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Pleasure Marriage - Islamic Prostitution

Shia's believe that it is acceptable to engage in what is called a "Pleasure Marriage" where both man and woman agree to be married for a short period of time, as short as a few hours, then there is a divorce and voila; pleasure marriage over. Does this sound a bit weird to you, like maybe this is Islamic prostitution under the guise of religious acceptance for the sake of sexual pleasure between unmarried peoples?

Called "zawaj al-mut'a" it is also known as a temporary marriage, and has always been used as a method of getting laid with no commitment. Sunni's do not agree with this and do not practice it (as a rule) but it is supported by specific hadiths. The funny thing about this is, women have a say in the arrangement, agreeing on terms and conditions before the "honeymoon" commences. Interesting twist in Islamic feminism, if that could even be a phrase used in polite company.

From Translating Jihad November 22

Kuwaiti Shaykh Explains and Justifies Islamic "Pleasure Marriages"

Kuwaiti Shaykh Yasir al-Habib, a Shi'a, explains and justifies the Islamic practice of zawaj al-mut'a, or
temporary marriage (lit. 'pleasure marriage'), which is in a sense Islamically-sanctioned prostitution. In
the longer clip which I took this excerpted portion from, Shaykh al-Habib starts out by saying that Sunnis
often try to embarrass Shi'a by saying that they're going to marry their sisters in a pleasure marriage.

Al-Habib responds by saying that, first of all, in Islam a brother has no authority over the actions of his
sister. And secondly, he contends that Sunnis want him to deny pleasure marriage simply because some
people find it repulsive, to which he counters that "the Messenger of Allah didn't find it repulsive."

As Muhammad is "al-insan al-kamil" or the perfect man in all ways, and who's behavior is to be emulated by all Muslims; whatever Muhammad did is what all Muslims are supposed to do. Muhammad liked the ladies, and needed a way to be able to indulge whenever the whim struck him. No reason the 21st century Muslim cannot enjoy the same benefits.

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