Gulf state and for the prince's own safety, SITE Intelligence reported on Monday.
The measures included expelling non-Muslims from the Arabian Peninsula, repealing all man-made laws and instituting (Islamic) sharia-based governance, the US-based monitoring service said.
They also included releasing prisoners, allowing preachers to speak with impunity and removing themselves as obstacles to those who wish to support Muslims in Iraq and the Palestinian territories, it added.
"This is the path if you wish to survive. If you do this, I will guarantee that the mujahedeen will not prepare another trap for you and that you will sleep safely in your bed and you will go as you please without fearing anyone," Rubeish said.

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