Monday, January 21, 2013

Algerian jihadists were employed at site, one insider probably French

International jihad comes to fruition.  We will see more of this as pure Islam spreads.

From the Telegraph January 20 by Abdelatif Belkayem and Henry Samuel

Algeria hostage crisis: al Qaeda had help from inside claim security sources

One of those involved in the "inside job" was of French nationality, the sources told the Daily Telegraph, in what appears to be a blow to those in charge of safety at the highly strategic In Amenas plant, which accounts for 12 per cent of Algeria's gas production.
The unnamed French accomplice is said to have changed sides once his comrades in arms had broken into the desert site in southeastern Algeria after attacking bus at a false checkpoint. He then took part in the kidnapping operation before being killed during the Algerian army assault on the site.
Some terrorists are reported to have known internal procedures at the plant as well as the room numbers of expatriates.
Gendarmes are understood to have opened an investigation into four other workers who survived the attack on suspicion of helping the kidnappers enter the tightly-guarded facility, the sources said, without providing further details.
In a further development, up to five of the hostage takers are believed to have been captured alive, separate sources said. The Algerian government earlier said that all 32 kidnappers had been "neutralised", leaving open the possibility that not all were dead.

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