Friday, January 25, 2013

Jizya lawsuit against McDonalds nets 700K for plaintiffs but some complain they are not getting their share

The money was to be spread across a few Muslim social groups, but a local attorney believes all who ate the non-halal chicken should get the money.  There is no way to identify who ate which chicken, so this challenge to the decision is nothing more than another demand to make the kuffir dance.

From the Press and Guide January 24 by Joe Slezak

DEARBORN: Group wants share of settlement money over McDonald’s non-halal chicken
DEARBORN — An attorney in the city is upset that those who ate chicken that was labeled as halal, but really wasn’t, won’t be sharing in the $700,000 awarded in a lawsuit.

McDonald’s and Finley’s Management Co. agreed Jan. 18 to pay the money over the non-halal chicken, which was served at the McDonald’s at 13158 Ford Road.

Ahmed Ahmed of Dearborn Heights filed the lawsuit in September 2011 after finding that the chicken wasn’t halal, which means that it didn’t meet Islamic requirements for preparing food.

Ahmed is expected to get $20,000, the Huda Clinic in Detroit is expected to get about $275,000, about $150,000 is expected to go to the Arab American National Museum in Dearborn and about $230,000 is expected to go to attorneys. The exact amounts will be determined at a hearing.

Attorney Majed Moughni, who runs the Facebook site Dearborn Area Community Members, has started a campaign to have the money paid to those who ate the “haram” chicken, not those he said were not “injured.” He’s asking those who did to “like” the entry and leave contact information for themselves and others who ate the meat.

As of late Thursday afternoon, the campaign had nearly 700 “likes,” nearly 600 comments and 60 “shares.”

Moughni said in an email that the community is “showing its outrage over the sale of false halal chicken sandwiches.”

So many other social problems of greater import, yet Muslims see only personal and religious insults as to be taken seriously.  Chicken sandwiches, indeed. 
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