Friday, February 15, 2013

Death of Free Speech Report; worlds largest anti-jihad website attacked and has been down for 48 hours

Jihad Watch, the pre-eminent website for all things Islam was attacked and shut down.  It does not appear to be a DOS attack, but a more sinister and calculated infiltration designed to render the posting of articles, comments and ads impossible.  I am no techie and don't understand how these things work, but the fact that Islam in the form of digital jihad has, temporarily shut down the largest voice of truth and reason on Islamic hegemony bodes ill for the rest of us, myself included.  Islam will stop at nothing to silence those who speak out against the doctrinal hatred and inculcated subjugation that is Islamic dogma, and Jihad Watch is their shot across our bow, a warning not to cross them, else the same fate await.

I will not be silenced or cowed into submission.  I would rather die on my feet than live bowed down to a tyrant such as Islam.  Please support Jihad Watch and Robert Spencer, if you can send an encouraging email to him letting him know the support he has.  We are all possible subjects of Islamic idealism and it is important to stand firm.  Our prayers go to Mr. Spencer and our hope to see his writings once again will not be diminished.

The link to JW below is the last posting done on Feb. 14 and there has been nothing since.

From Jihad Watch Feb 14 by Robert Spencer

Tech difficulties update

I really don't have all that much to report, but I wanted to let you know I'm working on it. The situation is very much the same: the comments feature is still not working, it is still very difficult to post articles at all, and other features of the site are non-functional.

Several tech experts are working on the problem. Some malicious code has been found, which makes it likely that the site was hacked, although this hacking was not a conventional one: no eradication of the main page and its replacement by a taunting message, as is the usual practice. In fact, the malicious code is apparently (if I understand the explanation correctly, which is chancy at best, since I'm no techie) slow-acting, unfolding over time. We are looking into how it got there, and who planted it.

In any case, all I can say now is that we're working on it and will have the site fully operational as soon as possible. This kind of action just shows yet again how desperately insecure and thuggish the enemies of freedom are -- they can't refute us, so they try to shut us down...

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