Thursday, October 1, 2015

Jihad in Oregon: 13 dead at Umpqua Community College

Jihad hits Oregon with tragic consequences.  13 dead, over 20 injured, some critically and so far, authorities say they have no motive.
Lets be clear here, this is jihad, a means to strike terror into the hearts of the infidels as per the Qur'an.  The jihadi, after shooting a teacher in the head demanded the students get on the floor, then had them rise and state their religion.  He shot those who he saw as a kuffir, or infidel and not worthy of living.  It has also been claimed that the jihadi had a Qur'an on him.  Of course, the authorities will do anything they can not to identify Islam as the prime motivator, blaming the deaths on everything but Islam, for to do so would be "Islamophobic" and bigoted, maybe even racist (what race is Islam again?  I keep forgetting.)
This jihad is retaliation for the three military personnel who stopped the jihad attack on the train in France, as one of the three is from Roseburg.  I firmly believe that revenge is the motivator, we shall see if authorities speak the truth, although I doubt they will.
My state has been attacked by Islam, and it would not surprise me if the jihadi is found to be from Eugene, maybe even a UofO Muslim student who just had to take revenge for the death of one of his co-religionists.
My heart has been ripped from my chest and I weep for the victims of Islamic texts and teachings.  I pray we will speak truth and never again have to bury our loved ones because of political correctness.
May God have mercy on the dead and may His hand of Grace spread over those who lost loved ones and are suffering.  May we also lose this love of tolerance and begin to understand that Islam is evil and must be confronted before any more innocents die at the hands of the "religion of peace"


Anonymous said...

You are insane Barry, need evidence to support your claim? Thats easy, just make some up like you have done.

SusanEst said...

What qualifies Mr. Sommer to attack an entire group for the crime of one deranged individual?

Unknown said...

Ridiculous assertions, this is simply uneducated hatemongering.

Nadia Sindi said...

This is who is Barry Sommer!!!

Nadia Sindi said...

Nadia Sindi said...

David Evans: "This is Jewish-inspired Islamophobic propaganda at its worst. There is ZERO evidence that the shooter was of any religious affiliation.:

His name, Christopher Sean Harper-Mercer doesn't indicate any religious affiliation either.

Jews have been Muslim and Arab bashing for a century to get the West to align with their criminal state, Israel:

Nadia Sindi said...

Nadia Sindi said...

Suzanne Holmes: She has to be one of the most dangerous women in this country!

She's paid to lie and distort the truth. If her followers would actually read Quran in context, they'd see how she's playing them.

She is truly from the Synagogue of Satan.