Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chapter 421; it's always the Jews fault...always

No matter what happens across the globe, you can rest assured that TIZCTTOTW* will be blamed.  After all, the Jews are capable of anything, just remember the Zionist snakes, rats, fenugreek seeds and sharks, not to mention the magnetic belts which sterilize young Muslim males.

From the Ma'an News Agency July 3

Sudan blames Zionist-American plot for unrest
KHARTOUM (Reuters) -- Sudan accused unnamed "Zionist institutions" on Sunday of fanning anti-government protests as it tries to snuff out disturbances which echo Arab Spring unrest elsewhere.

For two weeks, anti-austerity protesters have been calling for the resignation of the government of President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, one of Africa's longest serving leaders.

Sudan lost three-quarters of its oil revenue after South Sudan gained independence last year, forcing the government to impose cuts that have hit Sudanese who were already grappling with soaring inflation and a weakening currency.

"Zionist institutions inside the United States and elsewhere... are exploiting the latest economic decisions to destabilize the security and political situation," the state-linked Sudanese Media Centre quoted presidential assistant Nafie Ali Nafie as saying.

Nafie said the government had evidence of collusion between rebel groups in Darfur, politicians in arch-foe South Sudan and Zionist institutions in the United States to sabotage Sudan. He did not present the evidence.

So is there evidence or not?  If there is, why is it being hidden?  Hmmm......

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*The International Zionist Conspiracy To Take Over The World  

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