Friday, December 2, 2011

Q Society in Australia accused of spreading hate against Islam

Well, let's see. Here is one of three posters being distributed.

Q Society1

There is nothing incorrect on this poster, unless your multicultural perspective sees any criticism of Islam and Muslims as a hate crime. It is funny that the loudest protestations, from Andrew Fraser, Deputy Premier can only attack through generalities, he cannot dispute anything said. A typical tactic from those who know nothing about Islam except that it is a religion of peace.

From The Courier Mail December 1

Hate mail hits westside letterboxes

A Victorian group is being blamed for anti-Islamic propaganda being distributed on the westside.

Deputy Premier and Member for Mt Coot-tha Andrew Fraser has blasted the pamphlets, distributed by QSociety.

``There is no room in Queensland for hate politics,'' he said.

``The flyer makes a number of outrageous and false claims that the practice of Islam by many Australians threatens our food production, academic integrity in our schools, and equal access to public spaces.

``Modern Australia has a proud multicultural heritage. This kind of prejudicial rubbish has no place anywhere, let alone here in Queensland.''

On Monday, QSociety organised a Brisbane visit by controversial anti-Islamist US author Robert Spencer.

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