Friday, May 31, 2013

Jihad supporters allowed to censor free speech videographer at public film showing at Portland State University campus

Here we are. 2013 and in Portland, Oregon (my state) the jihadists and leftist water-carriers, upset over a film called "Obsession" because it shows Islamic ideology from the perspective of the jihadist.  Not a great film but worthy of imparting basic information on Islamic theology and those who practice it to a non-aware audience.  There are two videos, watch carefully and listen to the exchanges between the supporters of the Young Republicans who showed the film and the anti-free speech crowd, and notice how the Islamic supremacists use shouting to close the debate.  At the end of the second video you will hear first the police telling the film-maker that he is not allowed to film, a direct violation of his constitutional rights because he is in a public space and there is no expectation of privacy, there fore he is allowed by law to film.  Second, listen to the young man calling himself a socialist and condemning the film as hate speech.

Oregon has been low on the list of states dealing with Islam and juhadists, Pete Seda and Muhammad Muhamud the obvious exceptions, but overall we have been relatively unaffected by the turmoil.  Now we see another level of Islamic hatred towards truth and free speech,  not surprisingly on a college campus.  PSU, as well as UofO and OSU have had in the past "Anti-Apartheid Week" events, demonizing Israel and upholding the refugees as victims of Jewish "occupation" in order to propagandize their cause.  No one ever stops them from their hate-filled week, yet they can, with seeming impunity close down speech they find offensive or insulting, and the authorities do nothing to uphold the constitutional liberties given to all of us.

The "Hecklers Veto" has appeared in Oregon, expect to see more of this as time passes, and ask yourself what will you do when they come to your town to stop you from exercising your free speech rights?

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