Thursday, May 9, 2013

"The YouTube video was a non-event in Libya"

photo; the Examiner

This is the crux of the biscuit, as Frank Zappa once said, and the only reason we are where we are today.  Senate hearings to find the truth about Benghazi are under way, and the filth from the administration is flying fast and furious.  The man at the center of all this is Greg Hicks, second in command to Ambassador Chris Stevens.  His testimony so far has opened a large can of worms and have made much of the administration uncomfortable and afraid for their jobs.  It has become all to obvious now that the White House lied and people died.

Where was the help requested as the jihad attack unfolded?  Not coming, it was decided and the excuse is that the DoD "...had no units that could have responded in time to counter the attack in Benghazi." Another blow to freedom came when Mark Thompson, a former Marine and official with the State Department's Counterterrorism Bureau requested the deployment of a FEST team, a unit made up of special operations personnel, diplomatic security, intelligence and others.  This request was summarily denied.  At the very least, Hicks said the special forces could have treated the wounded if given the go ahead but that was never considered by our dear leader.  Too close to the election, it is said to do anything that might bring light to a graven cover-up that took the lives of four Americans.

For  all the wrong reasons the administration choose to ignore not just the pleas for help during the attack that killed the Ambassador, but the requests from months previous asking for beefed up security; the reason for not doing so always based in the belief that the less the embassy looked fortified, the more the locals would like the people inside.  Presenting the image of a walled fortress was not in the "winning of hearts and minds" scenario and for this politically correct viewpoint men died.  

The plan was to ignore the jihad/Islam aspect and instead concentrate on how to spin it ahead of the election in November.  Blaming the attack on an obscure anti-Islam video on YouTube was convenient but futile, they must have known the real facts would come out sooner or later, although the intimidation of witnesses before and during the hearing, including Greg Hicks does point strongly to the WH wanting to squelch, in the strongest terms any facts that would show them to be the lying bastards they are.

After a careful investigation by those who have everything to lose, this statement was released, see if it makes you feel any better, "Citing its internal review, the statement noted the review "found no evidence of any undue delays in decision making or denial of support from Washington or from the military combatant commanders"  What else would you expect from the mouths of those who sent Susan Rice to the Sunday pundit shows, spouting the party line about how it was the fault of the video, and how it was just a little protest that turned ugly.  The wagons have been circled and positions taken, the problem is there are a few wagons on fire and gaps are beginning to appear.  Soon there will be two wagons left and they will have to keep moving to the left to keep the circle together.

 Greg Hicks is the biggest thorn in the side of Obama that he will ever have to deal with.  His testimony, as gruesome as it is, is a direct result of the White House policy that forbids talking about Islam in a way that connects it with violence.  All training material used by the DoD and the military to teach Islamic fundamentalism has been scrubbed, and only those who spout the dogma that Islam is a religion of peace, and the violence is perpetrated by a tiny minority of extremists who seriously misunderstand the teachings of Islam are allowed to instruct.  The result of this deliberate choice to refuse to call the enemy by the name that dare not be uttered is to remove any possibility of actually defeating that enemy.  

Libyan President Magariaf, the day before Susan Rice opened her mouth on national TV, made public the fact that the attack had been premeditated and carried out by jihadists.  He was furious at our attempt to portray the attack as a response to a stupid video, and a full two weeks later he was still steaming about it.  We could have asked Magariaf who the culprits were, but even then I doubt we would have the balls to call it as it really is, even when Islam itself calls it as it is.  Our inability to put on the big boy pants and take responsibility for our actions only serves to make us look even more barbaric to our enemies, adding to their zeal to destroy us.

Watergate caused a sitting president to resign, and that was only about some bungling burglars and the attempt to influence an election.  No one died.  Nixon stepped down as a courtesy to the American people; he knew he had no more gravitas and the healing of the nation was more important than his pride and ego.  We can debate this point all day long, the fact that he resigned with no loss of life is to be respected.  Obama lied and people died, yet he still insists to remain president.  He made a statement recently that maybe he should pack up and go home.  More prescient words have never been spoken.  He should heed his own advice, for the good of America, of course.

 Hillary Clinton is done, the fork can be pulled out and she can be served to the people she screwed.  By saying the truth about Benghazi didn't matter she effectively said screw you to the American people.  For the SCOTUS to ignore the truth about the murder of four American citizens, one of whom was her direct employee is a national disgrace.  She blatantly and with no conscience whatsoever scuttled any chance at more political facetime, and with it any hope of the presidency.  Rightly so, and the sooner she drops from the scene the better.  She resigned right soon after the murders, and I am guessing she was hoping that enough time would pass before the serious questions began to be asked, at which time she would be long out of any loop for testifying.  Maybe that would have spared some hurt feelings, but in the end it is the truth which brings down the powerful, and it also sets us free.

The truth regarding the deaths of Chris Stevens and those who tried to protect him, and themselves is coming to light.  Despite the threats, lies, coercion and strong-arming of the truth-tellers we will know what happened and why.  When the dust settles, I hope for the sake of our national psyche there are impeachment hearings for Obama, arrest and trial for others, and final justice for Stevens and all those who have suffered under the deceit and cover-up this administration has perpetrated.

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