Monday, March 23, 2015

CIA head Brennen says Islamic State "not Islamic"

The smoke and mirrors continues unabated from the White House.  I don't think they even listen to the words coming out of their mouths, instead they just spew the party line.  Islam and Muslims are not waiting for us to define what is, and what is not Islam, so any pronouncements by Brenner are only met with laughter and the knowledge that the jihad can continue unencumbered by honest scrutiny.

From ZeeNews March 23

CIA Director says Islamic State represents ''ideology of violence, '' not Islam

Washington: CIA Director John O. Brennan has cautioned against categorizing the Islamic State (IS) fighters as followers of Muslim faith by saying that they represent an "ideology of violence" and not religion.

In an interview, Brennan stuck to the Obama administration`s official line and stressed on the need to not use phrases like "radical Islam" for the IS terrorists, The Washington Times reported.
Brennan warned that it would be a mistake to link the IS with Islam, when majority of Muslims around the globe have denounced, condemned their actions and therefore, he added, "we should not give them any religious legitimacy."

The CIA Chief added that he was prepared to call them "extremists" and "violent terrorists" who misrepresent Islamic faith.

Rather than call them what they call themselves.  I wonder how he would react if I said I didn't like his name John anymore, and from now on I would call him Barney. 

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