Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Michigan shooting range owner bows to CAIR, pulls targets off shelf

The owner of Target Sports in Royal Oak agreed to stop selling this target wearing Muslim garb at his Royal Oak business. The target is made by Thompson Targets based in Ohio.

Was CAIR complaining about a shooting target that portrayed Catholics in a negative light, or was his complaint only about the Arab looking target?  No question here, Islam only complains when Islam is insulted, never when non-Islamic religions are insulted.

Feel the love.

From the Observer and Eccentric Feb 9 by Nathan Mueller

Royal Oak range to stop selling target wearing Muslim attire

ROYAL OAK — The owner of a gun range in Royal Oak has agreed to stop selling a specific target that depicts a skeleton with a beard dressed in traditional Muslim clothes and holding an AK-47.

Ray Jihad, owner of Target Sports on Woodward Avenue, was approached by Dawud Walid, executive director of the Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, last week following a complaint from a customer who was concerned the targets sent the wrong message.

“Given the upsurge in shootings across our country, we have a concern that someone who has been shooting at targets may run across someone wearing similar garb and commit an act of violence against them,” Walid said.

Jihad said if it made Walid happy, he would stop selling the targets.

“If they are offended by it, I told him as soon as I sell out of them I will not purchase any more,” he said.

The target is sold by Thompson Targets in Ohio, which also sells a “Wall Street” zombie target and another skeleton target that is wearing a mask and holding a knife...

So far, no complaints about the zombie or masked bandit.

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