Monday, May 13, 2013

Warning; Graphic Video

I don't know how to tell if this is true or not.  With all the atrocities committed on both sides it is logical to assume this is real, yet we know that anything can be made, photoshopped, manipulated or edited to show whatever one wants.  With that in mind I leave it up to you to decide.  I am inclined to believe it is true, please don't let that color your decision.

The video is only 30 seconds, you have been warned.

From Brown Moses May 12

Video Shows A Member Of The Syrian Opposition Cutting Flesh Of A Corpse, And Apparently Eating It
Frequently during the Syrian conflict there's been videos that claim to show either side committing some sort of war crimes or atrocity. As a general rule I avoid writing about these videos because there's always claims about fakery, a lack of detail beyond what's shown in the video, and so on.

However, a video has been posted today on pro-Assad channels which presents a rare occasion where it's possible gather much more information about the person involved.

The following video shows a man cutting a chuck of flesh, possible an organ, from a corpse, then biting down onto the chunk of flesh at the end of the video (GRAPHIC)

There is more, read it all

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