Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Brother vs Brother in Syria; Hezbollah join Assad against FSA rebels

It is jihad vs jihad with both sides reading the same book but coming to different conclusions.  Hezbollah and Iran supporting Assad, the West supporting the FSA.  Get ready for a clandestine civil war, guided by the enemies of freedom on both sides.  The ones who will suffer the greatest losses in this clash of bullies; the innocents of Syria.


From The Blaze Feb 18 by Sharona Schwartz


New evidence over the weekend emerged of the growing involvement of Hezbollah in the Syrian civil war. The Free Syrian Army (FSA), the main opposition group battling President Bashar Assad’s forces, claims some 1,000 Hezbollah fighters entered Syria over the weekend and engaged in bloody battles.

The FSA spokesman said, “It’s a coordinated ground invasion…Hezbollah has started a war against us.”

According to Lebanon’s Daily Star, three Hezbollah militants were killed in battles over the weekend, as were 12 rebel fighters. The paper is characterizing the fighting as “the worst near the border with Lebanon since the uprising erupted.” It warned Hezbollah’s increasing involvement in Syria could portend a spillover of the civil conflict into next-door Lebanon. It also provides further evidence of the sectarian divide of the combatants, the Shi’ite Hezbollah pitted against Sunni rebels, many of whom are themselves radical jihadis from neighboring countries.

The Syrian National Council (SNC) is accusing Hezbollah of “military intervention” and of employing “heavy weapons openly and under the auspices of the Syrian regime army.”

It called the development a “serious threat to Syrian-Lebanese relations and regional peace and security.”

Hezbollah is allied with President Assad who represents the minority Alawite sect of Shi’ite Islam. Both Hezbollah and Assad are supported by Iran.

The clashes took place southwest of Homs in an area that is home to both Shi’ites and Sunnis.
According to Reuters, Hezbollah guerrillas started crossing the Syrian border from their base in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley last year.

President Bashar Assad and his late father Hafez Assad have allowed Hezbollah to receive its weapons from Iran via Damascus, which are then transported over the border to Lebanon, a key supply route for the terrorist group. Since the Syrian conflict began, Israel and the U.S. have been sounding the alarm over the possibility that Hezbollah or other terror groups could seize Assad’s chemical weapons were the regime to collapse.

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